Bret Baier first caught Twizzlers’ eye when he rocked a sweet Twizzlers tie on “Special Report.” Since that fateful day, he and Twizzlers have developed a delightful rapport. But as we all know, a relationship can’t thrive if there are secrets between those involved. Fortunately, Baier is committed to being forthright about his candy habits:

Ha! That’s good to know. And for the record, Twizzlers approves:


  • Michelle

    Twizzlers are like slimy wax with no flavor. I prefer Red Vines.

  • RblDiver

    Chomp off the ends, use as a straw, chomping periodically.

  • Jeremy

    I prefer Red Vines Cherry and Grape flavors but,Twizzlers are okay sometimes.

  • nc

    Only Bret Baier can have a “conversation” with a stick of candy and still be considered a serious news anchor. Sweet!

    • LinTaylor

      If he were a liberal, they’d be trying to turn the story of a silly tie into a 30-paragraph puff piece so they didn’t have to discuss things like Obama’s abject failure.