Attorneys for George Zimmerman, who is accused of murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, believe that the prosecution withheld evidence that could potentially aid in their client’s defense. To that end, Zimmerman’s team subpoenaed Ben Kruidbos, the IT director in state attorney Angela Corey’s office, to testify today at a hearing about deleted photos and messages he recovered from Martin’s cell phone.

The often sympathetic, saintly portrait of Martin has been called into question before, but Kroidbos’ testimony today casts the 17 year old in an even more disturbing light:

It’s important to note that Kroidbos’ testimony has yet to be confirmed. We don’t know for sure that the photos even exist, or, if they do, that the women depicted were underage. But what is clear is that the media’s initial pictures of a bright-eyed, smiling boy may have belied Martin’s true identity, and it’s time for those pictures to be brought into focus.

  • ChampionCapua

    Good thing Obama’s NSA has copies of them #JusticeForSkittles

    • Guest

      I wonder if it was an Obama Phone

    • TugboatPhil

      Sorry, Obama’s data collection exempts criminals, welfare recipients and illegal aliens. Only data on taxpaying citizens is kept for future retribution retrieval.

      • Paul

        correction… only taxpaying citizens who won’t bow down to Lord Obama

  • Cozy Powell III

    Mmmm, was it a Verizon phone?

  • b_truit

    From what I can tell witb the little evidence I’ve seen. George seems innocent, and seems to have rid the world of one more scum bag.

    • Anthony Clay

      amen to that another gold tooth, blunt smokin,cripp belongin,17 fights this year belongin,miles away from home lookin for easy pickun`s gangsta. The only crime here was the continued use by the media of the picture when he was 12. thats what is criminal. They had a picture of him full growm smokin a blunt. Shall we show jefrey dahmer in the crib next, or ted bundy in pampers,alert this is tawana brawley, we have been down this path before

    • ByroniusMaximus

      Agreed…. R.I.P kiddo, ya didn’t make it. Shoulda walked a diffrent path, no pun intended.

  • Turd Burglestein

    if obama had daughters they would look just like those naked girls lil tray tray had on his phone. Oh wait…he does.

  • tjack

    And the tomorrow the judge will be saying inadmissible.

    • KansasGirl

      Then appeal.

  • TomJB

    Maybe the NSA can provide copies

    • RanierWest

      Susan Rice, BenGhazi, Pushed a video…

  • KansasGirl

    Behold, the damage the extreme left-wing progressives have done to this country.
    Also, don’t bring up party affiliation to try to pass blame around.
    Any government employee that is involved in this case is a corrupt, arrogant progressive.
    These thugs should be on trial, not Zimmerman.

    • Sons Thunder

      A 17-year old boy is dead. You write “Behold, the damage the left-wing progressives have done…” The very next sentence, you write “don’t bring up party affiliation.”

      Reminder – a 17-year old boy is dead.

      • Ipsophakto

        Killed in self defense.

        • muslimmustgo

          AMEN The world would never have known about this incident if the usurper hadn’t of promoted it for his personal agenda!

      • muslimmustgo

        Do you cry when an 18 year old boy is killed serving our nation in the satanic regions of demonic islam!? I doubt it because I’m sure you follow your gods (obamao) opinion of hating our military!!!!

      • robcrawford2

        “Reminder – a 17-year old boy is dead.”

        As a result of his own idiocy.

      • Lisa Dean

        Reminder – a 17 year old boy is dead because he was trying to emulate thugs in more ways than one. His parents, in all their wisdom, weren’t there for their son to guide him into becoming a better person while divorced, but suddenly became united in his death. Better late than never I guess.

        • Sons Thunder

          Bob Somerby at The Daily Howler did a tremendous job in dissecting the shoddy & dishonest work done by MSNBC on the Martin/Zimmerman case.

          I’m not certain why Trayvon Martin is dead. I wasn’t there. Neither was Al Sharpton. Nor Lawrence O’Donnell. Nor you or anyone here posting that Trayvon had it coming.

          I know that an unarmed kid was fatally shot. I thought we could all agree that is a bad thing. I was wrong.

          • Lisa Dean

            Hey Son, reread what I posted and point to where I made the claim that “he had it coming”. You can’t because I didn’t. I stated he was trying to emulate thugs in more ways than one. That’s something you, yes even you, can’t argue against. You and I know that an unarmed 17 year old, which in my opinion is no longer a kid, was shot because the evidence is showing that he tried to act badder than what he was. So, in closing don’t try to act all sanctimonious when you’re the one who is now trying to post something that I never said.

          • Sons Thunder

            Reminder – a 17 year old boy is dead because he was trying to emulate thugs in more ways than one.

            I wasn’t trying to put words in your mouth. I hate it when people do that to me and I apologize. I was trying to paraphrase a sentiment that seemed prevalent in the comments.

