Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin posted a charming and revealing look into her family life today, complete with pictures and recipes for pie crusts and a fried halibut dish. As usual, this has some liberals crazed and foaming at the mouths.

Caution, unhinged liberal tweets ahead:

This one was deleted but caught via screencap:


No such suspicion for Joe Biden — he was caught red-handed plagiarizing.

We’d call these shots fired in the war on women, but conservative women aren’t authentically women, right libs?

  • mike_in_kosovo

    Ah, the Liberal Left…. such stunning exemplars of class and dignity.

    • Finrod Felagund

      Indeed, Not only do they drink the kool-aid, but the haterade as well.

    • RanierWest

      they are part of the newtone Camelot.

      • Spiny Norman

        The New Tone. Heh. The beauty of Twitter is that it allows the ever-so-tolerant Left to reveal their true selves: hate-filled overgrown adolescents. Rage on, spoiled brat Liberals!

  • Guest

    De-evolution at it’s finest, Why would anyone make themselves look so ignorant just to insult someone they don’t know?

    • BAW

      Because they really are like badly behaved children who never grew up and gained the maturity and judgment to know any better.

      • Spiny Norman

        Exactly. The junior high school playground is the peak of their intellectual and emotional maturity.

    • nc

      And so vulgar, too. Ugh.

    • V the K

      And most of them don’t even know why they hate her; they just know the leftist hive-mind pointed to her and said “Hate!” And they complied.

      • trixiewoobeans

        The Flying Monkeys.

  • Xazor Kuhn

    Well, it also takes a village to commit treason and let everyone in Benghazi die, but I am sure the Left would rather talk about that salmon.

  • Garrett Gripling

    Sarah Palin lives rent free in the left’s head.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Ahhh, the power of Palin! Can cause explosive mental and verbal diarrhea in Liberals with a single tweet!

    • Mick_Pearson

      I haven’t paid a dime for her unintentionally hilarous entertainment.

      Here’s to hoping she continues delivering the goods.


  • Zorro

    a parade of jackasses.

  • PeterP

    At least they didn’t call her a “toxic little queen.”

    • Jeremy

      Yeah paging Alec Baldwin.

  • yourmamatoo

    And their comments about Gabby Gifford, shooting a gun at the gun range?

  • IceColdTroll

    OMG fried halibut and pie crust! The MONSTER!

    • nc

      You’re right! Michelle O is sending the Food Police to Wasilla as we speak.

    • trixiewoobeans

      If this had been Native American Alaskans “slaying a salmon”, there wouldn’t have been a peep.

  • Steve_J

    All potential future “Darwin Award” winners.

    • bucky321

      i think some of them testified for the prosecution in the zimmerman trial

      • Jeremy

        wouldn’t be surprised.Those charges were rammed through politically charged and it’s blowing up in their face now.The star witness had the intellect of driftwood.

        • GaryTheBrave

          Quit insulting driftwood!

          • Jeremy

            lol fair point.

        • DixieAngel_76

          Or as I like to say ‘the IQ of a Zuccini’.

    • Clete Torres

      All current runners-up.

  • hawkins455054

    Bizzaro Windsor is just mad that mommy won’t do it anymore for him. more than likely she looks like Debbie Downer, and how do you know she is a slut, watch your mommy all the time? must be pretty hard to do living in her basement, when she is on the street corner

  • BAW

    I think it’s great that she brings out the absolute worst in them and they put it on display for the world to see.

    • Garym



    Libturds calling the most powerful and respected women in the United States of America, stupid. Ironic.

    Also, they all believe that she said “I could see Russia from my house” as well.

    • DixieAngel_76

      Of course they do, after all it WAS on SNL (sarc) yuk, yuk!

  • Section 9

    Jesus, these people are all genuinely angry with themselves. I know one thing; they all were losers in the evolution race.

    • 3seven77

      Yep. Someone needs to throw some Clorox in their gene pool.

      • Spiny Norman

        The odds of any of them actually reproducing are pretty slim.

