There’s nothing like a smug, self-assured liberal proclaiming her intellectual superiority to bring out the ingenious and hilarious side of conservative Twitter. We at Twitchy would like to sincerely thank Joan Walsh for tweeting what started one of the snarkiest Twitter feeding frenzies in recent memory:

Giddy up, conservative Twitter!

Then there’s the absolutely priceless mocking martini party repartee between @ExJon and the incomparable Ace:

  • Apostic

    …and I know more about showtunes than the average straight guy, but that doesn’t mean I should get paid for singing “Anything Goes” like Joan Walsh gets paid for… wait — What in the hell are they paying her for?

    • algonquinmatt

      she gets paid to display her white guilt and go on about white privilege. there’s a calling for those skills on the left; it pads their portfolio of moral superiority.

      • Suzyqpie

        Actually, I think this moronic display is an example of Liberal Privilege.. Whatever a liberal says is to be treated as profundity.

      • Jeffrey Lamela

        Yes indeed. Well stated.

  • Demoivre

    There’s no African-American history. There’s only American history as far as I’m concerned.
    What is it with leftists and their obsession of dividing people into groups based on race, class, gender, sexuality etc? Creepy.

    • algonquinmatt

      The first thing a leftist notices of another person is their skin color. Any interaction with that person is affected by it.

      • ObamaFail

        When Obama first entered the national stage during the 2008 elections, all libs saw was his skin color. They didn’t bother to look at his record or his stance on the issues. They just saw that he’d be the first black President if he won.

        • Brian Robertson

          Worst reason ever to vote for a person. Right up there with, “Don’t you want to be a part of history?” Answer: No. Especially if it makes me look like a moron.

          • SturJen

            Always loved the ‘part of history’ thing. What are these voters going to do, etch that they voted for O’Bamma on their tombstones?

          • cherykie

            SturJen- you just hit it right on the head! All 0bama voters should be required to have it plastered on their tombstones as a memorial to their part in the destruction of this country!!

        • Bill Phillips

          Never forget what Reed & Biden said about Obama: was “a light-skinned African American …with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one” …and “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” …LOL ….YET they call US racists!

        • BMWTwisty

          Uhhhh, he was the first half-black president. Slick Willy was the first black president.

        • porkchop6209

          half black…or half white…or….I’m confused. Shouldn’t that mean half the black people should dislike him because of the half parts? or something…or…Oh Hell, I give up…..

      • hamhawk

        That’s a heck of an observation.

        • algonquinmatt

          ya know, when i was a teenager and encountered a black person, i would also prejudge based on that.

          after i went into the Army, it changed. all you see is green. seriously. if anything, my experience was that there was more of a prejudice of people based on whether they came from a small town or were from the northeast or from California, etc..

          i was fortunate to have some excellent leaders who happened to have dark skin. it was really good for me, personally.

    • alanstorm

      Yes, isn’t it strange that the folks who hate labels are the ones who employ them the most?

      • Kdiity

        That’s only because they can get away with it as the LSM lets all the low info idiots out there know that they’re on the side of good and all conservatives are evil and judgmental !!

      • Swagner

        The dream of a “color blind” society was abandoned by the “civil rights” movement quite a while ago.

    • jerrystroud

      Demoire, right on. My adopted 15 year old daughter is 100% Filipino and she gets upset being called a Filipino-American. She insists she is 100% American and she has only been here 2 years. She loves America with all her heart.

      • William2010

        jerrystroud, my wife is Chinese by way of Burma (Mayanmar). Her dad is from Gwong Dong Province (Canton), China.

        Like your 15 year old adopted daughter she rejects the term “Asian-American,” and the term “Chinese – American.” She identifies herself as a US Citizen, or, although I find the term “American” less than precise when employed by most people, she sees herself as “American.”

        By “less than precise” I mean that America is the term for two continents, North America, and South America, sometimes referred to as “The Americas.” Central America, including countries such as Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, etc., is taught as part of North America in school geography classes.

        So, I use the term “US Citizen,” more than I use the term “American,” for Mexicans, Canadians, Guatemalans, Brazilians, Ecuadorians, Agentinians, Columbians, Nicaraguans, US citizens, etc., are all “Americans.”

