Last week, Ted Cruz angered some New Yorkers — and a lot of liberals — for his “New York values” comment. Donald Trump did his best to capitalize on it, going so far as to invoke 9/11.

This afternoon, George Pataki, former New York governor — and until recently, one of Cruz’s POTUS race rivals — came to Cruz’s defense:

Good for him.

Oh, and don’t think we didn’t notice this:



‘Yikes’: Donald Trump uses 9/11 image to denounce Ted Cruz for ‘New York values’ remark

No, this is the New York that Ted Cruz is demeaning

  • Dana Watts

    Pataki just shlonged Trump.

    • stephmcg


    • El Derecho

      I literally just laughed out loud!

    • Kat Marks Mackenzie

      You’re not too bright are you. Tell the bloody hypocrite Cruz to give back the 475,000 he took from NY donors, or are you so stupid you don’t know this. Where do you get your news Toys Are Us?

  • topbond101

    Despite Pataki being a RINO he made a much better New York politician than Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, and Bloomberg.

  • Right4 Rebel

    Thank you, Governor!

  • manickernel

    The fear is strong in the GOPe if now they are defending Cruz.

    • Tyrconnell

      Or maybe, for all his faults, Pataki is an honorable man.

      • ricoliv

        I agree. Heaven forfend that someone from the “GOPe” might actually say something of which conservatives might approve! After all. the battle lines have been drawn and, artificial and ludicrous as they are, those boundaries must be observed. (Can you tell that I’m sick to near-death of this puerile internecine warfare which has split the Republican Party at the very time when unity is needed?!)

    • Socal444

      Yes, there is utter and complete panic and desperation in the GOP Elite. They would rather see Hillary in the WH than Trump. Cruz being their only alternative is a shocking turn of events, but there is no one else. Carson and Bush both tanked. Fiorina, Christie, Kasich, Huckabee and Rand Paul never caught on, and Marco Rubio has wisely determined that 2016 is not his year. He is very young, and will get another shot. He is taking himself out of the game. Trump has jumped the Shark, and his numbers will start to slide quickly as soon as Cruz bests him in Iowa. The rest of the states will fall like dominoes. In the debate, Cruz offered to let Donald build the wall, which is a very nice consolation prize.

  • Socal444

    When Trump appeared on the scene, he was like a breath of fresh air because he totally ignored Political Correctness. But now, he is stale, repeating the same cliches over and over again. There is no meat on the bones of his “plans”, just hot air. Ted Cruz is the only candidate in the Republican multitude who not only says the right things, but he has detailed plans for each objective posted to his website. He talks the talk and walks the walk.

    • Kate

      I agree with almost all of your post, but I disagree that Cruz is the only candidate with detailed plans. Most of the other candidates have put forth specific plans.

      I recommend checking out Marco Rubio’s book, it lays out a lot of the points he has talked about in the debates and on his site or YouTube channel.

      Rand has a plan that’s unique in this primary.

      Even Jeb! has laid out his plans- they’re not good plans, but they exist.

      • Socal444

        Please read my post again. I say that Ted is the only candidate with detailed plans who says the right things. Bernie Sanders may have detailed plans, but they consist of faster ways to give away money to the entitled. I believe that you and I are in complete agreement on Ted. Cruz just doubled down on illegals, so he is way out there. I’m telling you, as much as I would like to see other GOP candidates laying out good ideas, they always seem to have one deal killer. Marco’s is illegal immigration, and he is not alone.

  • Victoria Richardson

    While Mike Huckabee defends Donald Trump !!

  • Suck It Up Buttercups

    Charlie Rangle!
    How did he get left out?

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Character limit, perhaps? Boy, imagine how many names could be listed when Twitter expands the limit.

    • Robbie

      What about Weiner??

  • grais

    He’s right.
    NYC values didn’t used to include such whining.
    But Trump’s ankle-biting and his calls to ‘sic ‘im’, his liberalism, his thoroughly nasty nature, his ignorant, loud bombast – That’s NYC values right there.

  • Suck It Up Buttercups

    Fighting for the little people
    “I really believe that what my mom has articulated in terms of expanding
    access to affordable college is the right answer,” Chelsea Clinton said.

    “Pictured: Pregnant Chelsea Clinton takes a break from campaign trail for a stay at one of Turks and Caicos’ priciest resorts where villas cost up to $34,000 a night”

  • Newportcarl

    Well one thing’s for sure

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Wait, you mean there’s such a thing as a New Yorker who doesn’t whine about someone not being nice to him? With all of Trump’s mindless whining, I almost forgot.