        • DixieAngel_76

          Sadly, the recent election say that’s not so.

  • VL123

    There will be a civil war in this country soon.

    • Section 9

      I actually doubt that. There aren’t enough people on their side to actually fight and win one. A lot of the stuff you see online is ginned up passion that’s full of sound and fury, signifying…NOTHING.
      In the 1860’s, people killed each other over slavery. Nobody is going to die for Barack Obama in the 21st Century. He’s simply not worth it.

      • Garym

        Agreed, but we really need to fire up some passions. It is depressing to think that 50 to 60 % of possible voters in this country can’t be bothered to pay attention and vote for what they believe in.

  • Vurtax

    Is one of the requirements of being a liberal who follows her twitter is to insert a 9-inch long iron rod up their anal cavity? Because to be that butt-hurt over someone else enjoying themselves and sharing their experience like a group of friends around the couch would require no less.

  • americanlatina11

    Once again demonstrating the need for free speech. These buffoons just let us all know how stupid they truly are.

    Sorry, Mrs. Palin. These demonrats should find a trap and jump onto it.

    • DixieAngel_76

      Like maybe the Siberian borehole.

  • LinTaylor

    I almost feel sorry for those people. It must be terrible, hating someone so badly that you feel the need to froth and scream every time you hear their name.

    • Jeremy

      You can’t fix stupid and these people are beyond hope.

  • Jeremy

    I love how she gets the left unglued and showing their true colors.

  • Jeremy

    These people are the typical “keyboard warriors”if they were confronted by Sarah Palin they would run and hide under their beds.

  • descolada9

    Since the disaster that was the 2008 election, Sarah has proven herself to be much more intelligent than her former running mate and most of the lamestream press. Thankfully, I know that she has a thick enough skin to let these moronic insults bounce off of her. I am wondering if we shouldn’t draft Mama Bear for 2016?

    • deTocqueville1

      We should!

      • Richard Oberlander

        You betcha!

  • Derek Penner

    Modern day women’s movement in a nutshell:
    “We want more women in politics…unless they disagree with us…in which case those slut whore bitch c**ts should go back to the kitchen and make us sammiches.”

  • Gallatin

    I LOVE it when Sarah blogs, editorializes, opinionates, posts, tweets, I can literally hear the liberal heads exploding as I read her prose or listen to her speak.

  • tops116

    Time for another round of “Sarah Palin is so unimportant that I’m going to spend the next few hours yelling at you to show how unimportant I think she is” comments. Eesh, you’d think carpal-tunnel would’ve set in by now.

  • Clete Torres

    Dear Governor Palin:

    You are cordially invited to join my brother, nephew and myself this fall, on our farm, for our annual deer hunt.

    We would be happy to host your visit, and show you the hospitality of the American South.


  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Obviously, these Liberal haters have never been camping, hunting, fishing, etc. But I’m intrigued… I’d like to try ’em all up there in the “Last Frontier”… Stay classy, you haters! Jawamax 8<{D} #FemaleTeddyRoosevelt

  • Cliff Williams

    The free speech crowd doing that they do best, from mom’s basement.

  • Mary Lee

    I’m not gonna lie to you, I wasn’t sold on Palin, but now I really think she’s got an incredible amount of chutzpah. I mean, the hatred and vitriol towards her is unbelievable, but she just keeps on going with a smile and a wink. I respect that.

    • FaithColeridge33

      Grandma used to call that a “Chin up ttis out kinda gal.”.

      • Clete Torres

        Honey, I had to read this THREE times before I figured out ttis was a typo…

        Duh, says me.

  • Baba Ghanoush

    I’m convinced these hateful leftist are just angry and jealous at the fact that the Palins have such a strong family bond.

  • V the K

    …blah blah blah quitter… blah blah blah Katie Couric interview… blah blah blah I can see Russia from my house…

    There, I just spared the trolls the bother.

    • Mick_Pearson

      blah blah blah, Dr. Laura’s 1st amendment rights were violated, blah blah blah.

