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With so many lefties taking the high road, it’s getting hard to keep track of them all.


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Disgraceful: ‘Comedian’ Joe Mande mocks companies tweeting 9/11 tributes

  • ChampionCapua

    It would be cool if Joe Mande got horribly injured and an Obamacare Death Panel decided he wasn’t funny enough to save.

    • Julescat

      wouldn’t it be cool if there was a comic named Joe Mande and nobody cared?

      Oh wait

      • brewerandpatriot

        I see what you did there.

      • Grandma HeadInjury

        Well, you got the second part right anyway…

    • kinopio

      You realize that death panels aren’t a real thing and everyone has know that for years right?

      • Rich Kolasa

        Wrong, the government will have bureaucrats making life and DEATH decisions based on cost, fool.

        • kinopio

          The Affordable Care Act prevents the IPAB from making recommendations that would directly ration care. The board only makes recommendations on how to reduce medicare spending.

          • dwok

            You’re lying which is typical for a progressive.

            “Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean drew attention to the board designed to limit Medicare cost growth when he called for its repeal in an op-ed late last month.

            Dean was quickly criticized by supporters of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), who noted his ties to the healthcare industry as an adviser to a major D.C. lobbying firm.

            But the former Vermont governor is not the only Democrat looking to kill the panel.

            A wave of vulnerable Democrats over the past three months has signed on to bills repealing the board’s powers, including Sen. Mark Pryor (Ark.) and Reps. Ron Barber (Ariz.), Ann Kirkpatrick (Ariz.), Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.) and Elizabeth Esty (Conn.).

            All five are considered vulnerable in next year’s election,
            highlighting the stakes and the political angst surrounding the healthcare measure.

            The four House Democrats faced criticism from their party in July after voting with Republicans to delay ObamaCare’s individual and employer mandates — moves widely interpreted as political positioning ahead of 2014.

            Two of the lawmakers explained their opposition by suggesting the board would limit care for Medicare patients.

            But the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) blasted the four Democrats for “desperately trying to jump off the ObamaCare train.”

            The cost-cutting board has been dogged with controversy over the last three years.

            Major healthcare interests like the American Medical Association, theAmerican Hospital Association and the pharmaceutical lobby have supported IPAB repeal, saying the panel would cut providers’ pay arbitrarily.

            Public awareness of the board shot up last year when Palin called it a“death panel,” connecting the IPAB to her previous attacks on a proposal to encourage end-of-life planning in the Affordable Care Act”.

            You honestly think that the IPAB will only monitor medicare spending? Not only are you a liar but you’re ignorant to boot.

          • ChampionCapua

            It won’t be called “rationing”, it’ll be “treatment denied”. How else does one go about “reducing Medicare spending”, since there is no waste? Nancy Pelosi said “There are no more possible cuts to the government, the cupboard is bare”?

            Also, who is on this board? Are they elected? Can they be removed? What are their qualifications?

            Do you know how to reduce spending, personally? Do you have someone recommending how to reduce spending at your house? Why, or why not?

            I didn’t need or ask the government to take over the health insurance industry, why did you, citizen? Why are you struggling so that you need my help?

          • Laurie

            It will be eerily similar to the IRS denying Tea Party, Patriot and other conservative groups from getting their tax-exempt status. Those in power will make the decisions. Turnabout is fair play liberals….

          • bonnieblue2A

            The reduced payment rates are driving physicians away from both Medicare and Medicaid as well as for i g rural hospital and clinic closures. Less availability to quality medical services has the same consequences as denial of services.

          • Gallatin

            IPAB is a Death Panel. Sweet dreams cupcake.

          • Paul

            are you really that gd dumb not to realize it is the same gd thing you gd idiot?

      • Chris Stone

        Not so: everybody in DENIAL knows that. It’s already been admitted. Update the agitprop already. Maybe – oh – RESEARCH something before you open your pie hole?

        • Paul

          it’s not pie he stuffs in that hole

      • CJ Hand

        Kathleen Sebelius is a one-woman death panel.

      • Mekadave

        Really? Tell that to Kathleen Sebelius “Someone’s got to live and someone’s got to die”

        • kinopio

          Tell that to the people at the republican debates who cheered at the thought of a guy dying because he didn’t have health care.

          • Ronald Green

            You really should stop lying.

          • J. Cox

            Can you please link that….or do you have the DNC tape on perma-loop of booing God,praising abortion,and killing jobs?

          • ChampionCapua


          • WisconsinPatriot

            YEAH! All NONE of them!

