Get it? Because Fox News is totally trying to milk the “phony” Benghazigate scandal!

That’s exactly what he’s suggesting. Baier, always a class act, took the high road:

Though “The Colbert Report” is meant to be satirical, Colbert still fancies himself a newsman of sorts. But clearly he’s got a lot to learn from a bona-fide professional like Baier:

Oh, snap.



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  • nogeese

    nothing phony about 4 dead Americans

    • The Penguin

      Exactly! And it’s not to be joked about. I’m not understanding how people aren’t getting it, Left, Right, or Middle. 4 Americans were left to die by this Administration and the former Sec. of State.

      • V the K

        Well, it’s not like they sent out pictures of their nads. The news media only has so many resources to cover a story. They have to prioritize the important stuff.

        • tops116

          Meanwhile, in an editing room, Chris Matthews “reviews” the Anthony Weiner pictures… while his staff just hope he washes his hands when he’s done.

          • IBXNJ

            Get out the alcohol wipes too!

          • Worship Dancer

            and the barf bags

    • lainer51

      Only to THIS administration.

    • tops116

      Liberal Mindset 101:

      Phony scandal: Four Americans killed in a coordinated terrorist attack against a severely undefended location
      Not phony: Blaming a YouTube video for the whole thing

      Phony scandal: the DOJ invading the privacy of reporters
      Not phony: Eric Holder saying he has no idea how his signature got on a warrant naming James Rosen a criminal co-conspirator despite Holder’s earlier claims that he knew nothing about the case

      Phony scandal: the IRS harassing the Tea Party
      Not phony: Blaming it on two rogue employees far from Washington

  • ObamaFail

    The fact that liberals are trying to convince the mouth-breathers who watch them that Benghazi wasn’t real shows that Obama must be the main guy behind the cover-up. Why else would they one day report on it as fact and then later claim it’s phony? Because the more facts come out, the more OBama looks bad. And libs can’t afford people to wake up to reality about what a piece of trash Obama is, out of fear that he might not be able to finish his Anti-American agenda.

    • Fire and Adjust!

      I’m willing to bet it is more about protecting Hillary 2016 than Obama……..

      • The Penguin

        I’ll go with “D”, all of the above.

  • waterytart

    Stephen Colbert, so popular and influential, he couldn’t even drag his sister’s a$$ across the finish line, phfft. Tired of these bungholes “tweeting” to or about real news people. I believe they do it only to get their sad names out there by hooking themselves to someone elses wagon.

    • Mr. Saturn

      Colbert, and Stewart as well, need their clapping seals of an audience to provide them adulation and comfort for when they are revealed as hacks.

      • Lawrance Parks

        they are all paid actors in his audience. all paid actors. they are called “extras” Phony Steven and Hollywood. all liberal. phony liberals!!!!! liars all of them.. stupid Americans

    • trixiewoobeans

      If one of the victims was his brother, nephew, cousin or close friend, you could bet there’d be no snarky “jokes”, and plenty of demands for coverage from him!

  • Shawn Smith

    Considering that Obama chose to attack the First Amendment as his deflection strategy, you’d think people whose main business is words would be more concerned. But no, because they’re sure that unlike Nakoula, Obama would never sell *them* out to radical Islam.

    First, they came for stupid YouTube video makers, and I said nothing…

  • Steve_J

    I am sure Stevens, Woods, Smith, and Doherty would appreciate a story about Benghazi. If they could.

  • Clete Torres

    Even if they did a story about Benghazi and the 0bama Administration cover-up:
    “What difference does it make?”

  • Richard Wayne

    So funny. Lets mock coverage of an incident that killed 4 people. Get it? Fox news covers actual issues instead of kissing butt and ignoring the problem.

  • Tucker_Madison

    Sister had can of Whoop-ass opened on her in SC. This useless clown needs a dose himself…

    • tops116

      Don’t sugarcoat the embarrassment. Sister had can of Whoop-ass opened on her in SC by Mark “We were all reading his political obituary a few years back” Sanford.