        Nevertheless, again, like your Filipino daughter, my Chinese ancestry wife does not like the term “Chinese American,” but prefers “American,” or “US citizen.”

        For the record, I am a mongrel; European by way of Britian, including England and Ireland, Alsace-Lorraine, and Iroquois – North American Native American Indian.

        What should I be called? A partial Native American/Brit/Alsace-Lorraine/Irish American? (grin)

        jerrystroud, one of my favorite performers of any kind of “Performing Arts” performer is a Filipina.

        She is the wonderful, talented actress-vocalist Lea Salonga, a women who is gifted with one of the most beautiful, richest singing voices, and ears for pitch in the business. She was the original Miss Saigon in London and New York, as well as one of the principles in Les Miserables, as well as the singing voice of Mulan in the Disney Movie, as well as the singing voice of Jasmine in the movie Aladdin. I enjoy her performance of “I Dreamed A Dream” from her performance in Les Miserables, as well as her vocals as Jasmine and Mulan.

    • Frankie Addiego

      It’s the essence of they’re being, and why they insist that they’re “liberals,” even though they often forsake liberty.

    • Richo

      I dunno, a few centuries of people with particular races, classes, genders and sexualities being divided, singled out and treated like crap may lead them to actually band together and fight against that system. Crazy idea huh?

      • Byron Shutt

        Imagination can be a dangerous thing …….MM global warming

      • Demoivre

        Except such a system doesn’t exist anymore. You people blaming racism/slavery/sexism for the problems of 2013 A.D. have beaten the dead horse into a pulp.
        Quit the identity politics so we can move along sometime.

        • nickdqwk

          The horse isn’t even good for steaks now!

          • erehwon

            the beatings will continue until the texture of th e meat improves.

        • Swagner

          The descendents who never experienced persecution fighting for reparations against the descendents who never persecuted? Business as usual for “progressives”.

    • fight4liberty

      By dividing groups they can consolidate power… the fight against the rich, the fight against stodgy (white) Wallstreet bankers, the fight against the straight, the conservatives… it excites there minions. All too typical of fascist regimes (Hitler for example) who want to take from these groups and let the state provide for ITS people.

    • LegalizeShemp

      Just that, it divides people with hyphenated names by skin color and puts another continent in front of American to make the US a secondary consideration in their heritage.

    • Andy from Beaverton

      I think she mistyped. She meant to say, ” I know more than the average white person about AMPM history, which only ensures that I know less than I think I do.”
      She looks like a frequent shopper.

    • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

      You were either born in Africa, thus African, or you were born in America thus American, you can’t be both. Pointing to skin color as if it is a nationality is what keeps the racism breathing. Liberals are racist.

    • usmc8511

      Divide and conquer

    • Rulz

      Getting votes for democrats because progressive philosophies aren’t based on logic.

  • jwmiller

    Between the lines: ‘Some of my best friends are Black’. An old tired Racism.


      Well all you have to do is look at Kayne West, he got a white sIut pregnant but he is still a big old RAClST, he isn’t fooling anyone !!!

      • Jack

        his chick is blacker than a coal digger’s ass…what is wrong with you!!

    • itsatax

      Chris Matthews and Joan Walsh partnered to set up this page:

  • Doc Farmer ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


    Somebody had to say it…

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      Oh. No. You. Di’in’t!”

  • Brent Guthrie

    I feel as if I’m uncultured after reading tweets.

    • Guest

      Uncouth Brent, geez, refinement seems to just slide off of you.

      Giggle, snort, a little guffaw.

  • Jake Bradford

    bwahaha This woman is the living breathing epitome of a parody of a liberal elitist

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Keeping up the Obama “polarizing divide” creates what?

  • HARP2

    Yo momma byitch.

  • JD

    I’m sure she knows as much about African American History as Elizabeth Warren knows about Native American history

    • Apostic

      Heh, yeah. So now the question is: has Walsh ever put down “Black” on a college form?

      • Chris Chambers

        She and Elizabeth Warren were in line for minority benefits together.

