The next issue of Washingtonian MOM doesn’t hit newsstands until next week, but lucky for us, we don’t have to wait for a sneak preview of the cover story:

Hey, don’t be so quick to dismiss. The story features some totally candid photos, like this one:

And this one:

Ooo! And this:

Carney Shipman book pic


Hmmm … maybe we should take a closer look at that last one. Notice anything unusual?

That’s right. It gets better:

Yep, that’ll do it. Heckuva Photoshop job, Washingtonian!

But wait — would you believe it gets better still? Because it does. For reals:

Glorious. Just glorious.

You never know when you might need a stray pinky:

Might as well make your kids useful, right?

  • Smiley

    BRB, gonna photoshop my own version with giant floating middle fingers pointing at Ol’ Carnhole.

    • Brytani_Fla

      That is not exactly t he finger I give Carnry when I see him.

    • Slam1263

      Say what you want, Carnhole’s Missus is easy on the eye.

      • brian

        You and I looking at the same pic, not good looking, better than Moochelle though….

      • Steve in Katy

        Used to think so too until I saw her on a morning show telling the panel that Americans don’t understand the issues. She’s a snob! That’s why I like conservative women. Beautiful, inside and out.

      • Bill Phillips

        It should be obvious that Shipman is attracted to ‘metrosexual’ guys. Manly men need not apply! By the way …. Who names their daughter “Shipman’?

        • gotroy22

          I wonder who the real father was…Major Garrett perhaps?

          • Bill Phillips

            Just realized after reading another person’s post that ‘Shipman’ isn’t her first name! My mistake!

          • Brian Roastbeef

            A leftist’s wife actually respecting her family enough to take her husband’s surname? You should have known better than that…
            Then again, when the husband is Jay Carney….

          • TocksNedlog


          • DebsFriends

            Major Garrett, isn’t he the one who left Fox so he could return to print news? Then ended up on CBS a few months later…lol

        • 1GooDDaDDy

          Bill, just noticed your twitter account was suspended again…what’s up with that?

          • Bill Phillips

            Hey buddy! I never got ‘un-suspended’ after the suspension during the Zimmerman trial ‘Twitter wars’. I figured I must have pissed off a bunch of leftists and they got me suspended! It pissed me off so bad that I gave the Twitter ‘court’ a piece of my mind! Kept it ‘clean’ of course but let them know strongly how I felt about their ‘Nazi’ tactics, being guilty until proven innocent, and allowing themselves to be manipulated by false complaints and such! I was so disgusted that I even told them not to un-suspend me so I guess I’m partially to blame for never being un-suspended!
            I’ve been hanging out here on Twitchy where they are more tolerant of conservative opinions and viewpoints! I’ve thinking about coming back with a new name and email to Twitter but hate having to start all over getting new friends like yourself and followers. I had over 5000 before the ban. I also still hold them in disdain for their suspension tactics …guilty until you prove your innocence …or you beg for forgiveness for doing nothing wrong. But I do miss conversing with the friends I made like yourself and several others!

          • 1GooDDaDDy

            Wow…I’m not as active on the twit as I once was…the Obamanation is wearing me out. (As it was intended I’ll wager). I stay tuned to real events happening on a minute by minute basis, but feel we, (as conservatives), have little say in the making of our country. Just “keeping my powder dry” as it were, and waiting for the eventual crash to happen. Bullets and beans. Stay in touch amigo.

          • Bill Phillips

            Thanks, my friend. I will …I’ll tweet you if I re-join Twitter and maybe you can spread the word that I’m back to some of the ‘old gang’!

          • 1GooDDaDDy

            Roger that.

          • Bill Phillips

            Following back!

          • Suzyqpie

            Hubris? Much?

          • Bill Phillips

            Meddling jacka$$ much? I can see why you HIDE your posting history under the cloak of “This users’s activity is private!”!

          • Suzyqpie

            If you are that pessimist, I’m glad you are gone. Don’t come back.

          • john lecorchick

            just…wow! …I think I would feel that way if I had just built a million dollar home and it was swept up in a tsunami and I had to start again… not so much about a twitter following….perspective is a virtue my friend

          • Bill Phillips

            Just …Wow! Who asked you for your wise-ass advise …”my friend”?

          • john lecorchick

            no one did bill, but just thought , “I lost my all of my twitter followers” (boo hoo) sounded a bit over the top for an otherwise rational guy.. my bad

          • Suzyqpie

            Whoever the heII bill is, he is a sanctimonious megalomaniac. Why is it/he showing up here?

          • AnneLewis

            Freedom of Speech, to start with…is why Bill is still here. Better yet, he shows his face and does not hide away. Sorry little one…I know the world is a big place where people often differ in opinions, etc. But maybe therapy will help ease the burn of people not just following your demands. Best of luck to you. Whether you agree or disagree, John has a right to Free Speech.

          • Bill Phillips

            Just for the record …the person I was addressing my reply to and I became Twitter friends! I hadn’t conversed with him in awhile and since I’m no longer on Twitter, I took this occasion to share and update him on my absence from Twitter.
            I guess I can thank you for at least the “otherwise rational” comment but you still do not know me …or anything about my life …so before you go mocking me (boo hoo) on a matter that was none of your business ..(after all …this was the first I had any dealings with you to the best of my knowledge) … my advise to you next time …. would be to mind your own business, my friend!

        • infinity396

          Who names their son Hugo?

      • TocksNedlog

        Miss Claire is quite nice. To say that he married totally out of his league wouldn’t be a stretch — except, she’s a lefty too.

      • Hungjumper

        Nice plastic surgery Ms. Shipman. Ringo Starr could play the Inagaddadavida drum solo on that face.

        • Slam1263

          So could I.
          Well, in a way, it would be a drumming solo.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Those people must eat more plastic fruit than an entire 3rd world nation.

    • Jill

      Like a picture straight out of Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette’s humble Sunday morning photoshoot….

      • Brian Roastbeef

        Some people should cut expenses for cable or cell phones to pay for health care. Now here’s my press secretary wearing $1500 worth of clothing as he sits in his mansion reading that book he bought a couple of hundred times… (some in reverse).

    • Barack Hussein Sharpton

      The carbon footprint from the manufacture of all that plastic probably caused a thousand square miles of permafrost to thaw out causing enough global warming to make the oceans rise 3 inches.

      • Thale Taxurfeet

        “The carbon footprint from the manufacture of all that plastic probably caused a thousand square miles of permafrost to thaw out causing enough global warming to make the oceans rise 3 inches.”

        Not to worry, that company purchased and/or traded MBP Carbon Credits®*, so all is well with the Gaia Priesthood.

        * A ManBearPig Corporation –Better Living Through Flim-Flam

  • SameJerkDifferentName

    I find that uproariously funny and tragically sad at the same time. Also, it frightens and angers the heck out of me that they think We The People are that stupid.

    • CarolinaGirl3

      There’s a reason we call the ones that will Oooooo and Ahhhhhh over this photo spread “low information voters.

      • dianne

        you mean “low intelligence voters”

    • jonhartz

      Scary are the Soviet Communist propaganda posters on the kitchen wall…..

      • Donny Zunker

        Yes, the posters are questionable… but who puts out that much food for breakfast? For as few as 4 people? Every counter top is covered with food.

        • Suzyqpie

          Staged, totally, staged and obnoxious. The proliferation of food, the matching jamies, the egg caught in mid-air, The Carneys are phonies just like his boss, 0bama. The communist posters are a lovely touch. These people are so specshull.

        • gotroy22

          Questionable? Who decorates in Early Soviet?

          • Bill Phillips

            Red Diaper Doper Baby Commie Rat [email protected] …that’s who! ….;)

          • Thale Taxurfeet

            “Who decorates in Early Soviet?”

            Man who not want beet ration cut… That who.

            You have more question… Comrade?

          • lukuj

            Leftists who love and aspire to Communism in this country.

          • neyney

            Remember this the next time you are watching Claire Shipman….or any of the MSMers on the networks. They all probably have at least one copy of the Communist Manifesto.

