Only took 24 hours or so, but the AP finally caught up to reality:

Let’s give ’em a hand!

Update: A NewsBusters post notes that the AP’s correction still hasn’t quite made it to every erroneous report.



Gun-grabbing media’s narrative crumbles: Navy Yard shooting suspect reportedly ‘NOT armed with AR-15′

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  • ceemack

    They didn’t want to rush into the correction. They wanted to take their time and be sure to get it right.

  • Republicanvet

    This really is unusual. Generally AP acts like an etch-o-sketch in changing their stories when it benefits the left. I guess someone at AP didn’t like the change in narrative.

  • trixiewoobeans

    They had to discern if it was PC and White House-approved. And Dammit, they SO wanted it to be an AR-15.

    • Clete Torres

      Not to mention a fat white guy with TEA Party connections, who lived in the trailer park in his single-wide with a shrine to GEN. Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA in the front yard (for those of you in Rio Linda, he founded the KKK).

    • Michelle

      Anti-gun folks get absolutely giddy when they hear an AR-15 was involved.

      • Ken Alan Draper

        unless the AR-15 was used to stop the mass shooting then they totally ignore the story.

  • Clete Torres

    The Associated Press

    We are the Ass in media.

  • RblDiver

    We rush to conclusions, not to facts!

  • ObamaFail

    The damage is done though. Liberals still think the guy had an AR-15 because Politico, AP, and every other liberal outlet said the shooter had one.

    • trixiewoobeans

      That’s the plan.

  • JeffWRidge

    Too bad they’re not as quick to put out corrections as they are putting out the inaccuracies in the first place.

  • WhoMeToo

    @AP <== always a bridesmaid. Never a bride.

    • DaMello

      Too funny… Too right!

    • DaMello

      Too funny… Too right!


    Took em 5 years just to START saying Obama sucks

  • Jack Deth

    The AP hasn’t been right since “Dewey Defeats Truman!”

    Oh, wait.

  • Liberalism Is Nonsense

    I think we can all agree that Paul Krugman’s primitive superstitions are dangerously delusional.

  • Jeremy

    The AP I am sure hoped it was an AR-15 used to help Obama’s gun control agenda.

  • Servo1969

    The Main Stream Media in action: