Whose responsibility are these red lines, Mr. President?




  • OLLPOH ~ America

    Ignoring the meaning of just the numbers 9 1 1 …

    • The Penguin #PublishThatSh*t

      Perfect. Don’t even need another comment. This works.

    • daPenguin

      Can I please please steal this?

      • OLLPOH ~ America

        Don’t know that it would be classified as stealing as we didn’t make it, we are just sharing it.

    • Jazzee

      amen amen

      • OLLPOH ~ America

        Amen. As the Lord Blessed us with these fellows and it is our duty as countrymen to honor them as we honor our Creator! One Sunrise, One Sunset!

  • Beverly

    The Mad Hatter

  • Marvin Nelson

    These pics need to be made into posters and plastered everywhere. Think I’m going to the copy store to make some for distribution. Is that okay?

  • ObamaFail

    Can’t shake the feeling the real reason Obama wants in Syria so bad is so he can help the Al-Qaida led rebels get control. That way Al-Qaida (who is totes on the run you guyz), can get even stronger.

    • tops116

      Obama is just lucky that al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood aren’t going at it. It’d be quite the sadistic choice for him over who to support.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        The MB and al Qaeda have the exact same goals. They disagree over tactics. They might even coordinate their strategies. Many AQ leaders came from the MB but some AQ members do resent the MB for their (relatively) pansy-butt tactics.

        0’Bama would be forced to publicly support the MB, but he’d try to make sure none of them got hurt.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Just like America got involved in World War 2 because they really wanted to help out the Soviets more than anything.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        “Just like America got involved in World War 2 because they really wanted to help out the Soviets more than anything.”

        That’s only true for leftists.

      • The Penguin #PublishThatSh*t

        So Pearl Harbor is a myth? How about those murdered 11 million Jews? Tell me that never happened either a$$hole.

    • Jazzee

      well he has done that in Egypt and LIbya
      giving Palestians tons of money
      loves turkey’s president the other Marxist
      has brotherhood in his white house
      none of this should surprise anyone who researched and listens to this empty lying suit jerk

    • dagnytaggart

      I think he wants to get his hands on all the weapons he was running thru Libya before we can prove he was engaging another fast and furious, and he also really, really, really, needs to look manly.

    • Elaine

      Everything Obama does seems to hurt the USA and help the Muslim Brotherhood take over. I don’t think this is all coincidence.

  • BeeKaaay

    No amount of blood is enough for Obama. 50 million babies dead since 1973 and his bloodthirst is not satisfied. So yeah, let’s start another war. Let’s allow infanticide.

    Bloodthirsty leftwingwackoism at work.

  • nc

    What do you want to bet BHO is going to try to turn this year’s 9/11 tribute into yet another “Day of Service?”

    • tops116

      After repeatedly using his three favorite words: “Me, myself and I”

      • PatriotRG

        and the 4th word is the middle class

  • tops116

    Aw, but al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood weren’t in danger, so Obama saw no reason to intervene.

  • Franklin R Burn

    …not for nothing but , Obama has me seeing RED right now!

  • Exodus2011


    Bad as this Syria debacle is, and bad as the NSA scandal is, and bad as the attack on the Press and the 1st Amendment is, and bad as the IRS Enemies List scandal is, ……. they PALE in comparison to what went down in Benghazi before 9/11/12, ON 9/11/12 and in the aftermath of 9/11/12

    it’s good to know that a further 13 Benghazi witnesses have been deposed , before being called to testify in future rounds of hearings

    we will get to the bottom of this shocking traitorous episode … it will take many months to hear all the testimony, and for the American Public to absorb the enormity of what went down on 9/11/12 … and I personally believe there was PRE-MEDITATION involved

    May the terrible truth be FULLY EXPOSED

    until we hear all the Benghazi witnesses including testimony from the 3 Generals and 1 Admiral who were fired by Obama, plus the first 67 hours of emails exchanged between Benghazi and DC, we won’t know the full truth

    and now we have the Hero David Ubben, who fought alongside Woods and Doherty, appearing again after spending months in Walter Reed …. this man managed to SURVIVE Benghazi despite waiting more than 20 HOURS to receive medical attention for his SHREDDED LEG, —->>>> DEO GRATIAS

    (It’s almost as if the individual who gave the “Stand Down!” order was TRYING to run out the clock on this BRAVE AMERICAN’S LIFE!….. .. B*STARD! )

    We The People want to HEAR TESTIMONY from this man ….

    we need to find out WHY Killary and Obama made those shocking decisions which led to the deaths of FOUR AMERICANS

    DEO GRATIAS the investigation will continue and a large majority of the American Public support this action

    I want to hear from that video-maker too …. the 0 Regime have still got him in jail

    I would like to hear him questioned, under oath, about his connections to the WH …

    I think the other scandals will soften up the Obama Regime, but Benghazi, fully revealed, will DECAPITATE it ……. Deo Volente …

  • Jazzee

    wow excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dunst43

    This is why we have the Second Amendment.

  • Trudy Hill

    Obscammer now says they are not HIS redlines but those of the world. WE STILL WANT ANSWERS. This dude will do ANYTHING to distract from answering questions. Where will it end? WWIII ?

  • irishgirl91

    Darn my techno cretin ways, I cannot figure out how to post the above photo on to my FB page.