Hey, if you’re concerned that government snoops are monitoring your emails, you might as well put them to work for you, right?

Totally. Is the NSA up for it?

Ah. Well, we hear the Justice Department is available:


In any case, one thing’s for sure:

Damn skippy.



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  • OLLPOH # UnBanHana!!!!!!!

    We still can’t find the keys to the house,
    guess we need to call Prevaricators-R-Us1-800OGovSpy,
    to obtain The New Oservice and the Ophone Orecords…and surely the Okeys to the Ohouse will show up in the our Ophone Obill…


    Was, Senator Obama versus Constitution/The Bill of Rights

    Now, President Obama versus NoConstitution/The Right To Bill.

  • Jeremy

    Brit Hume always has those great zingers too funny.

  • Clayton Grant

    I wonder if I can get a copy of the receipt for those hideous $200 shoes my wife bought herself. She claims she lost it.

    • Jeremy

      might be worth a try ha ha

    • lainer51

      No problem, IRS no longer requires them… er, wait, that is just for their own thievery.

  • Jeremy

    I knew someone would create a twitter account about the NSA.He will be one busy tweeter.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Good one, Brit!

  • stuckinIL4now


  • KansasGirl

    I’m glad this administration is being mocked.
    Isn’t that one covered in “Rules for Radicals”?

  • Janice LEE

    Hey Brit, have you checked your JUNK file? It’s the most logical place to find anything coming from the gummint.

  • eeddggy

    I guess I can cancel Carbonite. The WH is now my file backup provider.

  • gdwood510

    Is it just me? I feel that everybody, from fox commentators to supposedly conservative legislators, is completely out of touch with regular citizens on this NSA issue. I have totally lost any respect for all of them.