Because too much truth might come out. Right, Mr. Secretary?

Shame on him. Fortunately, House Oversight Committee Republicans, led by Rep. Darrell Issa, aren’t inclined to let Kerry off the hook:

Somehow, despite the best efforts of Obama administration obfuscation, the memories of the four brave men brutally slaughtered in Benghazi will get the justice they deserve.





Twitchy coverage of Sharyl Attkisson’s excellent Benghazi reporting

  • TCap

    If they had any guts, Republicans would refuse to proceed on any Congressional business until the survivors are allowed to speak.

    • NeoKong

      ” If they had any guts,”

      Well see….There’s the flaw in your plan right there.

    • 1776 Freedom Fighter

      Well said, TCap; sadly, here’s a pic of the 4 Americans who did not make it out alive:

  • nc

    What the John Eff is he afraid of?

    If the answer is so sensitive that we can’t know (I don’t believe this for a second, but I’m playing Devil’s Advocate, literally), can’t they at least talk to members of Congress with “classified” clearance?

  • Love of Country

    Sharyl Attkisson ✔ @SharylAttkisson

    Secy Kerry tells congress he will not honor the request to make Benghazi survivors available for questioning.
    Oh Yeah? Sounds like possible grounds for treason or else it should be …..

    So let’s talk about John Kerry’s indefensible and uber anti-American stance and position and stonewall and coverup in Benghazi. The American people need and deserve to know the extent of the stonewalling because right now, thanks to communist reporters, most know nothing about it at all.

    • 1776 Freedom Fighter

      I’m with you, Love of Country; I share your disgust with the stonewalling.

      Here’s a pic of one of the primary players, with blood on her hands:

  • disqus_e2F2oUH6C7

    Let’s get those subpoenas started.

    • Elaine

      Should have done that about a year ago! Hillary should be included, for sure!

  • stuckinIL4now

    Kerry must think he’s probably stumbling into another brilliant solution.

  • Elaine

    Wonder why we are still asking questions about Benghazi? This is one of many reasons. Hillary Clinton should get a subpoena, too, along with Rice and a few others who have lied and impeded this investigation from day one! We are sick of being told these are false scandals so shut up or just go away every time we demand answers. We are the government and we fund it. We deserve answers.

    • 1776 Freedom Fighter

      You have it right, Elaine; the pair of ladies you noted can be seen in this pic, alongside Obummer and his shameful team:

  • therealguyfaux

    You just know he’s going to pull some sort of executive privilege claim out of his ass, like, they can’t testify to Congress, even in a closed door session, because what they would say is a confidential kind of information he needs to be in control of in order to advise the president correctly and thoroughly, and unless Congress is willing to start charging people with crimes, nobody gets subpoena’d. Not that the Justice Department would do anything, of course— and good luck, trying to get a Special Counsel appointed.

  • Republicanvet

    So this isn’t a State Dept cover-up since Jawn wasn’t at State when this happened, but clearly a WhiteHut cover-up.
    This just after States spokeshack lied and said they are not blocking any survivors from talking to Congress.

  • walterc

    Why are we waiting on John Eff Kerry (who served in Nam ya know) to change his mind? It’s been an effing year, issue the subpoenas already.

  • Spasmolytic

    Democrats are doing everything possible to protect Hillary’s 2016 campaign. Even if that means lying to the public and spitting in the face of the victims families.

  • Joe

    Who has the balls to do anything about it?

  • NeoKong

    So the State Dept. supersedes Congress…?

  • Darticus

    They “may” issue subpoenas? They should have done that MONTHS ago! Subpoena Shrillary too, while you’re at it

  • Marvin Nelson

    I am sick and tired of the political posturing vis a vis Benghazi. They “may” issue subpoenas?? What the hell are they waiting for? We will NEVER let this die because all Americans, especially the families, deserve to know what happened. So, Issa, get off your ass and get this done!!

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