We’ve been breathlessly awaiting some sage words from Jamie “killing all the white people” Foxx about the Zimmerman verdict since he audaciously wore a Trayvon Martin shirt to the BET awards.

You can start breathing again, creepy ass crackas, because here’s his full statement:

I want to wrap my arms around Trayvon’s parents and family during this emotional time. Trayvon will LIVE in our hearts forever. We will make sure that he did not die in vain.

Will Jamie press for legislation to ensure that urban youths can slam white Hispanics’ heads into the concrete? Stay tuned!

  • DaCheezWhizKid

    Pretty watered down, Django.

    • rennyangel2

      Another nail in the coffin of Foxx’ career. Anyone see “White House Down?” Didn’t think so.

      • Matt

        I found his portrayal of Action Obama to be completely realistic. It was kind of like that one time where Obama killed Osama Bin Laden with his kung fu grip.

      • truckee22

        We should boycott everything these liberal jack wagons do. If they lose half of their audience, maybe they will get the point.

        • https://www.youtube.com/user/JayJay3Fifty7 JJ357

          Truckee, I’ve been doing that and saying that for some time now. It’s getting so bad that I am not able to watch any TV and movies; very few of them “Hollywooders” that are inline with me politically and I KNOW I am not in the minority. Almost feels like these clowns have made a deal with the devil. I know they didn’t, but sure feels like it.

          • TsT

            yep . i started doing that 2 yr’s ago . I’m now down to just John Wayne movies

          • 2nd Amendment Supporter

            I still watch Clint Eastwood’s movies too!!!

          • Vicki Wiesner Carter

            They read scripts. I don’t think too many know how to do anything else. They are told what to think and if they don’t think that way they don’t get hired.

          • https://www.youtube.com/user/JayJay3Fifty7 JJ357

            Ah yes, money, the other God. I couldn’t really direct you to the sources, but I have seen before actors discussing how they get on some sort of blacklist when they speak against common Hollywood/Liberterd thinking.

          • truckee22

            Outside of sports, I don’t watch much tv anymore. I rarely go to the movies. I could care less about the entertainment industry.

          • https://www.youtube.com/user/JayJay3Fifty7 JJ357

            Sports are leaning from the middle to the left side politically as well. Sad really, because I do enjoy being entertained via the Babylonian Idiot Box.

          • Thale Taxurfeet

            Whether or not you are in the minority, you are not alone.

        • Dee

          …been doing this for years now. No desire to ever go into a movie theater for the rest of my life.

          • truckee22

            Me to. The more people that boycot them, the more money they lose. And that’s the only thing that will really hurt them.
            Seems like a lot of “can’t miss, must see” movies are big flops at the box office. Maybe it’s starting to work.

          • https://www.youtube.com/user/JayJay3Fifty7 JJ357

            Yeah, I’ve noticed lots of flops out there. I hope it is because people have boycotted, but I think there are other factors that are contributing to the flops, such as economy and making movies that are not of interest to general pop.

      • TsT

        Foxx should just walk slowly back to his very large mansion . Then proceed to roll in the bank roll in his safe room ! Two Face SOB

      • msvee


      • lillymckim

        You could not pay me enough to see anything this bigot rolls out.

    • msvee

      LET’S be serious a 17 year old was killed, could have easily been any color, think about it would your reply be the same?

      • nancym411

        No, a 17 year old was killed because of his attitude, mouth and hands. He was a 6 foot young man who happened to attack someone with a legal conceal and carry and lost.

      • Ken

        If Trayvon were white would Foxx even be talking about this, or even care at all?

        • Vennoye

          Why isn’t he talking about the other 11,000+ black boys that have been murdered since Trayvon was, IF he cares so much!!

          • bobcat

            he did and does….the fact that this one made national news; therefore u hear him speak of it

    • Elaine

      Why doesn’t he put his MONEY where his mouth is?

  • grais

    How will they make sure he didn’t die in vain?
    What other ‘facts’ are they going to invent?

    • RFlanary

      As many as they need to rewrite history.

      • bobcat

        rewrite history….lol….u really dont’ want that to happen….this isn’t the old days where we sit back and take it….

    • Maxx

      The only way Treyvon will live in Foxx’s heart “forever” will be if a doctor opens up Jamie’s chest, grabs an artery and stuffs a “Justice for Trayvon” t-shirt into it.

      How many t-shirts has Foxx worn lamenting the HUNDREDS of murdered black kids from Chicago since 2008?