        • Jennifer Werther

          and a Gorbachev face on the bookcase, next to the Matryoshka doll.

    • AMSilver

      Not 100% sure that we can use this as evidence that they think We The People are stupid. The photo’s for Washingtonian MOM, right? So that means they must think their fellow politicos are that stupid, which may very well be the case.

  • Bob

    Well, Jay does lie for a living, right?

    • BlueGood

      Yes he does..but at least he could have been a little more realistic, and have had a Unicorn or two for the kids to ride….

      JUST THINK how disappointed all them Obama Lovers are gonna be now!!!


      • carmenta

        matching unicorns please – we must co-ordinate pajamas and ‘loungewear’/

      • neyney

        What sickens me is that both of these kids are being raised in a typical Dem/Lefty environment. They are being brainwashed by their own parents. Hopefully they will realize they have been duped someday the same was I did.

    • sec818

      As a woman, I can’t even FATHOM being married to him….how can you admire or respect a man like that??? Does she have ANY brain cells at all??

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        Obvious answer: NO!

      • Taco Boutit

        And his hands are softer and more delicate than hers. Ew.

      • gotroy22

        Obviously she’s his beard.

      • Spiny Norman

        …how can you admire or respect a man like that???

        Dedication to the Cause™. For some, especially on the Left, politics is an aphrodisiac.

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          ” For some, politics is an aphrodisiac”

          Viagra for the bloodless…

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          The word V I A G R A is filtered to the timeout queue for moderation? Really? Or was it b l o o d l e s s?

          • Spiny Norman

            Spam filter ate the V-word, I can almost guarantee it.

      • infinity396

        no, think that’ part of the Job Requirements for an ABC job, even more so on Good Morning America most likely..

      • neyney

        That says as much about her as anything. She obviously is perfectly fine with her husband lying for a living. She does the same only through the filter of being a “journalist”. Understand that most of the talking heads you see in the MSM are willing to say anything, do anything to further the Dem/Communist agenda.

    • rangerider

      Bahgdad Bobs kissin cousin :-)

  • Brian Roastbeef

    I see at least one Red Army propaganda poster on his kitchen wall (not sure what the 2nd is, farther back on the left), and what appears to be a Gorbachev head on the bookshelf.

    Any question where this creep’s loyalties lie?

    • TNRWC

      That is the USSR version of an Unlce Sam poster. Asking young men to serve against the enemy ( The USA) Not something a man in his position should have in his kitchen. Also FLOTUS won’t be happy with all those carbs.

      • Brian Roastbeef

        Yep. Just found the other one, too. It’s also from the USSR, because of course it is.

        It tells women to study manufacturing and replace the men away at the front. No Uncle Sam or Rosie the Riveter to be found, but their Communist Soviet counterparts hang prominently. Very clear what he loves.

    • WilliamAmos
      • Brian Roastbeef

        Да, вот этот плакат… спасибо. Карни – коммунистический дурак, как свой начальник. Партия Американских жуликов и воров…

        An American press secretary and close colleague to the President has those on his wall, should anybody wonder that this administration has been slow to help Ukraine? This moron probably sobs uncontrollably at the thought of all those lovely Lenin statues getting busted to rubble. Probably wishes he had one for his backyard.

      • Bill Phillips

        Those pictures are blatant, in-your-face statements …they say: “Yes, we’re Commies! What are you going to do about it?”

        Where’s Joseph McCarthy when we need him?

    • Margarita Banbanaste

      And a “matrionska”…a nested dolls symbol of Russia

    • Mike

      That’s a Gorbachev squeaky toy! I have one myself that I bought when the USSR fell.

      • Brian Roastbeef

        I guess Barry needs something to chew on when he comes over to visit…

  • Brian Roastbeef

    I don’t understand why Jay and wife didn’t get a pic with FLOTUS. Judging by the amount of food on their table, she was clearly over for breakfast that morning.

    • LegalizeShemp

      They had FLATUS, not FLOTUS, it’s more enjoyable.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    It’s that lowe levil of attension to detale whut duz ’em in evrytime.

  • CarolinaGirl3

    And after checking out that breakfast photo – how many pancakes do these people EAT for crying out loud? And the exquisitely placed blueberries….not like my house, where one of them has already been squished on the floor by my foot, with a trail of blue from the splat right on to the white carpet…..

    But really – this is a professional organization? Leaving in the kid’s PINKY????

    • No longer shocked

      If you notice all of the food in that kitchen……none of it being redistributed. Typical liberals.

      • Magnifico

        Looks like Michael Phelps’s breakfast.

        • CarolinaGirl3

          Or Michael Moore’s.

          • Magnifico

            You win the internets award.

    • Dano Wright

      well his boss photo – shopped his birth certificate, so why not this too??

      • Bill Phillips

        Well played! I Almost missed your reply! 😉

    • Derek K. Wilson

      Also, the egg is photo-shopped. If you look close, you can see black edges around part of it. The little girl is not looking or pointing to it. And the shape of the lower left quadrant under the egg is the pan the egg was in when photographed.

    • gotroy22

      Holy Carbon Footprint!

  • Meech204

    Good lawd, these people are really that stupid.

  • No longer shocked

    sadly, as the majority of mush brain Americans get their “news” from social media sites with pictures like that one, they don’t even know the difference. We SO desperately need a republican UNAFRAID of the liberal media.

  • reaganFF

    I will now make my bacon consumption on a scale of one to Carney.

  • Ed McDowell

    Honestly is ANYthing about this Obama gang that is not 100% phony???

    • LegalizeShemp


    • Jill

      I believe their abiding disdain for half of the nation is rather genuine.

      • Dano Wright

        HALF ?? all the nation, they just tolerate those that help their agenda, but the disdain is complete, 100%

        • Bill Phillips

          You refer to the useful idiots, of course!

    • Curmudgeon

      Or 100% communist.

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Nothing like playing Jenga with a set that inevitably drops 100 lbs of wood on everybody’s feet. Funtimes.

    • Gregor Eisenstein

      They’re beams from his own eyes.

      • arlierayjr


  • AmericanMom

    Reasons for Propaganda (formats speeches, writings, photos, news, insertion in popular media):

    1) Distribution of lies and mistruths.

    2) The government does not want the general public to know what illegal activities the government is doing, including crimes.

  • Wonder Pony

    You gotta love the Communist Propaganda Posters in the Kitchen (Yes, I know it’s not really their house…But that is one HELL of a screw up on the Production Editors part).

    • Mr. Saturn

      More than anything what is with all the food just sitting around. No one keeps that much crap just sitting around in the kitchen.

      • carmenta

        I hope Jaybird gets food poisoning!

    • Derek K. Wilson

      Screw up or subliminal placement?

    • Bill Phillips

      What makes you think it was a “screw up” …as opposed to an in-your-face flaunting …”Yeah, we’re Commies …what are you gonna do about it!?”

  • san rafael blue

    Is that Jay’s wife? She got a pretty face. Okay. How Did He Get Her?

    • Rip_Ford

      Photoshop apparently.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      She was re-distributed from someone who did not……”please” party leaders comrade. Any more questions???

      • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

        Redistribution of Love.

    • Super Marsupial

      From ”Beards R Us”

    • Jay Stevens

      Sold his soul to the liberal gods: “Give me a pretty wife and I will do anything you ask.”

    • TocksNedlog

      She DOES have a pretty face . . . also, the balls in the family.

  • peteee363

    think this is funny, try this,
    seems carney barker has soviet era propaganda on his walls too!

  • doubting_rich

    The human mind is a computing device better at one task than any other: recognising patterns in information. It does so with amazing speed, entirely unbidden. It does this so readily it often finds patterns where there are none (faces in Mars, rock formations and toast, conspiracy theories and so on). How on Earth can a professional in communications not know that such patterns will be immediately found?

  • The Masked Avatar

    The comment section to the original article has been turned off. About the same time twitchy posted this. Hmmm.

    • Kakarot

      Someone, somewhere, is franticly redoing those photos.

  • sambar2

    I feel like I’m viewing some sort of political version of The Stepford Wives.