            You clearly think Martin is dead because he was trying to emulate a thug. I don’t know what that means. He was unarmed and was fatally shot. In what way was he emulating thugs and how does that behavior exonerate Zimmerman of shooting an unarmed 17 year old?

          • Lisa Dean

            Again, you’re guilty of putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say it exonerated Zimmerman. I’ve looked at both sides as objectively possible given the railroading of Zimmerman that’s gone on, maybe Zimmerman shouldn’t have followed him (if that’s what truly happened) and maybe Martin should have had someone take him to the store. Maybe his parents should have done a better job with their 17 year old son instead of letting his indiscretions at school escalate into being expelled from school, maybe Martin isn’t the “poor little boy” that everyone makes him out to be. Emulating thugs by breaking into lockers at school, smoking pot, acting like a he’s some sort of rap star, getting expelled from school etc. By looking at his pictures that he posted as a 17 year old you can see what I mean if you would actually look at them.
            I do know that there are always “woulda, shoulda, coulda” when it comes to someone’s senseless death. And I’m speaking from experience because my Dad was killed while riding his motorcycle by a 16 year old with a souped up Mustang that he couldn’t handle. I also know that with every action that you take, there’s a reaction that you face.

          • Sons Thunder

            I am sorry about your Dad. What a terrible loss.

            You clearly stated that Martin is dead because he was emulating thugs. You assigned zero blame to Zimmerman. You continue to reserve your character judgments for Martin.

            Zimmerman’s SPD call makes it clear he was following Martin yet made it clear you aren’t fully convinced:

            Dispatcher: Are you following him?
            Zimmerman: Yeah.
            Dispatcher: Okay, we don’t need you to do that.
            Zimmerman: Okay.

            By the way, I’ve seen the pictures you wrongfully accused me of ignoring. What am I supposed to understand? I also am aware that Michelle Malkin/Twitchy promoted false images of Trayvon Martin. That fact does nothing to change my mind either.

      • KansasGirl

        And a man lived.
        As far as party affiliation, I suggest you read my third sentence.
        “Reminder – a 17-year old boy is dead”.
        No one needs to be reminded…the media and the progressives have already proclaimed Mr. Zimmerman (a white-Hispanic?) guilty.

        • Sons Thunder

          This case is sad to me. It received national attention and some people tried to hijack it into a racial thing. Others wanted to use it to discuss the ‘stand your ground’ law. MSNBC’s reporting on it was as bad as it gets.

          That all said, an unarmed kid was shot dead. That’s sad. I don’t see how that is the fault of progressives. Or conservatives. I don’t understand why you want to do the same thing Al Sharpton does. I don’t understand why you want to hijack Martin’s death to skewer progressives.

          • Lisa Dean

            This was turned into a “racial thing” by the MSM who described George Zimmerman as a white guy first, then it was discovered that he’s part Peruvian, so he then became a “white hispanic”. All of this to promote that a black teenager was killed by a “white guy” in “racial, white dominate city” Florida. To top things off, only pictures of Trayvon Martin as a 12-14 year old were shown, instead of 17 year old, thug-in-the-making, pot smoking, high school derelict Trayvon Martin.

          • Sons Thunder

            Media malpractice is a daily occurrence. It’s a sad reality but it is a reality. MSNBC wanted to make this a racial case and painted Trayvon Martin as an innocent and Zimmerman as a racist.

            But it seems you are doing the same thing. You are saying Martin was a thug. You have placed all the blame on Martin and said nothing about Zimmerman’s choice to confront and shoot an unarmed 17 year old.

          • Lisa Dean

            I’m not making this racist. If a 17 year old acts like he’s some sort of gangsta thug, then that’s what he’s going to be perceived as. Perception is something that everyone is guilty of when it comes to someone’s behavior. If I act like an uneducated idiot then you would perceive me that way and I couldn’t fault you because that’s the perception I’ve given you. If I dress and act like I have money, snubbing you as I walk past you, then you would perceive me as a rich, snobby witch. Again, if you act a certain way then that’s how you’re going to be seen. It’s also known as “guilt by association”.

          • Sons Thunder

            I understand your general point about behavior/appearance influencing others’ reactions. I am questioning that Trayvon Martin is dead because he was emulating a thug. We don’t have evidence that he was being thuggish anymore than we know what Zimmerman was doing in the last two minutes of Martin’s life.

          • Jeff McCabe

            We don’t know he confronted Martin. And you seem to totally disallow the possibility that Martin was shot while in the act of breaking zimmermans nose and smashing his skull into the concrete sidewalk. So I guess keep on being sanctimonious about others jumping to conclusions as you do the exact same thing.

          • Sons Thunder

            I made it clear I don’t know who is at fault or what series of events led to Trayvon Martin’s death. I did say that an unarmed 17-year old was fatally shot and I consider that a bad thing.

