On the heels of CNN’s stunning — and damning — revelations about Benghazi, Ace of Spades predicted how Press Secretary Jay Carney would address the bombshell at the next White House press briefing.

Welp, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out:

Guess Jay doesn’t have to explain any “phony scandals” today.

How convenient.

  • nickdqwk

    When was POTUS’s tee time?

  • Conservatarian

    POTUS is basking in the afterglow of dumping a huge load up our collective rectums. Carney is busy on stain removal today.

    • IBXNJ

      Just like Dennis Miller said ” The scandal condom broke and Carney saturated”.

  • adam

    Jay Carney has no time for phoney scandals. Time for a vacation.

    • James Perley

      He may find it healthy to apply for political asylum in Russia with Snowden and maybe his boss. This must be big for them to risk sanctions after breaking laws.

  • CombatDiver

    Not like he would be asked a tough question anyway. We are all forgetting….. he is focused like a laser beam on the economy (again).

    • https://twitter.com/WSPISFA WSPISFA

      …yep, Obama’s as focused on the economy & Ben Gazi as OJ is looking for the “real” killers…

  • Clete Torres

    Benghazi was, like, a long time ago.
    …and besides, at this point, what difference would it make?

    • tops116

      Sooner or later, the stress will overwhelm Team Obama, and we’ll hear Carney say, “Mitt Romney’s dog was behind Benghazi, trying to bludgeon Big Bird with a binder!”

      • MNWoman

        And, umm, well, oh- BUSH!

  • Joe W.

    They don’t have communications capabilities from Martha’s Vineyard, guys. Besides…give Obama and his pals a break, will ya?? The dude hasn’t had a vacation in 3 whole weeks. Sheeeeesh. What do you expect?? A real President??

    • ObamaFail

      When you spend as much time turning a once thriving economy into an entitled welfare state, you need A LOT of vacations.

      • OLLPOH ~ America

        ….Now, that is down r i g h t True!

      • pajamakat

        RACIST !! /sarc

    • OLLPOH ~ America

      just down right…t r u e!

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    The Al Qaeda Threats at US Embassies having to be closed on OBirfday, and the Sunday inauguration in Iran of their new President couldn’t have put another damper on his Obirfday…

    ya’ know along with the phony Al Qaida attacks before, during 9/11/2012 and the loss of our Heroes – The Benghazi-4
    …seems they’ve decided to lay low with the in-Whitehouse-beer brewing celebrations of Phony…maybe Phony Obirfday…
    You just never know Jay Carney, you just never know…What flavor beer are ya’ brewing for the Celebration(s)…?

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Nuthin but tumbleweeds

    • OLLPOH ~ America

      …. and * C r i c k e t s *

      • WhoMeToo

        …. and sparkly unicorns pooping skittles………

        • OLLPOH ~ America

          now that is hill-arious.

        • Lisa Dean

          Thanks for making my bag of skittles look not so appetizing. 😉

          • WhoMeToo

            Didn’t you know that’s where Skittles come from??? o.O

            ==> #DontTasteTheRainbow

          • OLLPOH ~ America

            Skittle – ville.

          • OLLPOH ~ America

            …next time get ‘cha some Hot Tamales..:) and WhoMeToo will definitely tell which critter they come from..;) wink,wink.

          • OLLPOH ~ America

            here is aaaaa-the possible critter…

  • I M Free

    White House still busy talking about another talking points. Most words likely to hear: 1. “The President just heard it on the news”
    2. “Under investigation”
    3. “Can’t comment on that”
    4. “Will refer you to CIA”
    5. “Will refer you to State Dept.”

    Weeks from now, POTUS will tell us again that he is for the middle class and will call this S**T “PHONY”

  • arttie

    Front 9 or back 9, where is he today?

    • Clete Torres


    • The Masked Avatar

      Fairway bunker.

      • OLLPOH ~ America

        Hole in one the water…and needs Seal to dive in for it, Marine to scoop it out with closed umbrella, and use the umbrella to hit it into the (Tiger) woods…
        hey, wait we are writing a parody, now aren’t we?

