Why doesn’t the White House just make it official and hire him already?

Oh, the hackery. It burns:

I’ve got a new column up about the White House’s plans for the rollout of the Obamacare exchanges and I wanted to once again take the opportunity to lay down a marker and say once again that Obamacare implementation is going to be a huge political success.

“Real journalism,” folks!

How about both?



We’ll let Homer have the last word:

  • TocksNedlog

    Homer: “I’m a genius! Or, are I?”

  • Stephen L. Hall

    “Why doesn’t the White House just make it official and hire him already?” — Twitchy

    Why pay for it when he is giving it up for free?

    • Bemani Dog

      Why wouldn’t they? Look at everything else they waste money on.

    • ceemack

      Jay Carney IS getting a little burned out. Maybe Matty Glesias is looking to be his replacement.

      • traffic_robot

        Yes, he is doing an excellent job of parroting the message from Central Planning.

    • LinTaylor

      I’m kinda surprised Matty hasn’t started ASKING for a salary.

      “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” -Joker, “The Dark Knight”

    • Finrod Felagund

      I’m now imagining him in a remake of Animal House, playing Kevin Bacon’s character.

      “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

      “Be calm! All is well!”

  • TocksNedlog

    “Laying down the marker”? More like ‘bending over and saying “ahh”‘.

    • Paul

      yep, a flaming red ‘marker’ with chancres on it

  • FreedomFighter

    I think Matt Yglesias is just looking for attention

  • ChampionCapua

    “We want the ball, and we’re gonna score” http://youtu.be/I4W7rbY5NDc

  • twinx

    Hahahahahaha! You first, Matty.

  • John Howard

    When (whenever) it gets fully in operation, it will be every citizen’s patriotic duty to use it to the greatest extent possible, until it collapses under its own weight.

  • Benjamin Johnson

    Yglesias 2013 = Goebbels 1938

  • stuckinIL4now

    If the ObamuhScare/RobertsTax (OSRT) is so great then why did Obamuh have to buy off (intimidate) certain Dembeciles in the House to vote for it to get it passed and why didn’t he begin implementation immediately after its passage in 2010?
    If it’s so awesome then we should have been enjoying it for 3 years now …
    oh, except too many people are busy finding second and third jobs to pay the bills now that the OSRT has caused their employers to cut their hours
    and oh, except few people can keep their same doctor cuz their doctor is quitting or retiring cuz of the OSRT
    and oh, except finding a new doctor is difficult due to the dwindling numbers of doctors period
    and oh, except there’s a quick vanishing of resources from which to get medical care and oh, and on and on …

  • $29561723

    Yes, I’m looking forward to being tossed off my employer healthcare and being forced to buy $20k in coverage because I’m too “rich” to qualify for subsidies. Fuck you, Iglesias

  • alanstorm

    More Everclear-based Kool-aid in use?

    I have no doubt it will be popular with those who put little or nothing into it, and get something out of it.

  • dennylee60

    Obamacare will be great because all alternative will be taxed/regulated out of existance.

  • David Shrock

    What a goat.

    • Joe W.

      Hey, man!! My goats got sensitive feelings…..

      • David Shrock

        I concede, goats do have feelings. Unfortunately this person is more of an ass or pack mule.

  • tops116

    Yeah, Obamacare is going so great that they delayed the business mandate. And pay no attention to the fact that Jay Rockefeller (who used to love pointing he was responsible for writing the Senate bill) has opted not to run for re-election next year. Same for Max “train wreck” Baucus and Carl Levin.

    “Obamacare implementation is going to be a huge political success”

    Yeah, just like in 2010.

    • RedSoloCup

      And 2014.

  • Right Wired

    This is my swing set. This is my sandbox. I’m not allowed to go in the deep end. – Matt Yglesias

  • R.C.

    Run on sentence and the use of “once again” 2x within 12 words = great journalism. Go Team America!

  • ceemack

    My Spanish isn’t what it should be.

    I always thought “Yglesias” meant “churches”.

    Apparently, it means “completely laughable”.

    • Pulchritudinous

      Church in Spanish is “iglesia”. :-)

  • Bathing Suit Area

    Years from now, when America catches up to the rest of the civilized world and actually gets single payer healthcare, people will look back at the conservatives of today and laugh, bitterly.

    • moot

      Which country in the civilized world is everybody clamoring to get to be denied in?

    • John Rebori

      Yes, at their terrible failure to protect and maintain one of the most innovative and creative health systems operating in the world.

      • Marcy Cook

        What John said.

    • David Shrock

      See previous post above.

    • Stephen L. Hall

      Bitter laughter of despair, thinking we threw away all that was good and decent to follow the formerly civilized world into chaos and poverty. Sad, it will truly be that a “single payer healthcare” a.k.a. socialism/fascism/communism should be the death-knell of liberty that a public would sell their souls for a false promise of a few coins.

    • Joe W.

      Scoring yet another lie is our very own drooling troll, Bikini Hair Line. Tell us, oh master of the written word….how does one “laugh, bitterly”???

      • mike_in_kosovo

        how does one “laugh, bitterly”???

        Given as often and as completely as his *attempted* points get swatted back into his face, he should certainly be an expert at laughing bitterly.

    • sickofitall1096

      Yes because we can all see how well it’s working for the UK



      And Canada…



      Your doc must be prescribing you the good pills because there is no other way that someone could be so ignorant to the disaster that is soon to strike once this train wreck is fully implemented.

    • RedSoloCup

      Nice, we found out who M.Y trolls here as.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      And by then, Britain will have abandoned it for the failure that it is.

    • Paul

      yeah, since the federal government has demonstrated itself to be so efficient

      you sir are a go d dam ed f uck ing m oron

      just leave

  • Marcy Cook

    Obamacare will be great because there won’t be anything else affordable once this debacle heats up.

  • gracepmc

    Hard to tell who has the least amount of self respect — MY or JC.

  • Jack Deth

    “Sit, Ubu. Sit!”

  • ObamaFail

    What an idiot. People are already being negatively effected by it. Easy for someone who is probably exempt from it to brag about how great it is.

    • RedSoloCup

      The lowlife is no doubt exempt.

  • Magnifico

    I assume he read the bill, just like our legislators.

  • RedSoloCup

    I think I see the brown on the end of Matt’s nose…

  • Billie Slash

    Wow. How un-self-aware can a person be??

  • salvagesalvage

    Yeah, he’s a “lapdog” for cheering on the policy he’s always been for from the administration that he voted for.

    WIngnuts are very smart.

  • Markward

    So awesome, that a whole load of unions and crony businesses got exemptions from it!

  • GulfPundit

    He has no idea how that tweet will haunt him.

  • Masmani

    Wow Matt, I guess your nose is buried so deep in 0bama’s throne you can’t smell the bull$hit!