          • AMERICAN Kafir™✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Hellooo, stupid. Healthcare is NOT health insurance. (I think you missed the clue bus today and had to walk to screwl).

        • hatsylady

          She’s known as the Grim Reaper in this household.

      • tallron

        Read the bill,dumbass.

        • kinopio


          • Ronald Green

            Moron alert!!!

          • J. Cox

            He is a “internet tough guy” because he told you to read the bill?Bwahahaha…just call everyone here a racist and go away.

          • Darth Venomous✓unmedicated

            Better an Internet Tough Guy™ than an Internet P#$$y™ like you, Skippy.

          • ChampionCapua

            Your values:

            Guy who types “Read the bill, dumbass.” = Internet Tough Guy

            Guy who types:”It would be cool if Ted Cruz was horribly injured…” = TV funny guy, insightful truth-teller.

            Examine your life, pal… find out where you went wrong.

          • WisconsinPatriot

            ^^^^WET DIAPER ALERT^^^

          • Michael Rice

            Someone call you, appropriately, a dumbass and you freak out. You lie about people cheering death, well, Republicans anyway and all is well.

      • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

        The Independent Patient Advisory Board IS a death panel as well as a life panel.

        The Independent Patient Advisory Board IS NOT independent. It will consist of politically appointed hacks. Better hope “your” folks stay in power a long time.

      • ChampionCapua

        No, I don’t realize that because it’s not the case. Would you care to try again?

      • MarcusFenix

        You realize that the “death panels” are actually a thing, and is public knowledge and has been for years now…right?

      • IceColdTroll

        Three posts, three fails. Yer battin’ a thousand, DiMaggio!

      • Adela Wagner

        Let’s ask the little girl who got a lung transplant that HHS Sec. Sebelius wouldn’t sign off on and the judge who had to step in and save her life.
        And we CAN ask her, because she got it and is at home now doing well. NO thanks to Kathleen” Def’ Pan” Sebelius.

      • 3seven77
        • kinopio

          Howard Dean is a lobbyist for the health care industry.

      • David

        Sarcasm, right?

      • J. Cox

        You realize that when certain cost threshholds are met,they can deny procedures right?I love how after all this time…you still have no clue.

      • jude1

        You mean like when govt. hack Kathleen Sebelius wanted to deny a little girl a lung transplant a few months ago, and if not for the intervention of a judge the little girl would have died?

      • WisconsinPatriot

        kinopio…..that is a play on pinocchio, right? Did you take english in high school? Are you IN high school yet? Its fun to comment, but more fun is to have your facts in order BEFORE you comment. Future reference….

      • Barry A. Brewer

        Really? Try explaining that to 10 year old Sarah Murnaghan. Who was DENIED a waiver for a lung transplant by one-woman death panel Kathleen Sebelius. Happened right on television, live. Kinda shoots your fairy tale in the ass, huh?

      • Gallatin

        Nope I don’t realize that. What I do realize is that care will be rationed and there will be Death Panels.

    • MentalHealthforProgressivesLLC

      Doesn’t need a death panel to figure that out!

    • Bemani Dog ✓certifiable

      Or if he got his eyes gouged out so he wouldn’t need those dorky glasses.

      • brewerandpatriot

        Some of us need our black horn-rimmed hipster glasses to look smart when making our sales pitches.

    • pajamakat


    • bbarre69

      Didn’t you mean the “Obamacare Death Panel RECOGNIZED that he wasn’t funny enough to save”

  • Roger Bournival


    • kinopio

      He is a successful stand up comedian and a writer on Parks and Recreation. Now who are you?

      • Ronald Green

        Moron alert x2!!!

      • ChampionCapua

        Why are all the liberal intelligentsia/tastemakers comics? Colbert, Maher, Stewart, Letterman, etc.

        Comedians. Clowns. Jokers. Harlequins. Fools. They speak for you.

        Wonder why that is?

      • Darth Venomous✓unmedicated

        Someone who doesn’t watch P&R, and is far more intelligent for it – unlike you, apparently.

      • Dan Thorpe

        I like comedians and I generally go out of my way to look for new comedians but I have never heard of this guy, and I have never watched P&R. (Sarcasm) The tweet just proves how wonderfully tolerant libs are (end sarcasm)

      • Tyrconnell

        Just the fellow who disobeyed direct orders and prevented WWIII back in 79, and who, may we ask are you?

      • Michael Rice

        Someone who has a clue. Now, how about yourself.

  • RblDiver

    If Obamacare gets its way, he may get his wish.

