Boston Mayor Thomas Menino sees Rolling Stone’s shameful Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cover as a spit in the faces of the victims and survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing, and he’s making sure that Rolling Stone co-founder and publisher Jann Wenner knows exactly how he feels:


Here’s the full letter:

Dear Mr. Wenner,

Your August 3 cover rewards a terrorist with celebrity treatment. it is ill-conceived, at best, and re-affirms a terrible message that destruction gains fame for killers and their “causes”. There may be valuable journalism behind your sensational treatment, though we can’t know because almost all you released is the cover. (Editor’s note: Rolling Stone has since posted the full article online.)

To respond to you in anger is to feed into your obvious marketing strategy. So I write to you instead to put the focus where you could have: on the brave and strong survivors and on the thousands of people — their family and friends, volunteers, first responders, doctors, nurses, and donors — who have come to their side. Among those we lost, those who survived, and those who help carry them forward, there are artists and musicians and dancers and writers. They have dreams and plans. They struggle and strive The survivors of the Boston attacks deserve Rolling Stone cover stories, though I no longer feel that Rolling Stone deserves them.


Thomas M. Menino
Mayor of Boston

Magnificently put, Mayor Menino.



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  • I M Free

    Still “serious and thoughtful” perhaps i’ll just “whooped your ass”

    • oxco

      no no no, you got it wrong it is said ‘whoop azzz’

      • B-rad

        You forgot a couple of extra zzzzzzz’s

      • Jeremy


  • Michelle

    It’s always a strange day for me when I agree with something Mumbles says. Thankfully, it’s not all that often.

    • Iacobus

      ^^^^ This. lol

    • Jd1367

      I felt like I should take back every negative thing I ever said about him. I got over that quickly, but still, it was there for a second or two

      • Michelle

        I hear ya – sometimes he surprises us and speaks up on the side of what is right, but it doesn’t happen often enough to take back all the negative things we’ve said/thought of him – I like him only 10% of the time.

        • The Penguin

          In his defense, and I can’t believe I just said that, he’s been kinda “hands-off” for quite a while now. Which means he was just following orders, because nothing’s changed, IMHO.

          • Michelle

            He was my mayor for 10 yrs., was never all that impressed with him. His ethics are frequently under question. And he says the dumbest things when a mic is in front of his mouth. I left Boston a little over a year ago, nice to hear he’s simmered down. Remember when he promised to serve only two terms as Mayor? He’s currently in his fifth term. Boston really ought to establish term limits. I currently live back home in LA, and thankfully our own crappy mayor just left office because we have a two term limit. All that aside, good on Mumbles for standing up to Rolling Stone on behalf of Boston. Gotta respect that.

        • TugboatPhil

          I think he issued a letter instead of a statement so it would be understood by English speaking people.

          • Michelle

            There’s a reason the fine folks of Boston call him Mumbles!

          • The Penguin

            Well, among other things…but yeah, mumbles too.

          • TugboatPhil

            I picked up on that by listening to Howie Carr podcasts.

    • Jeremy

      mumbles lol

    • stellatruman

      I think most people in Boston and NEw England in general are equally outraged and offended right now

  • The Penguin

    Well said… glad he wrote it and didn’t “say” it in a speech.

    • Jeremy

      Yeah me too.He is an awful speaker.

  • ejochs

    Screw Mayor Left Wing and his crap. These are his people putting their hero on the cover.

  • AnneCink

    Will Rolling Stone even do the “Sorry if we offended anyone” thing? We all know they aren’t sorry at all. They are just waiting to see the sales numbers.

    Paula taken to the depths of destruction over an offense years ago. She made a true apology. Didn’t do any good, though! They “Sarah Palin-d” her!

  • B-rad

    Well put Mr. Mayor

  • Guest

    I’m really happy for you sweetie, but you’re just saying this to be loved.

    When you go against the animal passions of your liberal base, uh ha hahhh! Then I would learn to love you.

    Until then, well played for sure, but I am needing more from you. I need a real epiphany, as in “hey, there are principles that are greater than this world, that outlast this world! Wow! I love these principles. I am a real Mayor!”

    Like Pinnochio, his conscience makes him a real boy!

    Then, and only then, will I love you.

  • Taxpayer1234

    Whoa, some articulate stuff from “Mumbles” Menino. Well done!