Save it for April? Don’t be such a tease, Janice! Not when you look this good:

Bow-chicka-aww-yeah! Jealous? This Fox 5 reporter sure is:

That’s because he’s totes doing it wrong. Take a lesson from Janice, buddy. She knows how to work it.

We agree. Get it, girl!



Twitchy coverage of Janice Dean

  • Perry

    FOX News has quite a few hot “older women”. She’s one of them.

    • World B. Free

      I don’t think she’s THAT old, maybe early 40s.

      • Perry

        Born in 1970. She’s not “old”. Being facetious, kinda.

        • World B. Free

          What’s amazing to me is that Jamie Colby (one of the HOTTEST of the FOX hotties) is over 50. Yes, really. I think I heard that she was 53. She looks like she’s 35, tops.

          • Perry

            Martha MacCallum is 50. Super hot!

          • FirstBoot

            She is beautiful!

          • Al’s Annoyed Grandpa

            She’s my age.

            1964 was a good year for folks with their head on straight: Martha MacCallum, Sarah Palin, Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, Glenn Beck, Rob Lowe, me, to name a few.

            Unfortunately, a few of the worst people on the planet were born in ’64 as well: Anthony Weiner, Susan Rice and the most shameful, Wookie.

          • World B. Free

            Yeah, baby. That’s a great pic of her.

          • graz

            rush’s old squeeze

          • Perry

            She’s the same age as Janice Dean.

  • Maxx

    Fine, you got me Twitchy. Ka-ching. I clicked on Janice’s bikini story quicker than Obama draws red lines.

    • Fhalkyn Phoenix

      Twitchy sure has a way with these bait-and-switch tactics…

  • LegalizeShemp

    “So much for taking women seriously and not treating them as superficial sex objects!” Sincerely, the late Mick Jagger’s girlfriend

  • Kevin Maguire

    I was promised Janice in a bikini. I was robbed.

    • Zakasnak

      You were promised Janice *with* a bikini, not IN.

  • Silenttype78

    Janice Dean seems like such a funny and sweet person :-)

  • Donald-Now2x/Sarc-w/0calories

    If Shannon Bream were to pose in a bikini, I honestly think my eyeballs would melt, followed by my computer. You can substitute pretty much the entire Fox News Female on air roster for Miss Bream or Miss Dean though. YOWZA!

  • Nate Stakely

    Fox has the hotty of the hottiest Guifoyle my favs then Bream, Dean 3rd

    • Ralph_Gizzip

      Sorry, way too much war paint. Andrea Tantaros and Dana Perino are my faves. I sneak out early so I can catch “The Five”

      • Nate Stakely

        yeh but that body Kimberly has is bootyrican unbeatable

  • DavidKramer

    Click bait! With NO there, there. Bad form, bad form!

  • Zorro

    Love JD. Great attitude, seems genuine.

  • Perry

    Is Patti Ann Browne still with FOX News?

  • yourmamatoo

    She cracks me up.

  • conservativemomma

    She has a great attitude! I just found out the other day that she has Multiple Sclerosis. Just love her!

  • radjahshelduck

    Funny thing about Shannon Bream replying to Janice Dean’s tweet: thanks to youtube and her beauty pageant days, you can see Shannon in a bikini whenever the mood strikes you. Go to 3:45.

  • Abbie Mills

    The principles of morality and liberty serve as a basis for the rules of law intended to prevent unequal treatment and plunder by the state.