          • Sons Thunder

            My apologies – I did, indeed, write ‘confront’ when I should have written ‘follow.’ You are right that we don’t know who confronted whom.

          • KansasGirl

            It received national attention, that is true.
            Where we part ways, is, you saying a group exploited the racial aspect, while the other group exploited the “stand your ground” mantra.
            The media focused on the racial make-up of the crime…solely to overturn the “stand your ground” law.
            P.S. it’s not me hijacking this kid’s death, it’s Sharpton and his progressive minions.

          • Sons Thunder

            I really don’t think we part ways as much as you think. Your synopsis: “…the media focused on the racial make-up of the crime…solely to overturn the “stand your ground law” is a better description, in my opinion, than what I originally wrote.

            This case, for me, really highlighted some of the worst tendencies in liberals. A tragic story was hijacked almost entirely by liberals because they made some false initial assumptions. Instead of admitting error and issuing apologies, most just plowed on ahead. They ignored facts and, at times, created them. Obama’s “if I had a son” comment was, at best, misguided.

            “Did Trayvon Martin’s Cell Phone Contain Nude Photos of Underage Girls?” That’s an intentionally provocative headline. Twitchy has been at the forefront of trying to paint Martin as a threatening, hardened criminal. What MSNBC did to Zimmerman is inexcusable. That doesn’t excuse Twitchy’s similar treatment of Martin.

          • KansasGirl

            If the shoe fits.

  • Hiraghm

    Context also; If an underaged girl emails him a nude pic w/o telling him, he could delete it immediately upon opening it and it would still be a “deleted picture of underaged naked girls”.

    • stuckinIL4now

      There was more than one so what, underage girls were all rushing to send him nudes of themselves? That has to call his character into question, too.

    • RblDiver

      Be honest, what guy that age would delete pics of naked girls immediately on opening it?

    • Mackenzie Gibson

      It said that the IT director deleted the photos… read, buddy

      • thetreyman

        no it said he recovered deleted photos and messages.

        “To that end, Zimmerman’s team subpoenaed Ben Kruidbos, the IT director in state attorney Angela Corey’s office, to testify today at a hearing about deleted photos and messages he recovered from Martin’s cell phone.”

  • BeeKaaay

    Don’t worry! The pictures WILL be posted somewhere. Right now someone in the state’s attorney’s office is looking to make a little extra money……

    • SRVDisciple

      .. if he had just filed as a conservative organization looking for tax-exempt status with the IRS we would have already seen the pictures and the girls would have been already interviewed on cnn.

      • BeeKaaay

        And Geraldo would look for Trayvon’s secret stash! :)

  • Conniption Fitz

    It is scandalous the manipulation and suppression of evidence that was allowed by the FL justice department, PLUS allowing the civil suit to precede the criminal case is unethical.

    Crump, the big shot attorney for the Martins, donated a million dollars to a FL legal defense fund. That’s why he’s been given essential carte blanche to run over normal procedures with impunity.

    This whole deal is essentially a lynching…with roles reversed from the old KKK days.

    Now the biggest racists and haters in the USA are the black muslim supremacists (New Black Panthers) who are Holder’s people, Obama’s sons, Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright’s followers .

  • $30423294

    I was just wondering, can you imagine the layers upon layers of self-deception the democrat party would have to employ if the Fort Hood “workplace violence shooter” had shot Trayvon?

    Oh my gosh, it would force the democrat party to choose between thugs. Radical Islamic Thugs versus Thug Trayvon!

    But at least we can all agree on this, in any situation, the democrat party will side with the thug.

    • TugboatPhil

      It would be nice to see their heads explode over the indecision.

      • Sons Thunder

        You know what would be even nicer? If the victims of the Fort Hood massacre and a 17-year old boy weren’t dead. That’s the thought of an actual liberal.

        • AMSilver

          Actually, the thought of an actual liberal is, ‘Gosh, this army psychiatrist keeps including radical, pro-Islamist statements in his lectures, etc, and is associating with a radical Imam. We’d better not profile him by looking any deeper into this possibly treasonous behavior because if we did, then that would be profiling, which we all know is intolerant and therefore the greatest evil ever. So rather than take actions that might protect our men and women in uniform, let’s continue to keep Major Hassan employed with people he seems to think are on the wrong side of the conflict.” The whole “It would be nicer if the victims weren’t dead” thought only occurs after liberals have set up the events that lead directly to their deaths.

          • TexasMom2012

            so instead of dealing with Hassan, lets just ship him out of DC… to Texas, the bastards.

        • robcrawford2

          ” If the victims of the Fort Hood massacre and a 17-year old boy weren’t dead”

          With you on those murdered at Fort Hood. Not so much with the thug who got what he wanted.