      With Wally, Eddie and Jerry Mathers…

      • Gregor Eisenstein

        Nothing says you’re a masculine role model like your son wearing his mom’s capris pants.

        • Bill Phillips

          I’m sure Sidwell is proud to turn out an entirely new generation of metrosexual males …every ten years or so!

  • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

    Crap, I have more books than that over my computer desk. To say nothing of all the shelves here and in the living room.

  • BlahBlah

    I don’t understand the outrage. I always buy all my books in triplicate. One for the morning room, one for the sun room, one for the salon, one for the sitting room, one for the dressing room and one for the coffee table. Doesn’t everybody?

    • swg

      that’s not triplicate, that’s sextuplicate (is that a word?). How about duplicate triplicate?

  • LegalizeShemp

    His wife is using numeric hand signals to indicate the length of Jay’s crank in millimeters.

  • Maxx

    That’s the bookshelf for his “***** for Dummies” collection.

  • Sus

    They’re just regular folk, y’all. What man doesn’t own an $895 suit and a $135 tie?

    • BlahBlah

      Every morning I flip perfect eggs over easy with my son wearing matching pajamas.

      • Brian Roastbeef

        Well of course you do. You aren’t a barbarian are you? I just don’t understand how these slobs let their blueberries get scattered so haphazardly.

        • BlahBlah

          Funny you should bring that up. One morning when flipping the perfect egg, my son knocked down the blueberry basket. I wasn’t pleased. He wasn’t allowed to drive his miniature Ferrari for a whole hour.

          • Brian Roastbeef

            Oh dear… It can be a hassle, sometimes. Mine simply refuse to put their spare fingers away… It bothers the nannies so.

            But it’s all worthwhile in the end. That is, their presence is useful when I want to show the press how incredibly straight I am.

          • BlahBlah

            It is worthwhile isn’t it? Mine softly plays the piano in the background during my knitting club meeting. The ladies LOVE it with the afternoon tea!

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      I own a bunch of $7 shirts from Walmart. Does that count?

    • Jay Stevens

      Well, he has to look good in his job of lying to the People press secretary.

  • BlahBlah

    Also, on the kitchen counter the eggs in the egg cups are bigger than the ones in the carton. Just sayin’.

  • Independentview

    That’s hysterical !!! There is no way I am buying that Carney is straight.

    • Super Marsupial

      Yeah. He defo still has that beard

  • WisconsinPatriot

    Red Army Posters……..?????? What a perfect spokesman for the Obama Regime!

    • Yeah Buddy


  • Aimee

    Why WOULDN’T a fake intellectual have fake books? Makes perfect sense to me.

  • Independentview

    The Red Army poster in the background of the first photo.
    I believe it translates:
    “The Army Needs Men Like You
    Have You Volunteered Yet”

    • Brian Roastbeef

      ^ “YOU have enlisted as a volunteer?”

      Their poster appears to be slightly different than this. Can’t make out the Russian on that, other than the giant ТЫ but yeah, almost certainly along the same lines. Jay’s more interested in recruiting for Uncle Joe than Uncle Sam.

  • Super Marsupial

    Did they photoshop out pajama boy or give hip a Starbucks voucher & send him out for the day?

    • Brian Roastbeef

      Eh? Clearly they cut his hair and put a suit on him…

  • Guest

    Someone isn’t impressed.

    • Adam Wood


  • Silence Dogood

    Let’s bump it up a level.

  • khshathrapan

    Having to photoshop books onto their shelves is a pretty good sign that neither have any in their heads.

  • MaMa1

    The police need to investigate Jay Carney’s bookshelf. Who knows how many severed fingers he has laying around? He might be a closet serial killer!

    • neyney

      At the very least he needs to be brought up on charges of abusing his son by cutting off his finger LoL

  • FlatFoot

    What the heck is with all the Communist propaganda posters on the walls, and the pet Portuguese Water Dog just like what the Grifter-Squatters residing in the White House have? Man, there are some seriously deranged proglodytes living in there.

  • Nonameworks

    Drudge has a link to The Week which points out in the kitchen picture
    there are two Soviet propaganda posters on the kitchen walls.

    Seriously. Look.

  • Zach Smith

    Why am I not surprised that Obama’s spokesman decorates his house with Soviet propaganda?

  • KC

    I LMAO until I read the article. Then I barfed.

    • neyney

      If you look in the dictionary under “puff piece” it refers you to this article.

  • Howard Roark

    In the kitchen shots the two postesr are Soviet propaganda posters…because regular folks enjoy a mild nostalgia for the USSR

  • mrspinky85

    Let’s, for argument sake, say that none of this is fake. What the H does this have to do with him lying everyday for work?

  • Horologium

    That Jenga set is straight out of Jack and the Beanstalk’s giant home. It’s about five times the size of a real Jenga stack. Have they never heard of scaling?
    This is the lamest photoshop I have ever seen in a supposedly respectable publication. It’s not as offensive as the Pallywood photoshop BS, but only because it’s not being used as an active propaganda tool to sanction genocide, as the Palestinian photoshops are.

  • drtkg

    Rumor has it that the pictures on his wall are communist photos. Anyone know if this is true and if so I hope they are photoshopped

  • chitownmom

    Has Michelle Obama seen what they apparently serve for breakfast for 4? Muffins. Poached eggs. Fried Eggs. Pancakes. Bacon. Fruit. Maybe MO should devote her time fixing their menu and leave the school kids alone.

  • frozeninbemidji

    Don’t forget the Soviet propaganda posters in the background.

    • WHMay

      And the Mikhail Gorbachev head on the bookshelf. The Carneys seem quite the Rusophile family.

      • frozeninbemidji

        Nice catch.

  • Jill

    All wonderfully bad, but I’m surprised Twitchy did not include the non-photoshopped Soviet propaganda posters in the kitchen. Nothing says ‘Don’t call me a soviet sycophant’ quite like douchy neo communist dorm decor.

  • IfYouHaveToAsk

    I think I found Gorbachev on the bookshelf :-)

    • Kakarot

      Was his book there, too?

      • IfYouHaveToAsk

        It’s kind of like playing ‘Where’s Waldo” :-) The disembodied finger was a bit creepy.

  • spunknik

    What’s his next PR move? Plastic surgery that leaves his face paralyzed and his chin swollen? Oh wait, that’s Kerry.

    • Jill

      I think some Hillary Clinton/Mr.Magoo glasses would be similarly as fetching.

    • neyney

      And Pelousi

  • Steve Lobber

    That entire group is a fraud.

  • FloridaPhil

    This is probably the funniest Twitchy ever! I am still laughing over David Harsanyi’s comment “…extra child’s finger…”

  • kade0868

    you have to love the Russian propaganda posters in the Kitchen …. that must be from his training days …

  • fireandreamitchell

    I found the Soviet tribute posters quite fitting.

  • TexasMeow

    That extra pinky finger is for Carney to use when he has to ‘Pinky Swear’ that he is telling the truth when he’s talking to the media.

  • Masmani

    The question is what was he trying to cover up?

  • stu11926

    I can only assume these are the same graphic artists that prepared the birth certificate for the POTUS.

  • Kyle Bradelle

    That’s an awful lot of breakfast for two kids and a woman wearing man jammies. But it’s not staged. Not staged at all.

  • X3Charlie

    Is the Jenga tower real? It looks like it’s made out of fence boards.

    • FreedomRecon

      You don’t have the 2X4 limited edition Jenga?

  • Justin

    Either someone forgot to edit out the kid’s pinkie, or that’s their porno shelf.

  • jba

    One more you missed…
    Look at the 2nd shelf from the top on the right… (and possibly the 3rd as well…)
    The edge of the shelf has been “painted” to make it more white and to probably cover up the edge of the copy from the left since the edges probably do not line up evenly.

    The person doing this also rotated the cut sections left to right. The angle of the finger is opposite of what it is on the other side. Possibly the others as well but can’t make out the text to say for sure, but some others have been as edge coloring of the books have switched sides without being turned upside down. (dark band switches sides on 3 sets but the white square stays on the lower half…)

  • Robbins Mitchell

    How does Claire Shipman manage to spread her legs for this clown without laughing her ass off?

