And boom goes the dynamite!

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas are out with explosive new video, and this time, they’ve got Obamacare in their crosshairs.

Project Veritas investigators were in Dallas, Texas, to take a closer look at the Obamacare navigator program. As seen on “The O’Reilly Factor” Monday night, what they found was rampant incompetence and fraud:

Not only have so-called “Obamacare navigators” not been properly vetted by Enroll America, but they are actively encouraging consumers to lie to the IRS in order to get more money in Obamacare subsidies and in fact themselves are admitting to defrauding the government. And what makes this even worse is that Enroll America, ostensibly a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, seems to be sharing information with Battleground Texas, which is described by its regional field director as “a grassroots organization dedicated to turning Texas blue.”

Why would a group supposedly dedicated to enrolling citizens in health care plans coordinate with a blatantly partisan organization? Because ultimately, like everything the Obama administration does, the Affordable Care Act is purely about politics — leftist politics.

This is what’s happening in one city in one state. Imagine scenarios like this playing out all over the country — or what it would take to convince Juan Williams it’s happening on video right in front of his eyes.

Here’s the full report as hosted by James O’Keefe, with a promise of more to come.

For more information about Project Veritas, including how to make a donation, click here.



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Twitchy coverage of James O’Keefe

  • I Am Breitbart

    BOOM! Once again, the civilian force comes to the rescue of America! Thanks O’Keefe!!!

    • rssllue

      I wonder if they will try to say that the employees “knew” that it was an undercover operation (like they did with the Acorn and Planned Parenthood videos) and that they just “went along with it” again to try and make the investigators look silly. Why would the left change their tactics and excuses when the sheeple seem to buy them so easily?

    • conservativechick

      This is why I support him! I send him money whenever I have a little extra. He works for ME, so I feel obligated to help if and when I can. Obama & gang are always going after him and they intimidate his organization all the time! I couldn’t believe what happened to him. If you read his book, you’ll know how much he has had to endure. Great read, btw!.
      There are too many organizations to support these days, so we have to be selective! Project Veritas is one I fully support. Another fine job. JAMES!

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      “It’s suppose to be…It Must be the Civilian Force”!

    • John Titus

      But if America doesn’t listen then what good does it do? I mean look at a fool like Juan Williams already saying the fraud is “small” like that is acceptable. This is Democrat voting drive just as much as it is the Obamacare scam.

      The fraud is right on video and there is no denying it. So who is going to be held responsible? Who is going to make sure this stops? (crickets)

      Just one side note: Lose the dumb intro in the video. With the dancing girls and James in a cowboy hat just screams attention whore and not serious journalist. If you want people to take you seriously you need to lose the dumb glitz and glamor the left uses it comes off as self serving.

  • thetreyman

    watch your back James. they’re really going to come for you now.

  • The Penguin, Don’t talk shit

    Using ACA as a political tool. What a shock.

  • copperpeony

    You have to love this patriot because he has the balls that is soooo lacking in today’s society. Karma is watching over him.

    • Attila

      Where’s the Congressional oversight?

  • peteee363

    now how does a guy like james keep doing this when the main media does not even begin to ask these questions? I am thinking james just got himself another audit, and a visit from the justice department thugs!

    • rivers

      He had better watch his back. An untimely death or some jail time, damage to his reputation, something’s coming down the pike for him.

      • Marcy Cook

        Not gonna happen. Let’s make sure of that. And, some prayers wouldn’t hurt either.

  • Booker


  • Frustrated Teacher

    Williams:”It’s so small!” – Referring to his intellect.

    • arttie

      I am reminded of Senator Dirksen “A million here, a million there, pretty soon you’re talking real money.” We just have to change the denomination from million to trillion skipping the mere pittance of a billion.

    • SupplyGuy

      Or his penis.

      • Fungi2bewith

        Is he half-white too?

  • no good deed

    ACORN = Healthcare Navigators

  • gman213

    Another reason for a failure to submit to this absurd law…if enough Americans don’t enroll, it will tank!!!!

    • Republicanvet

      All it would take for this to crash is to wait for the day before the deadline, then screenshot the 404 error page.

      How could they fine you after attempting to get through their crashing web site?

      A site that even Barky admitted is bad?

    • Marcy Cook

      Pay attention to Rush Limbaugh. He confirmed that if you make sure you don’t get a refund then you won’t be penalized for not signing up. The law provides that the IRS cannot take your property or garnish your wages to get the fine paid by you. They can only take your refund to get the fine So if enough of us make sure we don’t get a refund we can crash this thing by not signing up and we won’t be fined.