          • geneic

            I believe George Zimmerman is innocent, by way of self defense. However, saying Trayvon Martin is a thug and deserved to die is just so callous and undeserving. None of us should pass judgement on whether someone should live or die. He hadn’t murdered anyone that we know of and the things we do know don’t in any way warrant death. Shame on everyone who says that. It takes away from the actual defense of Zimmerman and makes everyone who defends him be seen as a racist. The facts of the case back Zimmerman up, in my opinion. Stick with the facts and you can defend your position without coming across as an aS*hole. That goes for everyone, on both sides of the case. I am not calling you out Rob, but just saying in general. It seems like it is a theme that many people are picking up on.


            -George found Trayvon walking slowly in the rain.

            -George found it to be odd, especially considering the recent break ins.
            -George made a call to a NON-EMERGENCY call center, not 911.

            -Operator asks the race of the “suspect”. In which George says he looks black.

            -George loses track of Trayvon and gets out of his truck to try and see where he went.

            -Operator asks if he is following him, in which George replies yes. Operator says that he doesn’t need him to follow him, George responds with ok and appears to be breathing heavily.
            -George says he is going to the street sign to tell operator where he is located and they exchange a meeting place at the mailbox or something like that.

            These are not necessarily facts:
            -George claims he begins to walk back to his truck to wait on cops to arrive.

            -He claims Trayvon double backs and surprises him from behind.

            -Altercation begins.

            Witness suggest that it was Trayvon on top of Zimmerman. A witness claims it was Zimmerman yelling for help.

            Trayvons girlfriends statements are not accurate and I don’t see how they can be used, so I am not including them.

            In my opinion, I don’t think George was looking for a fight. I think he was just looking to get a possible thief in trouble. Why in the world would he call to have the cops come out there if he was planning on killing a person. Common sense tells you if he was trying to be a vigilante, he wouldn’t have called for the cops to come BEFORE he killed someone. I don’t believe and there is no proof he is a racist. No proof he profiled on race, etc. If he was profiling it was justified, because he noticed a suspicious looking person walking slowly in the rain. He wasn’t even sure what race Trayvon was.

            Now, the pictures of Zimmerman after the attack clearly show he was in an altercation. He had a broken nose, bloody face, gashes on his head, and if I remember correctly his jacket was wet with grass stains. Correct me if wrong. Trayvon had little to no signs of an altercation in which he was on the receiving end, other than the fatal gun shot wound.

            This is just a sad situation, where they were both in the wrong place at the wrong time. It will a shame if Zimmerman does get convicted in court, because the evidence just doesn’t support he just shot him for no reason. Trayvon should have gone to his dads girlfriends house and Zimmerman should have no gotten out of the truck. All in all, neither of them did anything illegal until the attack. From the evidence, it appears to me Trayvon did punch him and is guilty of that. Chances are this would not have happened if that punch was never thrown. I don’t see Zimmerman just starting a fight for no reason. It seems to me more like something a younger person would do.

            The screams for help are the most chilling thing about this case to me. I was brought to tears when I first heard them and was instantly disgusted with Zimmerman and all of the witnesses who did absolutely nothing to help. If someone would have gone outside, who knows if it wouldn’t have distracted them and ended the whole thing. My disgust lead me to research the case online and I began reading and found myself worse than disgusted. I was so angry at the media for lying and portraying this as a racial killing and I really think the screams are Zimmermans, based on witness stating it was him. The media convicted Zimmerman and if he is convicted in court, it will be a travesty on the part of the media. If Zimmerman is not convicted and murdered, the media will have his blood on their hands. He is going to have a rough life regardless of the outcome and if I were him I’d sue the crap out of everyone I could.

          • Sons Thunder

            It’s so easy to judge others when we weren’t there. I too, was disgusted by the dishonesty of the media reports on this case and have read a fair amount of it. I don’t think Zimmerman was motivated by racism and I certainly don’t think he set out to kill an unarmed kid that night.

            You did a nice job of articulating a lot of what bothers me about the way this way handled. I think you are right that Zimmerman might have a very good case against MSNBC and the intentionally dishonest reporting that came from that network.

        • KansasGirl

          You know what would be the nicest thing of all? lol
          If progressives would quit excusing this behavior.

  • $27789750

    He was undoubtedly on the road to punkdom. Iwill be glad when this is over. It has been hyped out of sane results, becoming political and racial when it was really neither.

  • Danny Wheeler

    This is disturbing.

    • milletime810

      a teenager having nude photos of teenagers?

      • Michelle

        Anyone of any age having nude pictures of teenage girls is disturbing, yes.

        • thetreyman

          yes but kids dont really think about things like that being illegal. they think it is something fun to do. and with the oversexualization of today’s youths they dont see the problem. though i fear it is going to come back to haunt them in the future.

          • Michelle

            It’s not a matter of legality, it’s a matter of morals and character. I have a few friends with teenage boys and know without a doubt they would be extremely offended if some girl sent them nude photos. Lack of solid parenting is the problem with today’s youth.

          • J. Cox

            Nailed it…too bad that anyone who says exactly what you have said is quickly demeaned and dismissed.One only has to look at Bill Cosby preaching this same thing and then being attacked by groups like the black panthers and NAACP.

          • Michelle

            Thanks J. Cox – I know for darn sure the kids I referenced absolutely do not engage in the sharing of naked pics and it takes only paying attention to everything else about them to know exactly where their morals and character are at. And I find it sad that quite a few have replied with suggesting all kids do it, all parents are fooled, kids will be kids, etc. No they’re not all the same. And I don’t agree with blaming society for “oversexualization” of teens for their lack of self-respect and morals. Sure kids are exposed to so much more than they ought to be, but that’s where the parent comes in and guides them. Yes, my friends are very hands-on parents, they do not shield their children from an improper society, they guide their child to know what is wrong and what is right – and it SHOWS in how these kids behave.

          • Harry A

            i wouldnt be too sure of that if i were you. and i can assure you that if they would be offended they are in the extreme minority. its how kids these days are. sarah was probably “sure” of what britsol was doing as well, and yet she ended up pregnant. is sarah not a solid parent?

          • lee martell

            This is off topic, but you forced it open, that Pandora’s Box of Sarah Palin. I love most everything about her, but she has lived as a Political Celebrity Evangelist for a couple of years now. That sort of life takes you away from family life. Todd has accepted this life, because of Sarah’s profound skills of communication. She is Our Sarah. Yes, Bristol gave birth out of wedlock, not the first choice, but stuff happens in a world with endless temptations and opportunities. This does not negate her family values, as she is speaking of the big picture. We need not always walk the walk afraid to think for ourselves.

          • Harry A

            i agree with everything you said, i think. im just saying that those that are judging trayvon over having pictures of nude girls his age maybe shocked and suprised at how common that would be. theres a few older people who are thinking my child would never do that, and as a 21yo let me tell you your child most likely has.

            i only used the sarah example because its someone who we all know. michelle had suggested that its because of bad parenting that someone would have these pics, and that she knows “without a doubt” her friends kids wouldnt do it, and i know so many parents who think that same thing and theyre usually mistaken. a teenage boy having deleted pics of nude teenage girls on his phone is about as surprising as afternoon rain in florida.

          • Michelle

            I don’t equate a young couple making a bad decision to have unprotected sex with young girls who take naked pictures of themselves and send them to young men. And neither do I equate a young couple making a bad decision with teenage boys thinking it’s great that young girls send out nude pics. A young girl having sex with a guy she loves is vastly different from a young girl displaying her goods for all to see. And again, pretty sure I know my friends’ kids better than you do. I’m not guessing about the morals and character of my friends’ kids, I know it.

          • Harry A

            well then, understand your friends kids would be in the extreme minority. that is a fact. and FYI the girls dont send pics to just anyone, its usually people with whom they are in a relationship with because they think they are in love. the same kids who are out there having sex are the same kids sending pics to each other.they get disseminated because they relationship ends for whatever reason and people seek revenge or one of the people in the relationship thinks theyre only showing a trusted friend and then they spread like wildfire.

          • Michelle

            Wow Harry, you’re just an expert on everything, ain’t ya? Extreme minority? Get out of the house Harry, make new friends and experience the world around you. You might discover it doesn’t all fit into nifty little stereotypes.

          • Harry A

            extreme minority you question, well it would be true. i was just in high school over two years, i am sure i know high school kids better than you do. i said that your friend’s kids might not have such pictures deleted on their phones, but the vast majority of kids will have had such pictures on their phones and if you look through the phones memory of deleted images you will find them. so yes anybody that doesnt have such pictures will be in the extreme minority. i dont need to “get out of the house” michelle, I am out of the house and i am in school, so i think i know more about what goes on in schools.

            in fact with new apps like snap chat its becoming an epidemic. its not about trying to put all the kids of the world into “nifty litty sterotypes”, its just truth michelle. older folks are always convinced that they know what goes on in teens lives, and they are not. I dont claim to be an “expert” on everything, but i know what people my age are doing. but thats all im gonna say on this issue, enjoy your weekend.

          • Michelle

            Do you often generalize people you don’t know? I know these kids very well, you do not. They are very turned off by girls who don’t display self-respect.

          • john gonnie

            If you know some teenage boy who says he was offended by a photo of a naked girl you better watch that liar like a hawk.

          • Michelle

            Pretty sure I know my friends’ kids better than you.

          • DavidC99

            It’s good always to see that there are women who understand this and are willing to say it. As a guy, I never in my entire life would have been pleased to receive such photos from anyone of any age. The sooner everyone begins to realize this is not normal behavior, the sooner it can be addressed as the problem that it is.