    • Feathers


    • FreedomRecon

      Maybe it has something to do with extra fingers.

    • TocksNedlog

      Mommy has to down a bottle or two of ‘medicine’ first.

  • kc102

    This should clear up one myth…there are a lot of smoke and mirrors in this administration…now we can add photoshopped kodak moments too!

  • John Trapp

    Just goes to show how incredibly full of BS this administration is..

  • FreedomRecon

    Did anyone notice all those giant melons on the right side if the picture? What the heck is that about?

  • The_Repentant_Curmudgeon

    Okay, okay, so they don’t own any actual books. But the Soviet propaganda posters and the miniature bust of Gorbachev (lower right) are real.

  • Tim M

    Is that a Pez dispenser?

    • TocksNedlog

      No. That’s Jay’s head.

  • FreedomRecon

    I just want to thank you all for the laughs tonight. Seriously. This is the funniest!

  • Sean Halloran

    WTF is up with all that produce in the breakfast pic? Making a new hat for “Ms. Chiquita Banana,” are we?

    • FreedomRecon

      Check out the size of those eggs!

  • Indynana

    As FAKE and as Phony as our POTUS!

  • John Trapp

    People should take a good look at those posters he has hanging on his walls because those are communist propaganda posters. Google the name “Dmitry Moor”. Real nice, we got a WH press secretary who has communist propaganda posters hanging on his walls which to me is worse than having Nazi posters hanging there. Nazis were responsible for 25 million deaths. Communists 100 million, and this f**kin piece of sh*t is admiring them.

  • Common Man

    Everything about this administration is FAKE.

  • John Trapp

    He has communist propaganda posters hanging on his wall. Does anyone notice that? Google the name Dmitry Moor

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    His wife must be so proud to be married to a man whose job is just to lie and deflect and spin.

  • Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    That is an embarrassing amount of food for 3 people.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      Looks like they don’t have to abide by Michelle Obama’s food rules.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    I’m going to sound like a huge a-hole for this but, is anyone else surprised that he actually got a wife?

    Most women can’t stand men who are liars, and Jay Carney’s profession is paid liar. So how did he actually land a woman?

    • FreedomRecon

      Lol that’s not the only reason we are shocked he has a wife.

    • Indynana

      $$$$$$$$$$$$$ is very strong incentive for some women . Maybe he has some $$$$$$$$$$

      • Jay Stevens

        She works for ABC. She has more $$$$$ than Jay. And she married him in 2001, long before Obama. I do have a sneaking suspicion that the O-Team selected him for Press Secretary because of his wife.

        • Indynana

          How does one try to understand what she sees in him? Maybe she just likes ‘girly boys’ !

  • Indynana

    Okay – I give up = WHERE are all the liberal trolls – defending this comedy

    of idiots .? This is even TOO bad for them to try to deny, deflect or defend it – –

    • Jay Stevens

      Some things are just too indefensible. Plus the source of the photos was not Fox News.

  • Frank Schoner


  • Amberteka

    I just read the divorce bit for the Big D.C. Lobbyist Giant Tony Podesta…brother of Media Matters john Podesta. and his gold digger wife. What trash those people are…..and if I read it right…………They have naked pictures of teen agers, photographed in their homes, with their parents permission……which they show to special guests. If this is true…..and I read it twice…………I was that shocked……..Why is Podesta and his wife not hauled in for Child Pornography.
    Giving tours of pictures of naked teenagers in their home? How is that not illegal? I am not a lawyer. If someone is…………please explain.

  • TokyoTengu

    Is that a miniature Mikhail Gorbachev bust on the fourth shelf of the right bookshelf?

  • Amberteka

    Disgusting article. The rotten underbelly of the Washington Establishment. The obscene life styles funded by USA taxpayers. The narcisisim. the Private schools for their ugly kids…..with tution that is more a year than most Americans earn for a year’s work.
    No Common Core for their little darlings. They to school where the Obama girls go..and plenty of armed guards there too.
    Nauseating people. Just nauseating.

  • FaithColeridge33

    They’re still a bit younger but my kids would have kicked me in the chins if I asked them to act that stupid in front of the camera.

    • tedlv

      How many chins do you have?

      • FaithColeridge33

        LOL normally I’d jump in and edit out the error but I think I’ll leave that one alone.

  • TokyoTengu

    The arrogance on display here is breathtaking. After all the grief the Liberals got for the stupid fake birth certificate mistakes, they have a lot of gall to try and foist off such blatant stupidly photoshopped propaganda pics. This is beyond satire.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    It’s the disembodied pinky that gets me. I mean, c’mon, nobody caught that? Then again, maybe someone left it in just to screw with Carney.

  • Captain America’s Wife

    On the right…4th shelf down…is that a Gorbachev bobble-head doll?!

    • plumberskid

      I think so. I wonder if he’s collecting the entire set?

  • lissa

    Has someone made sure Sideshow Jay’s kid’s pinky got re-attached? Stat, hospital, pinky freakishly floats off kid’s hand!

  • AT

    Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ!

    This is a family of four! Why do they have a kitchen spread like a Caesar’s Palace buffet!?

    • AT

      Does Carney not understand the party line that welfare families can’t life off the hundreds upon hundreds of dollars they receive in food stamps?

      What a slap in the face to them!

    • JJay278

      Yeah agreed that was an absurd set design.

  • mikesensei

    The books are photoshopped but the mini-bust of Gorbachev is real.

    • JJay278

      Bah-geez, I just went back and noticed that little head! It does look like Gorbachev! I wonder Who the heck is it supposed to be? Lol!!! I mean it can’t really be Gorbachev, that would be insane….well….then again….jay has to be delusional to either believe what he says or believe that we believe him.

      • Jay Stevens

        Well, Gorbachev was (or at least he claimed he was) for Perestroika. That has to count for something.

  • daveachicagoareajamerican

    Where are Jay’s copies of “The Little Engine That Could” and “Green Eggs and Ham”?

  • Joe Sneed

    Does this look grossly 1950s to anyone else? Father knows Das Kapital. They have enough food in the kitchen to feed North Korea. At least, like good liberals, they are raising their son to be gay.

  • speakez6

    Remember folks…Kill a Commie for Mommy

  • daveachicagoareajamerican

    The reason why there are multiple copies of books is that Jay lies about where they are when they go missing, and Claire orders a new copy from

    • WHMay

      Hey, where’s the copy of Photoshop for Dummies?

  • teamgreentim

    Hilarious, but I’m not surprised. Plastic, just like the platitudes spouted by his boss. I hope this will make some Obamabots think…oh…sorry.

  • Screaming Eagle

    Let’s photoshop a new president!

  • greatunconformity

    a dog breakfast:

    • Bill Phillips

      ROFLOL …that is a Phtoshop masterpiece! Deserves 1000 up-votes!

    • FlatFoot

      Holy mackerel! Pure gold!

      I haven’t spit-taked coffee all over the screen & keyboard in a long time.

      Well done! LMBO!

  • Drive2Slow

    Am I just “Old School” or does anyone else think that it is a little unnecessary to have 330 million people see Mrs. Carney in her PJ’s? Couldn’t she borrow one of Michelle’s stylish dresses if she didn’t have her laundry done?

  • Mr.Richards

    Come to think of it, I have a finger for Jay….

  • Tess Lim

    wow i’m a beginner photoshopper but i would know how to erase that floating pinky there 😀

  • PNWShan

    My daughter on why the books are photoshopped: to replace all the copies of Twilight. I think they’re trying to cover for a bunch of commie books.

  • JJay278

    Wow that is a really bad mess up on that photo. How do you miss a pinky?? I get the “art director” (not like they are really trained anymore to be art directors) wanting a symmetry in the photo so they had the “illustrator” (usually people who are not trained for that job anymore either) to extend the bookcase, but to leave in a PINKY?!?! Computers have totally dumbed down our society, junk science, junk novels, junk politics, junk art. It has created too many jack of all trades with very few true professionals. But they get what they pay for. If they want to be cheap (and I can totally bet they haggled the price) they get a floating pinky.