    • Rulz

      For all the injured who aren’t government connected.

      And it may surprise some of these “comedians” that they aren’t as accepted for the “in-crowd” as they think.

    • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Evidently he didn’t see Crowder’s film on Canadian healthcare.

  • angel_e

    Gotta love the “peace-loving”, “compassionate”, “humanitarian” leftist nimrods. When they’re not wishing slow, painful death upon the children of conservatives, they’re sure to express other tidbits of good will and and kindness.

    • BlahBlah

      Self righteousness is a powerful drug.

      • MarcusFenix

        In my opinion, liberals have trouble differentiating between self righteousness and megalomania most of the time.

        • Tarantula2

          They’re the same thing only by degree…

  • BoscoBolt

    It would be cool if America got stuck with obamacare, so that we all have to wait 21 MONTHS for a doctor’s appointment …

    … Oh, wait a minute … that wouldn’t be cool at all.

  • BlahBlah

    LOL But what about LOL Cruz’s kids LOL? Maybe LOL we could wish them some LOL horrible death too LOL?

  • Julescat

    wait! there’s a comic named Joe Mande?

    who knew?

    • kinopio

      People who like good jokes on twitter or the millions who watch Parks and Recreation?

      • tallron

        P& R had 2.9 million viwers aganst Big Bang 19 million for May 2013 finale. Only by NBC standards can that be considered a hit. Wishing a nobody like you a painful death does , at least, have cathartic benefits,

      • teasacker

        Was this one of the “good” jokes?

      • IceColdTroll

        Ohhhh . . .. so that means you are one of those Smart People, right?

    • Mari

      never heard of him in my life

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Not yet there isn’t…

  • MarcusFenix

    Wouldn’t it be cool if most people had ever heard of Joe Mande?

    I actually had to look him up…and he’s not that funny.

    • arttie

      That is way more time than I am willing to invest.

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      But wouldn’t it be terrible if he had to wait 21 hours to get his “free” Pamprin and Vagisil?

      • MarcusFenix

        I LOL’d for real on that one. Nice shot.

        Eh…if he’s a liberal, he should be used to the burning, butthurt sensation of facts and the truth…so maybe he can grin and bear it?

  • JeffWRidge

    Yet another example of lefty tolerance. Seriously, do these people ever think before hitting the submit button? Some thoughts are best left unwritten/unspoken and never posted.

    • Julescat

      so Joe Mande would think it cool if we hoped that ogabe’s kids got murdered like a lot of people he killed with drones?

      I’m just trying to jam with Joe and riff on his humor

  • Joseph Kurt

    Well, it’s about as funny as most of his other joke. (Not a typo)

    • stellatruman

      bo clue who he is, but clearly not even close to being funny

      • Joseph Kurt

        That’s why joke is singular..

  • Rulz

    Do I sense racism here?

    • angel_e

      Oh, that didn’t even occur to me but maybe that’s it. Since leftists are always so quick to assert “racism”, perhaps they’re just projecting. So does Joe hate Cubans? or white people? white’ish people? Or white-Cubans? hmm…

    • kinopio

      There was no mention of race in his tweet. You are the one who brought up race for no reason.

      • Tyrconnell

        No mention of race in a lot of opposition to Obama’s agenda, and the first, or at least second, counter is for the left to yell “Raaaaacist!”

      • jdidier

        You mean, just like any opposition to Obama that is considered racism, with no mention of race? Like that?

      • Rulz

        Yeah, but by progressive standards, race doesn’t have to be mentioned.

        Kind of like when the straight white elites call Rush a racist and tell him he can’t own the Rams when his right-hand man Bo Sneardly is African-American.

  • Magnifico

    Good luck with that; he’s not in Canada anymore.

  • ObamaFail

    Oh liberals, you hate filled scumbags always show your scum every chance you get.

  • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Someone should tell Joe that the “21 hour wait” thing will kick in about the same time Obamacare is fully implemented, perhaps a bit sooner.

  • WhoMeToo

    Where “comedy” goes to die ==> @JoeMande

  • Jack Deth

    Question for Mr. Mande:

    What insurance policy has premiums set so low that they can easily be covered by a no talent, Rupert Pupkin, “stand up comic” traveling the nation in search of new material?

  • tops116

    It would be cool if Joe Mande actually said something funny. It’d also be cool if anyone knew who the hell Joe Mande was. Oh well, maybe he can get one of those “You don’t know who this guy is and you wouldn’t care, but we had an hour to fill on our schedule” Comedy Central specials.