  • Booj

    see? in the race…laughingstock. out of the race…valuable member of society.

  • Zhytamyr

    I don’t trust Pataki so I wonder what the play is. Is he giving a pass to Cruz to try to weaken Trump?

  • EverydayWoman

    Say hello to President Hillary!
    Do any of your Trump hater here seriously believe that any Republican candidate other than Trump can beat Clinton? Before Trump came along you w-ussies did not even dare bring up Hullary’s bullying of Bill abused victims!Trump single handedly neutered Bill Clinton ( secret weapon!) with few tweets! Before Trump, no Republican stood up to media, called them out for their lies and distortions? Before Trump you chicken hearts walked over eggshells calling Obama out, fearing that media will label you racist! Before Trump everybody- including conservatives- was pandering to illegals. I pity you and loathe with every fiber of my being the contempt you have for anybody who does not dance to your tune!
    I love Cruz, but he can’t fight Hillary with 100% media support behind her.
    Trump 2016

    • Giuseppe Franco

      Trumpbots haven’t figured out that he cannot beat Hillary Clinton. He has no chance.

      Every single poll taken the last few months have Trump faring the worst against a very weak candidate in Hillary Clinton than any of his top GOP rivals.

      Rubio, Cruz, and Carson all fare significantly better against Clinton than one Donald Trump. Rubio has consistently beat her in every poll.

      • EverydayWoman

        Lol lol lol! You really belive Rubio amnesty will beat Hillary? You can’t outlander Hillary to win!

        • Giuseppe Franco

          The candidate Team Clinton fears most is Rubio.

          That is a fact.

          • EverydayWoman

            Of course, Hillary will tell who she “fears” most, right?

          • Giuseppe Franco

            All the Dem insiders and pundits say it over and over.

            They would be thrilled to run against Trump and so would Hillary.

          • EverydayWoman

            Then why is he not beating Trump?

          • Giuseppe Franco

            Because there are five candidates who are splitting the votes in the so-called establishment lane.

            Once NH is over, the pretenders will drop out and consolidate behind Rubio.

            4 establishment candidates are currently at or near double digits in NH. Get rid of three of those guys and their voters will go to Rubio.

          • EverydayWoman

            I am saving this conversation. Lets see what happens on Nov 9. If Trump is not the nominee, YOU WILL SAY HELLO MADAME PRESIDENT!
            I am a legal immigrant and was rooting for Cruz when he announced. Changed my mind after Trump and have been solidly for him since. Don’t think even for a second that I am the only one, there are many like me, enough to make Republicans win or lose 9if we decide to sit out!)

          • Giuseppe Franco

            Nominating Trump will guarantee a President Hillary Clinton. Mark that down.

            There will be many more Republicans sitting out if Trump is the nominee than a Cruz or Rubio and it’s not even close.

            25% to 30% of Republicans claim they will never vote for Trump under any circumstances.

          • EverydayWoman

            If you go by polls, Trump is getting 20% of dems. They have not done many polls about black community but one done few weeks ago shows him getting 25%.

          • ToyZebra

            Just like Brer Rabbit was afraid of being thrown in the briar patch.

      • EverydayWoman

        Your preemptive surrender to Hillary is sad! There are couple of polls trump of leading Hillary – even though at this point head to head don’t mean much as both parties have to decide first!

        • Giuseppe Franco

          Well, of course, you don’t think they mean much because they all claim Trump being the worst candidate the GOP could nominate.

          But if the polls said that he was the best candidate against Hilllary, Trumpbots and Trump himself would be touting them during every single stop on the campaign trail.

          That’s what Trump does. Favorable polls are repeated constantly but unfavorable polls are downplayed, ridiculed, and criticized as being meaningless or biased against him.

          • EverydayWoman

            Who are “they” who claim? By God, you are still playing on “thier” term!

    • grais

      I don’t know where you’ve been, but all those conversations went on before Trump brought them up. Some of us learned about the Clintons YEARS ago. We haven’t forgotten an we haven’t kept quiet.
      People have also been raggin’ the media and their bias for YEARS. And we haven’t shut up about it.
      Same goes for calling out Obama And illegals. “pandering,” my ass.
      Maybe your awakening began w/the Donald, but ours did not.

      • EverydayWoman

        “Some of them heard about Clintins yeas ago”! Exactly! We heard it all yeas ago, but when was the last time you saw s republican talk s out it the way Trump is, or the way he neutered war on women propaganda by Hillary?