      • Adela Wagner

        I have always done our taxes and have made sure the Gov’t does NOT get to hold our money interest free all year. Here are some tips on how to go through your employer and get more money in your pay instead of waiting till the end of the year.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          I do that, as well. I figure out my rough income for the next year, figure out what I will pay in taxes on that (basically, running a dummy 1040) and divide the tax due by the number of paydays in the year.

          I put that amount on line 6 of the W4 and claim 99 allowances so that they don’t take anything *else* out but what I told them to. I usually get a couple hundred back at the end of the year due to variance because of vacation time taken reducing my total income for the year.

          • Adela Wagner

            that’s what I have always done too, worked up a dummy 1040. When I got married my husband was getting 500-600 back a year, then I clued him in and he now thinks I am a genius (haha) He never knew you could be in charge of your witholdings.

            People don’t realize you can claim extra allowances on your w4 as long as you claim correct on your 1040-1040ez.
            I would much rather hold my own money and invest it and earn some interest on it than let them hold it all year interest free.Plus I have never trusted them.And have never been “stuck” when returns are late like they have been on a few occasions.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Exactly! I was working through that idiotic W4 allowance worksheet one year and thought “there *has* to be an easier way to do this!”

  • HanaFiveO

    Im shocked, shocked I tell you, said no one evah.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Leftie Talking Point: “James O’Keefe is a crook and a con man whose so-called exposes are just so much propaganda– clever editing, misleading interviews, and just plain lying. But Michael Moore is a genius filmmaker.”

    • blder

      James O’Keefe is a crook and a con man whose so-called exposes are just so much propaganda– clever editing, misleading interviews, and just plain lying.

  • HARP2

    let it burn

    • Fungi2bewith

      The Roof! The Roof! The roof is on fire Let the Motherfletcher BURN!
      (With apologies to Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three).

  • mike_in_kosovo

    Meet the new Acorn…same as the old Acorn…

    • my2centshere

      I was thinking that this should be called Acorn the Sequel.

      • Allan Hamilton

        Acorn Returns

  • schveiguy

    My math skills may be deceiving me, but “No x”, where “No” means quantity, equates to 0, and 0 is not equivalent to “Yes there’s some, but it’s small”.


    • Pitbullll

      Unfortunately Williams – like so many liberals – refuses to face the fact he’s a blithering idiot. He’s becoming more buffoonish by the day.

      I can’t figure out if Fox just keeps him on for comic relief or they have just adopted him as their token charity case liberal moron out of sheer pity.

      • SupplyGuy

        He’s not an idiot, but he wants to believe in his liberal utopia so badly that he’s willfully ignorant like all liberals.

        • SpaceRacer423

          2+2=5……if you believe hard enough.

          • jukin

            POTATO + 2=5


      • Fungi2bewith

        You can see it in his eyes from time to time. Not quite believing what he says but goes with his mental talking points for the good of the down trodden. Poor fellow.

  • cmerlo1

    Well, that didn’t take long.

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    So…who didn’t see this coming? I mean, aside from ObamaDERP fans.

  • John

    Now we know what became of Acorn…

    • karmafordems

      Yep. Just a name change

  • jlf0210

    SOS,… WHERE WILL IT STOP?…..IDIOT JUAN STFU…..since when do Dems ever think their shit stinks?

  • Buffalobob

    Fraud, it’s what community organizers do best. And the number one community organizer is……

    • guest

      Yeah, exactly!!

  • Maxx

    Somewhere, as a result of this expose, I suspect Andrew is smiling tonight…

    …either that, or screaming at someone in heaven “YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY YOU’RE HERE!” 😉

    The classic line @ 1:22

  • Republicanvet

    ACORN Redux…Part Deux…the Sequel…again…

    How many videos will it take to stop them this time?

    • Bathing Suit Area

      And how long before we find out he faked these ones too?

      • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

        That article doesn’t say anything about Veritas’ work being fallacious; all it is is an ACORN employee suing by claiming entrapment and O’Keefe paid a settlement. That isn’t even admission of guilt, odds are he just didn’t want to bother going to court over it.

        If you’re going to make a claim like that, at least have some real proof. You know, kinda like James O’Keefe.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          “What O’Keefe’s video didn’t show was that Vera contacted police after the meeting. ”

          So, when a turd gives Okeefe all the advice and forms and helped him do something completely abominable and illegal AND THEN called the police = fake.