  • ObamaFail

    Did he just claim Cruz “wasted 21 hours?” No time was wasted by Cruz. He got his point across, and only the most corrupt, delusional morons can’t see the truth behind Cruz’s words. Where is this guy when it comes to talking about the 4 1/2 years Reid wasted trying to keep any budgets from going through?

    • kinopio

      Reading Dr Suess was a GREAT use of time. Glad tax dollars paid for that!

      • tallron

        Since most of Obama’s base is illeterate ( or deceased) , consider it a public service.

        • AZN8V

          I’m assuming you spelled illiterate incorrectly as a joke?

          • tallron

            I can spell, I can’t type. I went to HS when boys who took typing got beat up after school.

        • kinopio

          Look at the list of the most illiterate states and you will see they are all solidly red states such as Alabama, Mississippi, etc.

          • J. Cox

            And when you look at where the lowest test scores and highest dropout rates are,you will see they all occur in the blue sections of said states.Facts are hard

          • ChampionCapua

            All run by your liberal Teacher’s Unions. Be Proud!!

          • Black_Conserv_American

            Look at a list of states with the highest taxes and highest crime rates and highest homeless and highest drug abusers and highest morons like yourself. The majority are blue, dingbat.

          • Finrod Felagund

            Recently I saw a list of the 20 most deficient bridges in the United States. Every single one of them was in a solidly dark blue state.

          • Catchance

            Look at the list of the states that are all either bankrupt or getting there quickly. Blue states.

      • teasacker

        Are you equally glad for the tax dollars that paid for Reid to talk about how he missed his pomegranate trees?

      • MarcusFenix

        Still a better means of spending tax dollars than say…Obamacare.

      • IceColdTroll

        Dr. Seuss is far more intelligent and constructive than the ACA. So yes.

      • grais

        Do you think he read Green Eggs and Ham for 21 hours?
        tsk tsk
        You missed a great opportunity to learn something.

        • kinopio

          I wished I could have learned something about healthcare from a congressman from the state with the highest percentage of people without healthcare.

          • Black_Conserv_American

            You obviously know nothing about healthcare or economics or science or common sense, seeing as you love for a nation crushing healthcare plan.

      • Black_Conserv_American

        All three minutes, whoo, dingbat.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Wouldn’t it be funny if nobody wasted 21 seconds of thought to even look at one of his tweets?

    I’m figuring, if Joe Mande was on trial for being a comedian, they’d let him go for lack of evidence.

  • chiefek2

    It would be funny if @JoeMande was funny

  • ashknothole

    It would be cool if Joe Mande had given his writers twenty-one hours to come up with better material.

  • ELC

    No, what would be funny is if he’s lying bleeding in an emergency room and no one wants to help him. Now, that would be hilarious. Not really. What you wish on others has a way of coming back and biting you on the butt. What an air head. He’s not even funny, but then again what’s worse is I never heard of him.

  • MNWoman

    There are many, many differences between conservatives and liberals.

    But one that I find interesting after to day is how little effort he left puts into seeing the impact Cruz, Paul, Lee et al. are having on the conservative movement. We, as conservatives, are forced to confront the leftist/progressive agenda since it dominates the media and entertainment industry. It is difficult to ignore.

    Many leftists/progressives can simply remain in their little bubble and ignore us because we are not main stream. If they took the time to get out of their own little world to see our side of the political coin, they might actually learn something.

    • ObamaFail

      Learn something? Common Core doesn’t allow that.

      • MNWoman

        Oh, that’s right.

        How about this…if the took the time to get out of their own little world to see our side of the political coin, they mght feel good about themselves.

    • kinopio

      FOX news gets much higher ratings than the other 24 hour news stations. Rupert Murdoch owns a bunch of papers. Republicans are not the little underdog, stop playing that silly card.

      • J. Cox

        Because most people who view FOX want all of the news,not “news” form a comedy station that is clearly skewed left.But go ahead,let us know how the rest of the media are not a pathetic bunch of sycophant hacks that lie and cover for the (D) party 24/7

        • kinopio

          The Daily Show doesn’t make anything up to make FOX look bad, FOX does it themselves.

          • Black_Conserv_American

            The Daily Show makes most things up. Point out an example, tiger!

      • Black_Conserv_American

        Fox News versus MSNBC, NBC, HLN, CNN, CBS, ABC, CNN, Terrorist News Org. Yeah, they kind of seem to be the underdog here, princess.