  • CatHerder

    Can they just lay this BS to rest and let an ordinary decent man get back to his life?

  • Michelle

    Twitchy Team – what’s up with using an old photo of Trayvon from when he was a kid? That’s a manipulation trick used by the Liberal media. How about using a more recent, and more accurate, photo of the thug? I suggest this one.

    • RblDiver

      I think it’s to show the irony of the “young, innocent” vs what issues the defense is bringing up (these pics, etc).

      • Michelle

        I get that, but it also perpetuates the idea he was a sweet, innocent lil boy. Point taken, but I think folks ought to do more to use the more accurate and recent pictures of him since so few outlets are doing so.

    • Jeremy

      yeah I got so tired of those young pictures of him.

    • ObamaFail

      Here is what the liberal media is doing

      • Michelle


      • Jeremy

        yep exactly.

  • CombatDiver

    I dont believe it, in the pictures the media is showing of Trayvon, he couldn’t be more than 10 years old.

  • halflight

    Did Zimmerman shoot Trayvon Martin because Trayvon had naughty pictures on his cell phone? Did Zimmerman shoot him because he felt threatened by a photo of a gun? Did Zimmerman shoot him because he saw a photo of a pot plant?

    No? Then it’s pretty irrelevant, isn’t it?

    If Zimmerman shot Martin because of a justifiable fear for his own safety, it doesn’t matter if Trayvon was otherwise a great guy.

    If Zimmerman shot Martin without just cause, it doesn’t matter if Trayvon was.a dirtbag.

    Let’s stick to the issue at hand: murder or justifiable homicide. Unless the defense can provide evidence that Zimmerman reasonably believed Martin had a gun, a photo of a gun on Martin’s cell phone is irrelevant.. Pictures of naked girls and marijuana are irrelevant regardless.

    • swtogirl

      I think the point is that the Liberal media has been portraying Trayvon as if he were an innocent teen, going about his business. This takes a bit of the shine off of his saintly portrait..

      Now, that shouldn’t have any impact on the actual trial, which is trying to determine if Zimmerman is innocent or guilty of homicide. But it does show some of the media’s bias in this case.

      • halflight

        I agree that there’s been a campaign by some to push irrelevant information. The answer to that problem is to point out that it’s irrelevant, not to counter with more irrelevant information.

        Neither George Zimmerman’s nor Trayvon Martin’s ethnicity is relevant to this case. Neither are the photos on Trayvon Martin’s phone. What’s relevant is whether Zimmerman had reasonable cause to believe he was in physical danger at the time he shot Trayvon Martin. Period.

        • loveshiandsid

          Please explain why “the media” focused on Martin’s looks (photo) as a 10-yr old, then Zimmerman’s appearance immediately after the incident at hand (and Zimmerman’s as 10-yr old, while not sharing T. Martin’s photo at the crime scene – looking like an adult and not a child)
          MSM is trying this case before it gets to trial … Period.

          • halflight

            Again, Martin’s and Zimmerman’s appearance is irrelevant– unless Martin’s appearance at the time Zimmerman shot him gave him reasonable cause to believe his life was in danger.

            I don’t want to explain why the media is focusing on irrelevant information. I want to point out that it’s irrelevant. And bringing up even more irrelevant information doesn’t help.

          • unadorned

            Zimmerman is being tried by a group of his peers. Many/most will have seen the MSM pictures of Trayvon as a 10 year old innocent. They will have read all of the lies that portrayed Trayvon as the kind of non-violent sweet kid who would have never attacked anyone. It’s important to put the true picture of what Trayvon was into their heads, and erase the lies.

          • halflight

            Zimmerman is being tried by his peers in a court of law. His peers are instructed by the court on the law; particularly, what evidence they are to consider in determining his guilt or innocence. If the defense attorneys think a juror is so stupid as to not be able to follow the court’s instructions, they should kick the juror off the panel. The fact that a potential juror may have been exposed to irrelevant information does not mean that the court should permit either the prosecution or defense to present irrelevant information.

          • unadorned

            Rule 404. Character
            Evidence; Crimes or Other Acts

            (a) Character Evidence.

            (1) Prohibited Uses. Evidence
            of a person’s character or character trait is not admissible to prove that on a
            particular occasion the person acted in accordance with the character or trait.

            (2) Exceptions for a Defendant or Victim in a Criminal Case. The following exceptions apply in a criminal

            (A) a defendant may offer evidence of the
            defendant’s pertinent trait, and if the evidence is admitted, the prosecutor
            may offer evidence to rebut it;

            (B) subject to the limitations in Rule 412, a
            defendant may offer evidence of an alleged victim’s pertinent trait, and if the
            evidence is admitted, the prosecutor may:

            (i) offer evidence to rebut it; and

            (ii) offer evidence of the defendant’s same
            trait; and

            (C) in a homicide case, the prosecutor may
            offer evidence of the alleged victim’s trait of peacefulness to rebut evidence
            that the victim was the first aggressor.