        • grais

          You’re going to have to straighten out exactly who you’re talking about. From your initial post :
          “Do any of your Trump hater here seriously believe that any Republican
          candidate other than Trump can beat Clinton? Before Trump came along you
          Are you speaking about Twitchy posters when you say “here” and “you w-ussies?”

          Donald Trump HAS NOT raised issues that weren’t being talked about here. It is delusional to think he has. It’s also delusional to believe he has neutered Anyone.

          • James D

            Twitchy may have been talking about these issues, but Trump did it in front of the country in his “I’m running” speech.

          • grais

            Yeah? And?

          • James D

            You need a road map?

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

            Yeah. let’s have one.

          • grais

            If that what it takes to find a point in your post….

          • EverydayWoman

            I am taking snouts All other candidates and the “consultants” /pundits who had the platform to talk about these things and never did! Not the posters as I know as a citizen we don’t have the microphone!

          • grais

            Then why did you say “here” and “You w-ussies?”
            Clarity, dear- it helps.

          • EverydayWoman

            Wussies at Twitchy. Who frame the stories here!

          • grais

            Too bad that isn’t what you typed.

      • EverydayWoman

        Which conservative went out and said freely that illegal aliens have no right for birth right citizenship for their kids! WHO? You may hate Trump but you will be helping elect Hillary!

        • grais

          You’re still not being clear about whom you ask.
          You started out talking about “you w-ussies” “here”

          Gather you thoughts, if you can, and we’ll talk another time.


    • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary
      • EverydayWoman

        *cough* girl, you r still counting the polls from October? *cough*.
        Let the parties finalize their nominee. the head to head will mean something.
        BTW< if your candidates are bating Hillary so easily, why are they not beating Trump? Is Hillary so much better than your candidates that ONLY she can beat Trump?

        • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

          Poor comeback.
          Ermmm………I see them as of December and one in January. *cough*
          I posted the latest one I could find. Not my problem if there aren’t any newer ones than December or January.
          Check out the latest I just added.

          You got something later that shows otherwise?

          • EverydayWoman

            January 2016 poll of Fox, Morning Consult (with LARGE SAMPLE), and Gravis, ALL show Trump beating Hillary. CNN and Rasmussen have Hillary leading by 2 points within the margin of error.
            The average of polls count all pools even in July when Trump’s message was just getting out, so Clinton had a bigger hypothetical lead.
            I am still not putting much in polls right now. Because if Hillary is so easily beating Trump, why no other GOP candidate is beating Trump – other than Iowa, NO WHERE other candidates are even close to Trump.

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary


          • EverydayWoman
          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

            I’ve already listed your poll from Fox here:

            Hooray, HufPo agrees with you.

            But, confusing. I clicked on the link below where it says that Trump beats Hillary and it say here:

            HuffPost Model Estimate

            Hillary Clinton 47.6%
            Donald Trump 44.6%

            CONFIDENCE OF LEAD The probability that Clinton leads Trump is 91%.

            And, that link you gave has everyone else beating or tying with Hillary, even Ben Carson.

            Doesn’t look good for your candidate.

          • EverydayWoman

            Huffpost doesn’t ‘agree’ here – it is not their opinion page. They r reporting like RCP does.

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

            And, your guy loses if you see what their link below your link says. See above. As I said, it’s confusing.

          • EverydayWoman

            That’s what my point was – there are some poll she is ahead of Clinton, some he is not, but NOBODY in Repub side is ahead of Trump? WHY? IS it because Hillary is so much better than all your other candidates? YOu can fight e all you want. but facts remain the same.

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

            Apparently, your guy isn’t any better.
            Repeat post from above:

            HuffPost Model Estimate
            Hillary Clinton 47.6%
            Donald Trump 44.6%

            CONFIDENCE OF LEAD The probability that Clinton leads Trump is 91%.

            EverydayWoman • an hour ago
            …….but NOBODY in Repub side is ahead of Trump? WHY?

            And, you really need to read your own polls:
            Ben Carson (R)
            Hillary Clinton (D)

            Hillary Clinton (D)
            Marco Rubio (R)

            Hillary Clinton (D) 49%
            Rand Paul (R) 51%

            All the others tie with her. Your point?

          • EverydayWoman

            You didn’t answer my question- if you do believe the head to head polls, you should belive the GOP poll too. So why no body in GOP is beating Yrump? Why only Hillary is able to? Does it mean Hillary is better than ur guys?

          • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary
    • gekkobear

      So, Trump 2016.
      Eminent Domain for businesses to steal land from private citizens for profit is “wonderful”.
      We need a “wealth tax” to pay down debt; he’s just upset he can’t pay of the whole thing anymore; but he thinks this is a “Conservative proposal” to institute and add a wealth tax to all our existing taxes..
      And he’s said he thinks Hillary is a great woman; a brilliant politician, and a hard worker who he really likes and admires… and Bill too.

      If that’s what I’m going to get; why not just vote Hillary and be done with it.
      I mean if it’ll be a center-left liberal administration either way; why bother?

      Or are we supposed to pretend Trump is NOT a life-long liberal who still holds a ton of liberal ideals and principles?
      Sorry, if your only hope is for me to deny reality; you might have a problem getting my support.

      • EverydayWoman

        This Hillary is a great woman thing is getting old now! Jen praised Hillary , Rubio praised Schimer, Cruz praised Trump.. What’s ur point?
        Eminent Domain was explained and debunked even on oreilly!
        You can vote for whoever but don’t pretzel bend to justify it!

        • gekkobear

          “Eminent Domain was explained and debunked even on oreilly!”

          Video from October 2015.

          Now can you show me where Trumps own words, from his own mouth are debunked?

          Preferably after October 2015 when he recorded this video to show his support of eminent Domain for private profit and private business?

          How does that “debunking” work; do they prove Trump is such a liar that you can’t trust the words out of his own mouth, in context, clearly stated?

          • EverydayWoman

            He said without eminent domain you wouldn’t have many freeways and buildings that help economy, community and thousands of citizens! He is not “coming after” your house! Stop the propaganda!

          • gekkobear

            He also said when you’re building a factory (or a casino like him) you need the Government to take property from the “holdouts” if they won’t be persuaded to sell to you.

            Did you not listen to that part; or were you hoping I didn’t listen?

            So yes, he is demanding the Government be allowed to take your house from you against your will; if some rich guy wants to build something else on your property.

            Is there some reason you don’t believe the words Trump is saying when he says them; but still support Trump?

          • EverydayWoman

            Well if you put eminent domain over the illegal immigration, by all means vote anybody else! He never mentioned “taking away your home” without constitutional boundaries!

      • R.C.

        Trumps judgement should be called into question.
        Always short on specifics and quick to tell you he’ll hire the best and brightest to fill critical roles; and then we get a look at who he thinks is “really smart”

  • wintermute

    Second look at Patakipalooza!?!

  • KS

    Cruz = 51%
    Trump = 29%
    Source: FiveThirtyEight

    • D Guest

      Is that a prediction or a poll?

      • KS

        Poll released today, 1/18/16

  • Acuda4me ✓Please!

    PACE Picante Sauce has been joking about New York City for YEARS, anybody who thinks this is a BFD are suckers.

    • Tigerspike

      “Get a rope!”

  • KansasGirl

    Economist Arthur Laffer is predicting Republicans will win the White House in a landslide, regardless of the nominee.
    He says “he would be surprised if the Republicans don’t take 45, 46, 47 states out of 50.”
    That’s a pretty bold statement.
    This election is brutal…the most brutal in my lifetime anyways.

    • John Hitchcock

      Unless the Boehners and Cantors and Ryans of the world muck it up.

      • Luv2GoFly

        No kidding. Republicans have a nasty habit of ruining the easy win. Case in point: the last election wherein Romney lost to Obama. That was Romney’s for the taking.

  • Sandra Terreberry

    Cruz is a Brilliant man and very strong. He says what he means and means what he says. There is no one even near to him that can turn America around. Cruz has more smarts in his baby finger than all the rest put together. God Bless #TedCruz and God Bless America !!!

  • eztalk ♀ENTP – The Visionary

    I’ve come to admire Pataki. It’s sad that he didn’t get more attention in this election. He always made sense with his comments. And, I learned much from what he said. I’m truly sad that he wasn’t given more attention. Maybe he can be in President Cruz’s cabinet.

  • The Deplorable Lord Whorfin

    Say what you want about Trump, but he is not a politician. He may turn out worse, but look where we are now.

  • Dimart45

    As a Republican from New York, you can lump yourself in with those liberals Gov. Pataki…

  • Don Surber

    Trump said New York Values in 1999 when Pataki was governor.

  • Kat Marks Mackenzie

    Pataki sucked as Governor weak and stupid as hell. Cruz took 475,000 from NY Donor he should give it back the asshole! Anyone from NY with half a brain would know this!

  • Donald York

    I haven’t seen one contender, friendly or foe get the better of Senator Cruz. Don’t expect to either.