      These liberal droids find a current issue to cling to for website clicks, to remain “relevant” and to keep their PR machine moving along. “Oh, look…another photo of Foxx with a Martin t-shirt.” It’s all become so calculated, their “concern” for whomever the predictable Pavlovian race baiters identify as the “victim de jour.”

      It’s one way to avoid being identified as being too much in cohorts with “white” Hollywood. Just grab another Trayvon shirt out of the closet and wear it at a nationally-televised awards show to remind the gullible that “Despite my millions, I’m still Jamie on the Block.”

    • bobcat

      facts to invent, don’t think so….if u r told to stay n ur car u should…the fact is he lied about several things…and most importantly he shld have remained n his car…if it would have he wouldn’t have been on trial and Trayvon would still b alive….I don’t understand u ppl….someone lost their live for nothing and ur acting as though it’s his fault….sad country and sad ppl

  • Darth Kai

    Trayvon will live in his heart forever? He didn’t even know him!! Did Jamie have any shirts with Antonio Santiago on them or the 4 people who died in the Benghazi attacks? No, Trayvon did not die in vain, he died because he was attacking someone. Who did the baby attack?

    • Media Sucks

      Thats the funny part. All of these famous idiots going around thinking they know what happened when they dont. And i guarantee the press covers this because they dont wanna show that, and even better what about he countless young lives long by black on black crime? 11,000 teens died fro black on black crime since trayvon died.

    • Markward

      I bet if you asked him he cannot name one MoH recipient from Iraq and Afghanistan. Because it is more important to milk hatred.

      Jason Dunham- Threw himself on a hand grenade saving others at the cost of his life.
      Ross McGinnis- Similar action
      Michael Monsoor- Similar action
      Salvatore Giunta- Risking his life to save a wounded soilder
      Dakota Meyer- Saved the lives of Americans and Afghans

      • Robert D Duckworth

        People that make this a race issue are not the ones fighting and dying for freedom. They are opinion givers that lob word grenades from their comfortable homes.

      • Bryan Caldwell

        Lets not forget Jared Monte, Robert Miller, Michael Murphy, Leroy Petry, Clinton Romesha, or Paul Smith.
        God Bless all of these great Americans.

    • Sir Walker

      we need love and peace.

      • Markward

        Could tell that to the folks in Chicago, or the rioters in Oakland, or even Travyon before he decided to pretend to be a MMA fighter.

  • DisqusHound

    Kudos to Mr. Foxx for not joining the anger train that so many celebrities have boarded over the past 24 hours.

  • Tava2

    what world do these people live in. . . . one without facts?

  • Medicinewoman2

    I assume this means absolutely no more movies for him & he has donated every dime of his last movie check for a good cause.

  • gretathegreek

    Another member of commiewood!

  • Gail Tonele

    Bye-bye Jamie. I don’t watch movies that star racists and haters. Your words and actions at BET awards were enough for me to say bye-bye. The trial has brought out so much hatred. Hatred I did not know still existed. The comments made by hundreds of blacks show racism is alive and well. It’s time to get over the past and get with the present and future. You seems to have well in spite of being a black man. It’s not the color of ones skin, it is what is in their head and hearts. Why not try to be a role model rather than a racist and hater. Shame on you. YOU are part of the problem.

  • Vicki Wiesner Carter

    the heart of a thug looks for an excuse to beat people up. Is that what Jamie Foxx’s heart is about? An excuse to hate and beat innocent people up?

    • Peoriaboy

      The dumb whites who went to see his movies and make him a rich man are fools send his cd s back to him.

      • Sir Walker

        we need love and peace

  • http://ikokujin.blogspot.com/ Photios

    For a long time bromides have passed as wisdom. It is all anyone on the Left™ has to offer outside of lies, slurs, and racist projection. My RosettaStone lessons are far more interesting. In fact, the weekly advertising flyer that I get in the mail from the Navy Exchange is far more interesting.

  • Jeremy

    This coming from a guy who was in Django which used the N word over 100 times..He also said this about Obama.


  • DaCheezWhizKid

    Jamie Foxx cares only about his next paycheck. If his last movie hadn’t tanked, you can bet his tweet would have been a whole lot different.

    • tops116

      Exactly. Foxx needs a distraction from his own massive failure. It’s like when that “Burt Wonderstone” movie was crapping out and Jim Carrey flew even further off the handle on being anti-gun. Now that he has a new movie coming out, Carrey is suddenly all apologetic and willing to make up. You can bet if “Kick Ass 2” bombs out, Carrey will blame the NRA or something.

  • Conrad2010

    Oh cry me a river numb nuts.

  • Chuck L
    • Jeremy

      He is a smart guy and sees right through this B.S. and he had me laughing as well with the NIKE shoes & Chicken reference.