          I wonder if that dolt has sued his mother for producing a complete idiot yet.

        • ObamaFail

          I love when criminals get busted breaking the law and then cry entrapment. Like anyone twisted their arm to get them to do whatever illegal activity they were busted for. ACORN yelled entrapment, but O’Keefe didn’t force them to be corrupt. All he did was expose their corruption. Bathing Suit Area is just pissy because a liberal organization was ruined by an honest person.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          So the guy who’s dedicated to finding the truth, no matter the cost, decides just to pony up a hundred grand rather than go to court to defend his actions? Right.

      • Sharkteeth

        You got a video that proves that.

        • ObamaFail

          All Bathing Suit Area has is bitterness that a corrupt liberal organization was destroyed by an honest person proving what scum they were. So he has no proof.

      • karmafordems

        Ever heard of Sarbanes Oxley? Navigator should do 20 years, along with all supervisors

      • ObamaFail

        He didn’t fake the ACORN one. Acorn is dead and buried because of his videos.

    • karmafordems

      The navigator needs to go to jail now. Do you hear me Eric Holder?

      • Apostic

        Too busy grasping at judicial straws to charge George Zimmerman with something… anything….

  • Axelgreaser

    UNBELIEVABLE! No, actually it is believable. James O’Keefe has exposed the Limbaugh Theorum President before and his corrupt alliance with ACORN. And yet he remains in the White House, a total liar and scandal magnet, thumbing his nose at all Americans.

    • MPCpiano

      The structure set up between everyone and the government for health care will also be the DNC get out the vote system. Rush has said Obamacare is really about reelecting Democrats.

  • mojojojo

    I see that ACORN is back, and now fully taxpayer funded.

    • Fungi2bewith

      Conservatives think they win a battle and the war is over. Progressives are like zombies. They are never going to stop. Never. Neither can we.

  • Apostic

    When I heard that part of the ACA enrollment process was an option to register to vote, I thought it was suspicious — but realized is was probably just one of those combined bureaucracy things, like when they help you to register to vote at the DMV or at one of those big ceremonies where people become a US citizens. Now it seems… worse than suspicious.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      If you’re a Republican/Conservative, they’ll either Purge or “conveniently Lose” both your Healthcare Application, and Voter Registration form… Jawamax 8<{D}

      • Apostic

        I was thinking more along the lines of navigators conspiring to persuade people to register D– maybe even more than once per customer. It’s not like Acorn didn’t have experience already.

    • Sparkle Plenty

      They’re making their lists and checking them twice. Just like the Tea Party was targeted this is a gold mine for them to zero in on their opponents.

  • karmafordems

    Yeeeeessssss in DEED! Go O’Keefe!

  • neoface

    Juan William is such an Obama parrot and azz kisser, not sure if he is capable of seeing the truth. Obama is the biggest fraud, should be in jail not in the office of presidency. JMO!!!!

  • beebop1952

    The website ITSELF states you have no expectation of privacy. Enrolling in 0bamacare is like cooperating with the Nazi’s ….. don’t out yourself. Pay cash to your doctor. They will put you at the front of the line.

    • Sparkle Plenty

      I wouldn’t go near that website if my life depended on it.

      • beebop1952

        Amen, sister

  • FaithColeridge33

    No delays. Let it roll and be the 2014 central issue.

    • Fungi2bewith

      And NO legislation to modify or repair. NO “If you like your healthcare you can keep it act”. Repeal & replace ONLY!

      • SupplyGuy

        I wouldn’t even replace. The system is fine as is. What we need is tort reform and letting insurance companies sell nation wide w/out any liberal red state mandated coverages.

      • MPCpiano

        Agree. GOP must not do anything to fix it. Let it fall apart.

  • USPatriot

    “Navigator” is an automobile. These people are Fraud Assistants.

  • LR99

    Juan William’s response on O’Reilly last night was a classic liberal statement: Juan excused the Navigators as being just a handful but the crux of his defense was “think of the children”! …. Why is it when liberals are faced with proof of the failure of their ideology they resort to emotional blackmail???

    • SupplyGuy

      Because it’s all they have.

    • ObamaFail

      libs like Juan Williams say, “think of the children!!” Yet they don’t care about the children affected by Obama’s bad policies. When a child’s parent loses their jobs, it effects the kids. So if Juan is only going to think of some children and not all of them, then he should shut up.

  • NeoKong

    ACORN redux.

  • stuckinIL4now

    So when you get caught lying, are the navigators going before the IRS to admit they advised it?

