Twitter user Dylan Masone made a deal with Twitter and won, or lost depending on your point of view. He said he would run onto the field of the Major League Baseball All-Star game if he got 1,000 retweets.  The drama unfolded on Twitter as his mother found out, and eventually ended with a fateful tackle picture:

And he’s off!

No reports yet on whether, in fact, Dylan’s mother has beat him (or worse). We’ll keep you updated.

  • Jon

    Better be major punishment (besides mom) for a pre-meditated act coming from NYC authorities here — even if it is a victimless crime — or ‘Twitter Dares’ will become a new fad for interrupting events, the way running onto them (clothed or naked) became 40 years ago because the punishment of the time was lax.

  • Jens Johnson

    What a
    dumb ass!

  • LN_Smithee

    Morons make me wanna scream. How much did someone pay for that ticket? “Blame it on social media,” the little dork says, as if he’s a slave to total strangers and proudly blows off his mother’s plea for sanity. You’ve just given her a nationwide bad reputation. Nice job, junior.

    If I was in charge, no mercy. If you haven’t earned your way onto the field of play through talent and determination, we’re going to send some debilitating jolts of electricity through you so we can drag your smoking carcass out in shame.

    • Travis LaFalce

      It’s not like he’s a threat to anyone or anything. He’s just being stupid. Cut him some slack.

      • LN_Smithee

        One of the reasons this country is in the shape it’s in is because parents started thinking we should give slack to stupidity.

  • William J. Miller

    “I spent a boat load of money to go to the MLB All Star Game in New York, and all I got was this stupid Rikers Island jumpsuit.”

    Could’ve tased the imbicile, but I think tackling looks cooler.

  • SansMercy

    Good for the little pecker – living the dream.

  • John Rebori

    As the great David Niven deadpanned when straked at the Academy Awards, “Isn’t it sad that the greatest laugh he will ever get is by running on stage and showing off his shortcomings”

  • Michelle

    Well, when “Dyl” has a mother who texts like a 13 yr old, what do we expect?

    • TugboatPhil

      My 83 year old mom finally started to leave messages on our answering machine about 10 years ago. But she’d always spend about 20 seconds starting with, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with these machines…”

      I think I’d have heart failure if she ever texted me.

      • waterytart

        LOL. My late Mom hated cell phones and my Dad insisted she use it when they called from FL. Inevitably, at the end of EVERY call I’d hear her yelling, “Ken, how do you hang up this damned phone?!”

  • Khomeini

    Part of a growing segment of society who think it’s all about them. Sigh.

  • Maxx

    Social media has created an entire generation of “hey, look at me!” types who assign numerical values (number of followers) in an effort to appraise their existence and when that bores them, imbecilic “If you do this, I’ll do this” challenges where the end reward for the brainless collective is their attention-seeking Borg queen acting like a total douche in public.

    • Markward

      Only hoped his stupidity hurt.

  • Michael Hardy

    Should’ve set the bar a bit higher. 10,000 at least

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Well, it looks like Mr. Masone Dylan won’t be going to anymore Mets’ Games…. What, is he a Yankees’ Fan, or something? Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Garrett Gripling

    100 likes and I’ll get on with my life.

  • dan

    All you calm down!! You act like this man deserves the chair. Lighten up.

    • almarquardt

      Agreed! Stupid or not he knew going in what was going to happen. He also kept his promise to everyone who re-tweeted when he could have easily chickened-out. He deserves some credit for that.

  • Stone Bryson

    Unimpressed. He didn’t even take a selfie – sorry dude, but the bar has been raised.

  • John Howard

    Stupid is as stupid tweets, to paraphrase Forrest Gump

  • Common Sense


    Hope he enjoyed the game…….He will NEVER be allowed in ANY Major League game for the rest of his life!!!

  • Jeremy