    • http://ikokujin.blogspot.com/ Photios

      This guy gets it. I love this guy.

    • silverhookman


    • Fired Up

      This man told the absolute truth and made my day! Thanks for the link.

  • Oink Trotters

    I guess one street over from MLK Blvd. we’ll find Trayvon Martin Lane in cities all over America.

  • Conrad2010

    Will the real Jamie Foxx. Please stand up!

  • Jay Stevens

    If he wants to make sure that Trayvon Martin didn’t die in vain. he can always donate time and money to help turn the lives of troubled black youth around.

    But that would require personal investment.

  • Chip

    And how do we make sure he didn’t die in vain? You going to ensure that communities no longer feel the need to have a neighborhood watch mr. Foxx? Or are you going to start the race war the chosen one has begun by insisting this trial go forward in the first place?

  • disqus_aRfm4SSuoF

    He is a hypocrite.

  • Bill Thompson

    if Zimmerman was black, he would be regarded as a hero by the vast majority of the African American community as a hero. He would be regarded as being a hero for taking out this drug addict punk — who spent his free time making homeless men fight for food and posting the videos on youtube — off the face of the earth. Treyvon was a punk and a drop out. He was trespassing and his backpack had tools used for breaking and entering in the gated community he was walking through in the rain. In most court cases, the truth is somewhere between the prosecution and the defense versions. In this case, the truth is even worse than the narrative that supported Zimmerman. And Zimmermon is described as being the meekest person known by the people who knew him. The African American community in the United States should hail Zimmerman for making the whole world a little better.

  • therain

    That’s some hard hitting stuff there, jamie. What exactly do you plan to get out of this? I see your lord obama is trying to use it to convince African Americans to support the gun grabbers.

    • DaCheezWhizKid

      Funny how a box office bomb can put a brotha back on the plantation.

  • Guest

    I really hate this race baiting SOB

  • Avniel

    Mr. Foxx is inappropriate. I don’t watch or listen to him, I don’t allow my kids to be exposed to him and I have no respect for anyone who wastes even a second of their life with his shtick. Only the most ignorant lend this man credibility. The rest just feel assaulted.

  • http://www.harlemghost.blogspot.com/ HarlemGhost

    remember Tayvon with new laws that allow thug wannabes to beat people with impunity ….

  • Samh09

    I say effff Jaime Foxx.

  • YouMakeMeLaugh

    Hey Jamie, he didn’t die in vain…. he died a guilty thug….

  • rbc

    This really is getting quite petty. There’s obviously no shortage of celebrities, athletes and other public figures who are supporting Trayvon. Is Twitchy going to post every single one? Guess what, a dude from MasterChef retweeted a comment in support of Trayvon. How about you post that on here and clown on him? Because heaven forbid someone feel bad about a 17-year-old being dead regardless of the poor life decisions he made.

    • Hiraghm

      Plenty of people here feel bad about a 17-year-old being dead, but they feel bad for the real root of the tragedy, not made-up, politically-correct propaganda.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Well said

  • 277Volt

    I’m wondering what Jaime’s going to say next.

    With every idiot actor that runs his mouth slandering me and what I stand for there are less and less movies in my collection I can stand to watch anymore. After Jim Carrey personally called me a heartless m*f*cker and that my life wasn’t worth protecting simply for owning an AR I gave away his movies. Then Chris Rock all but stated my black friends shouldn’t enjoy patriotic holidays with me like we’ve always done so his movies went. It may seem petty to give away the movies that I did for the reasons I did but I simply can’t detach myself from their comments, which were unsolicited and unfair judgments on me and my friends, enough to watch them any more.

  • Tex

    Trayvon died because he was a violent bigot who viciously attacked an innocent citizen, George Zimmerman.

    The weird thing is that Zimmerman would have been among the first to volunteer to help out a troubled and disturbed young person like Trayvon.

  • Richard Wayne

    Where are all the news stories about this guy?


    4 guys of one race jump and beat up 1 guy of another race. Then force him out into traffic where he is hit and killed.

  • MaryUKtheScot

    Come on Jamie!!!! Be more specific!! give us “crackers” a heads up!!!!! spit it out, what are you suggesting!! Its maybe that Presidential thing, you know, play to you’re base!! exploit a situation to you’re own ends to attain an agenda that suits you!!!

  • BAW

    So he’ll join an effort to keep blacks in school? To teach them right from wrong? To follow society’s rules which includes not demanding respect but showing respect? That would make Trayvon Martin’s death mean something.

    • romanmoronie

      Too easy. No, he won’t be doing any of those things.