    • forgetyoutooo

      Bathhouse with Reggie.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Front nine in the morning, back nine in the afternoon. Jawamax 8<{D}

  • dennylee60

    Team Obama probably just learned about the CIA thing on the news and knew nothing about it before that. The team need a few days to come up the proper scapegoat to throw under the bus.

  • Jeff H

    They’re probably all hunkered down, eating cheeseburgers and listening to Crazy Joe tell them how “just firing your shotgun up in the air” will make it all better.

    • OLLPOH ~ America

      …And least we forget the beer brewery they have, and making homemade 1st of its kind Benghazi 4, Whitehouse beer, and clanging their Whitehouse Prezie tankards, to.

  • Peetweefish

    Jay Carney is a worthless weasel in a suit anyways.

    • http://drudge.com snyper77

      If Dennis the Menace had a son…..

      • Peetweefish

        …he would make a better press secretary.

        • http://drudge.com snyper77

          Mr. Wilson too!

  • Tipper Top

    I know – POTUS is off thinking about the Keystone Pipeline. Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket. Keystone Pipeline, uh huh. Sure, sure, thinking about Keystone. Yep, Yep.

    • OLLPOH ~ America

      you mean the Keystone cops that he’s trying to dodge?? hee. hee.

  • Keith

    Coward. Just like his boss.

  • jwmiller

    “Business as usual”. Anyway WH TV probably tuned to Bravo,

  • Cruz2016!!!

    The question is….Will the MSM pressure them for answers?

    • David

      Most certainly. When have they not put the 1/2 White-African-American president’s feet to the fire? The NYT recently pressed him to answer what he would be doing in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s march on Washington.
      Talk about temerity . . .

  • Michelle

    Barry is busy packing for his trip to LA next week to go play with Jay Leno (again). Carney is busy folding Barry’s underwear.

    • rockerdon

      whadaya think?thong or bikini?

      • Michelle

        I think that’s a mental image I could have done without. :-)

  • WellNowDear

    The #Benghazi bombshell trending on Twitter has him stymied. For once the POTUS is speechless. Buuuutttt, his pinochle brain is working and scheming on a new plan. Well, folks tune in tomorrow for another episode in The Great Obama Capers.

    • Eric

      Of course he’s speechless, the teleprompter isn’t set up yet.

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    They be working on more of this (below) For more of that Natural Law, Natural Rights, Constitutionally Free Republic we Were born into…Not!

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    We all still are waiting for the *s i l e n c e * to stop…
    as Carney and Barry are not doing their jobs today!

  • tops116

    AHHHHH! The silence! It’s deafening!

  • eeddggy

    Democrats have led America to the lowest depths imaginable.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III


  • Axelgreaser

    THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE WILL SPEND MORE AND MORE TIME ‘HOLDED UP’ LIKE THE SHELTON GANG, furtively poking at and peeking out through the window shades with their Tommy Guns loaded and waiting for the hordes with pitchforks to arrive and ‘surround the joint’, to make a ‘citizen’s arrest’ and haul them all off to the hoosegow. Where they belong. I only hope someone keeps their heads long enough to shake out their clothes for artifacts and silverware, etc., that belongs to the Republic.

    • Shawny

      Oooooo a par-tay? With torches and everything???? Has anyone signed up to bring the tar and feathers yet? Better get the party started before DHS buys up all the pitchforks…….you know, for the sake of national security.

  • carolhaka

    New travel alert = Squirrel!!!

  • BigTBoom

    The only people they have managed to convince that these scandals are phony are themselves.

  • Urbane_Gorilla

    You mean the large contingent of CIA in Benghazi? This is not new..I read about it months ago. I don’t even know why anyone is surprised we would have CIA in Egypt during the turmoil..They’re everywhere.

  • JD Son

    I know why it was quiet! Still trying to figure out what video is best to explain what caused the uprising there…..

  • JD Son

    The POTUS Tee time was between the first and last video

  • JD Son

    The scandals were too big for one condom.

  • JD Son

    The Tee Time was soon as the video ended.

  • JD Son

    Do you really want to hear him dodging and weaving about all this, I am starting to think he needs a good ole prompter as well. Uh, we, uh, yeah. Its nice to see CNN do some sort of journalism for a change. However, not many people watch CNN…..