As Twitchy reported, San Diego mayor and serial groper Bob Filner has announced that he’ll be checking himself into rehab for two weeks to “become a better person.” That prompted Ace to wonder just what sort of program therapists have lined up:

That. Is. Inspired. Could it get any better? As a matter of fact, yes.

During Filner’s presser, Anthony Weiner, too, was briefing the public. Which got Ace to wondering: what about Weiner? He’s been to rehab. How has that worked out?


Ah, Ace. Ever the optimist!

Meanwhile, let’s see what Bob’s up to:

Carlos Danger’s still busy:

Hate it when that happens.

It’s a bicoastal effort between Weiner and Filner. Hands across America!

Yeah, check out that creepy-lecher overbite Filner’s got going on. Rehab won’t be easy.

You know what they say: Pervy Dems will be pervy Dems!

Fortunately, these guys are huggers. And there’s always room for one more in their growing club:

Tickle party!



Ace illustrates Democrat mayor’s war on women with #BobFilnerPickUpLines

  • Clayton Grant

    Ace … please don’t ever change.

  • rosetta_stoned

    Ya know, it’s almost tempting to get a Twitter account just to read his stuff.

  • bkyguy

    I am internet gay for ace

  • Shtetl G

    Every time I’m just about to write off Ace as just a hack blogger he comes up with something like this and I realize he is a funny hack blogger.

  • hutch1200

    Aren’t ANY of these guys afraid that one of the women will come home to a husband like me? Who would promptly track them down and make them eat their own D!ck!

  • J.J. Sefton

    “Hey baby, in the words of Kipling, want to bear this white man’s burden?”

    • Hiraghm

      That picture is from when Sefton is talking to Cookie, trying to figure out who the real fink is, isn’t it?

  • J.J. Sefton

    Filner looks like a good-looking version of Harvey Weinstein.

  • Ironhawk86

    “Ace previews Filthy Filner”

    Am I the only one who thought of Motohead upon reading that?

    • CloneSix

      Visions of Motorcycle Irene dance in Philthy Philner’s head.

  • arttie

    If we shake it twice, can we get rid of the annoying little drip?

    • GaryTheBrave

      Twice is hygienic. Thrice is perverted.

  • rennyangel2

    Leno couldn’t do it better.

  • Jeremy
  • Hiraghm

    Apparently Filner wasn’t good enough to do Barney Frank’s makeover.
    Sorry, I’m not going to go along with calling Anthony Weiner a pervert until Barney Frank is condemned for being a rump ranger.

    From what I understand, Weiner sent inappropriate images of himself to young, nubile, yet adult females in an effort to attract them sexually. I’m still not aware whether they were “consenting” or not (ie, if it was part of telesexual foreplay), and if it was not, there’s where the creepy part comes it.

    But I will never, EVER concede that it is “perverted” to try to attract, or to be attracted to, members of the opposite sex. Yes, Weiner’s behavior was creepy, exercised extremely poor judgment for someone in his position, was immoral because he’s married already, but not perverted.

    Perverted is wanting to bugger members of the same sex, animals, small children, or furniture. It’s our mandate to be attracted to and to try to attract members of the opposite sex. Even if we’re horribly, tragically bad at it.

    And are we now willing to assert that nudists are perverted? Cause they want their junk to hang out in public, literally.

    I’m not defending Weiner; I’m attacking the double-think in this society that will rake Weiner over the coals for a heterosexual behavior, yet condone, even embrace homosexual behavior.

    In future Weiner should have Huma run a prostitution ring out of his house, instead.

  • Hiraghm

    So this 19th century Neanderthal can understand the brave, new world of the 21st century, let me try to get this straight…

    Men who make sexual advances to women need to attend “sexual harassment therapy”… why, because they’re doing it wrong? Again, it’s not a mental disorder to sexually harass women… it’s called, “BEING RUDE”.
    Once upon a time, sexual harassment was using one’s power to coerce sexual favors from a subordinate. Now, it’s making any kind of sexual advance, or even talking in front of members of the opposite sex as one would talk among members of the same sex (assuming one is male; this is also known as treating them as “equals”).

    Further, it is the role of 21st century males to take their viagara regularly so they are ready whenever their female is “in the mood”, and to not bother her otherwise. If they don’t have a female, they are not to attempt to attract one using any of the instinctive behaviors to which they might be compelled. They are to wait until an unattached female decides to try them out, and if she decides against them, they are immediately required to return to being flaccid eunuchs, their own wills and desires notwithstanding. Under no circumstances are they to try finding a new sexual playmate until their current partner is through with them, no matter how repulsive she may have turned out to be (ref. Hillary, Huma, etc).

    Further still, the ideal model men must follow in their behavior in the 21st century is that of the stereotypical homosexual, who, as is often portrayed in the media anymore, is more masculine and a better “man” than are actual men.

    Thank God our prehistoric ancestors weren’t as civilized as 21st century Americans. The species would have died out and the Neanderthals would be using Homo Saps as a term of denigration. Deservedly so.

    • GaryTheBrave

      Huh, huh. He said, “let me try to get this straight…” #Beavis and Butthead

    • dagnytaggart

      So, are you condoning Filner’s and Weiner’s behavior? Sorta sounds like it.

      • Hiraghm

        No, I’m not condoning it. The main thing wrong with it is that he is married. If he were flashing random women he didn’t know, that would be wrong and illegal.

        But, it’s politically correct double think to condemn his actions as “perverted” unless all homosexual acts are condemned as perverted, as well. And I still haven’t heard any conservative of note assert that, yet.

        I will not silently sit by and let people pretend that homosexuals are just regular Joes without sexual hang-ups, but this guy is perverted.

        Whatever thrill he got showing himself off to females, it was a heterosexual thrill; they were of the opposite sex. And, who knows, it might have gotten him the opportunity to mate with one of them, which is the purpose and function of sexual attraction anyway.

  • Hiraghm

    As I continue reading Ace’s witty commentary, he’s gotten away with equating Weiner’s behavior toward adult females with trying to give a “popcorn surprise” to male children. #crickets

  • Magnifico

    What exactly is sexual rehabilitation? Castration is the only thing that comes to mind.

  • dagnytaggart

    And let’s not forget our own (R) Mark Sanford. We need to have higher standards for our politicians. If it wouldn’t be ok for us to do it, it shouldn’t be ok for them, regardless of party affiliation. Cheating, stealing, lying, spying, insider trading. Make your representatives accountable.