Remember when President Obama’s 20-day Hawaiian family vacation cost taxpayers an estimated $4 million? As it turns out, that was chicken feed.

The Washington Post is reporting that the First Family’s upcoming trip to Africa could cost the government — and ultimately us taxpayers — between $60 million and $100 million dollars.

Fiscally irresponsible? You bet. But before you get too upset, consider this: According to WaPo, the Obamas had originally planned to go on safari in Tanzania, but when the newspaper started asking questions about the cost, the White House put the kibosh on that. So, you see, the Obamas are making sacrifices, too! Well, sort of:

If they admit they don’t “have a limitless supply of assets,” why do they jump at every opportunity to treat American citizens like the White House’s collective piggy bank? When it comes to sympathy, just like our bank accounts, we’re all tapped out — and really ticked off:

Then again:

  • Clayton Grant

    Most tone-deaf, dishonest administration ever.

    • CatHerder

      He’s a spoiled brat, we won’t give him a crown and he dumps on us for it.

    • V the K

      Well, it was vacation in Africa or give scholarships to 20,000 poor kids. But Michelle said, “Those kids are too poor to know what they’re missing.” So, they decided to go to Africa.

    • LightSabre

      In any other country, people joking about it would have long since ended and this bas*ard, his family and all his henchmen would have been strung up by their heals and dealt with. Why is it taking so long here?

  • Gordon

    Well Bush spent $15 Billion on Africa, so like, what about that? Oh it was for AIDS prevention? Whatever. #BlameBush

  • yourmamatoo

    The traveling campaigner in chief.
    What a sad joke.
    No wonder the world laughs at the US.

  • Joe W.

    Send them on a one way trip to Kenya…say the little village where Barky was whelped by that philandering communist and his morally bankrupt floozie. Now THAT I would pay for…..

  • Jeremy
    • IBXNJ

      They live like Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos on our dime!!

      • Darlene K

        yeah and look what happened to them…do we dare hope??

        • IBXNJ

          Ferdinand is now taking a dirt nap but Imelda is now in the Philippine Congress.

    • Michele Paton

      The ugly queen!!!

  • KansasGirl

    O and Moooochelle gotta love their public housing gig.

  • Jeremy

    He and his wife are both losers and the sooner they are gone the better.

  • Folly67

    Can they stay there?

    • Jeremy

      great idea.

    • Zapp Brannigan

      A one way ticket would be well worth 100M

  • RblDiver


    • RblDiver

      (I don’t suppose Congress could tell the Pres that his vacation money’s coming out of the IRS/EPA/etc’s budget, nah, they don’t have the balls for that)

    • Squirrel!

      Oh, I LOVE THIS!!/

  • Marjorie

    Does this classless, overbearing, tone-deaf idiot have a favorite golf course there?

    • Darlene K

      build it and he will come…..

  • trixiewoobeans

    Where’s all that “spreading the wealth” I keep hearing about?

    • Chevypowered

      Obama is spreading it. Towards himself and his family!

      • trixiewoobeans

        Seems more’s going overseas than to us…you know, the one’s who earned it.

  • ELC

    The Odumbo family doing what they love to do best SCREWING US ROYALLY. I do want to thank those who gave him a second term. I hope you all are enjoying him doing it to you also. Happy now?

    • CatHerder


    • Sonya A. Willis

      I hope they’re on their way to becoming broke, starving, and begging in the streets. Thanks for nothing ObotZombies.

  • OLLPOH # UnBanHana!!!!!!!

    This man has robbed America… is the Taxpayers Reality, it sure isn’t Obama, Biden’s or anyone in the OGovt. We have 30 million people on Taxpayer hand outs and if his Dreamy Act gets through both chambers we will all be biometrically have to have our eyes xrayed and have to pay for all that, IF, IF We The People Give Permission…as each and everyday…
    We know he has a campaign, a party, an event to acquire money for OFA, his tax exempts for EPA Trash Science, Solendra Like Failures, Hollywood, Unions, and anyone that agrees with his Saul Alinski Radical Rulebook Tactics, Black Liberation Theology, Critical Race Theory, MalcolmX-despised Christianity, Bill Ayers-Gamaliel Foundation/Cloward Piven, Despises the U.S. Constitution and has destroyed it, Patriot Act on Steroids and makes us a Police State with Surveillance, Re-Distribute Trillions of Borrowed/Printed U.S. Dollars because he wants to say Now You Are Free…when he Feels that he is Entitled because he wrote it in his book…”White Folks Greed Leaves A World In Need, That Is What Hope Sits Upon”, and the FBI tracked his daddy down for being a white woman chaser and his daddy was a communist himself… He Believes We OWE him.
    It is a very great mistake to imagine that the object of loyalty is the authority and interest of one individual man, however dignified by the applause or enriched by the success of popular actions.
    The truth is, all might be free if they valued freedom, and defended it as they ought.
    Responsibility he has None!