      • grais

        It’s been a lifelong dream of hers to be able to get away with doing that.


    • conservativechick

      HAHA She wants to be Commander in Chief Spreading Bull. Lord help us!

    • MNWoman

      I posted this link above for DutyFirst, but I will post it here too. It is more classic stuff from Ace :)

    • E Quilibrate

      What an apt analogy. I can’t think of a thing more true.

    • IronButterfly

      I am sure she is having and authentic African-American Thanksgiving. Joan don’t forget the black eyed peas……hahahaha

  • Loves Me Some Gray Guevara

    Absolutely amazing. Love watching agile minds at work and play. That was very funny.

    • conservativechick

      It was brilliant!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Talk about being taken to the woodshed! She got SPANKED!

      • san rafael blue

        Sounds kinky.

        • trixiewoobeans

          Could be, but it’s Joan, so no.

  • ClinkinKY

    This woman actually draws a paycheck to “write”. The “Peter Principle” should be updated to the “Joan Principle”.

    • E Quilibrate

      Might that be; Joan’s Peter, principle?

  • DeadlockVictim

    To quote Steve Martin, “I was born a poor black child.”

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      #TheJerk (See above…) Jawamax 8<{D}

    • grais

      “You mean I’m gonna STAY this color?”

  • Chevypowered

    What the ever loving hell is this White chick talking about?

    • E Quilibrate

      Not a single soul has any idea.

  • Chevypowered

    So what JW is saying that we both could walk through Crown Heights and I would be pointed out as the Black brother trying to be white? Is that how much “Sista” cred Joan is packing.

    Damn…I had her pegged all wrong…

  • Ridiculously_Photogenic_Guy

    …and you know what they say about that “average white person.” You better keep an eye on him.

    Hey Joan. Can you give us some other examples so we can pre-judge people as well?

  • garygramscom

    Oh Joan, always wanted to ask a black person but feared they may be insulted, but since we can talk white to white, what is the protocol for a black smiling in a picture?

  • rssllue

    I guess she really does just see things in black and white. Poor soul cannot see a person for who they are, only sees them as the wrapping they came in. Dig a little deeper Joan.

  • Chris Chambers

    Listen to music from “Mother’s Finest”. Awesome music, and they wrote some songs that were politically incorrect. And even those songs were good! the PC crowd like Joan Walsh are the new “Know Nothings”.

  • Fire and Adjust!

    I eat peanut butter every day…….. thank you George Washington Carver for helping me connect with the black culture on a daily basis…………… John Harvey Kellogg, just another white man stealing from the black man………. power to the people!

  • JeffWRidge

    This is all she is trying to say:

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    It just dawned on me!
    Joanie Phoney has a fantasy about being Barack Obama’s “average white” grandmother– you know, the raging Leftie who STILL confessed she could be uneasy when she saw a young black man!

  • ee1774

    JW: “..I know more than the average white person about Af-Am history………I watched ‘Blazing Saddles’ twice!”

    • ceemack

      “To tell a family secret, my grandmother was Dutch.”

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Big Chief Mel Brooks encountering the pioneers in the Conestoga wagon: “Oy! Schwarzers!”

      Joan Walsh, encountering black people in 2013: “Remember to dust behind the refrigerator, OK?”

    • Hot_wings

      Love that line when buddy asks Cleavon Little:
      I heard you were hung!
      Cleavon : I am !

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    @[email protected] EHHHHHHHRRRRRR-PLANE! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I was born a poor black child. I remember the days, sittin’ on the porch with my family, singin’ and dancin’ down in Mississippi. @joanwalsh

  • paladin63

    I think JW once ” did ” a brother on the Upper East Side and now considers herself ” infused” in the culture.

  • A-Train

    what the heck was that last back and forth? lol

  • DutyFirst

    Between Joan and Fauxahontas I guess we have the racial history of the country all wrapped up.

  • ceemack

    “I know more than the average white person about Af-Am history, which only ensures that I know less than I think I do.”

    Sweetie, you ALWAYS know less than you think you do.

  • MNWoman

    Jerome Hudson @JeromeEHudson
    You was like, “Jerome. I don’t have rhythm. I’m white.” And I said “Yeah but you’re blacker than the average white person.”

