During his climate change speech today, President Obama pathetically attempted to score a cheap laugh at skeptics’ expense by suggesting that people who don’t subscribe to his views are members of the Flat Earth Society. Unfortunately for him, the funniest moments of his speech came at his own expense. His incessant droning on the perils of climate change was periodically drowned out by the sound of jets overhead — jets powered by fossil fuels.

Sweet, sweet irony:

Just perfect.

Also worth noting:

Do as he says, not as he does.

  • CatHerder

    No worries, AF1 runs on unicorn farts.

    • Noah

      If they hooked AF1 to Michelle O’s ass, they would have enough for ten trips to Africa!!

      • Love of Country

        And clearly she’s got more junk in her trunk than Carrot Top … just one more untapped, renewable energy source that could further the Green Movement if she we’re a team player. I’d try harder at my jokes if she tried harder to better the country instead of tear it down.

  • Love of Country

    I don’t listen to lying idiots like Al Gore and Barack Owebamao on Global Warming or anything else.

    They both have over 20x the carbon footprint of the average American. Owebamao burns 7000 gallons of jet fuel on Earth Day, for Pete’s sake. And Al Gore? … (that’s rhetorical, lol).

    This is just like when the DNC Party of Jim Crow, Segregation and the KKK call us the racists …. it’s revolting.

    Tedious at best.

  • Steve

    They can’t possibly eliminate carbon based fuels…how would Michelle go on vacation?…

    • Jeremy

      Yeah and you know she wouldn’t like that.She has to have her spending trips.

  • mickeyco

    By the time he’s finished, dictionaries are going to show his picture next to “hypocrite”.