  • Ben Gazi

    As long as you don’t work you will be fine. !

    • Bandit

      Those are the magic words for Obama supporters

    • Sparkle Plenty

      Yup, work is a four letter word to them.

  • TheOracle

    Why isn’t the MSM doing this type of undercover work? ( That’s a rhetorical question. )

  • gold7406

    when o’keefe reviewed the videos, he said,”wow, I see a lot of familiar faces.”

  • SupplyGuy

    Just keep releasing it all the way to November 2014.

  • Adam Johnson

    James O’Keefe is awesome. But I do want to point out that there is another Breitbart protege who has been working all week to prove that not all is as it seems with the guy that supposedly lied to 60 Minutes about Benghazi. Blue Mountain Security won’t even talk to him. Follow Lee Stranahan if you get the chance. He’s every bit the Breitbart warrior that O’Keefe is. Just want to see both get the recognition they deserve.

  • Fungi2bewith

    Bend over and lean on the table. Spread your legs just a bit more. Perfect. You may
    feel some pressure.

  • Karin_A

    There’s an error in that first tweet. Bugging me.
    Now, it looks like Juan Williams is going off the deep end. He’s completely delusional, and won’t even consider anything else than what he’s made his mind up about.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    How befitting for the leftist to use their tired nut of the oak tree, the Acorn, again.
    It is the top of their diet the acorn, for the “Red Wiggler” – Earth-worms, and end up becoming bait on a fisherman’s hook.
    And the novel use of the New 0Govt title for an government employee, to be used in his 0CrapCommieCare a person being called a Navigator…hmmm? Last we checked the Crony-0Govt builds a car called a Navigator.
    Just weird, really weird….

  • john Diamond

    Remember when Nixon was the bench marker for Presidential Fraud? Remember when reporters cared about and reported stories like this? Remember when the press helped keep both political parties honest, instead of rooting for dems and lying against repubs? Remember when reporting like this won you Pulitzers and not vilification from your colleagues?

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Nixon and Watergate people were amateurs. Seems almost quaint now.

  • TheRedCoat92

    Is any of this supposed to be surprising? These are the same people (lefties, I mean) who committed voter fraud, just to get Obummer elected, and then re-elected. They don’t believe in playing by the rules, or being honest, hell, they don’t even believe in their own policies, not really. All they believe in is getting their own (political) way. And if they have to cheat to get their way, guess what they’re going to do?

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    But, but…Obamacare is the Master’s plan.

    It’s perfect progressive government you stoopid teabaggers. The underwear gnomes are totally gonna fix that website.


    We are media. All the Master does is perfect.

    You “security concerned” and “canceled plan” people are just suckers. Trust us. You idiots are way too dumb to know how awesome and perfect Obama is. He had to lie to you. For the greater good. He’s not normal. He’s super-cereal smart. You people (and Iranian nukes) bore him. Can you not see he has 3 games of 4D chess going on at that golf course? President Jarrett Valerie will tell you how it is.

    Obamcare was perfect.

    It was that Professor Koch brother in the library what did it…with the Republican candle stick…and all you Twitter cretins saying bad things and stuff.

    He kinda-sorta, week-tea apologized on national TV, and STILL you people say things on Twitter to butthurt the Master.

    You are all racist.

    I know.

    I have a journalism degree.

  • MPCpiano

    The coordination with Democrat political organizations is the worst part of this. Obamacare is really about setting up a structure to insure Democrats will always be elected and reelected.

    This is all these ACORN-like groups know how to do–game the government social system and perpetuate it through grassroots Democrat recruiting.

  • Thought Criminal #1

    What Juan Williams either is too blindly stupid to know, or knows and is too evil to admit is that the whole thing is designed specifically to facilitate corruption and fraud.

    • Sparkle Plenty

      Juan Williams is a total idiot. How he can justify and keep defending these behaviors shows me he is totally devoid of any ethics, integrity, or honesty. He is a disgusting excuse for a decent human being.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    James O’Keefe just landed a flying Macho-Man Randy Savage elbow from the top turnbuckle!

  • Baba Ghanoush

    This makes me sick

    • Sparkle Plenty

      This whole corrupt, bloated, out of control Administration makes me sick. Is there even one sane person among these criminals who can make this stop???

      • TheRedCoat92


  • sb36695

    The Chicago Way.

  • MPCpiano

    James O’Keefe learned his lessons well. He has plenty more videos, and will release them one at a time. So when the left/MSM discounts this as a few bad apples, another video will be released.