  • TDS

    I guess this is what happens when you pose for family photos at Ikea…

  • JoeCasepack

    I know liberals are demented but why would you put your family through this sort of demeaning exposure? Is he hoping for a reality show or what? I am genuinely confused at why someone with his position would stoop this low.

  • Peter Mullen

    The Obama administration phoniness knows no bounds.

  • BigRed

    What else would you expect? The whole administration has been nothing more than a Potemkin village since the start.

  • Jack Splat

    The Obama administration is also copying other things like failed policies that progressives used 80 years ago.

  • Robert Smith

    It appears to be a house of excess they run. Wall to wall food for breakfast, Jenga Blocks that took an entire forest to create, extra body parts sitting around on bookshelves…

  • descolada9

    Only in a foodie magazine does a kitchen look like that. btw, notice the Soviet propaganda posters on kitchen walls?

    • prado4587

      The joke is on him. The money he spent on the poster and the kitchen including all the food and possessions will go to support capitalism.

  • Matt King

    There’s no shadow from the egg. Details, people, details. My tax dollars should cover a decent editor too.

    This looks like a weird Banana Republic gone totalitarian futurism style. Attractive family, none-the-less.

    I’m not going to complain about the posters though. Have you seen the house? It’s freaking nice, and the posters are, from an artistic standpoint (I’m a graphic designer), admirable, though not my personal choice. They definitely aren’t photoshopped in though.

    Maybe they’re a reminder of what he doesn’t want to have in politics?

    Oh well. Please don’t berate me, I’m just throwing a lightly observed comment out there. I don’t have any opinions on the guy, haven’t done any research on him, and I’ve only recalled him from a few press debriefs for the WH (which is his job, I’m not that dumb).

    As to everyone, do your research before you yay or nay. Voting for a color doesn’t really say ‘independent, intelligent american.’

    You’re free to your opinions. For now.


    • tedlv

      Your comment has nearly as much substance as the MOM article.

  • Michael Boland


  • Jason Smith

    Take another look at the picture from the kitchen. The two posters in the background are old Soviet propaganda posters. The upside, at least we know THOSE weren’t photoshopped in.

  • Carrieann1

    It’s frightening that these two actually have kids! Bringing more low info voters into our society is really scary!

  • juanmeden

    I see they photoshopped his sphincter mouth as well, the one where all the crap comes out.

  • old motorcycle enthusiast

    “Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain”, I am the Great and Powerful Wizard of DC! Cue: Noisy Blast of Hot Air and Obscuring Smoke.

  • gold7406

    amazing, even pinocchio has 4 pinocchios.

  • Donald Koller

    Do they always wear matching outfits? That’s weird.

  • JimNEPA2_0

    It took a bit of digging, but I think I found real pictures of his wife and kids.

  • Matt Angelucci

    They couldn’t even run to Goodwill and buy some books there for $1-2 each? Better check to make sure they didn’t return some kids to the orphanage after borrowing them for a few hours.

  • Joel A. Edge

    As someone else posted, makes you wonder what they Photoshopped OUT of those photos.

  • jabberwocky

    This is pathetic regardless of the photoshopping

    • tedlv

      My spider sense says Pajama Boy was nearby…

  • Daffy2009

    “Mommy Mommy, I just cut off my finger!”

    “No problem sweetheart, here’s the spare…you know how to put it on, right? I’m sure we’ve got a book about that somewhere… “

  • Daffy2009

    Well, what do you know, the kids have two mommies. Well, who needs men, right?

  • John Galt

    How utterly pretentious that article was, with all the vapid fashion shopping information (“Hugo Boss tie, $95 at The Gub’mint Teat Gap Store”)

    And I’d like to ask the author is she expects Shipman to get paid the exact same as a man AFTER she returns to full-time employment, when the man never took some years off.

    And don’t let me hear anyone whine how being a stay-at-home parent is sooooo hard! I took three years off to raise my two sons who were both between 3 and 7. My wife worked…easiest three years of my career, and I’d take that over the working life anytime!

  • Aaron Brooks

    There’s also a Gorbachev bust over on the right. see this link for a larger picture of the bust:

  • LegalizeShemp

    When liberals talk about the phony, obnoxious white people that have destroyed America, this is who they are referring to.

  • Edward Cline

    Carney is the right name for this huckster and lying White House mouthpiece, as in carnival barker. Step right up, folks, and see the first lady scarf down $500 steaks while she asks your kids to eat rabbit food for school lunches. See the president play golf instead of reading some of my 1,000 phony books.

  • tedlv

    Looking at the captions in the article, I am just shaking my head. Who cares how much the flannel shirt costs and where it came from? What a piece of fluff “journalism”! And in the picture with the dog and the photo shopped bone on its muzzle, where are the flowers to which the caption refers? The whole thing reads like a parody!

  • iVillageIdiot

    Are the wife and kids legit, or are they props/propaganda, too?

    • LegalizeShemp

      Yes they are, she’s Claire Shipman, big liberal hack chick from Time magazine, where “Tilt-a-Whirl” Carney used to ply his left wing stupidity.

      • iVillageIdiot

        Thanks, Shemp, I wasn’t serious in my inquiry, but it’s still good to know that at least his family wan’t misrepresented. Depictions of the political class resemble satire and/or parody more and more these days. It’s laughable how the politicos decry the “crisis of confidence” in gov’t and its officials when such is the only reasonable reaction to their collective behavior.

  • Marty Engelman

    Take a look at the kitchen shot. Check out the food piled helter skelter.

  • Mat Bacon

    Did you guys see the kitchen picture? Those are Stalinist propaganda posters on the walls there!

  • CLEmom

    Someone needs to tell his wife to lay off the Botox/fillers.
    She’s one injection away from Joan Rivers.

  • James McEnanly

    Just how many people come to Jay Carney’s house for breakfast? I don’t think most Americans have that much food in their pantries, let alone prepared for breakfast.

    • LegalizeShemp

      “Who cares? US taxpayer’s pick up the tab!” Sincerely, Moochelle Obama

  • LegalizeShemp

    I much prefer the carneys who get work release from prison and get a job at the County Fair running the Tilt-A-Whirl while chain smoking Pall Malls and picking at their face due to a meth addiction. They are less irritating than these Carneys.

  • LegalizeShemp

    Their Jenga strategy is the same as their government strategy: Make the structure larger, creakier, and more unstable.

  • Charles Singleman

    Should have photo shopped old Jay out shooting trap. Oh wait. That was already done. Are we sure that’s not a photo shopped family?

  • heyheymama51

    Meat puppet.

  • Debbie LH

    First – are soft boiled eggs not good enough for the young lad that he has to flip one over easy? Second – it appears the cheesecake on the table is floating. Lastly – does the Mrs. have a bakery in her basement? How many croissants does one eat in a morning? These pictures are a knee slapping joke. These are the people that the uninformed voters put in charge. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeanne
  • HonestDebate2

    There is Communist propaganda hanging on the wall in the kitchen photo.

    • Jeanne

      Yep! I emailed the editor about that.

  • Michael P. Shipley

    I knew it!

  • DoubledayCafe

    Like everything else about Carney – fake and phony. Also, in the first photo, the back wall has Russian propaganda posters.

  • dpeeze

    All I can say is, how delicious!

  • ProfShadow

    We know where the Iranian photoshopper (those missiles, remember) ended up with a new job.

  • Kevin S

    did you look at the cover? There are 3 people in the picture with enough food for an Embassy Suites buffet.

  • Bill Phillips

    Whether the Commie Propaganda photos on the kitchen wall belong to the Carney’s or not, it doesn’t matter! It matters that someone put them there …and someone thought them important enough to display in this staged utopian household …with apparently NO OBJECTION from the Carneys!

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “Whether the Commie Propaganda photos on the kitchen wall belong to the Carney’s or not, it doesn’t matter!It matters that someone put them there …and someone thought them important enough to display in this staged utopian household …”

      Could be the same mischievous little communist imp that hung Chairman Mao on the Christmas tree.