  • BAW

    I just saw the PSA about fatherhood which has the black dad cheering with his little girl. I love that ad. Is that racist?

  • neoface

    Then Foxx need to go to prison for Trayvon Martin for intentional homicide. There you are not wasting his death, you are honoring the thug wantabe.

  • jose

    Maybe this will show people no matter what color race or belief that if you mess with the wrong guy you will suffer the consecunces

  • Maxx

    How many t-shirts does this fella have with kids from Chicago on them?

    • ObamaFail

      None, because those kids were killed by other black people, thus making it okay to the race baiters.

  • digitalPimple

    He hasn’t figured out how to make $$$ it yet?

  • Mark Ehrlich

    Would he be willing to do this had this been a white 17 year old who was shot? Doubtful.

  • Tammy Noble-Fletcher

    You’ve got money….go wrap your arms around them.

  • tops116

    “I want to wrap my arms around Trayvon’s parents and family during this emotional time.”

    I suppose the parents could use some comforting right now. After all, not only did their piss-poor parenting raise a violent thug, but a jury confirmed it for the nation.

    “Trayvon will LIVE in our hearts forever.”

    Sorry, no. There’s no room in my heart for a violent thug like Trayvon. The fact that there is in yours speaks volumes about you.

    “We will make sure that he did not die in vain.”

    So, what, you’re going to continue his work of beating up Hispanics in gated communities?

  • Kay Kristin


  • sarainitaly

    Isn’t this the same guy who starred in a film glorifying vigilante justice & bragged about killing people of certain skin color?

    • $12942371

      Absolutely brilliant response Sarainitaly! Killing whites is apparently a noble cause in Jamie Foxx’s world.

  • Allan Hamilton

    But he DID die in vain. Martin committed the ultimate act of vanity when he attacked Zimmerman and was then killed when he underestimated the dangers.

  • NRPax

    Jamie, I have a better idea. Start taking a look at the thug mentality that these kids grow up with and fight against it. Start telling communities that children need a father in the house to help raise them instead of just being some random guy that drops off genetic material.

    And since that way of thinking is new to you, I suggest reaching out to black conservatives to help you out.

  • LCM☝✊

    He’s a racist and he can f-off. Trayvon was killed for attacking a man trying to stop robberies in his neighborhood. Which based on stollen jewelry & burglary tools confiscated from TM days before his death leads one to believe he was a thief. You race baiters don’t care about the 17yr old black who shot the 13 month old in the face in GA!! Zimmerman proved we should stand more ground in our neighborhoods to keep undesirables out, that’s crooks of all color like the rainbow bitches.

  • Terry Edgar

    It is high time to Boycott Hollywood! Them Clown’s are at war with We The People. If we No longer pay to go see their shows, They my friends are out of work. What is the old saying hit them where it hurts, In the wallet If they are so hell bent on the destruction of this Country We The People need to Stand together as ONE and teach these Classless Folk’s a Lesson! (Please Share…….!)

  • Anthony Fotia

    Why not wrap your arms around the thousands of black kids killed in Chicago where Obama and Rahm Emanuel rule? This Zimmerman thing is a White House diversion from the scandals y’all. Wake up blacks…. you are being screwed by the man in the House and his AG.

  • carolhaka

    Why don’t vile progs like Hispanics?

  • carolhaka
  • Zathras11 @B5

    I appreciate Eric Marlon Bishop finally weighing in.
    My reply:

  • $2943864

    I hope he is right and it means that black families will begin to teach their kids (and adults!) what the rest of us already teach ours – I’ll put it in a simple way: If someone is following and reporting you for your obvious suspicious behavior and it makes you feel threatened – the correct action is to enter your home and call the authorities. The correct action is NOT to go out of your way to brutally assault them because you want to teach them a “racist” lesson or show them you are tough/macho. I realize the latter is a cultural thing as it happens in so many similar incidents but you DID say you didn’t want him to die in vain – sooooo – get busy and teach.

  • ElliePTweet

    To insure Trayvon didn’t die in vain, these idiots need to take seriously the havoc being wreaked by the gang/drug culture. If he does THAT? Good!

  • Kevin Yeatts

    Jamie Foxx you are an embarrassment to mankind. No one should be thanking God and America more than a talentless hack like you. The American Justice System is the best in the world. Apparently, the American Entertainment industry has the highest tolerance for crap actor, also.

  • Scott Snoopy

    the hits of hollywierd keep on coming

  • notenoughtime

    How many young, urban youths die everyday and Foxx and his ilk do not wrap their arms around their families and communities to make sure they did not die in vain. Either all human life is important or it depends on the day and the pigment of the others involved. Not one of these pundits running to twitter or a microphone have lifted a finger or pointed a finger at the intercity issues though they seem to speak for all of them when necessary!

