It’s not happening until next week, but Valerie Jarrett wants you to start getting excited right now!

Bless her heart. She should know by now that soliciting questions for the president, especially about health care, is a sure-fire way to attract conservative snark. Fortunately for us, she hasn’t figured that out yet.

Tweeter @redsteeze kicked things off:

Great question!

Another good question.

We’d love to know the answer to that one.

Hope Valerie’s taking notes!

There’s plenty there to keep Jarrett and President Obama busy.


  • Informed&Concerned

    TWITCHY TEAM finds the gems . . . again! –
    Laughter REALLY IS the best medicine

    Besides Dr. Biden — does SHARON MALONE HOLDER accept Obamacare for her clinic . . .

  • Joshua Embrey

    Obama embraced the suck/swallow decades ago. How do you think he paid for college and got all those great grades we still cannot see?

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    Wait, I’m confused. Is this Valerie Jarrett’s way of saying that if you have Obamacare the only thing you’re covered for is a visit to WebMD?

  • azkag

    That’s funny. There isn’t one “legitimate” question in the entire hashtag yet.

    • n4cerinc

      Hey now, my question is legitimate. :)

      • azkag

        I know, they all are. More legitimate than Ms. Jarrett would admit. That’s why I had to put the “quotes” around it :)

  • nickdqwk

    Will you have a return policy for all the ammo I have purchased, and is one round at a time acceptable?

  • Barton Fowlkes

    So the $2500.00 in savings was for the really really really long run?

  • arttie

    “What’s the Rx for an economy that’s sluggish, debt that’s inflated, and job market that’s shrunk and been limp for 5 years?” Answer: a little blue pill. If the effects of the pill last longer than 4 hours, see your doctor to get help. Drat, there is the problem.

  • lainer51

    After the dust settles from this fiasco Hell-Care, the only doctors still in business will be the team of Bendover & Coff..

    • IBXNJ

      And the law offices of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe!!

      • lainer51

        Loved Johnny Carson. Makes Fallon look like an amateur.

  • The 57th State© ℅EF™

    Always a good day when you make the Twitchy Team

  • Paul C.

    Another SOFT ball game!!

  • Guest

    Is ACA defender R. Fourniers butt hurt covered?

  • philoise65

    Do you and Shaka Toots get a discount on re ACA?

  • Flyoverman

    My question is, “What are the number of unnecessary deaths to date caused by the implementation of the ACA?”