      Strange how an Administration able to control the message/image so thoroughly continues to flash these little images, or messages… inadvertently.

      • Bill Phillips

        Yeah …they can’t resist an occasional subliminal ‘middle finger’ message ….saying ” Yeah we’re Marxist Commies and damn proud of it!”

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          Yup. These Mou <redacted>
          <redacted> <redacted> <redacted> <redacted>…

          I have been advised by legal representation to not say anything that might result in the BLM surrounding Green Acres…

  • GaryTheBrave

    In the Jenga photo the boy’s shoes have the same pattern as Mom’s slacks.

  • Bill Phillips

    Question: Doesn’t every Red-blooded American have Communist propaganda photos displayed around their homes … to remind themselves of just how ‘special’
    Communism is!?

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      Posters? Not in my social circles consisting of Olde Phartes, horse people, military veterans, retired LEO’s, good old boys, etc. filling out the set.

      I do have quite a few books on the subject, along with most of Alex Solzhenitsyn’s work which ought to get any misguided young’uns mind right about the Communist State.

      • Bill Phillips

        I’ll have to read Solzhenitsyn’s work some day but I did read ‘Mig Pilot: The Final Escape of Lt. Belenko’ many years ago which shed a light on Communist Russian society. It was a fascinating and inspiring read!

        • Thale Taxurfeet

          Pencil in a bunch of time. I first read August 1914 and The Gulag Archipelago when I was in the military, a long time ago. If memory serves, I just could not read his work quickly, and I’m a fairly fast reader, it was too much to digest…

          • Bill Phillips

            Thanks for the suggestions!

          • Thale Taxurfeet

            URW… And thank you for reminding me to dig up Mig Pilot…

            Someday I’ll clear the stack of to be read and add that one to the pile.


          • Brian Roastbeef

            Love Solzhenitsyn. Even One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich has so much for such a short read! Read that one in high school, much more in college.

            He became a supporter of Putin before he died, sad to say, though this was 2008 before Putin showed his true face. Yet even then he was smart enough to criticize Putin’s decision to appoint rather than elect Oblast governors.

        • Richard Jefferies

          I read that when I was 16. Loved it. I wish I still had my paperback copy.

          • Bill Phillips

            I was about 19 or 20 when I read it and it was an engrossing, compelling story. Hard to put down and very revealing about Soviet (aka Communist) society. It had a little bit of everything that a great novel would have but it was all true!

  • jackson5

    I’m surprised they didn’t photo shop some prole raising his fist in appreciation after just signing up for Obamacare, opening his new box of free condoms, puzzling over the instructions for using the condoms then putting one on his head – like Jocelyn Elders said she would.

  • Bill Phillips

    Well at least that kitchen photo tells us which parent wears the pants in the family!

  • Dr. Urchin

    Every element on the left side is duplicated in mirror image on the right. Were they hiding his collection of scurrilous books or something? Stuff like “An American Life: Ronald Reagan” or “Exit with Honor: The Life and Presidency of Ronald Reagan”. Alas, no, those weren’t the scurrilous books being hidden.

  • Dr. Urchin

    Who is the chap in the red coat shown in the picture on the wall in photo #1? His home artwork is quite nice. Looks like someone from “”

  • Brashatina

    The boys name is “Hugo”

    • Bill Phillips

      Can you think of a better name for a Sidwell kid?

  • Valid Fib

    Funny how they didn’t want to photoshop the Communist posters out… that’s just fine for the message they’re trying to portray. They’re media/publicity/journalist professionals so believe it when it’s there. This is a message just as the Chairman Mao Christmas ornaments, the Carneys want you to know that they admire Communism and want you to think that they are well-read.

    • Bill Phillips

      EXACTLY! This was not done by some inadvertent mistake!

  • Time_runs_out

    WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE!!!!!! Are you implying that Jay Carney may be a wee bit disingenuous and would actually include his children in such a nefarious exercise? Well played!

  • Fred234

    Scumbags. The Carneys also.

  • funkengruven

    Is that a bust of Gorbachev on the bottom right?

  • OpenTheDoor

    I’m guessing those shelves actually hold Jays collection of dolls, err, action figures.

  • John Ansell

    They should give that extra pinky to Rhambo so he can give full high fives.

  • OrganicGirl

    Totally staged, who has 2 espresso makers? Take a look at them, large and small with a blender in the background.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      The entire Administration is totally staged, or poorly staged…

  • Splinter Cell

    Most transparent administration in US history… :)

  • Once you go Bear, Arnie Grape

    Why would you even do this. Just bizarre!

  • Wallythedog

    Who doesn’t fix a breakfast buffet for 75 to 100 every Sunday morning in their home kitchen decorated with Soviet Propaganda? Of course, I make bacon and sausage too, bet Moo shell Obama made Carney leave that out. By the way, I have twice as many fake Photoshopped books and my family plays Jenga with cut 6″x6″ posts.

    • FramersForCruz

      should have read your post before putting in mine. LOL

    • Brian Roastbeef

      Do you also make sure that your son takes a hot frying pan well away from the stove before flipping his cartoony eggs-over? Just curious…

  • FramersForCruz

    Jay Carney decorates his house with Soviet era propaganda posters?
    Check out the Soviet propaganda posters on the far wall in this picture, featuring White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s family, from a profile in this month’s Washingtonian magazine.
    kitchen photo

  • Linda Powers

    The bizarre gets weirder by the day. None of the devotees will care how stupid their heroes look however.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    They’re softening up Clowney’s image because he’s about to leave his job as Obama’s dishonest propaganda mouthpiece and he’s shot his credibility and character all to hell, which will hamper his attempts to get a real job.

    • Wallythedog

      I wouldn’t worry too much for Carney, these folks always end up with do little high six figure jobs with political fundraisers.

    • Thale Taxurfeet

      “his credibility and character all to hell”

      Agreed. If you call his arse hell…

      On the other hand –the one he’s not using to pick buckshot from his arse– those wounds will propel ole Baghdad Jay to the top of the Hire the Corrupt, Morally, and Ethically Handicapped list.

      He’ll likely be in a corner office within weeks of his resignation. Or what Wally said.

    • Brian Roastbeef

      I read that he wants McFaul’s old job as ambassador to Russia. Yeah, send a Commie lover to the old KGB man so they can partition Ukraine together. Liberty? What’s that?

    • Richard Jefferies

      I disagree. Daily jumping on the grenade for Obozo and uttering outrageous lies with a straight face should entitle him to vast riches once his turn at donkey to the chief is through. He’s like a criminal hero who does time without turning rat.

  • MacAoidh

    Can’t believe y’all aren’t mentioning the two Soviet propaganda posters in the kitchen.

    • Brian Roastbeef

      Eh? We’ve been on those for a while. Look around. By now most of us are on to the smaller things, like how Jay’s son and wife like to color-coordinate and trade shoes before playing Jenga.

      But don’t let me get to you. Have fun with it at your own pace. It’s a great journey.

    • SWohio

      Is it true that trolls are really really stupid people trying to pretend they aren’t?

  • Daniel Bonacum

    When that Jenga tower falls, its going to kill that ginger kid.

  • jbspry

    You all DO realize that the Washingtonian Mom piece was deliberately farcical, right?
    I mean, the Jenga game being played with 2X4s, the commie posters in the kitchen, the kid flipping an egg without a stove in sight, Dad giving a press conference to the kids…
    Looks like the only people fooled by this article are conservative pundits.
    (…well here’s another clue for you all: the walrus was Paul…)

    • tomhayward

      Of course it was supposed to be cute and funny. But are you so dense as to believe…I don’t know…they put commie posters in the background because…uh…it’s funny? Because there is some sort of satirical element in it? They photoshop books not to round out this guy’s supposed collection, but because…it’s farce?

      Plug your brain in, moron.

      • Bill Phillips

        Yeah …Czar appointees Maoist Anita Dunn and ‘self-described’ Communist Van Jones …just more farsical fun from the Jester in Chief!