  • Conservagrl

    Jamie, what about wrapping your arms around the families of approximately 230 people killed so far this year in Chicago, and wrap your arms around the families of the 535 who were killed in 2012, and wrap your arms around the families of the 441 who were killed in 2011. Why is it not worth talking about those lives lost?

    • therantinggeek


      • Wiki David

        django bingo!

    • Justice

      do they have potential movie opportunities for jamie? I think not.

  • Sompopo Pepper

    I can tell you one thing, if I see anything unusual in my neighborhood weather it is suspicious or not I am shutting the windows and locking the doors because it is no concern of mine.

    • Dee


      • Sompopo Pepper

        In this country today its not weak, its smart.

  • greywulf1064

    So what exactly did he die for? Idiots…

    • paevo

      For attacking the wrong person.

  • David

    Mr. Fox, you are a racist pig.

  • Gregg Ball

    All of the blacks on here are screaming coulda woulda shoulda. Trayvon initiated the fight. Zimmerman was first attacked by Trayvon this is a fact. Trayvon got more than he bargained for. Trayvon was in the wrong period. Unfortunatly he paid for his stupidity with his life. Zimmerman was found NOT guilty. You might not like it but that is the way it is. Get over it. If blacks want to come into my neighborhood and riot. Fine!! I’ll arrange for you to meet Trayvon very quickly. I think that blacks who sit there and say “we been slaves too long” I am so sick of hearing that or something close to that. NONE of you have ever been a slave. Stop feeling sorry for your self and go get a real job. Bring home a paycheck instead of loot from someone else’s house. Take responsibility for your actions. Be ethical and do the right thing. You’ll be surprised at how fast that you can turn your life and mentality around.

  • Steven Tobias

    How long will it take for these entertainer types to figure out: Open your mouth and utter stupidityand watch your career flush down the drain

  • Jazzi

    Have some respect for people a young child is dead and his family is grieving. Have some respect.

    • ObamaFail

      He died because he decided to play tough thug gangsta and got shot while trying to beat a man to death. He deserves no respect. And if his mother loved him so much, she wouldn’t have kicked him out of the house for being a trouble-maker.

  • Ohio Land Man

    def another Celubrity… that i do not support… blub blub blah

  • Cajun

    this fool was one bad racial joke away from stealing hubcaps when they put him on living color or whatever that bs was, so now idiot whites watch his movies and listen to his hoodrat talk. better wake up America, better wake up soon!!!

  • $12942371

    Jamie Foxx is a racist pig, he will make sure of nothing. If he wants to make a change, teach young thugs (black and white alike) to not attack strangers. This is why his movie bombed! America sees him for the New Blank Panther that he really is.

  • Joe W.

    “Trayvon will LIVE in our hearts forever…”….B.S. Y’all will have forgotten all about the little gang banger before the year is over. Or just after all the lawsuits are settled, whichever comes first. There will be many more “oppressed” blacks to gin up the ghetto thugs over…..

  • cloudshe

    jamie, if you want martin to have died for a good cause, maybe you should be preaching non-violence in our youth instead of hate. hate=violence=more hate is just STUPID

  • Dane Gunderson

    Make another movie celebrating killing white people Mr Inclusive

  • HairRazor

    how about… “We’re all GZ now and we have the right to protect ourselves.” court adjourned.

  • disqus_ovAXaV0zQt

    You are a racist

    • Justice

      racist: a person that goes by facts instead of emotions, especially when people of color are concerned.

  • Proud to be American

    Mr. Fox..Please read the transcript of all the facts.He’s not all that he was cracked out to be…

  • DCox

    Jamie Foxx, Toni Braxton, Chris Rock, Katy Perry, that chick from STNG. These people will no longer receive any of my hard earned dollars.

  • justus1

    maybe Foxx should be a little more concerned with the 100’s of black gang bangers that are killed virtually every month by other gang bangers. hollywood only speaks out when it can get them some press and face time on tv. they are so pathetic and so hypocritical when it comes to actually wanting to help someone. by just opening their mouth, they do much more harm that good. just shut your mouth from now on unless you really care about something. your don’t actually think you can act do you? I wouldn’t go to one of your movies if it was free.

  • justus1

    Gregg Ball should get the hammer award for hitting the nail squarely on the head!!!

  • paevo

    I love how a worthless wannabe thug becomes the poser child of contemporary black America.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Mr. Foxx:

    Martin didn’t die “in vain”. He died from a bullet wound delivered in self defense.

