Um, pardon?

This morning, Daily Beast writer Patricia Murphy guested on MSNBC with host Thomas Roberts to discuss “the new guard of Democratic women”:

Where she proceeded to drop this creeptastic little nugget:

Buckets full of women?

Stand by for lefty feminist outrage … or not:

  • RblDiver

    2 Wendy Davis, 1 Bucket?

    • The Penguin

      And it still doesn’t add up to half a brain.

    • Elaine

      The “rising star in the Dem Party” part gets me. All you have to do is advocate for killing babies?

      • CHHR

        oh no, you also have to stomp your foot too.

    • Spiny Norman

      I see what you did there, RblDiver. ::hurl::

      • RblDiver

        Wondered how many’d get it 😛 lol

    • shinto


  • ogama843

    …. Maybe she meant buckets full of aborted fetuses.

  • MJ Pauls

    Are they talking about the abortion clinics’ buckets full of aborted baby girls?

  • Republicanvet

    Buckets o Barbie.

    • thetreyman

      abortion barbie, that is.

      • Republicanvet

        Yeah, it was either that or Buckets of Stupid…Buckets of Butthurt.

  • Abiss

    I dunno. I think they put the aborted one’s in buckets sometimes. Maybe those are the ‘women’ they’re referring to…

  • Leroy Whitby

    I don’t think they’re buckets. More like bags. Old ones.

  • notenoughtime

    Sounds more like a bucket load of manure!

  • ElbethL

    Aside from the bad phrasing, this is untrue. The generation currently 18-29 is as pro-life as the Greatest Generation. The one after that is more so. Ultrasound technology has had a devastating effect on the abortion apologist movement.

    • Todd Hill

      One can hope…

    • V the K

      Perhaps, but the Demoncrat Party is still run by 60’s-era fossils, and in their drug-addled heads, overpopulation is still the world’s Biggest Problem and unlimited sexual license in a consequence-free environment is the social ideal. Hence, abortion is the most important item in the Demoncrat agenda.

  • KornKing

    The “courageous” thing to do is to stand for what’s right.

  • Osumashi Kinyobe

    Rising star? More like flash-in-the-pan.

    • CHHR

      what can you say other than there’s always a Fluke in the mix…

      • Osumashi Kinyobe

        Oh, there’s another one!

  • trixiewoobeans

    “Buckets” might possibly be the correct term, as they’re all willing water-carriers for this Administration.

  • Steve_J

    How much courage does it take to be fawned over?

  • JeffWRidge

    Yeah, I’m thinking of a two word phrase that rhymes with “bucket.”

  • Texan357

    Buckets: the new binders?

  • TJ

    Buckets is where most aborted babies go, that and the toilet drain.

    • CHHR

      and refrigerators or freezers

  • disqus_eric

    So what’s Abortion Barbie been up to?

    • CHHR

      She’s been kicking up her fundraising efforts. Now, don’t laugh, but it seems she’s got her sights on the governorship in Texas…

      Look at the guest list at one of the two DC fundraiser!
      Sens. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.;
      Barbara Boxer, D-Calif.;
      Al Franken, D-Minn.;
      Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.;
      Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii; A
      my Klobuchar, D-Minn.;
      Patty Murray, D-Wash.;
      Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H.
      The cost to attend was $500 per tool.

      The other fundraiser cost guests $25 to $250 ea.

      • KhadijahMuhammad

        Abbott has 18M in the bank, and hasn’t started to fundraise yet. Not to worry.

      • Spiny Norman

        Now, don’t laugh, but it seems she’s got her sights on the governorship in Texas…

        Really? Does she know there’s a Texas outside of Austin?

      • nc

        The Parade of Horribles.

  • CHHR

    you know what gets me about these fools? Advocating for unimpeded sexual behavior and abortions is soooooo demeaning to women. It’s like they’re saying go ahead women, whore around, there’s a fix for that and he’ll love you even more in the morning….for not holding HIM responsible.
    It’s just so pathetic!

    • thetreyman

      and they wonder why HPV is becoming more prevalent among young women and teens.

    • nc

      What? It’s not “empowering” to be used as a sex toy then cast aside? With the added bonus of killing the “unintended consequence?”

  • ObamaFail

    Yes, it’s SOOOOO courageous to wage war on unborn children.

  • TocksNedlog

    They’re SO full of it that binders won’t contain them!

  • TocksNedlog

    ‘Buckets full of women’
    — And they’re about to be dumped in front of the party faithful. Kind of like hog-sloppin’ time down at the pen.

  • Lady 12

    How can they be this self-unaware?

    • Jeremy

      They are really this stupid.

  • KhadijahMuhammad

    Now the Dems have what they thought Sarah Palin was.

  • Jeremy
  • Peyton

    How about Jars full of women like Gosnell had.

    • nc

      I hate it that I have to upvote you.

      • Peyton

        Touche. I wish it was never a statement that I had to make.

  • bo1921

    Are buckets of courageous women on a par with binders of qualified women?

    • Peyton

      No binders of qualified women are better, because they’re actually qualified.

  • John Smith

    Abortion barbie is now buckets?
    Buckets of catheters.

  • obamaiscarter

    Davis has approximately a zero percent chance of winning a state wide race in TX. The notion she is a rising star is laughable.

  • Thomas, Snarkmaster General

    Margaret Thatcher? Courageous woman.
    Sally Ride? Courageous woman.
    Abortion Barbie? Not so much.

  • Damien Johnson

    Only in liberal logic land is advocating for killing babies “courageous.” Hell, that’s the exact opposite. My friend told me of how a little over 15 years ago, her mother’s doctor suggested she abort because her daughter was going to have Downs. The mother refused. Abortion is “empowering?” Abortion is “courageous?” No. That mother is. And she’s not just a mother, but she’s more of a woman than Wendy Davis can ever hope to be.

    • Deborah Hallsted

      I was advised the same, By both my doctors, with my second child. They said I may not survive. She’s 28 now, and not only is she intelligent, she devotes her life to helping others ever day.

      • Damien Johnson

        Awesome! You are yet another truly empowered woman, as well as your daughter! :)

  • LibLieExposer

    Need a bucket over Wendy Davis’ face.

  • socalcon

    For their various fawning constituencies– African-American; Latinos; Women; Unions– I figure the Left would need dumpsters, rather than buckets.