  • UnhyphenatedAmericanVet

    when obcare takes over… 21 hours will be quick just ask them that have national HC

  • LochGates44


    • kinopio

      He is a person who is paid well to make comedic material such as writing for Parks and Recreation. I know there aren’t any conservatives who have been successful in that field but I figured you would have at least heard of the industry.

      • J. Cox

        C’mon joe…we know it’s you.Either that or a pathetic fan trying hard to run cover for him….and failing hard.

        • kinopio

          I will admit to failing hard if you can name some talented, relevant and successful comedians.

      • Crow T. Robot

        Do you not realize how pathetic you seem defending someone that no one really gives a damn about?

      • ChampionCapua

        Dennis Miller on line 1.

      • sambar2

        I love Parks and Rec. Too bad vile cretins work on it. Oh wait, it’s made by Hollywood liberals so I guess I already knew that.

      • Black_Conserv_American

        Whoo, he writes for a sitcom, who gives a 5hit. Flucking moron.

  • sambar2

    Wendy Davis stood for the slaughter of innocents but I still don’t recall any conservatives wishing for her physical harm.

    Once agin, libs show that they’re made of wickedness and depravity. And they’re not even ashamed of it.



  • IceColdTroll


    • Doc Farmer ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Wait, something’s missing from that photo…

      Ah, yes! A steaming pile of shit. Which would describe Joe Mande’s “humor”…

  • Paulita Gilberto

    Gosh, he’s “really funny” Not. Failed your first audition. Now, go home.

    • kinopio

      A “not” joke!!! Damn are you out of touch.

      • sambar2

        Better to be comedically “out of touch” than be a vile cretin wishing physical harm on those you disagree with.


    Someone should tell this guy that you usually use your head for a photo, not your ass

  • David

    It would be cool Mande if someone stuck that over-sized coffee mug up your azzzzz . . .

  • MrApple

    What a douche-bag!

  • Bumr50

    Jagoff is Pittsburghese for s**thead.

    • kinopio

      0-3 is Pittsburghese for The Steelers.

  • Guest

    Let the Comrades wish harm upon Republican politicians, if it amuses them;
    millions of Americans do not have warm and fuzzy sentiments about Obama, either.

  • jude1

    What the heck is a Joe Mande?

  • AmericanMom

    It would be cool if Joe Mande drove off a cliff laughing at his own jokes.

  • LegalizeShemp

    If I had a face like Joe Mande, I’d shave my butt and walk on my hands.

    • Marvin Nelson

      Actually, when he was born, he was so ugly that the doctor slapped his mother,

  • Marvin Nelson

    Who is this idiot? A comedian? Sounds like a typical liberal “celebrity” who is a legend in his own mind. These people are truly evil and dangerous. Oh yeah, and tolerant. NOT!

  • Chimfish

    The irony of this insult is that increased government involvement in health care has been shown to correlate to longer hospital wait times. He inadvertently drew attention to a real criticism of Obamacare that doesn’t get brought up often enough.

    When the law goes into effect, it won’t only be Ted Cruz waiting for a long time to see a doctor.


    Well, I hope that Mande gets injured on or after October 1st.

    If he doesn’t stop loving Obamacare after that, then he is far more moronic than I thought.

  • Dan Thorpe

    The first person on here I can honestly say who is this????? It’s just someone proving to the rest of his followers that he is indeed a liberal hack.

  • keyboard jockey

    Thus proving Ted Cruz’s point about socialized medicine aka Obamacare…yeah the jokes on all of us @JoeMande

  • TocksNedlog

    Open a$$h*le, insert head.

  • John

    Who is this guy? His 15 minutes is up ,tick,tick,tick,NOW! He looks like a spanish Bluto! Olive Oil wouldn’t have this guy.Maybe Popeye! or his Popee!

  • Defend The Constitution

    The disagreement between the liberty school and the collectivists is not an argument about attempting to improve civilization, but rather about the best ways of doing so.

  • John Alvarado

    Wouldn’t it be crazy if someone remember Joe Mande’s material for more than 21 seconds?

  • jumper297

    Who the hell is Joe Mande?

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    Joe who?

  • Michael Rice


  • lee martell

    The first word of this article says Jagoff. What does that mean? Anything related to the word Jack **F? It would be most appropriate in this case.

  • ModdKenwood

    maybe he’ll be a regular on Real Time with Bill Maher now

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    Wow. Another Leftist “comedian” who doesn’t know how to be funny.


  • Fosters347

    Watching people get trolled is so funny.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    Obama is setting the tone.