    • Justice

      they don’t think about the thousands of blacks that have to defend against vermin like trayvon. Hey jamie how about them poor black store keepers that get shot up trying to make an honest living by punks like trayvon? Where’s your compassion for them? Oh wait they don’t make million dollar movies about them.

  • Marcy Cook

    If anyone actually thought through about all these celebrities and their “high profile” comments they would clearly see that they don’t give a damn about Trayvon. They only want to get attention because their careers are about to take a dive or have already drowned in the hasbeen sea of “you don’t entertain me anymore so I don’t give a damn.” When did Foxx ever go into the inner cities of this country and try to lift any of those kids up into a better life? A life where they live right and don’t set themselves up for profiling.

  • $8203344

    What is that a threat ? this guy is such a two-face.

  • eeddggy

    Guaranteed any of your future movies are huge flops. The people you hate are done supporting you.
    Good luck getting a big salary based on only the Racists Blacks paying for a movie ticket.
    If I were your agent or a movie studio big wig, you would be dumped ASAP.
    Your career is over you racist pig.

  • hwy505

    Call this what it really is: JAIMIE FOXX IS A RACIST! His comments hidden behind a script, and cue cards are HIS words, and belief! He and Samuel L. Jackson are the biggest perpetrators of racism in Hollywood with a long trail of others following up on them.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Too late, Jamie, Trayvon already died in vain and ain’t nothin’ you can do to change that.

  • uptohere

    WTF is a Jamie Foxx?

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

         The officially designated Court Jester has spoken. Praise be!

  • James

    Jamie Foxx is just another house boy for left wing liberals.

  • Mary123s

    what are YOU going to do??? make another movie promoting the hate of whites while you live in a million-dollar mansion?

  • Larry Rappaport

    Hey Jamie and to all you perpetually pi$$ed off Black Americans, just remember

    United States Census
    Black America 12.4%
    White America 72.4%

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_the_United_States

    Good luck with whatever it is you think your gonna do. You’ve been waiting for this Obama and now you just may get it.

  • freddy

    Sorry Django I can’t get behind making this kid into a civil rights hero. It’s such disrespect to the real ones like MLK. Look thru his personal stuff not allowed in court and even you will see he was selling dope, into fighting, drinking lean,did some burluries was kicked out school and wasn’t buying those skittles and watermelon cocktail for his little brother. Sorry no hall of fame for this guy with the tats and silver teeth.

    • Justice

      Gold teeth

  • Mary123s

    for all of this concern about Trayvon I ask a few questions:
    what was his middle name?
    was he left handed or right handed?
    what was his favorite flavor of ice cream?
    when did he go to Disney World?

    If you can’t even answer one of those questions, you were not his friend. Just an exploiter of his death,

  • Sandra Meyer

    Let us honor Trayvon by portraying love, peace, and realizing the courts have spoken and we must let the courts ruling be noted. be sure your anger is in check, don’t make threats, be a witness for Gods Grace,Don’t praise God on Sunday,and on Monday do the devils work. We all stand before God.

  • feduppianoman

    Thanks For continuing to give me ample reason to never watch any of your movies or listen to any of your music.

  • RedKelly1957

    Oh fuck you Jamie. Your the same guy that said in an interview about the movie Django, “What don’t I love about this movie? I get to carry a gun and go around killing white people.” You will probably be the first blood sucking leech to try and play the part of Martin’s father or relative when they decide to make a movie. I use to have a little more respect for you. Now you are in the same category as Kirstie Alley, Damon Wayans, Jim Carey and the rest. You are all just a bunch of over blown actors who think they know something. To coin a phrase from singing in the rain “you are nothing more than a shadow on celluloid.” And shadows have no substance.

  • Tim_Parker_999

    Your last movie bombed and lost over 100 million. Keep up the jokes about enjoying killing white people. You will be back in Terrell, Texas living in a double wide surrounded by real “creepy a$$ crackers”.

  • KreepyA$$Kracker

    So hypocritical Jamie Foxx on SNL talking about his movie “Django.” He said “I get to kill all the white people.” Seems so happy about it no matter if it’s a fiction movie or not.

  • Vicki Wiesner Carter

    Every one needs to calm down. This is exactly what the politicians want from us, to hate each other. It was a horrible event and accident. I feel bad for both families. I am sure both men were scared and things got out of control. It is a lesson learned. To be careful and to also Identify yourself as a peaceful person.

  • Guest

    Will Foxx make as much money in the future,
    now he has taken a large, racist dump on white America…certainly NOT.
    He can consider a significantly reduced income as his personal tribute to Martin.

  • hawkins455054

    We are all “Zimmerman”, at least the ones that don’t blame some other culture for all their short comings, standard of living, being “chained down” “we be slaves”, or the man is stopping us!

  • TiffFan11

    I guess Foxx is as politically motivated as the trial was #discusted

  • TiffFan11

    FYI he didn’t die in vain, thugs all know now to be cool in Florida or else #gunrights

  • frankie61969

    Look at the racism and hatred in those eyes . say we stop going to see all of the movies Foxx is in as if I had to say that .Foxx and the Hollywood libs are out of touch and the only way they’ll get it is to hit them in the pocket books . You’ve done enough boy ,now check yourself…

  • hosss

    So that is what jamie foxx supports. Black thugs can slam Hispanic heads into the concrete and they are supposed to take it laughing….AKA O.J. Simpson, the black thug killed his wife and thats okay too. She was white..All the black racist thugs should be embarrassed.

  • Wiki David

    Oh and…. All the news reports on this verdict have helped me clean up or add to my list of cities to not visit, actors, athletes and musicians to not patronize, politicians to not vote for and news outlets to not watch. And where are the reports on the supporters of the verdict? You cannot say “supporters of the judicial process” because the indictment was brought by the DOJ (rally funding, war mongering) and a Special Prosecutor (that fired a whistle blower). Oh and the original Police Chief should sue for wrongful dismissal. Oh and the FBI did not find any racial components before the trial. Oh and there were no racial components presented at trial (it’s what you can prove, ask OJ). Oh and retract all of the above if the DOJ bends the law, ignores the law or manufactures evidence. Or Executive order or something.

    • Hiraghm

      It doesn’t matter whether there *are* racial components. A 2nd degree murder charge requires spite toward the individual killed. “Why” is irrelevant. Whether he allegedly hated Martin for being black, or for being young, or for smelling funny, or for saying, “y’know?” too many times, or for dating his ex-girlfriend… irrelevant. The jury determined (quite rightly, IMO) that Zimmerman lacked that spite.

      These federal “hate crime” laws are nothing less than an assault on the 1st amendment. Further, they’re nothing less than an attempt at thought-control.

  • Paul Hue

    Would love to see a movie made about this incident by the likes of Jamie Foxx.
    Trayvon would be a nerd in the chess club, Zimmerman would have a burning cross in his backyard.

    • Hiraghm

      And blond hair and blue eyes.

    • Paul Hue

      Zimmerman would be played by John Goodman, and wear a Romney jacket. Trayvon would be armed only with a physics textbook and slide-rule.

  • Mark Maness

    This is the tweet I left for Jamie Foxx: @iamjamiefoxx Once a comedian always a comedian, eh? Remember, Trayvon Martin didn’t die in vain. He died in Sanford Florida.

  • Giant Bryan


  • Hiraghm

    Someone put their finger on it.
    This is all being ginned up to take attention away from the masses of scandals in the Obama administration.

  • anonymous

    he did not “die in vain”… seriously?? wasnt the guy like robbing someone????

  • fireandreamitchell

    Is that some sort of threat? Remember when he bragged about how cool it was to kill all those white people on SNL? This is who Jamie Foxx really is:

    • CenCalDevil

      Jamie only likes the Whites that are dumb enough to pay to see his horrible acting.

  • Amunet Isis

    what mad because he has balls to speak how he feels? wow!!!! i just sit and laugh cause a lot of ya’ll times are up here on this earth! half of you can’t make it financially! so most of you need to watch what comes out your mouths

    • Markward

      No, most of us are mad that you are distorting this to make Travyon an angel when in reality he initiated violence and he got violence in return. Also, your assault on the English language is painful to endure as well.

  • Tim_Parker_999

    I’ll tell you what made me literally sick to my stomach. . . I was at work when the OJ verdict was read. All the black guys cheered, high fived, fist bumped, etc. I asked several of them later if they though he was guilty & they said “yea”. Some rapper called Young Jeezy has a “song” called OJ where he says “kill the white bi*ch!”. Jamie Foxx jokes on SNL about his role in Django “I get to carry a gun, kill all the white people. . . how great is that?”

    The hypocrisy with black people is insane. Stop using the race card as a crutch and an excuse. It isn’t the Man keeping you down. It is YOU.

    • LaDees1

      Lolol….Ignorance is bliss

  • denise

    yeh and did you see trayvons mom had his name copyrighted….so she can make money off it….hmmm

  • LtColO

    “In vain” as if he were in the middle of some epic, heroic, self-sacrificial act? The absolute idiocy of the comment is breathtaking. It becomes almost depressing when you realize that hundreds of thousands believe that drivel.