          • halflight

            Florida Evidence Code 90.404

            Character evidence; when admissible.

            (1) CHARACTER EVIDENCE GENERALLY.–Evidence of a person’s character or a trait of character is inadmissible to prove action in conformity with it on a particular occasion, except:

            . . . .

            (b) Character of victim.–

            1. Except as provided in s. 794.022 [sexual history of a sexual assault victim is inadmissible], evidence of a pertinent trait of character of the victim of the crime offered by an accused

            (Evidence that Martin had a violent character may be pertinent; photos that Zimmerman never saw of a gun, naked girls or marijuana on Martin’s phone are not. And I seriously hope you’re not arguing that mere possession of a firearm is evidence of a violent character)

            (2) OTHER CRIMES, WRONGS, OR ACTS.–

            (a) Similar fact evidence of other crimes, wrongs, or acts is admissible when relevant to prove a material fact in issue, including, but not limited to, proof of motive, opportunity, intent, preparation, plan, knowledge, identity, or absence of mistake or accident, but it is inadmissible when the evidence is relevant solely to prove bad character or propensity.

            (Photos on Martin’s phone do not show motive, opportunity, intent, preparation, plan, knowledge, identity, or absence of mistake or accident)


      • john gonnie

        You can’t “go about your business” better than to retreat. But George immediately pursued an individual who’d already declined his company.

        • robcrawford2

          Wrong. Why are you repeating lies?

        • halflight

          George pursuing Martin, even if Martin had “declined his company” does not give Martin legal grounds to assault George, if that’s what happened. Unless George assaulted Martin first, George had the right to defend himself, and if George reasonably felt in fear for his life, he had the right shoot Martin.

          It’s incontrovertible that George had a bloody nose and the back of his head bruised and bleeding at the scene. So, at some point, George was at a physical disadvantage in this encounter.

          The only question for the jury is– how did things get to that point, and did George reasonably fear for his life when he pulled the trigger?

          • Bathing Suit Area

            What if Martin had been threatened by this guy following him with a gun and decided to “Stands His Ground”? Didn’t he have the right to self defense here?

          • halflight

            See above “Unless George assaulted Martin first”. Although I have a hard time conceiving of how Martin got George on the ground. bloodied his nose and bashed his head AFTER George pulled a gun on him.

    • TugboatPhil

      I find it relevant in that it shows the late Mr Martin to be a person likely to jump a guy and start pounding his face against a curb rather than “Li’l Trayvon” skipping home from the store with his Skittles. Like it or not, Tray Tray ain’t going to take the stand so who he was seems relevant to me.

      However, my views on the legal system in 2013 America are not those of most judges.

      • Roto

        What the defense is doing with these pre-trial hearings (the 1st one is on YouTube) is pulling out a whole bunch of “loaded 45s” and laying them on the table, just daring the prosecution to introduce the issues during the trial. This defense team isn’t as braindead as OJ’s was. Most of the motions have been denied by the judge, with leave of court if the prosecution opens the door at trial.

        • halflight

          Agreed. A prosecution witness testifies that Martin would never brandish a gun, and BAM, a photograph of the gun becomes relevant. But Zimmerman hasn’t claimed that Martin had a gun, so I don’t know why the prosecution would raise the issue.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        Because having girls text you pictures turns you into a thug

  • Jeremy

    I wonder if it was an Obama Phone

  • Harry A

    lets also recall that trayvon himself was underage, so pictures of “underage teen girls”, who would be his peers really is not the surprising. it’s not like he is a 50 year old with pictures of underage girls; the drugs and the guns is the story here, not the girls. Sexting, sending pic (increasing with popularity of apps like snap chat) is very prevalent among teens today. If many of you saw the pictures on your teenage sons and daughters phones you would probably be shocked. I was a teen 3 years ago, trust me many kids have pics on their phone, and many, many more would have deleted pics so that their parents wouldn’t know.

  • docscience

    I hate to say this, but teen girls now routinely send nude images of themselves to boys they are interested in. And those boys exchange them with other boys.

    Once this kind of slut sleaze was limited to Brigette Nielsen sending nude images to Sly Stallone for a date pickup, but now extends down to any teen who thinks she has something to show.

  • tingle007

    none of this matters. what matters is if he attacked zimmerman and if zimmerman or a reasonable person in his position would have used deadly force. whether he was an honor student or douchebag is irreleavent.

    • twolaneflash

      Yes ma’m, that’s a real epidemic of honor students assaulting neighborhood watch volunteers we’re seeing all across America! /s

      If I wanted to be a professional street robber, I’d put on Steve Urkel glasses, hike up my pants to my armpits, and carry an armful of textbooks, just to sneak up on my victims. These days, you can spot a gangsta a block away. Zimmerman acted a little slow to my liking; NO_LIMIT_NIGGA should never have gotten him on the ground.