    • Brian Roastbeef

      So this is the lie the administration will be going with to cover for this trainwreck? Yeah, it was a funny joke.

      No funnier joke to a nation stretching paycheck to paycheck than seeing Obama’s corrupt press secretary and his media hack wife lounge around in clothes that cost a mortgage payment. Makes us smile every time as we’re told to cut entertainment to pay for crap health insurance we don’t want. They thought they were being cute – they always think they are cute in the bubble they’re in. Instead Carney once again reveals himself a creep.

      And yeah, Carney and his wife’s bios both show that the Communist propaganda is real. By the way, did they name their son after Hugo Chavez just to be farcical for this article 12 years later?

      • ked5

        you forgot – we have to cut “non-essential” food items too while bozo and co have wagu beef parties on OUR dime!

        • Bill Phillips

          How could you forget FLOTUS’s penchant for lobster? Doesn’t everyone have wagu beef & lobster on a regular basis?

          • ked5

            silly me. how could I forget the lobster?

    • ked5

      the corner of the cooktop is in the bottom right corner of the picture.

    • SWohio

      If you mean that Carney is a farce, you are correct and thank you for noticing.

    • Bill Phillips

      IF ONLY we Neanderthal conservatives could have the heightened intellectual whit of Progressives! I guess Obama’s last Communist inspired campaign slogan “Forward” was another example of Obama & Cabal being “farcical” too …right?

  • Wallythedog

    You don’t hang framed posters of Soviet propaganda around your home unless they have meaning for you. Bet there is a big framed poster of Che in the bedroom.

    • Brian Roastbeef

      Did you notice his son’s name? Hugo. Born in late 2001 as Chavez was really consolidating his dictatorship too. I expect they must sometimes wish they had another boy, to name after Putin.

      • ked5

        nah. beria. or pol pot. or joseph – as in joseph goebbles.

        • Brian Roastbeef

          Hard to say. In his 3 month tenure leading the USSR in 1953 Beria actually wanted to loosen Stalin’s tyranny a bit and work with the West. Beria might have even pulled out of East Germany. That’s not really Jay’s thing. Jay is more about building dictatorships and that screams Putin. Then again, Beria did murder far more while working under Stalin…

          Or maybe Vyacheslav after dad’s idol as a propaganda man…

          • ked5

            I was thinking of his time under stalin. (when the entrance to his office was hidden for a reason.)

          • Brian Roastbeef

            So many Communist icons to honor, so few kids. If only Jay were more straight and his wife less repulsed by him.

          • ked5

            well, then they should stick to naming them after propaganda ministers – just like the old man.

          • Brian Roastbeef

            Right! Son you are named Vyacheslav. Daughter, you are Paul Joseph. It has always been this way!

          • ked5

            paulina josifa. at least he could feminize it a little.

          • Brian Roastbeef

            Wouldn’t be gender equality then, would it?

          • ked5

            true. but it isn’t the right waging a war on women . . .

      • Bill Phillips

        Dang …good catch …I hadn’t seen the ‘Hugo’ Chavez connection! The sheer arrogance of these Marxist fools is astounding!

    • NYCFiredog

      On the ceiling, so his wife and him can look at it for foreplay.

      • Bill Phillips

        Thought it …but decided not to post it myself! 😉

  • psychenudity

    Wow! He’s married? And she’s actually attractive? I had him pegged for G*A*Y, lol!

    • ked5

      I had him pegged for no personal relationship of any kind. a guy who can lie like he does doesn’t exactly inspire confidence from anyone with whom he *might* have a relationship.


      Probably a beard.

  • Wallythedog

    Did anyone else notice the Gorbachev head next to the Russian nesting doll on the bookshelf?

    • NYCFiredog

      God spot. You KNOW there wouldn’t be a bust of Winston Churchill on there.

  • Hannibal

    Be careful with that egg kid, you’ll put your eye out.

  • ked5

    there are more book photoshops than that. about midlevel – both shelves have identical clumps of books – then those same clumps show up on the other side. bad photoshop job.

  • DebsFriends

    I can’t stop laughing at these pictures and the comments. I am surprised Carney isn’t Photoshopped with the family at a soup kitchen.

  • ajm

    I can’t believe anyone took the time to find the duplicate books or any other photoshop anomalies, this is a puff piece with associated “candid” photos meant for comical purposes. Spoiler alert: He really doesn’t play Jenga with 2×4’s nor does he speak to his children from a podium. Geesh, get a friggin’ life.

  • dagnytaggart

    I find it fascinating that the family color coordinates their outfits every day…

    • ToyZebra

      That preview article also tells us how much their outfits cost for some reason. I know I often sit around playing with the dog while wearing a $498 jacket.

  • LarryInIowa

    At this point, what difference does it make? :-)

  • Stefano Colombo

    Somebody should really do something about that poor dismembered kid!

  • ClinkinKY

    Will any WH reporter have the nerve to ask Jay Carney “How many copies of ‘War and Peace’ do you own”?:)

  • HonestC

    Did you notice the poster in the kitchen scene? It’s a Communist sign-up poster which can be seen here:

    • Cärlös Dängër ✓certifiable

      Wow, you are right. But still, who doesn’t have Soviet inspirational posters in their kitchen that translate as: “Comrade! [We want] YOU! Have you signed on to strengthen our motherland?” This is odd, even if intentionally placed. I mean, faked family photos are one thing, but even pretending to have this in your home is pretty bizarre.

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      LOL!! Did you see the translation of the caption?? Now we know how they got “7 million” to sign up for Obamacare…

      “Comrade! [We want] YOU! Have you signed on to strengthen our motherland?” 1937

    • aemoreira81

      Obvious Photoshop—and not even a good one.

      • HonestC

        The books, yes . . . but not the posters.

        • aemoreira81

          I think that the posters are real and everything is Photoshopped…but then again, the entire thing might be one Photoshop in every single element. I cringed when I saw the picture…if you’re going to create a Photoshopped image…you should try to make it look less obvious than that.

          • HonestC

            If you look at the posters, they have shadows on the side where they hang out from the wall on the top part. If the posters were photoshopped, they weren’t done by the same ones who did the books. Those guys were so lazy they didn’t remove the son’s pinkie from the copied parts.

  • westazgal ✓ItOut

    Hmmmm, must be the same Photoshopper that “fixed” the birth certificate.

    • neoface

      Touche! I saw how that certificate was digitally dissected to show why its a forgery, yet no news media ran with it. Hmmm….I wonder why.

  • Daylo

    They look like the Stepford family. Scary as all get out.

  • cloudshe

    Phoneyist WH crowd Ever

  • Dawn Gaye

    Obviously he used the same Photoshopper who did the Birth Certificate masterpiece!

  • Bittergeek

    I love all the whiners complaining that us wingnuts are being silly to make anything of the Communist propaganda posters. Ha, ha, silly ignorant twits. Um, no. Let’s not fall for the trendy leftist whitewashing and instead look at the reality: the Communists slaughtered more than an order of magnitude more non-combatants than Hitler. (Who was, of course, also a socialist.) Not to mention keeping nations and peoples brutally subjugated for decades longer, with all the attendant abuses and violations of just about every type imaginable. A Soviet poster isn’t some kitschy counter-cultural equivalent to an Uncle Sam or Rosie the Riveter; in sheer human horror it’s equivalent to about 15 big shiny Hitler glamour shots. And maybe a Pol Pot or two to make up the fractions. Laugh that off.

  • neoface

    What do you expect from incessant liar’s court jester. I wonder if Carney has a picture of himself in his basement, for every lie he tells his portrait gets uglier. New movie “The portrait of Jay Carney”. LOL!!!

    • ToyZebra

      The painting looks like Nancy Pelosi now.

  • Jarrod A Smith

    And we are stunned…. Nope, This is simply how the left rolls.

  • John Howard

    But the books are all guides to using photoshop…

  • Indynana

    What are these staged photos supposed to convey ? Is this to show us that they are NORMAL people, or a wonderful fairyland family? The melons in the kitchen and ALL that food ? WHO does that? WHO eats like that? This is beyond phony – this is almost obamaesque fake !