  • deTocqueville1

    The amusing thing is that these useless idiots have no idea how much mirth they create for the rest of us.

  • Maxx

    The left’s hatred for this woman borders on the perverse. Nonsensical, maniacal, without even a smidgen of reasoning. What’s the worse they can say about her…that she’s an American who disagrees with them on political issues?

    That, in of itself, reveals their unwillingness to acknowledge that there actually exists reasonable citizenry who politically, choose a different path. Todays liberal is nothing but a whiny “our way or the highway” malcontent who loathes the pro-life movement while celebrating the right of one human to kill another whilst fighting aggressively to take away YOUR right to defend yourself.

    Is it any wonder the intelligence community is monitoring their hate-filled garbage but wait…they’ll claim such scrutiny is reserved for eeegads…..those spittin’ Tea Party folks, isn’t that right Huff Puffs?

    • Jimmy John

      Like your consistent comments re: Obama, Michelle etc.
      Nah, that would be hypocritical, wouldn’t it?

      • Maxx

        The difference is I don’t “hate” either. I disagree with them politically. All you need to do is read the daily Tweets about Palin and you’ll get your education.

  • Dave

    It is no wonder Obama was elected twice to the Presidency with these people voting.

    • Spiny Norman

      Voting at least twice for most of them, I’d wager…

  • Bill Collector


  • OLLPOH ~ America

    The feral children continue to be feral and gruesomely grotesque of Life Liberty Pursuit of Happiness that Governor Palin represents to America. They will continue to froth from the crevices of their foul mouths to get to her.

  • Bathing Suit Area

    For comparison, I’m sure you’ll post a similar selection of tweets reacting to harmless Obama family photos.

    • Jimmy John

      Exactly. Conservatives like to think they are holier than thou and that the Left is full of vile people. I have seen many a conservative post horrendous things too, but that doesn’t fit Malkin, Beck, Loesch’s agendas.

      • alanstorm

        The left IS full of vile people. Witness the tweets above, and the recent example of mob rule is TX.

        Of course there are conservative folks who make us look bad, but that’s not the majority like it is with the left.

        • Jimmy John

          That’s nonsense, and you know it.

          • alanstorm

            No, really, there area few conservative folks who make us look bad sometimes. Seen it happen myself.

          • Section 9

            Not really. Progressivism is a fascist movement filled to the brim with people who want to do away with free speech and the liberty of those who disagree with them. It’s no surprise that you all fell for Obama’s Cult of Personality back in 2008.

            Obama activists are the kind of people who would be issuing Denunciations on innocent people during the Stalin Period and getting their relatives sent off to Siberia on spurious charges. Historians are going to savage you lot, and rightly so. You guys are the Hitlerjugend of the modern age.

    • alanstorm

      Burden of proof is on the accuser. Where are your examples?

      • Jimmy John
        • alanstorm

          Nice try. Keep at it; you might find something comparable.

      • rinodino

        Twitchy comment section…. BOOM!!!!!

        • Rachel S. Miller

          to be fair, I’ve never seen anyone on Twitchy say that Obama and his family should kill themselves.

        • Rachel S. Miller

          to be fair, I’ve never seen anyone on Twitchy say that Obama and his family should kill themselves.

        • Mick_Pearson

          I’m here for all the hehsnickersnorts.

    • john norton

      Nothing about 0bama is harmless,Are U Lost…:(

  • Rabid

    Still living rent free…

  • walterc

    Still living rent free in the heads of liberals. I wish I could get one of them to explain the absolute hatred this woman generates in them.

    • 912er

      She does for herself what these helpless people must beg their government to do for them….and all the while being a woman…a women who didn’t have to terminate pregnancies to become successful.

  • notenoughtime

    The love, peace and togetherness crowd just can handle a strong, opinionated woman who could care less what they think like the rest of us. Love ya, Sarah!

  • Corporal Clinger

    Did any of these people graduate from 3rd grade?

  • rick allain

    liberals have never been confused for intelligent people!