  • Suzyqpie

    The Democrats have created a total debris field. Graft, fraud, lies, intentional deceit, a total top to bottom third world experience train wreck while spending millions to build a broken website. Stunning really that our governance can be a colossal failure. Navigators are nothing but cash out to the base. And more wasteful spending.

  • $24698634

    Hey James, how about following in your mentor’s footsteps.

    • Darth Venomous✓unmedicated

      Hey, Kelli, how about coming out from behind your daddy’s hoop skirt & saying that to our faces?

    • rivers

      He exposes corruption and you want him dead. You would have done well behind the Iron Curtain back in the day. You could always move to North Korea, they’re publicly executing dissenters as we speak. Nothing short of full blown crazy that you are not angry at the corruption, but at the person who exposes it.

    • ObamaFail

      You want him dead for exposing more corruption form the Democrats. Thanks for proving that you libs want anyone who doesn’t conform to your failed belief system dead.

  • BoscoBolt

    IMPEACH obama NOW!

    • Bathing Suit Area

      What happened this time? You stub your toe?

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    No surprises here, since I predicted this SCAM Health Care deal….Now these Navigators (formerly from Acorn, OFA, etc.) are ENCOURAGING people to cheat, Lie to the ARS-er, IRS (who are in on this too) and defraud the Government for SUBSIDIES (Paid for by TAX DOLLAR$$) for their “cause”… There’s no Congressional Oversight (KING FINK OBAMA and OBAMASCAM KATHY SEBILIUS won’t allow it), The Multiple-Agency Beaurocracy is like one hand having no idea what the other is doing, Hours are being cut (for those lucky enough to have jobs), and MANY OTHERS Are not just losing their jobs, but their Health Insurance as well.
    #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Dan Cassidy

    I am writing my congressman and senator to demand an investigation.

  • Andrew Scott

    Que the left saying this is an isolated event…. then Okeefe will start dropping more videos from around the nation. I’ve got a EBT card that says I’m right, any takers?

  • Its_My_Fault

    The cess pool of government waste, fraud and corruption just got a new play toy!

  • Its_My_Fault

    It’s only racism if you try to stop minorities from defrauding the government.

  • Kim Felini

    Gee…smells like ACORN all over again. While I applaud this kid for his tenacity, I have to breathe a sigh of caution so that he doesn’t meet with an untimely demise such in the case as his mentor Andrew Breitbart. And more recently James Hastings. Read into that what you will, but I don’t believe in coincidences. Only in fate…

  • Terry Williams

    This is how Obama ” Rolls “, their MO and what they do. Is anyone really surprised to the low-level at which Obama and his administration will go! How can anyone believe anything Obama says or does? From the very beginning, it has been one thing after another, each getting worst. It has to stop!

  • nc ✓s & balances

    You would think after all these fraud videos that these Acorn groups and the like would mind their Ps and Qs (you never know who might be undercover, right?), but NOOOO, they can’t seem to help themselves, can they?

    • Mister A

      They don’t give a shit. They know nothing will happen to them.

  • Sparkle Plenty

    This is what happens when Government gets involved in anything. Rampant fraud, abuse, and deceitful behavior. Have we not learned our lessons yet? I say scrap the whole monstrosity before it does anymore damage!!! If people can’t see this for what it is, control and debt, these videos should be more than sufficient to drive the point home. Has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare.

  • FlatFoot

    Just a few weeks ago I was saying how much I was looking forward to James O’Keefe and his crew giving those fools the undercover ACORN treatment. It was inevitable. I knew as much. Apparently, ‘They’ didn’t. Perpetual Abject Failure… go figure! Way to go, and Thank You, Mr. O’Keefe! More, please!

  • mtshark

    Obamacare navigator is helpful and tells the truth to Hannity and is fired. Obamacare navigator tells people to lie and facilitates fraud, now let’s see what happens. I’m betting a promotion.

    • 912er

      The leftist game plan calls for bribes and promotions to conceal corruption while hinting at specific threats for their non compliance….Sadly so far,most people have accepted the bribes and promotions.

  • NotaLemming

    James your not a trained / paid Journalist. Nancy Pelosi sez turn in your pens paper keyboards and cameras. The 1st amendment does not apply to you.

  • in_awe

    Gee, I hope you get some “navigators” exposing their criminal backgrounds on tape…but we wouldn’t be that lucky would we?? LOL!

  • MikeDR2012

    If they turn Texas blue it’s game over folks. The people of Texas need to stand up and become active and vote, especially if they have never voted before. If Wendy Davis gets the governorship, and they are successful with turning Texas Blue…..I can’t even fathom what America will look like at that point. Liberalism isn’t a disease, it’s a cancer. First California, now New York, Colorado will be close behind. Eventually this great experiment will run out of other people’s money, and probably not far behind that will be people’s liberties. You can’t point to any point in history where this experiment has worked, and don’t think for a second that the results will be any different with this group of leadership when they’ve already lied to you on so many levels. If you’re still on Team Obama at this point in time, then you’re willfully and actively promoting the destruction of the greatest nation on earth. We might have had a bad start by taking land and enslaving people, but that isn’t the case today and hasn’t been the case for 100+ years. There is no other country on the face of this earth that helps some many people with so many resources. If we did what the libs think we do, we’d sit on our big fat greedy asses and wave a big FU at the rest of the world while the world suffers, but we don’t. Hell, we even give money to people who Hate us! (thanks obama) We already have a ship in the Philippians to help them out after the typhoon. They don’t have oil there. What can we pilfer from them, dems? Was has Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Spain, Greece, or Denmark done?

    • mike_in_kosovo

      If they turn Texas blue it’s game over folks

      Texas went 57% for Romney in 2012, and Republicans hold 3-to-2 majorities in both chambers of the state legislature. Let’s not start running in circles yelling about the sky falling just *yet*…

      • nc ✓s & balances

        Have you seen the full O’Keefe video (above)? They are in full battle mode and we aren’t even aware of it.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          No, I can’t access streaming video. How does that change the 2012 election results or the composition of the state legislature, pray tell?

          • nc ✓s & balances

            It’s not about 2012. They are SERIOUSLY organizing, with government funding, for 2014 and beyond. This is a very well organized, very focused ground game with a specific goal. It’s not just the Navigators.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            They’ve been ‘seriously organizing’ since they lost the legislature in ’03…explain how this is somehow different, please.

          • nc ✓s & balances

            I’m sorry, you’ll have to find a way to watch the video or find a transcript. I didn’t say they were poised on the edge of success. I know how red Texas is, but these people are well funded and don’t fight fair. And they never give up.

        • HanaFiveO

          You have to appreciate their long term game plan. The know it will take more than one generation, so they create more little progs to finish the job. They’ve been stacking the education and court systems for years and years in TX. They are half way there. The abortion debate was a classic example.

          Took them a couple of decades to turn and keep CA, but its theirs now.

          • nc ✓s & balances

            As a lifelong Californian, I’ve seen it. The thing is, all they need to control is the large urban centers. Look at a political map of CA and you’ll see it’s overwhelmingly red, geographically. But population dense areas are blue, and that’s all they need.

            They already have Austin. They’re targeting Dallas really hard.

          • HanaFiveO

            Yep, were on the same page.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Dallas, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio and Houston already vote blue…

  • thohan

    Juan Williams used to be merely misguided and occasionally lucid. Wha’ hap’n?

  • freshideaguy

    ACORN was/is the most corrupt organization in US history. Obama was a trainer, a Saul Alinsky lapdog.

    Why should we be surprised that he is using ex-ACORN members, SEIU union thugs
    to continue his own personal corruption.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Just now got the chance to view the whole 10 minute O’Keefe tape. WOW! This is so much bigger than a few corrupt Obamacare Navigators. They are serious about this Turn Texas Blue thing and they will stop at nothing to make it happen.

    James O’Keefe is FEARLESS! Bring on the cranberry juice!

  • Herman LaClair

    my surprised face.

  • ObamaFail

    The navigators should all be charged with fraud, and the people who lied on their applications should be charged with fraud. These corrupt scumbags in charge of all of this stuff and libs think we’re all stupid enough to trust these criminals with our private information?

    • ELC

      Were the people at Acorn ever charged…NO. Don’t expect this group to be charged also. Somehow, they all escape with skin between their teeth.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        Of course nobody at acorn was charged, the evidence against them was fake.

  • ELC

    Maybe these are the same crooks Odumbo used to work with as in Project ACORN. Wouldn’t surprise me any. Not only can we not trust Odumbo, this government…now add to it the Navigators. This gets better everyday.

  • Richard Nightwood

    Hoax and Chains, liberals, Hoax and Chains.

  • Pat Arnold

    Another screeching HELLO!!! to America, one that most will ignore to their peril

  • radicallyalyssa

    Un-effing-believable. These people can’t sink any lower.

  • blder

    No mention at all of O’Keefe’s previous sham videos…