  • lazypadawan

    Too bad the Libyan hordes didn’t attack Comedy Central HQ. Maybe then Colbert wouldn’t find it so trivial.

    • tops116

      Terrorists only attack important targets. “South Park” aside, Comedy Central hasn’t been important in over ten years.

  • Discontentwliars

    Well they could cover NYC Mayor elections, and weiner’s need for exposure, and the values that his wife demonstrates with Clinton’s advice. It might even be worth 5 minutes of air time. Phony Scandals like these are a great distraction. I’m sure Chicago’s financial leadership and bailouts won’t affect America, so don’t investigate how the unions have helped. The MSM isn’t doing conservative American’s any favors. The MSM’s war on conservative principals (like people’s lives are important), continue to baffle me, since we’re still half of the country. Why are they still in business?

  • spepper

    Stephen Colbert could not hold Brett Baier’s jock strap, literally. If he even tried, all Brett would need to do is go “BOO” in his face to make Colbert go running for his mommy, the way Obama goes running to Valerie Jarrett

    • Cajun

      l’m kinda thinkin’ ms. Colbert would love to hold Bret’s jock strap, but maybe I’m wrong, I think ms. Colbert only likes chocolate straps.

  • Medicinewoman2

    Colbert is a joke, who tells a joke. He has only influence if you tune in to his ignorant asz show.

    • Jeremy

      I never watch his show or Stewart’s show either they are both losers.

      • IBXNJ

        You are not missing anything!!

  • tops116

    Colbert’s idea of a story is kissing Obama’s ass for 30 minutes once a night. He’s been doing it for over five years.

  • Chip

    Colbert still has butt-hurt because his name wasn’t enough to get his sister elected.

  • jkpalmdale

    I find it repulsive that Colbert thinks mocking 4 Dead Americans is funny and acceptable. Another reason I dont watch that liberal dolt

  • keyboard jockey

    I can’t remember the last time I even turned on comedy central. There isn’t anything funny about mean spirited douche-baggery. What’s funny about what happened to those men who were murdered, and the survivors who were wounded by the Benghazi terrorist attack?

    I am sticking with Red Eye.

    • Ben Wieland

      “Red Eye” is the gas. I love that show. As far as Controversial Central, Tosh was funny at first now he sucks and Jeselnick had a good stand up but his little “Panel” “Panel” show sucks worse than Tosh. I got all the good Chappell shows saved. They should have shut the station down when he left.

      • keyboard jockey

        Chappell was the high water mark for Comedy Central.

  • Jeremy

    Stephen Colbert is a tool and I never watch his show anyway.I like Baier he does a great job on Special Report.

  • AZWarrior

    Colbert is a professional clown. Nothing wrong with that as clowns are normally an honorable profession. (An example of a truly great clown was Emmett Kelly.) However, Colbert has perverted his profession into little more than that of an adolescent spiting out lame insults on behalf of his deranged President. Sad waste of a clown.

  • Jeremy

    Stephen Colbert is an Obama drone. This is for him and other Obama followers.

  • Zefal

    You see, the libs have run out the clock on Benghazi. We aren’t allowed to continue to try to find out what happened. Game Over! No use inserting another quarter. They said so!

  • Gallatin

    I wonder if little douche stevie colbert is ever thinking of doing anything important in his life?

  • chetnapier

    Nothing phony about four dead Americans, CIA coverup all that was Phony was the video and the spin.

  • © Sponge

    Liberals get their “news” from washed up comedians. Jon Stewart, Bill Mahr, Stephen Colbert……

    Is there any wonder why they’re dumb and uninformed?

  • disqus_BktOMwqkBg

    I think every speech by the president should be accompanied by 4 protestors playing dead. They could be ignored or asked to leave. Either way, they provide a punchline. “You still don’t care about dead Americans” or “Why do you care more about 4 phony dead Americans than about 4 real deaths?”