  • Bui van vat

    Can we pay just $50 m and buy them one way tickets?

  • jukin

    $100 million will be the least of this visit. Wait for all of our money he will give to third world dictatorships while he is there. My guess the tab for that will be around $2,500-5,000 million. If we are lucky.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Eleventy trazillion dollars! Making up random numbers is fun.

      • jukin

        The reason I use thousands of millions is so the stupid voter (i.e. YOU) can understand. I guarantee I will be proved correct that 0 will give at least $4 billion to african dictators.

  • Squirrel!

    Meanwhile, my family can’t afford a vacation & haven’t had one in 3 years. And excuse me, but open the White House tours up to the public, *sshole!!!!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Five years and counting, here.

      • Squirrel!

        I’m sorry to hear. Our last one was a shared expense 2 family vacation which my 5 year old doesn’t even remember. I knew I wasn’t the only one & am in good company.

    • V the K

      President Mugabe’s left-wing fluffers will say, “See, you’re just jealous! Go bitterly cling to something, red-stater!”

      • Squirrel!

        :-) yes, yes they will. No pity party here though. Just think it’s a load of crap but we know this is not a man of the people. He’s a selfis, narcissistic out of touch elitist who spits on his lowly subjects. 47% of whom enjoy it.

  • dennylee60

    There is sequestration for the rest of us but it is non-stop partying/vacationing for our god-king Obama.

  • buffalomoon

    “Let them eat cake!”

  • James A. Lonon

    But what trip to Africa would be complete wIthout a visit to KENYA?

    • ObamaFail

      Gotta visit the old homestead!

  • ObamaFail

    Every time some liberal idiot whines about the sequester, make sure to throw this in their face.

  • nc

    It’s more than just tone-deaf. It’s as if BO and Mo have no conscience, and feel no shame or guilt.

    • Squirrel!

      Um, they don’t, and for that, I actually pity them. Soulless, and that is probably the worst thing a human can be.

    • AnnieO

      Don’t you know?? We OWE them everything they want!!

  • Wilkins Micawber

    This trip will be the first time a Sasquatch was ever seen in Africa.

  • Wilkins Micawber

    Imagine if, during the campaign of 2008, someone had written the following: “If Barack Obama is elected president, then each year from now on the federal budget will be a trillion dollars in the red. He will pile up in two terms more debt than all previous presidents combined. Interest rates will stay at near zero; 7.6 percent unemployment will be proof of progress in creating jobs. Record use of food stamps, unemployment, and disability insurance will be hallmarks of recovery. The government will take over health care, and the costs will skyrocket. During Obama’s second term, ammunition will vanish from America’s store shelves in panic buying. Gay marriage will become uncontroversial. Women will be eligible for infantry combat. The only question about amnesty for illegal aliens will be when, not if, it is enacted. States will begin legalizing marijuana.”

    • Squirrel!

      47% would’ve voted for him.

    • Patriot

      He would still have been elected based on the one key phrase you used, “Record use of food stamps, unemployment and disability insurance …”

      • AnnieO

        And playing the race card all the way to the bank!

      • Nunyo Business

        I use 2 words for it myself, Voter Fraud.

  • cscape

    how much you wanna bet they will be going back there (for 3 times the money) for Nelson Mandela’s state funeral (sometime in the near future)

    • LtColO

      Must be why he couldn’t attend Thatcher’s funeral. He was “saving up” for this.

  • Bill Board

    Meanwhile, YOUR kids can’t tour the White House this summer.

  • kim

    Maybe they’ll elect him King and he will stay

  • kim

    Look at it this way, maybe while he’s gone, we’ll get some answers to these investigations.

  • neoface

    Just politics!!! I’m still surprised that no one seem to cared when the memo leaked stating that Obama wanted this sequester to hurt the little people. There was no reason for that, since most low information people didn’t know that the sequester was not a spending cut but a reduction in the yearly increase. The government is still spending more money this year than last year. Obama and the Mrs. lives high on the hog daily on the back of the middle Americans who pay taxes. Those who voted for him just can’t complain!!!!

  • John W.

    Probably at this very moment, Jay Carney is looking in a mirror and practicing for tomorrow’s presser: “Well, if you look at the cost on a per-person, per-mile basis, I think you’ll find that the expenditure compares quite favorably to what we saw during the previous administration with all of those trips to the ranch in Crawford.”