  • Jeffrey Owen

    Look, you have to own multiple copies of the books you like. What if you want to read it more than once!!!

  • BuckeyeSam

    Lot of carbs in that breakfast shot. Did that breakfast get Michelle Obama’s approval? And are they expecting guests–say, the cast of The Dirty Dozen?

  • DoctorSeuss

    Cripes… is there ANYTHING about these DC/media types that’s real or genuine?

    (Other than their love of power/money/big-govt, I mean…)

  • Osama0bama

    Useful idiots.

    • Kakarot

      Idiots, at least.

  • Dee Dunbar

    CHECK OUT the Communist Posters on the Kitchen Wall!

  • GaryTheBrave

    His bookshelf has a signed copy of “Bias” they had to clone out.

  • Al Bundy

    Poor kids. Growing with a dad who lies for a tyrant. “My dad is Baghdad Bob!”

  • MitchBaxter

    It’s hard to believe that someone in the Obama administration would have Soviet propaganda posters on the kitchen wall.

    Will the feminists blame Claire Shipman (not hyphenated-Carney) for putting unrealistic expectations on stressed-out mothers to dress like fashion models and cook six-course breakfasts?

    • MechMan

      That’s a good point. If this was Sarah Palin there’d be an uproar over that alone, about how fake she was.

  • rte3hrbr .

    Maybe he did the photo shop of Obama ‘ s fake birth certificate.

  • AZWarrior

    So tired of Pajama Boy.

  • Michelle ✓classified

    I hate to point out to RBPundit, but there is still more duplicates he missed. 😉

  • cherykie

    Is this a poser family, too? And with that enormous amount of food they have prepared, I guess Carney is one of those 45-50 million food stamp recipients…

  • Michael O’Brien

    Is it me or is that a miniature bust of Gorbachev on the shelf?

  • Ironside

    The Soviet propaganda posters in the kitchen are befitting of the “Potemkin Village” lifestyle portrayed in this shameless puff-piece.

  • Paul C.

    Is anybody surprised at this deception, that’s all this WH has done since day one!!

  • DallenH

    Filling the shelf with books… or covering up actual books they didn’t want shown?

  • John Howard

    I never would have figured Claire wears ‘Dad Pajamas’. Was Jay wearing a teddy?

  • Jules LaPierre

    Don’t miss the Soviet propaganda posters that adorn the walls in the first photo.

    • aemoreira81

      That’s about the lousiest Photoshop job I have seen in years (albeit only second to tthe Target disaster earlier this year).

  • Ken Bass

    Maybe he’s the one who created Obama’s birth certificate. It’s full of flaws to.

  • tinker_thinker

    Oh, Hahahahahahaha…can’t stop laughing….!!!

  • Brian

    How did everyone miss the Gorbachev bust in the lower right hand corner of the bookcase. The go well with the Soviet propaganda posters in the living room.

  • in_awe

    They were just hiding Carney’s signed deluxe edition of “Rules for Radicals”, the “Life and Times of Joseph Goebbels” and the leather bound “Baghdad Bob Speaks – a Manual”.

  • JackDaw91

    Most people don’t have a podium and microphone in their living room, either. I doubt very much you’re supposed to believe the picture is real. My guess is that it was taken at a bookstore, which would explain the multiple copies of books.

    • RadioPatriot

      Yes, but would it explain the miniature bust of Gorbachev on the second shelf from the bottom lower right side? What book store or library do you know that would have that little Russkie tschotchke hanging around?

    • ToyZebra

      Last I checked, Barnes and Noble doesn’t have fingers floating in midair.

    • Ironside

      Ridiculous. You can see the groups of books are arranged exactly the same only mirrored and cloned.

    • Patrick

      Actually, the beginning of the Washingtonian article states, explicitly, that this was shot “on location” in the Carney household.

  • Samuel Gruzs

    Here the narrative is more important than the truth. Can we believe anything they say, any picture, any document is real?

  • Diane

    Really funny!!

  • ckblv

    Did they Photoshop the Russian propaganda poster on the kitchen walls in also?

    • ToyZebra

      The posters are real. The family might be from central casting.

    • aemoreira81

      The background looks real—everything else looks like computer animation—and terribad at that!

  • infinity396

    5 sticks of butter? 100 pancakes(at least it looks like a huge stack of pancakes) on the platter in the background? Seems they’ve been working the son like a slave LOL.. are they running an unlicensed restaurant? seems like a ton of food for what 4 people? I’m guessing like the other picture theres a lot of photoshopping going on..

  • Ironside

    In the library pic Carney looks like he’s saying “Whoa now, you didn’t really mean to call mommy that word did you?” while she wags a finger in the kids face and says “You ever call me that again I’ll, I’ll… I’ll tell your father!”

  • infinity396

    They love them some photoshop, Right the dog is just balancing a plastic bone on his nose for the picture…

  • MitchBaxter

    Why do their kids go to Sidwell Friends instead of DC public schools?

  • Keya Dash

    Are those ostrich eggs in the kitchen photo? Why are the eggs, and the egg holders, so huge? A substantial amount of that food just looks off, from inconsistent shadowing to bizarre sizing anomalies. I’ll bet most of the food is photoshopped the way most of the books were. The bananas look to be the same size as the pineapple, and the orange juice glass is as wide as the grapefruits next to it. These differences cannot simply be described as problems of perspective; these things are next to each other.

    And in the Washingtonian site, there’s a photo of the dog sitting side-by-side with Shipman, with its head turned 90 degrees to look at Shipman. This dog manages to balance a bone on its nose whiles it’s head is turned 90 degrees? Who wants to guess that bone is photoshopped in, too?

    That 2-by-4 Jenga business looks like a total setup, too. If it falls, it will not only dent, scratch, and damage the floor, it’ll seriously hurt the child sitting under it, too.

    There’s more photoshopping here than we thought.

    Every single photo has some elements that just don’t sit right.

  • Reformed Trombonist

    Phony pics for a phony couple and a phony newspaper.

  • Reformed Trombonist

    This is almost as good as the five o’clock shadow Time magazine gave Ann Coulter.

  • TheExecutiveProducer

    The only reason I can imagine they would have to copy books from one side of the case and place them in other locations would be to cover the titles of books they don’t want anyone to know they own. What were those titles?

    Rules for Radicals? The Cloward Piven Strategy? Mein Kampf?

  • John Howard

    I DO hope Michelle has talked to Claire and Jay about their simply horrible food choices.

  • Dana Garcia

    Forget about the wacky photoshop, how many people have a speaker’s podium in their home?

    • Jeffrey Denton

      If it makes you feel better, I have a teleprompter in my house.

  • neyney

    Well they couldn’t show the Carney’s real library could they? Copies of Mein Kampf, Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and The Communist Manifesto wouldn’t go over very well with the public.

  • Guest

    Holy man that’s funny.

  • Guest

    Transcript of call with Jay Carney.
    Comrade Carney, we need you to remove the kitchen staff and the rest of the maids while we are taking photos of your compound. Um…No we won’t take pictures of the cages in the basement. No, you can leave the Communist Propaganda pictures up, no-one will notice! We Will need to get all that gay literature off the book shelves though, don’t worry, we’ll make it look like you have an awesome library.

  • Vernon Weiss

    And I haven’t seen any comments on the first picture but the Daily Caller picked this out a couple of days ago: Communist Propaganda posters on the kitchen wall:
    But then, hey don’t we all have Communist Propaganda posters on our walls? NOT!! Maybe the administrations propaganda department should get going on that. Obama could write an executive order to make it happen.

  • UpperMidWest

    I remember when Paul McCartney was in the White House library and saying that he was glad that we had a “president who knew what a library was for.” Did Sir Paul even attend college?

  • JeromeD

    I can’t stop laughing.

  • JeromeD

    “Insecurity level: Three Photoshopped Pictures of War & Peace, + a child’s finger”

  • Forest Black

    Exercise your right to arm yourself with knowledge: