The latest Benghazi developments, via the intrepid Sharyl Attkisson:

The damn is breaking.

The White House has been less than forthright. We expect there are still many more shoes to drop.



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  • likeablaze

    Why are all of the pictures grainy and discolored?

    • BoscoBolt

      Maybe they were taken with an obamaphone.

      • yahneverknow


    • Ken H.

      They used the wrong instagram filter…

    • logicrules

      The photos are grainy and discolored because they were taken “a long time ago”.

      • Chevypowered


      • Osumashi Kinyobe

        Also, it took the authorities a long time to arrive. There was no point in rescuing the doomed men or securing whatever remained of the embassy in a timely manner. You’ll have to ask Obama why, if he is in his office, which he wasn’t September 11, 2012.

    • David Lurie

      Mr. Prez.. the buck stops with you.. I’ll tell you why they are giving us grainy pictures and garbage lies because they are trying to make “us the American people” stupid. This is what happens in a cover-up, nothing but BS and lies. IMHO Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are ultimately to blame for the tragedy in Benghazi and the death of 4 American hero’s J. Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, R.I.P.

    • Rycharn Freeman

      In the words of Shrillary: What difference does it make?!

      • media_lies

        They were Americans! We do not leave them behind. They were someones son, brother, father..and they were my military who were fighting for me AND you. The CEO was asleep and he must be fired!
        He took an oath to defend Americans. Makes me sick that he still has the nerve to show his ugly face after telling the WORLD it was a video. No accountability. NONE. Neither one of them. This is downright lying to the people, impeachment. Slick willy slopes around care free and spends $100M on trips while our Americans are jobless, and now he wants 46 million diseased illegals who have never had one flu shot and spits on our flag to take over American jobs that belong to us first. That is treason.

    • Dennis the Dreamer

      If it was grainy… photoshopped.

  • BoscoBolt

    “Benghazi? Never heard of it.”

    – pre-selected 2016 democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

  • JackD

    wow, thanks for releasing the photos you useless drones. This clears up all my questions and concerns about putting our people in danger and withholding help when they were attacked.

    • Elaine

      Well, I think this explains it all????

  • Garth Haycock

    The State Department needs to be sued and continued to be sued until they release all of the photos and documents related to the Benghazi scandal. It needs to be held accountable for the mess that it created.

  • Ben Bollman

    These are useless unless it means more are coming and this isn’t just an attempt to appease us.

  • disqus_eric

    Obama lying? Oh, the absurdity!!!

  • kate_middleton

    Someone needs to figure out what that graffiti says….

    • ObamaFail

      It probably says, “Hillary 2016”

    • John W.

      I don’t know what it says, but it certainly appears to be Obama’s handwriting.

  • Spike Bement

    Every single word of every single documents needs to be released, so long as it doesn’t affect international security.

    • John_Frank

      The problem is that the Government uses national security as an excuse to keep everything secret.

      The Government needs to release every bit of information surrounding Benghazi.

      Too many secrets.

      • Spike Bement

        Very good point. This administration has It down to a science.

  • Lisa Abbott

    What about these pictures is new or informative? If DHS felt these had to withheld, what in the world else is there they’ve withheld? My feeling is that they purposely kept these hidden so when the outcry came they’d have something benign to release and expect the public to be satisfied. Except they held on to them for months while the world saw the same pictures everywhere. Apparently they think we’re pretty dumb.

  • Lamar Carnes

    Is Hillary now praising Allah and has become a Islamic Muslim terrorist type or what is she doing with her hands raised. Perhaps she is now worshipping the Real God Jehovah for a change. Not sure what she is doing! Oh, she just may be praising Obama I forgot who was in her presence! I would have preferred my 2nd choice but I can only hope and pray!

    • CatHerder

      Hillbilly worships herself, period.

      • Kannibal Jones

        dont slur hillbillies with hillary

  • David Lurie

    don’t stop until these criminals and all those that cover-up this crime in Benghazi are bought to justice.

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    We The People Are On A
    Fact Finding Mission
    Who? What? Where? When? How? Why?

    • plumberskid

      Old school journalism….something we need more of in this country.

  • John Bibb

    The sharp color cellphone videos and photos that were shown on T.V. by the Benghazi Jihadis were far more gut wrenching than these pitiful redacted blurred photos ever could be. The burning “consulate” building with the smoke, flames, and sparks in the sky. The triumphant Jihadi with his AK-47 assault rifle smiling in joy–still free and sucking up oxygen. Instead of being in GITMO on the water board or under the lash in some rendition prison. The burning SUV. The bloody red handprints on the white column. Ambassador Steven’s dead body being dragged through the streets.

    These should be used during “our” most brilliant SOS ever Shrillary Clinton’s 2016 primary and general election runs. And outside of Comrade Obama’s (PBUH!) public appearances. With His photo and the photo of Her Highness screaming, “What does it matter now?” Teaparty her with large posters with 6 of these graphic photos on them. Make it clear what pathetic C**P “Smart Power”, “Leading From Behind”, and “3 am. wakeup calls” really look like.


  • yourmamatoo

    And they thought this would go away.
    We will demand, and not stop, until we get the answers from this corrupt President , and his Adm.

  • Rob

    Judging by the dead limbs on the tree which is either bad landscaping or died from heat in the fires, this was taken AFTER the couple of days it would take for a healthy branch to die, whither, and yellow.
    Hillary couldn’t even bother to provide the consulate with a crappy camera for a few days after the attack ENDED.

  • (new site) Economics Institute

    this is a big deal

  • Barbara Mulligan Buffing

    Great Job Sharyl!

  • Glenn Harman

    So much for Obummer’s administration of transparent and forthright communication with his employers,namely us! FOI is the only path to get even a small glimmer of the truth.

  • LeighLeigh

    All you had to do was watch Greg Palkott in and around the same building right after the attack!!! There was a special he did with Jennifer Griffen on Fox News within DAYS of the attack….these photos don’t mean shit…..just go to Fox website and see the special report.

  • RanierWest

    This looks like 5mp at best. WTH? The I.R.S. gets top of the line training in line dancing but skimp on cameras to document this President and Hillary bringing the U.S. down. There were better cameras stills of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.