    I laughed out loud when I read this one.

  • Imaconservativ1

    OHMYGOSH! @exjon and @AceofSpadesHQ…. a sidesplitting exchange! hahaha!!!

  • alanstorm

    Joan’s few remaining brain cells have gone on strike, and refuse to negotiate. A mediator has been called in.

    The fact that this dispute has been going on for a decade or two does not inspire confidence in a solution.

  • RedSoloCup
    • Teresa Abney

      When she pulls it out of Obambas butt!

  • RIChris

    It appears that Walsh is transracial. Perhaps tolerance is in order for those who are white on the outside only.

  • Norm McDonald

    I know more about the black experience than Joan from re-watching …The Jerk. Seriously, why is it that lefties have this obsession with making like they are sooooo….smart….and sooo tolerant…and soooo more experienced….than your “average” American?

    • Memphis Viking

      They pretend they’re smarter than us, because deep down they know they’re not.

  • spaceycakes

    LOLOL @ jon gabriel & SquatchPride69 back-n-forth.

    oh, Dominic, be a sweetie & bring that woman over here; my cup needs topping up. Did you hear how she pronounces the ‘t’ in ‘often’? Declasse

    • World B. Free

      I know…. I thought Matt Dawson @SaintRPh was on a roll, then I saw that exchange and LMAO.

    • trixiewoobeans

      I would hate to get caught in their crosshairs, but I can’t think of a more deserving target!

    • Teresa Abney

      Kinda like when Obamba was campaining for this last election and was trying to appease the side of town he was on by talking his jive talk

  • Pedro

    I have zero interest in black slang, black culture, black perspective, or black feelings of victimization. I interact with and respect people… not groups.

  • KarmaKiller

    Check out Joan getting her a$$ handed to her by MSNBC hosts. Yes, even they think she is a loon.

    • Teresa Abney

      Good golly I think she was standing behind Obambas plane waiving good bye as he and family jetted off on the “all expense paid for by American people” vacations and caught too many of the tail fumes. Is she the Biden for MSNBC or what?

  • Fairfax51

    Has anyone told Bill Clinton yet?

  • robert anthony

    Joan Walsh does a perfect ‘Wynona Ryder at the end of Beetlejuice’. She also once rapped over ‘Jeremiah was a Bullfrog”.

  • robert anthony

    Af-am history is easy…it didn’t start until 2008.

  • robert anthony

    She means she, personally, does the background checks on her servants.

  • robert anthony

    She know climate science real good too.

  • Robert Caleb Potter

    Hey, being a racist is sooo un-cool…so lets beat up on gender (Sarah Palin) and get off on hating the haters. Yuck!

  • Joninwm

    I think Hillary Clinton knows more about black people than Walsh, she did attempt to talk with a southern drawl when speaking to black groups.

    • Teresa Abney

      omg my sides are busting !

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Well, if there’s one person I expect to know more “than the average white person about Af-Am history,” it’s someone who works at the whitest organization this side of MSNBC.

  • Fit Forpost

    Salute to @exjon and @AceofSpadesHQ for some of Twitter’s finest repartee

  • rambler

    Libbies just can’t stop taking stupid to new levels of uncharted territory.

  • Jeffrey Lamela

    What she said has no damn meaning at all unless she can back it up by showing us that she has rhythm.

    • Teresa Abney

      you making me cry here! wait bout to wet the undies! LMAO

  • lesterwink23

    Every word that comes out of this woman’s mouth is predicated on either the color of her skin or everyone else’s. Another useful idiot.

    • Jack Deth

      To quote a line from Firesign Theater’s ‘High School Madness’ regarding its hero, young Porgie Tirebiter:

      “He’s so good with the servants.”

  • Brenande Mossita

    These tweets are very bigoted and racist!

  • Jack Deth

    Joan Walsh has been known to shatter bathroom mirrors and glass shower doors when she sings “Hooked On A Feeling” into a hair brush.

    I think it is her deep range with its opening “Oogah Chaka”s that start the fractures and begins the reign of destruction.

