Well, he’s a day late and several million marbles short, but Rev. Jesse Jackson has finally decided to way in on Mic-gate:

Sigh. This message has been brought to you by the letter “R.”


If he weren’t perpetuating the problem, we’re not sure how he’d keep himself busy.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for him to muster up some righteous outrage at Henry Waxman over this:

So … what say you, Reverend?



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Twitchy coverage of Jesse Jackson

  • NRPax

    Poor Jesse. Looking for approval with the desperation of a neglected child. Can we just stand him in front of a non-working TV camera so he can pretend that his outrage is reaching the masses?

    • CatHerder ✓fire! ✓fire!

      I’m in favor.

  • ReubenHood

    The left should just let us know when something is not racist, that way we won’t have to hear from them as often.

  • Hotlanta Mike
    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      I wonder what they’d do without it?

  • Hotlanta Mike
  • ceemack

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya

  • Steve__Jacobson

    When Jackson frowns upon you, you know you did something right.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      Every time Jesse Jackson frowns, and Angel gets their wings.

      • Republicanvet

        Either that or there are payoffs to another staffer after 9 months.

  • JohnnyN2O

    GOP should just buy a race from JJ and one from Al and be done with it

  • carmenta

    This. This is Hell. The absence of anything good, truthful, just and loving. Hell is to be far from God and know it. Someone should point that out to this particular waste of oxygen

  • Republicanvet

    Crude, wrong, racist and mean?

    …says the hack who epitomizes those terms.

    • Gregor Eisenstein

      Well, if anyone woud know….

  • QueenB

    Booker T Washington had you figured out before you were born, ya hack.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    Issa shutting off the mic of a loudmouth who has done his best to undermine all of the investigations isn’t racist.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    I think this is appropriate since the left is abusing the race card, again. And doesn’t this just describe Jackson and Sharpton? I think every time Micheal S. posts a comment accusing us of racism from now on I’m going to just reply with this.

  • Arkuy The Great

    Old racism; Blacks who dare assert themselves in the presence of whites are deemed “uppity” and they should “get their minds right”.

    New racism; Whites who dare assert themselves in the presence of blacks are deemed “racists”. End of discussion!

  • Marvin Nelson

    Jesse doesn’t care about what Waxman did to Issa because it doesn’t fit his racist mind set. He is nothing but a blowhard civil rights whore who never has anything constructive to say or do concerning the real race issues in this country. MLK must be spinning in his grave.

  • Mr_Popular

    With Jesse, I just assume he thinks everything is racist. He’d save a lot of time if he just told us when something is NOT racist.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      Jackson doesn’t think liberals calling black Republicans racial slurs is racist.

    • $59154503

      Generally, anything done, said or wrote down by the national socialist left CANNOT be Racist.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Of course…

  • RD

    Just another day in paradise. Can’t go one day in today’s world without someone being called or accused of being a racist. Good news is we have 2 more years of this until the Emperor rides off into the sunset. Once Hilary officially arrives on the scene the new accusation will be sexism and of course the old go to…women haters. Pathetic

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmSIOoy6MlE&app=desktop Booker

    Jesse couldn’t resist could he?

  • CO2 Producer

    Draw an opinion-based conclusion, state it in a passive-aggressive fashion, almost as though it is factual, then pose the question of whether everyone agrees with said pseudo-factual conclusion. Hey, guys, I’m just presenting a possible scenario then asking an innocent question about it. He sounds like one of those “unbiased” polls that keep popping up.

    Here’s another innocent question:

    Reverend Jesse Jackson’s tweet was unsubstantiated, wrong, race-obsessed, and manipulative against Congressman Darrell Issa. Do you agree?

    • Wart


    • Doc Farmer ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Only problem is, the polling firms won’t allow “that” kind of innocent question…

    • carmenta


    • Juanita Garnto

      Whole heartedly.

  • Perry

    He’s as much a reverend as Obama is a president. In name only.

  • Jack Deth

    Question for Jess Jackson:

    With all your shakedowns, race baiting, poverty pimping and bundling you’ve done for the benefit of the DNC, Shouldn’t you have been appointed Ambassador to Chad or Somalia by now?

  • Jake Bradford

    I thought they were saving “Crude, wrong, racist & mean” for Jesse Jackson’s epitaph?

  • Saito Sama

    What rock..oops! My bad I meant headstone did Jackson crawl out from under? He’s like one of those endless tapes the repeat the same crap again and again. He’s like that mold the you never can completely get rid of in dark slimy places like under the toilet rim

  • RblDiver

    “I want to ask a question.” “OK, ask your question.” “I’ll ask my question but first I want to make a statement.” “*cut mic*” Yeah, totally racist to stop a guy from grandstanding *rolleyes*

  • http://www.GONINERS.com/ Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Christ almighty, WHEN will they get tired of this schtick??

    Edit: Can NOT stand the guy, but I do give him props for responding to people directly and keeping his cool..even though he doesn’t actually answer how it was racist.

  • R.C.

    The proper spelling and sentence structure lead me to believe that Jesse has someone tweeting for him.

    • thedumbblonde


    • http://www.black-and-right.com/ Ice Cold Troll

      Say WHAT?!?

  • Michael Rice

    Jesse, how did that meeting with Cracker Barrel go?

  • Tom Armstrong

    Waxman’s behavior towards Issa was clearly racist because Waxman does not appear to be of the human race.

  • Brett the Brit

    Je$$e’s time would be better used spending it with his illegitimate daughter or visiting his drug/alcohol addicted son in prison rather than stirring the race pot.

    • mike_in_kosovo


  • Tim jones

    It seems to me the more black people in charge, the more racist the nation becomes.

    • http://gathman.org/vitae CustomDesigned

      It depends on the black person. Justice Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, all the black pastors I’ve personally met (which doesn’t include Jackson, Wright, or any pastor featured positively in leftist media for that matter) are not racist. (And I read a lot by the first three.) You are seeing a distorted picture by letting leftist media tell you what a “typical” black leader is like.

  • JMigyanka

    Hey jesse, GFY!

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    “Do you agree?”

    No. Cummings was being a hyper-partisan jackass demanding to talk despite the session being officially over. He was also lying (claiming to have not seen any of the e-mails despite them being sent to every member of the committee) and was slandering Issa. And of course, the most important fact: Cummings has ruled out any wrongdoing on the part of the White House despite all that evidence to the contrary. I guess demanding accountability is racist, too.

    The fact that Jesse Jackson has a problem with Issa is further proof that Issa was in the right. C’mon, y’know Jackson is full of it when even Twitchy’s resident liberals would rather talk about Sarah Silverman.

  • http://www.black-and-right.com/ Ice Cold Troll

    Yes, dear, of course it was.

  • Bob Stauskas

    Your steady beacon in the ever-shifting fog of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • https://youtu.be/h82D5ZvcALM CrustyB

    If Jesse Jackson took a day off of work and it rained, he’d declare the weather was racist.

  • AZWarrior

    Update to American Dictionary: [race, racist, racism] – all words that mean that you can safely stop reading/listening now because all that follows is either of no importance, or likely is a lie or complete fabrication.

    • http://gathman.org/vitae CustomDesigned

      The new Godwin’s law.