  • Jake Bradford

    The great thing about boycotting Jamie Foxx’s movies is you’ll almost never miss anything good.

  • camnpat

    Jamie Foxx blindly putting someone else on a tall pedestal without regards for the individual and the content of their character and based solely on skin color? I’m shocked!!!

    Why doesn’t he show this same level of dedication to praise the kids who rescued the little girl in the last few days?

  • Attorney

    Jamie Foxx aka Grand Dragon of the Black Panthers

  • LaDees1

    Thank you Jamie for supporting this family. I didn’t realize that there were so many ignorant and ill educated racist people remaining in this country. I love you. You are very talented and I will continue supporting everything that you do! Jamie I just spent over $2000.00 this past spring break at Universal Studios in Fl. I was prepared to take my children back to Fl. to Sea World next spring break. I think that Florida should be boycotted until this law is changed! I’m hoping that with your support that this initiative would become nationwide! What the racist in the United States fail to realize is that we have money and with money comes power. If we stop supporting this state they will be moved to change the stand your ground law.

    • Cae

      So U will be boycotting Chicago then. Many Trayvons in just one weekend.

  • http://freerepublic.com GOPcongress

    He didn’t die in vain. If he lived he would have murdered George Zimmerman.

  • LaDees1


  • William PokerMonkey Souther

    Yeah. Can’t wait to see what the mighty Jamie Foxx’s next ‘move’ will be. He is such a powerful social leader. Pffft. Just to make sure I’m not deemed a racist. I started boycotting Foxx’s movies about the same time I started doing the same with Mel Gibson’s.

  • SheilaK

    Well I guess if it teaches young thugs to not attack people, provoked or not, it might do all right

  • NurseSnow

    He’s just auditioning to play the “young boy” in the upcoming film. He’ll be just as good as the Nicorette chewing, pseudo-obama he recently played.

  • Shirley Hurst Cooley

    Weird, I used to like and respect you? Who do you think gave you all the chances to rise above poverty and become a millionaire. Do you think if your ancestors had been left alone all those years ago, would you be living the lifestyle that you do? Would ANY of us? My great grandfather was a stowaway on a ship from Ireland. He was penniless. America is the wonderful country that people from all over the world come to for equality and justice! Are you really that stupid Jamie Foxx?

  • boscareli

    What about the poor innocent whites who have Ben murdered by blacks? Who are the racists?

  • John Howard

    In the rain?

  • KansasGirl

    Foxx, he might live in your heart, but I’m damn sure he’d never live in your neighborhood.

  • bobcat

    u folk r the prime examples of “creepy a– white folk…n yes saw White House Down it was interesting….just entertainment if u like action movies which I do…..John Wayne…huh…lol…example Creepy u know what!!!! u r the kind of folks who make blacks feel the way they do.. promoting and entertaining the keeping prejudice…go figure who u r

  • toddm123

    Another Hollywood moron who’ll not get another dime of my money.

  • Pilgrim22

    Why isn’t talking fingers Eva Longoria defending her hispanic race – is she afraid she won’t have front door entry into the White House to see her buds. I’d love to see her and Foxx in a knock down drag out fight on pay for view

  • Lt. Frank Drebin, Police Squad

    It’s actually a noble thought, but it should have nothing to do with GZ. Don’t like it, change the laws.

  • Nikkie B

    An unforgivable act… taking the life of an INNOCENT child! This was very unfortunate that this child had to lose his life. The entire situation was a conspiracy from the start. For the simple that George’s dad was a magistrate judge, everything was swept under the rug from the beginning. That’s why it took them a few days to charge him (George) his father is connected, and knew ALL the RIGHT individual’s to make things happen for his sons acquittal. From the jury selection, to he focus of the trial, to putting Rachel on the stand…. and the individual’s counseling the Martin family, it’s very unfortunate that everyone involved (prosecutors, defense, advisors etc.,) mad this horrible incident as an opportunistic moment for themselves. A young black man senselessly lost his life… I’m feel so very proud that Trayvon “STOOD HIS GROUND” and fought for his life…. but it’s very sad that he HAD to. Is George Zimmerman a racist? Yes he is. One day he will have to answer to a much HIGHER POWER than his father and the Florida judicial system. He WILL be SORRY at that point…. but only because he will finally have to face his demons. Rest in peace Trayvon…. God Bless!

  • KansasGirl

    I thought Jamie was vacationing at the French Rivera”?
    I guess he was so distraught over the verdict, he had to rush back to the US, to wrap his arms around Trayvon’s family.