    • Teresa Abney

      best laughs i’ve had in so long. Not about racist but about how ignorant the lefties can be.

  • Anna Corley

    I am CRYING, laughing at this…OMG!!!! PRICELESS!

  • spaceycakes

    My milkshake brings all the young gentlemen to the yard.

  • SpaceRacer423

    I like to stay in touch with the modern “black experience” by watching the New ATL on Bravo.
    Alexandra’s struggles with the post-racial Atlanta social scene really puts things in perspective for me.

  • MILAN68

    I *despise* “hyphenated Americanism.” If you emigrated here from Africa, then became an American citizen, you’re an “African-American.” If you were BORN here, RAISED here, and LIVED here ALL your life – you’re an AMERICAN. Yes, it really IS that simple.

    My heritage ITALIAN.. I don’t use that to describe myself. I don’t even call myself ITALIAN. I’m an AMERICAN.

    I call on any and all black Americans that read these words to lay aside the hyphen. Stop separating yourselves from the rest of the nation. Stop being a victim of the people who want to KEEP you separated. Liberals/progressives/democrats don’t care about you. Don’t you understand that keeping you hyphenated keeps you SEPARATED?

    • spaceycakes

      I’ll break this to everyone gently…but there are some African-Americans (immigrants from Africa who have become citizens of the US) that are Caucasian.

      • MILAN68

        Charlize Theron is one of them.. I also
        play wheelchair basketball with many caucasian African Americans

        • spaceycakes

          mrcakes is one of them (and my in-laws)

          • MILAN68

            who’s mrcakes never mind it just hit me with your screen name

        • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          She’s Afrikaner. They don’t count. They’ve only been in the Cape Province since 1652, and KwaZulu Natal since 1795, and none of ’em have ever seen the Netherlands or Belgium more than likely, but not being “indigenous” to South Africa, they’re not “real” Africans. PS, a whole lot of black Africans living in South Africa are not indigenous (not Xhosa or Hottentot), either.

          • spaceycakes

            Afrikaners, Rhodesians, Namibians, Botswanans etc etc–the families have been there for so long, they know only Africa. That is why there is such a language as Afrikaans. The Hottentots and Strandloopers have all died out. Only the Khoisan people remain. And the other black tribes don’t like the Khoisan.
            dit is alles net n’gemors

  • capisce

    Proving she’s not a “typical white person” by tweeting like a typical white liberal.
    Go home Joan Walsh, you’re drunk on white guilt.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Probably just plain drunk, if you ask me…

  • AZWarrior

    When she says she knows her Af-Am history, she means she remembers the first name of every black man she had sex with, I think.

  • justathought22

    Jerome Hudson had the best tweets. Great sense of humor; thanks for the laughs/

  • Scott Snoopy

    wow this person who is ore pompous and lily white than I am knows more about being black than the average American…the arrogance of it all. Tell me joani how many blacks other than those of race bait inc do you know?

  • Ministry of Tooth

    These responses made me laugh. And not like a snicker, but a full-throated guffaw.

    I often wonder how Joan Walsh takes herself seriously.

  • pepjrp

    She is so fricken stupid that she doesn’t even realize her racist statement against people of European ancestry, when she wrote…Said earlier: I know more than the average white person about Af-Am history, which only ensures that I know less than I think I do. No, stupid bitch, you think you know more than the average European American person about Af-Am history, which only ensures that I know less than I think I do. If the color term is not good enough for one group…meaning Blacks…then it is not good enough for Whites either. So get off your knees, swallow and wipe off your chin.

  • David D.

    It is very condescending what Joan said. But I do find it very interesting how people view racism. It does exist, It was authored and created by Europeans whose ancestors are the Americans who live in this country today. The fact is there were some horrific evils done to Black people you can’t deny that. Generations of blacks have been taught about it. Its better now and i am not a liberal by any means but don’t try and rewrite history like nothing happened in this country. I dont find it funny.

    • Centurian2010

      I find it funny that you think slavery began in Europe.It was around for many centuries before in Africa and other regions. Yes horrific but many brown and black people were doing it to each other long before white Europe.