  • RedSoloCup

    Good, hopefully he’ll stay there.

  • barbarakeeney

    why don’t the DNC pay for his vacations

    • AnnieO

      Why doesn’t he pay for his own?? He’s a millionaire!

    • Vickie DHaene

      It’s all monopoly money. They know it’s worthless and they’ll keep printing. 3 more years we won’t survive. He knows it and has planned it..

  • Ray Stone

    Will somebody remind him,The USA is broke.He don’t need another vacation on my dime.He has millions he can pay for his own like we all do out here in the real world.I thought the whole world loved him.Why all the extra security? and why is he taking along a floating hospital? If he is that afraid he should just keep his candy ass home!

  • Guest

    It would be less expensive to pay for millions of Africans to visit Obama…
    but then his wife wouldn’t get to see a real lion.

  • April Martin Boyles

    Oh trolls?!?!? Where are you defending this??? I know you are reading these comments!!!

  • Ray Stone

    I just made a comment,I don’t think this one will make the posting.This one will make three this week that didn’t

  • Small fry

    Makes. Me. Sick.

  • [email protected]

    those narcisists dont care how much of our money they spend.They are going to have as many vacations as they can before the slimeballs leave the white house and live off his undeserved pension

  • Kawfy

    If only they would forgo this trip they’d have enough to help out West, Tx….Priorities!

    • Bathing Suit Area

      It’s the federal government’s problem now that Texans can’t build a town that doesn’t blow up?

      • Kawfy

        or levies that won’t break, or homes and businesses that fall to tornadoes, or homes that fall to sea surge. Last I heard, Texans still pay fed taxes.

        • AZWarrior

          Good one.

  • Bathing Suit Area

    America was much better off with a president who’d never even heard of these African countries, much less traveled to them!

  • stevearizona

    I’ll agree to higher taxes– only for Democrats. (Those people who voted for Clinton and Obama and their ilk.)

  • stevearizona

    We have caught onto the Obama code word “investment”. It simply means more of the same failed overspending that got us to where we are now. If your IRA made “investments” like those, you’d be on a diet of dog food and SNAP coupons.

  • Valerie

    A ONE way ticket for obama hi & his African brood!!

    • AZWarrior

      Great smile Val. :-)

  • agroulx

    Maybe the most COMPASSIONATE president who ever lived will FINALLY visit and assist his brother who is 3rd world poor, living in a tin can.

  • lillymckim

    Yes, I would gladly help the Obamas pack if it were a “one way trip”.

  • lillymckim

    Another in your face from the Obama regime to the little people of the USA!

  • JR48

    100 million dollars for a vacay…Meanwhile, school aged kids can’t get white house tours? Perfect example of their amazing management skills and sterling judgement.

  • AuditMyLibery

    So Obama will not allow FEMA to help out the people of West TX after the explosion since it wasnt a big enough tragedy (15 dead, 40-50 million in damages) but will help himself to our money for his unneeded family vacation in Africa Note to Pres this is what Camp David is for) This man is a corrupt tyrant and has utter contempt for this country. Where is Congress passing a bill to stop has gone on for 5 years over and over again. Americans cant support their families becasue s of his economic policies and he takes lavish vacations when the americans cant even afford A vacation

    • Vickie DHaene

      Putting 9 year old twins in to introduce him to the LBGT conference. This man is a perverted tyrant.. Will make Hitler look like PEE WEE Herman.

  • Michele Paton

    Take with you Chris Mattews,Bill Maher,and all MSNBC shit eaters with you.Michele mother can afford this on her pension????

  • Damien Johnson

    When I was a kid I thought it was stupid how Bush kept coming back to his ranch here in Texas. But this is far, far worse. At least Bush’s frequent Texas vacations weren’t costing this much.

  • $25753324

    Shameless. If you’re a liberal, sorry. You’re a phucking moron!

  • AZWarrior

    Uhhhh, how much to make that one way?

  • stevearizona

    What do we need to apologize for over there?

  • stevearizona

    What else is new?…the spender in command gets to trow away $100 million to visit his paisanos while Marines in Afghanistan have to miss one meal a day because of the “sequester” cuts.

  • beth smith

    thats nothin! wait till marthas vineyard trip whats that gonna cost us? 1bill!!!!! oh by the way thats right after this 1 in aug.!!!!!they deserve this so much! they just worked so heard robbing us blind& causing all the fighting over seas!!!they should tell them 2 stay back home in africa & dont come back!!!fn stupid bastards!!!!!

  • beth smith

    wish i had the money 2 buy em all 1 way ticket back home 2 africa!!!!!!!