    • Zefal

      It goes to his character and whether Martin was capable of doing what George Zimmerman claimed. That’s why the media portrayed Martin in such a way that would lead people to believe he wouldn’t. When Martin’s more recent history started to reveal itself the media was no longer interested in Martin’s character and claimed it was now irrelevant. How convenient.

  • John


    • Secede

      ” My little Crayon was on his way to church !”

  • TocksNedlog

    What are you thinking? We are NOT allowed to judge Trayvon by the content of his character! No, only by the color of his skin are we to view this innocent child.

  • stevearizona

    Martin viciously attacked a man and paid the price. Bigots are trying to paint Zimmerman as guilty because that fits their personal agendas relative to race and ,more importantly, culture. Had Martin continued home instead of turning and following Zimmerman back towards his vehicle, then attacking him, he would be alive.

    Seeming to be an otherwise unremarkable man, Zimmerman is being made a political and social martyr.

  • stevearizona

    If someone is slamming my head against the ground I don’t care if you are pink , purple or green I’m going to defend myself. I’m not going to say oh you’re purple it’s ok kill me.

  • King Leer

    Why is the racist DA pursuing this obvious case of self-defense against that Latino man?

  • Guest
  • beebop1952

    The media would have you believe that a straight shooter black “child” was gunned down by a “white” Hispanic. They turned the etch a sketch of who Martin was and shook it to remove anything unfavorable to that meme. Zimmerman was tried and convicted within 24 hours and the parade has passed by. When it is tried or dismissed there will be another attempt to resurrect this for purposes of making political statements and they won’t care what needs to burn to make their point.

  • BlahBlah

    No matter what happens Zimmerman is screwed for life.

    Meanwhile back in Chicago hundreds of Trayvons get murdered every year and thousands are wounded and… nothing.

  • Big Ed

    I only hope Zimmerman can get a fair trial. If he does, he will get acquitted. The MSM won’t like it but justice will be done

    • Secede

      They are hoping he gets off so they can fan the flames of rioting, just like with Rodney King.

  • SJ’s Dad

    BO said, “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon”
    By extension, wouldn’t the Son of “The One”‘s Obamaphone also look like Trayvon’s?
    Just sayin’

  • HWarrior13

    I do HEART Twitchy, but come on now…is someone asleep at the wheel over there?

    What’s up with using the LYING LIBERAL media’s, *OLD* photo of Trayvon ?…What, couldn’t you find any photos from his Kindergarten graduation ?
    MM….you are our Happy Warrior, but we expect a little more from you…that stated, we can ALL have an off day.

  • ray

    deleted comment

  • AZWarrior

    TrayTray nothing more than an imate in training.

  • Ron Argo

    This trial has been tainted by Oslime,a ,comments about little 6’3 tr treevons suggestion that he would look like Oslime,a,
    Son. You know this jury has all but given
    Their guilty verdict , due to his majesties
    Comments. Oslime,a is a bottom feeder of the
    Inth degree.

  • Wiki David

    how many unarmed teenagers shot dead since Trayvon? Ok, then just this year? Ok, just in Chicago then?

    • Secede

      But none of them were shot by a ” White Latino” , were they ?

  • Bathing Suit Area

    How does this relate to his defense? “I shot him because I thought there were nude pictures on his phone!”

    • geneic

      It helps and will only be brought in if the prosecution tries to portray George as a horrible person. If the prosecution attacks his character, the defense will attack Trayvons character, by showing he had pictures of naked girls, guns, pot plants, blowing smoke, and he had videos of friends beating up a homeless man and other fights recorded. It will be used to show he wasn’t necessarily a sweet, perfect child who never got in trouble or done anything wrong like the media tried to do in the beginning. The prosecution will most likely bring Zimmermans character up, so I figure this will be brought in. Also, it is relevant because the prosecution withheld this information from the defense by not turning it over to them in discovery. So, the prosecution will likely be in trouble for not doing so. The IT guy, or someone that works with prosecution, turned them in for not providing the defense with all evidence. They were hiding potentially incriminating, character wise, evidence.

  • Peter885

    What is the implication here, that he was some kind of pervert? Maybe a child pornographer?

    He was 17. He himself was underage. The girls in the pictures were almost assuredly girlfriends of his. That doesn’t make it “right” that he had them, but if you don’t think most teenagers have had pics like that on their phone by 17, that’s just monumental naivety. Not to mention that the tech said they had been deleted from his phone. It’s not like he was saving them.

    It’s not Martin’s fault that the media initially wanted to portray him as a saint. Trashing him with something like this (a year after the fact, no less) just to play the game of “AH-HA! See, lamestream media, he wasn’t so perfect after all!” seems more than a little odious.