    • Washington Nearsider

      You do realize that India is generally accepted as the most racist nation on the planet, right? Racism isn’t unique to whites, nor was it created in Europe.

      • David D.

        Correction they have a caste system in India

        • hamhawk

          How is this in any way a correction?

        • ForTheRepublicOfDave

          Yes, they do…

          They’re also racists against non-Indians.

          Racism and Caste Systems are two different things.

          • Arkuy The Great

            The recent Miss USA winner (of India extraction) raised some serious attention among pundits in India who said she was too dark skinned to win over there. There is plenty of bias against their own.

          • ForTheRepublicOfDave

            I don’t recall saying there wasn’t, but sorry if I gave that impression…

          • Arkuy The Great

            You didn’t. I was trying to give a concrete example of what you were suggesting. 😉

            All the best.

    • pepjrp

      You are correct in your analogy as are the horrific violent crimes, especially rape that is done to White women by some of the very Black males who live in America today. 3000 to 1 on average. And now the polar bear knock-out game. The fact that generations of blacks have been taught about it and also given a ton of untrue facts, helps fuel the violence of today against European Americans.

      • Washington Nearsider

        The knockout game will end when the intended victims start playing the trayvon game.

    • Memphis Viking

      Racism was invented by Europeans? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    • ToyZebra

      Slavery and racism go back to Biblical times. Pretty sure the Pharaoh of Egypt was not a European.

  • Franklin Crittenden

    Let me be the first to apologize to all Black Americans for Joan Walsh’s Racist insulting comments.

    Apparently she has been observing and studying you like a biologist studies Penguins or a Fruit Fly?

    She should be ashamed!

  • icy69hot

    I’m still confused by people born in the US as proclaiming being from another country. African-American means you were born in Africa, if your born in Jersey then your an American nothing more and need to pull your collective head out of your asses, same for anyone else acting this way. As for this crazy broad, she must have come from a family of former Klan members since she claims so much knowledge.

    • pepjrp

      That term is one of superiority and by uttering it, one shows that they are some kind of wuss and have no sense of any personal pride. I’ll never refer to anyone that way, even at gun point.

  • jonhartz

    Maybe she shares Barry’s uncanny ability to spot immigrants by looking at their faces…

    • Teresa Abney

      Yes I think he derived that talent by looking real deep and real close at the man in the mirror!

  • DLinz

    Just keep flushing folks……..Joan will go down the vortex sooner or later.

    • Teresa Abney

      That was like a SNL skit. It was like so off the wall that you knew it could not be real!

  • sgb1

    So funny. Thanks, for the entertainment1

  • Devil Dog

    Django Chained- The Joan Walsh Story.

  • ObamaFail

    You know which party of African American history Joan Walsh and every other liberal ignores? The part of their history where the Democrats filibustered against the Civil Rights Act.
    And libs, don’t give us that “What used to be Republicans are now Democrats and what used to be Democrats are now Republicans” crap. That’s just a convenient lie you morons need to tell yourselves to ignore the history of racism from your party.

    • 98ZJUSMC

      History being, what they say it is, of course. Until they change it tomorrow…..

  • spaceycakes

    in the inimitable words of Mystikal: stop lyin’, heifer!

  • GaylePutt

    Who is Joan Walsh?

  • ModdKenwood

    if liberals had any brains they’d be conservatives

  • incorrectchange

    Joan Walsh and Elizabeth Warren must have a soiree to celebrate overcoming adversity.

  • right_on

    In Joan Walsh-esque fashion, I could say:

    “I know more about women than most women, after having only slept with just one,”

    Oh…she’s not talking about THAT kind of “black experience?” Well, there goes my “Mandingo” theory….

    • Teresa Abney

      LMAO you all are on a roll

  • John LaRosa

    Lighten up, everyone. Joan just released a new dance video to demonstrate her street cred. Girl’s got it goin’ on!

  • TNByrd

    There is an exchange in the movie Bamboozled by Spike Lee which sums up this boasting by Joan Walsh neatly.

    (sanitized for public comsumption)
    Myrna Goldfarb: I happen to have a Master’s degree in African-American Studies
    Pierre Delacroix: So you F’ed a “N” in college.