  • BronxBomber911

    Liberal mantra=when you have no comeback just curse them out, call them racist, homophobic, religious fanatic etc…fill in the rest

  • rm1evo

    They can’t help themselves.

  • TruDat

    Only proves how much the libs fear her.

  • ArmyRetPat

    This woman is America and the left knows it.

  • salvagesalvage

    It takes a village! That’s the name of that book that Hillary wrote decades ago!

    Hysterical as it is topical!

    I can see why wingnuts love her so.

  • JD Olson

    Stop Making Sense, world where Lib/Prog views are transparently useless and collapsing in on themselves! I’m serious now! I’m afraid these trolls are losing their will to live by their pitiful representation here. Jimmy John, pull that sammich out of your huge maw! COME ON, work it, put some effort into it, have you no pride…hate…losers…oh forget it then. Here’s some diapers.

  • JD Olson

    Stop Making Sense, world where Lib/Prog views are transparently useless and collapsing in on themselves! I’m serious now! I’m afraid these trolls are losing their will to live by their pitiful representation here. Jimmy John, pull that sammich out of your huge maw! COME ON, work it, put some effort into it, have you no pride…hate…losers…oh forget it then. Here’s some diapers.

  • Me Wise Magic

    I remember going with a large group to see Sarah Palin’s documentary called “The Undefeated” a little while back. It was one of the most inspirational documentaries I’ve seen and provided a great deal of insight into all of the amazing accomplishments Palin had in Alaska. It was no accident that she was beginning to make a name for herself in the 2000’s. The sad thing is the movie wasn’t released until after the election because there was so much in it that the press had tried to block the American people from finding out about it. The theater was packed and at the end of the movie everyone stood up and applauded and cheered for about a minute straight; it felt like we were watching Rocky IV or Rudy. (see link below to a movie preview) Note: If you watch the film the first three minutes will sum up all of the differences between Progressives and Conservatives in a way that can make anyone understand who are the good guys and who are not. Breitbart is also in the film.

    The Undefeated

    Interviews about “The Undefeated” from viewers whose lives where changed

    Fan’s react to the movie

    • Hiraghm

      Sarah Palin’s documentary… in other words, a propaganda piece. (before raging, google the definition of “propaganda”.)

    • RUexperienced

      Lest anyone believe the movie review from a Palin fan club member, here are the facts.

      Sarah Palin’s movie, “The Undefeated” opened in theaters after being kicked off at a nationwide motorcycle gathering in Washington DC, followed up with a nationwide flag draped Sarah Palin bus tour to nowhere, mind blowing media attention and a multi million dollar production budget, multi million promotion budget. And here is how it turned out.

      Box Office Mojo:

      The Undefeated’s ten theaters on opening weekend yielded 159
      showings. Using the current average ticket price of $7.86, that means
      the movie played to an estimated 52 people per average showing or at
      about one-fifth to one-quarter capacity. In the movie’s second weekend (14 theaters),
      which had 211 showings, the per-showing average attendance dropped to

      The Undefeated (2011)
      -Arc Entertainment
      -Lifetime Gross Revenue $166,381
      – Theaters Played 14

  • David

    God Bless Sarah Palin – a great American. No wonder the leftist lunatics hate her. She is baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Mom all in one package.

  • singer23

    Gee, did we miss something, was that Sarah Palin who was, Secretary Of State, was she responsible for the, “Bengahzi Murders?” I think it was, Hillary Clinton but she just won an award for some BS, “Public Service Award!” She turned her back on those poor Americans and she gets an award? She is evil and Sarah is a Saint, where’s the award for Sarah?

  • MrApple

    Liberal compassion and civility is a beautiful thing.

  • RedSoloCup

    The Liberal war on women, still at full speed.

  • Bathing Suit Area

    This is the most hilarious display of a lack of self awareness I’ve seen in some time.

  • DixieAngel_76

    Gotta love those lefties; keeping it classy and real!

  • screamingmad

    You know? I just don’t get it. Why do libs hate her. They think she is stupid? OK. Why does that make you hate someone. What have I missed?

