Mustaine’s got a reputation for being a bit on the nutty side, but in this case, he’s really onto something:

Well, guys?

Good point! What else could it be?

Two things, eh? We’re thinking she’s hit the nail on the head, so to speak:

Bingo. Congress could learn a thing or two from AC/DC when it comes to testicular fortitude.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    LOL Mustaine is good. He posted this one last winter.

    • Jeremy

      ha ha Public Education working wonders again.

    • Agent Carmichael

      This is so sad..but i can’t stop laughing!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Courtesy of the U. S. Apartment of Ejukation! Sav our skools!!

    • Emily B

      Good Lord. My 7-year old has a better grasp on spelling and grammar.

    • right_on

      “Fo reel? Dat be laim, yo. I be goin dere fo da fries, an it be closd?” LOL

  • Sakemoto

    That’s funny but I first identified it as a Senator. Harry Reid.

  • Texan357

    Where have I seen a politician lounging like that?

  • stillinthe60s

    Ah…he was the basis for a Nintendo video game.

  • David Shrock

    Mustaine for President.

  • IceColdTroll

    Screams of “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACISM!!!!” in 3…2…1…

  • TDS

    And at least the chimp is honest about it when he throws his feces at the general public.

  • stillinthe60s

    He doesn’t post pictures of his banana to underage chimpets?

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Last summer Mustaine told a concert audience in Singapore that President Obama staged the mass murders in Aurora, Colorado and at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin in order to increase support for gun control. He’s completely insane.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Oh c’mon, LOTS of people suspect that…and I do mean lots.

    • chewydog

      Now, if he was talking Fast and Furious, he’d be correct.

    • brando

      Maybe not, but he sure is using it all to push gun control. That is undeniable

    • Patrick Mumford

      Can you prove he’s wrong? Nah, dems don’t have the nerve but they will never let a mass murder go to waste when it comes to peddling gun control.

    • Mick_Pearson

      Sure, but Dave has a ways to go before reaching the Nuge level of insanity.

      • Rebellious Stripes

        Yeah because standing up for your Constitutional rights is just insane. /sarcasm.

    • TocksNedlog

      And your point in bringing this up is WHAT?
      You think that he’s wrong, and that Congress has balls?

    • Rebellious Stripes

      Sure, I mean Obama would NEVER lie to the American people… oh wait…

    • BeautifulAmerica

      ..and he was correct.

      • JoeMyGodNYC

        I’m am curious about your home planet and its people. Do tell us more.

    • p.oed

      Don’t know about Auroa, but Obama has little concern over murdered border agents or operatives in Benghazi, let alone the million that die on an abortionist table ever year. No, even if that were an untrue or exageratted statement Obama is still up to his elbows in blood. And you can bet your hat that he was glad to hear Aurora come down, let us not forget that this administration has pledged to never let a crisis go to waste, so it was a perfect opportunity to try and advance a gun control bill. Besides that…you just don’t dis “The Mustaine”…

  • RememberSekhmet

    Those are some SERIOUS bollocks on that chimp

    • trixiewoobeans

      Never mind the bollocks! Lol!

    • ErikandKathy Muller

      Somes serious cads!

  • Audrey

    that chip has got the most confident look on his face…he knows, yes he knows

    • pndlumswing

      LMAOff, talk about a packed sack. That would be super-sized !

  • Im_Rick_James

    If I had balls like that chimp, I’d never wear pants again.

  • brando

    Mustaine’s kind of nuts and he can be a jerk but he’s one of the greatest people in rock music. Love him

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    TMI, Dave… But you’re onto Something!… And AC/DC #MusicTriviaTime Jawamax 8<{D}

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    TMI, Dave… But you’re onto Something!… And AC/DC #MusicTriviaTime Jawamax 8<{D}

  • j p

    The chimp isn’t lying through his teeth?
    The chimp doesn’t care more about appearance than reality?
    The chimp doesn’t give a bleep about making deals to advance his career, power, and wealth?
    The chimp has more integrity in his left toenail than they have in their whole being?

  • p.oed

    All hail “The Mustaine”, seriously…this guy is awesome…he has such a cool life story…we should elect him for president!

  • therealguyfaux

    Not much right now, as Congress is not in session.
    When they get back, however, the difference will be apparent:
    A lot of hooting and hollering from the chimpanzee, trying to scare everybody away from his stash of bananas.
    A lot of hooting and hollering from Congress, trying to scare everybody into giving up their life, liberty and property.
    As the Big Baboon in the White House proves he is no better at governing than he is at geography (57 states, with Atlantic seaports moved to the Gulf).

    • BeautifulAmerica

      so funny and so true.

  • Guest

    The chimp isn’t actively reducing the value of my citizenship to trash.

  • Michael Anderson (WB)

    Mustaine is mostly OK, but his infatuation with infowars makes me a little worried.

  • A Smith

    Whether you like Mustaine or not, I recommend listening to the guitar solo from Hangar 18 and experience your face actually melting off your skull.
    PS the full version, not the shortened music-video version…

  • Stan

    Mustaine has a very astute profile of our Congress.

  • Cam

    Among others, Darwin used Adam Smith’s work on morals, conduct, and character to develop his theories regarding biological evolution.