    • Teresa Abney

      You said it the best way it could be said and are more correct than you probably know

  • Suzyqpie

    Af-Am? Maybe Joan is referencing “After Amnesty…”

  • ember

    I’ll bet she knows more about an azzhole than the proctologist too!

  • Keninmo

    “I still remember when you gave me my first dashiki and afro pick. Good times, Joan. Good times” — OMG — Jerome is my hero! That’s amazingly funny.

  • John

    Does she know that once you go black you never go back and then you become a single mom?

    • Teresa Abney

      you are making me laugh so hard I am crying and cant see the screen!

  • Jack Deth

    All I needed to know about Black History and culture I learned from reading Tom Wolfe’s ‘Radical Chic and Mau Mauing the Flak Catchers’.

    The chapters focusing on Leonard Bernstein’s idea of an upscale, Manhattan liberal Cocktail Party are elitist revelations. And pretty amusing, too!

  • Howard Roark

    The Left see Joan Walsh as more Black than Dr. Benjamin Carson, Justice Clarence Thomas, or Michael Steele

    • Jocon307

      Good point!

    • MohammedTheTeddyBear

      Or Mia Love, or Thomas Sowell, or Stacy Dash, etc.

  • Robyn Winch Coggins

    This thread just proves that Walsh is totally out of her league!

  • puggish

    Rolling. On. Floor.

    That last conversation needs to be immortalized somewhere.

    • Zach Smith

      Someone should put it on the Internet.

  • porgiefirefighter

    I hear if you go Joan Walsh, you’ll never go back.

    • Teresa Abney

      To Joan that is

  • Marbran

    Have to agree with MM: the exchange between exjon and Ace is brilliant!

  • LegalizeShemp

    “Typical white person, just like my Grandma !” Sincerely, B. Obama

  • Scorpion

    No question that.she is a slave: to liberalism, that is.

  • FlatFoot

    Maybe Joan Walsh was a perpetual VICTICRAT in a former life, too, and she’s channeling that. It certainly doesn’t hurt her career with the oh so venerated, honorable, and specifically mentioned in the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution availing themselves of its ironclad protections day in and day out while they lie, obfuscate, deflect attention and otherwise mislead, keep uninformed, and agitprop the entire nation — American mainstream media to do so.

  • Harry_Bergeron

    George Plimpton?
    I’m sure it was Gore Vidal.
    Quite certain of it, in fact.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    So Joan, can you sing all the words to “Lift Every Voice And Sing” by heart?

  • Michelle ✓classified

    I know more than the average Joan Walsh about common sense, logic and sanity.

    I win.

  • Jocon307

    ROFLMAO @ Peter Griffin, too funny!


    That Jerome dude really lit her up

  • Greg

    I bet @joanwalsh can jump with the best of ’em.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “Said earlier: I know more than the average white person about Af-Am history, which only ensures that I know less than I think I do.”

    I’m STILL having difficulty trying to figure out her point, so maybe I know less than I think I do.

    If what she meant to say was “I know next to nothing about African-American history, but even at that, I know more than most whites, who know absolutely nothing at all,” then that’s what she should have said, instead of some statement even Yogi Berra would be too eloquent to make. Likewise, “I may actually know more African-American history than my idea of what the average white person is knows on the subject. Even so, I don’t believe I really know enough about it and I feel there’s more I can learn.”

    See, Joan, there’s this little trick: you continue one tweet to the next by putting “(cont’d)” in the lower rt corner. Try it sometime.

    (Although my suspicion is that, as with other Limo-Libs, a thought got lost in all that empty space between her ears, and never quite made it in one piece to her mouth.)

  • Jimmy Dick

    Joan Be Knowns Her Blacks! She reads about them in a real book, once!

  • Burn_the_Witch

    Funniest Twitchy compilation I’ve read in a long time.

  • ME262

    Why do liberals think they must suck up to everyone in the room? Honesty and truthfulness must be reserved for the conservative/ libertarians because the lefties are as fake as fake can be! Just read David Horowitz’ “Radical Son” and see what the lefts sucking up to the Black Panthers got them!

  • Zebra Dun

    Joan Walsh knows African-American’s Like Elizabeth Warren knows Cherokee.
    I’m familiar enough with horses to know what is a clump of dirt and what is a ball of manure when I see it.
    The definition of “IS” is what throws me.

  • Hotlanta Mike

    “I know more than the average white person about Af-Am history, which only ensures that I know less than I think I do.”

    Translated from lib speak means that she has a lot of white guilt…

  • Saltporkdoc

    I don’t know the context of her comment, but my father always said you don’t have to brag if it’s the truth.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Joan Walsh.

    The Lisa Lampanelli of politics.

  • Oilfart1

    damn right she is blacker than me. I am the most caucasian man in the United States, at least among those I am aware.

    • Arkuy The Great

      She totally exudes June Cleaver. Just hang loose…

  • unclebarb

    Joan, you a fish eyed fool!

  • g-main

    Ah, perhaps she can enlighten this Black Conservative American (I’ve never been to Africa, and I was born in New Jersey) on Inter-Tribal Warfare and Muslim influence as indirect causes of the North Atlantic Slave trade? Nah…didn’t think so, girly. Mind your p’s and q’s (Pearls and Quiches)

  • Arkuy The Great

    I used to be a stuck up white girl, fakin’ da funk. Bump dat! I ain’t bull$#!ttin on a front street no’ mo’!

  • deimos19

    drunk again, eh Joanie?

  • Steven A. Spence

    Jon and Squatch stop it! My sides are splitting…you all are a riot….that’s funny!

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Joan’s photo should appear on warning labels about dangers of mixing Zanex and Vodka.

  • cathy

    I hate people who ‘think’ they are so much better than everyone else…most liberals must be totally insecure. If I were black, I’d slap her in the face.

  • jeanbean14

    Lol!!!!!! Wow! Jon and Squatch, too funny! Dywan Washington, lol!!!

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    I’m down with the Blacks too!

  • Zefal

    Black girls loved Joan starting in junior high. They loved sticking her head in the toilet and flushing it. To this day Joan still believes they did it out of affection towards her!

  • David

    “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen . . . Nobody knows . . .”
    “Lift that bail . . . Tote that barge . . . Get a little drunk and you land in jail . . .”

  • Misanthrope

    Leftists have only the racism and victim identities they create. Their lives are meaningless without that.

  • Snod

    The left created the KKK, supported segregation and the killing of Black babies via Planned Parenthood.

  • Snod

    Who gives a crap about AF history! Let Blacks learn how they have squandered the opportunities affirmative action and race based promotion have given them. The greatest example of Black failure is Barack Obama! He only sees skin color and sexual orientation and this is causing much hatred and strife. We don’t need to talk about Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, and Other Despicable Acts (446 Instances) Documented

  • ClinkinKY

    Fo shizzle Joan. Call me and I’ll explain it.

  • MLCross

    Joan is so inspiring. I mean, if she can reach this level of black awareness, then I feel I really have a chance at my ultimate goal of being pretty fly for a white guy.

  • ashknothole

    I say she qualifies automatically for a Senate seat.
    Well, she knows more about Af-Ams than Elizabeth Warren knows about Na-Ams

  • gold7406

    sounds like joan actually took a college course on african american studies,
    whoopdi doo

  • usmc8511

    These libturds are so full of themselves it defies description.

  • Rulz

    Seriously, why can’t average, straight, non-disabled rich white libs just act normal around minorities or people who aren’t like them.

    It’s either they stomp all over us and call us Uncle Toms or some other name and the like or worship us like gods.

    Hyde, meet Jekyll.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    “Said earlier: I know more than the average white person about Af-Am history, which only ensures that I know less than I think I do.”

    Shorter Joan Walsh: “Pick up $hit, put back in horse.”

    Quick! someone call MSNBC!!!

  • Guest

    This is a lamp that I’ve found useful for eluding the dark and despotic march of most of mankind:

  • porkchop6209

    Oh, oh my goodness, and then Charley Pride sang that wonderful rendition of that country song that seared itself into our consciousness @joanwalsh. Now that’s blackness we can relate to…..