What difference do the slaughter of four Americans and the Obama Administration’s lies make? According to lefty Fox News contributor Sally Kohn, a negligible one, at best.

Kohn evidently slept through yesterday’s hearing — or perhaps, like the president, she doesn’t watch afternoon TV — because today, she asked Katie Pavlich and Dana Loesch to explain to her what exactly was covered up in the aftermath of Benghazi. Pavlich and Loesch were more than willing to fulfill Kohn’s request:

Is she for real?


More important questions left unanswered:

But not important enough for Sally:

Move over, bumps in the road; four dead Americans are now “barely a molehill.”

Pavlich and Loesch rightly took Kohn to the woodshed for her disgusting remark:

Neither would we — or anyone with a sense of morality. But Kohn continued to minimize the attacks:

Really? Could’ve fooled us.

Kohn asked for answers, but the truth was far too inconvenient. When backed into a corner, it’s much easier to lash out at conservatives:

How dare conservatives — or anyone, for that matter — question the motivations and conduct of an administration that’s repeatedly demonstrated a reckless disregard for the law and human life?!

She just doesn’t want the right answers.

Pavlich was fair. The truth just hurts too much for Kohn.

Yep. Hillary did that.

It’s all witch hunts and molehills.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula remains in prison. But to Kohn, that’s just a mistake — one of many made “amidst confusion and danger”:


Kohn may have wanted it to end there, but Loesch and Pavlich refused to let her off the hook:

That’s just not important. The Left’s can only muster outrage toward those who are pursuing the truth about what happened in Benghazi.

Heaven forbid.



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  • me

    Paint ol’ Sally purple and you’d mistake her for Barney the Dinosaur

    • therantinggeek

      Unlikely. The kids would hopefully be smarter than that, and quickly run in the opposite direction. #mytwocents

    • Zanshi

      Why do you have to insult Barney the Dinosaur like that?

  • RblDiver

    If 50 million dead babies are unworthy of concern, why should four more deaths be any different to them?

    • $30423294

      Exactly. Thank you.

      Tell me Sally, exactly what is your the worst case scenario if a woman finds herself pregnant?

      Why the hissy fit? Is the big bad baby going to make you grow up? Is that it?

      Actually, that IS why leftists demand abortion at all costs. A baby requires its parents to grow up.

      They won’t grow up.

  • bonnieblue2A

    Hillary knew @2am on 9/12 that this was a terrorist attack. She then LIED and continues to lie. Not interested in the truth and in an attempt to put geographic space between herself and the hearings, Benghazi Hillary accepted an award in Beverly Hills for her “public service”.

    Is that what it is called when one leaves a trail of bodies from Arkansas to Benghazi? Public Service?

    • thehappyhedgehog

      Attacking over a video would likewise be terrorism, dipsy doodle, and that was a CIA theory, but God knows, conservatives believe State Dept employees who don’t even speak fluent Arabic over the CIA.

      • Jill

        Did you watch the testimony? It was stated, quite succinctly, that no one ever believed this was the response to a scarcely viewed youtube video?

      • http://www.facebook.com/corey.dennison Corey Dennison

        You’re just not that smart, are you?

      • J. Cox

        Except idgit,THE VIDEO HAD NOTHING to do with it…so says everyone involved.Also,ask the number 2 guy in N.Africa with Al Queda who knew nothing about a damn video.If Obama pissed on your head and blamed it on youtube,you would go to your grave believing him.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          So did the Libyan President, and that direct contradiction caused problems with the local government in allowing the FBI to secure the crime scene.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        You forget the Libyan President.

    • Michael Anderson (WB)

      Other than showing herself to be a team player for the DNC I don’t see what benefit there was/is for Hillary to deny help to the people on the ground. Obviously that happened, but why did she stand by her man? I suspect that if she had opposed Obama and gone on record about it her 2016 election would have been guaranteed. The Clintons don’t like Obama (they are typical democrat racists after all), it would have been sweet revenge for her. There is something deeper her to make her cover it up, something that if uncovered would have guaranteed prison.

      • thehappyhedgehog

        You’re missing something. The truly crazy conservatives (ie most of them) insist that Hillary, Obama, and other liberals excuse Muslims who kill “infidels” over blasphemy. These lunatics insist that Hillary concocted a fable about a video motivation (even though the CIA theorized about that) because she approves of Muslims murdering Americans over videos.

        • Jill

          Again, did you watch the testimony? It was stated that the intelligence community, the boots on the ground, and those who worked never once thought this terrorist activity was the result of a video. Don’t you want to know the truth? Wouldn’t that be ultimately more productive than smearing the ideological opposition and turning them into straw men?

          • SpinMeNot

            No he doesn’t. Truth means nothing to a progressive — it is all about controlling, or being controlled so they don’t have to to take responsibility for their actions.

            Dipstick-The-Hedgehog is possessed of something St. Augustine referred to as “invincible ignorance”. He believes the CIA theorized about a video — as if anything coming out of Mordor on the Potomac can be trusted at this point.

            He probably thinks gun violence is on the rise in this country, that the economy is recovering and that the rumors of the lowest workforce participation in decades is just a lie created by the right because we are racists.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Isn’t the root word of theorize, ‘Theory’? I thought so.

          • Jason Call

            Mordor-on-Potomac. Outstanding. Not just clever, but revelatory. Tolkein and you help me to understand. ‘Preciate it.

        • Corey Dennison

          So, she DIDN’T continue to blame a video long after the attack.

          Got it.

          P.S. it is SO easy to smack you libiots around with the truth.

          • PatriotRG

            They do make it easy – as they only have 3 stock responses which are interchangeable ….

            a) you are a racist
            b) you want to take away welfare from the poor
            c) what about…(insert Bush , Chaney, Ragan ,) insert a moral equivalent nonsense , WMDs being the favorite even though its completely irrelevant to Benghazi.

            That’s it , no actual desire to find out the truth as to why 4 dead , why the obvious cover up. I genuinely don’t think they think there is an issue because like any condom used to protect a pr*ck after a while it makes one numb to any feelings.

  • gracepmc

    Sally Kohn burst onto the scene in defense of OWS. She’s all over evidence, rule of law, balance. If it’s not crapping in public or smashing private and public property and stomping on the American flag it’s a “molehill”.

  • porgiefirefighter

    “Bumps in the road”, “molehills” – leftist euphemisms for shallow graves.

    • http://twitter.com/die_mich_zwei Spatial Awareness

      Brilliant. Tweeted that!

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      Effectively astute comparison. Shallow grave. It gives them the ability to creat the faux image of putting some one to rest, but not so deep they can’t dig it back out if they need a prop.

  • Steve_J

    Never heard of her before she showed up on FNC a year ago. She’s one of the reasons I watch much less FNC then I did before.

    • sacha

      Sally Kohn is a George Soros, