Oh, this should be good. In the so-called “meeting” on October 2, President Obama showed off his mad leadership skillz by digging in his stompy-footed heels and humiliating the GOP. And now Republican leaders are stepping back into the ring for another bout with Kid Compromise:

Yeah, this is a president who wants to get things done. He’s ready to reach across the aisle and negotiate for the sake of our fiscal health:

OK, well, maybe he’s not so interested in the negotiating part. But hey — at least this sham of a “meeting” won’t be a total loss:

Of course.



The meeting has reportedly been postponed:



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  • pinupartist

    “Come up to the Spite House so I can call you terrorists, hostage-takers & other assorted insults, then have a picture taken with me so my press minions can use it when they spread the lies I’ve prepared for them.”

    What a douchebag.

    • rssllue

      Best ever! At least he actually EARNED that title.

  • LuCha

    Just so he can say he “met” with Republicans….

    • ObamaFail

      I wonder if this meeting will go like the rest. He invites them there to negotiate, says, “I will not negotiate,” then goes on tv and accuses the GOP of refusing to negotiate.

      • LuCha

        Exactly. That’s what I mean. BS.

      • walterc

        His negotiating skills encompass the “I Won, get over it” mantra that kicked off his administration.

        Community organizers don’t know how to negotiate, just demand, harass, intimidate etc, but they don’t negotiate, then he takes credit.

        That’s why the only negotiating his administration has done is when he sends Hillary or Kerry someplace to negotiate for him. He doesn’t know how.

    • forgetyoutooo

      Of course. Obama’s had the “look how hard I’m negotiating” headlines all day.

  • neoface

    Defaulting is all part of Obama’s destruction of America, just like the government shut down, using forest service as his paramilitary, and ordered IRS to go after people he doesn’t like. Oh looky who you elected as a president.

  • tjcuzns

    I can not believe that we have sunk so low.

  • kateorjane

    What a pity the GOP guys won’t tell BO to call them when he actually wants to have a discussion. They should be too busy for a photo-op to back up the Pissy-In- Charge being tuff.

    • Matthew Koch

      The should tell him to “F–K OFF!”

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Someone needs to change Stompyfeet’s diaper.

  • Markward

    I can’t believe the GOP is even going along, its just going to be filled with insults and more abuse. When they should be going “Come on down to the congress when you actually mean it.”

    Well, keep going for that football Charlie brown.

    • Nightvalzin

      I can’t believe how foolish they’re being. They did all this,just to start bending over backwards for the Democrats again.

  • ObamaFail

    Here’s a statistic that debunks the myth of Obama recovery. 88% of jobs created in 2013 were part-time. http://www.ijreview.com/2013/10/86908-obama-recovery-88-jobs-created-2013-part-time/

    And Obama wants a default to happen, seeing as how he shot down a GOP plan to lift the debt ceiling for 6 weeks giving them more time to negotiate over making some real reductions in spending and putting a real budget in place and preventing a default. Obama shot it down, meaning when we default on Thursday it will be Obama’s fault because he refuses to even negotiate on getting his out of control spending under control. So remember this libs, when the default happens, it was your President who caused it. http://www.ijreview.com/2013/10/86768-imperial-presidents-rejection-gop-deal-undermines-compromise-narrative/

  • ObamaFail

    Off topic, but hilarious. One of Obama’s Obamacare navigators Rosilyn Wells is a suspected criminal. http://www.ijreview.com/2013/10/86928-obamacare-navigator-suspected-criminal-wanted-financial-crimes/

  • Marvin Nelson

    What default? The Feds take in $200+ billion per month and the payment not the debt interest is $30 billion. The government is required to pay this with a lot left over. The Dims are counting on the idea that the LIVs have no idea and the inability to understand what they are really doing. The Republicans are winning-they just need to stand firm.

  • HeavyMetalPolkaMonkey

    I can already see the MSM headlines….

  • Jack Deth


    The vaunted and exalted foundation and power of Obama, T3h Wun has dwindled to such a dismal and obscure thinness. That his and his party’s future can be read through it!

    In other words:


  • BluLou

    And like the little puppies they are, they go with their heads between their ass. I say send in Cruz and Lee to talk to stompy. Rather have our brightest and toughest than the obama and reid cheerleaders Boehner McConnell or mcidiot.

  • Joe W.

    I am truly hoping that the GOP holds fast and lets the debt limit expire. Let Obama play those cards and see how the folks love him…..

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Can anyone name one single point BHO and the Dems have given in on? Anything at all?

    Why can’t they bring in professional mediators to help this process? It’s clear BHO has no idea what the meaning of negotiation is.