  • Shawn Fifield

    I guess some people just suffer from “Sarahphobia”. I can not Understand the hate and vitriol spewed at this woman, did she kill their puppies?

    • Hiraghm

      I can’t speak for the leftists who hate her, but shall I list my reasons, as a conservative, for the contempt I feel toward her, for you?

      She perpetrated a months-long fraud while campaigning that her teenage daughter was going to marry the boy who knocked her up after the campaign. Once the campaign was over, lo and behold… no marriage. There was no need to delay a wedding; it certainly would have provided free publicity for the campaign. The fraud was to keep the social conservative base from rejecting her as they had McCain.

      She dragged her special needs baby around on the campaign trail with her, shoving him in front of the cameras at every opportunity, more concerned with her campaign than her parenting. A child with Down’s syndrome requires special attention, and instead of choosing to nobly surrender her shot at VP in 2008 for the sake of her helpless child, she chose to use him as a prop to further her ambition.

      On election night, she snuggled up to ultra-left-wing Marxist hag Geraldine Ferraro, praising her, exposing her own feminist obsession, and calling her “fellow” conservatives who criticized the above behaviors “Neanderthals who need to evolve into the 21st century”. This is a racist comment as well, comparing socially conservative people to the cousins we drove into extinction. Bashing her “fellow” conservatives, unprovoked, in order to praise someone who should be her philosophical arch-enemy.

      The first two issues are social conservative issues, issues she fails on. I won’t cut her any slack until she apologizes to social conservatives for comparing us to Neanderthals.

      Further, she continued to campaign for McCain instead of his primary opponent, in spite of the way the McCain campaign had treated her in the election. McCain, being a progressive. She’s shown a predilection for supporting the wrong Republicans.

      I saw a bit of her Alaska special. She was out hunting elk, iirc. She had to whisper her father for instructions every step of the way. She fired, and missed the elk (some great white hunter), and, as the elk stood there staring at her in shocked disbelief that she managed to miss at that range, she actually asked her daddy if she should shoot again… So much for the independent 21st century woman. Unlike Ms Malkin (and, for that matter, Ann Coulter), Sarah Palin appears quite insecure in her womanhood, and, IMO, more of a feminist than a conservative.

      I’m not a lib; I don’t hate her. I don’t think she’s stupid. I just hold her in contempt as I do most other politicians.

      • Snowbird1234

        Hmmm. Hold her in contempt? Who cares about your first three paragraphs (we heard that nonsense before). For the rest of your statements, you offer no substance. What about her voting record? What policies did she put in place and for what reason did she advocate for the policies? Research it and own it. Everyone has skeletons, we are not perfect beings….BUT, if she can represent the values of a majority of conservatives and can deliver it (and sell it in the form of a bill), then she probably IS an independent 21st century woman who is quite secure. What did Ann Coulter have to do with this? Your a funny person.

  • Hiraghm

    We’d call these shots fired in the war on women, but conservative women aren’t authentically women, right libs?

    I dunno about that, but Sarah Palin isn’t authentically conservative.

  • Hiraghm

    Romney redux; y’all are trying to pick the wrong candidate again for the next Presidential election based on fantasies of what she is, and based on what she says, not on what she does and believes. I’m telling you now, if you elect Palin in 2016… you will be disappointed.

  • EastValleyConservative

    Palin–still proving she is a huge threat. Otherwise, these complete buffoons wouldn’t feel the need to hurl such hate her way.

  • Heather_A

    Jeez. Sarah didn’t even write anything political. She probably could write simple instructions on how to make and fly a damned kite and someone would bawl her out.
    It’s getting old, yall.


  • Snowbird1234

    It takes so much courage to remain steadfast amidst all the innuendos. What a strong woman….Malkin and Palin should team up on a radio show, their own!

  • nochickenlady

    gosh, what would happen if she actually said something political? What did these schmucks ever do for their country? Did they ever run for office? I rather doubt these nasty people ever did anything good.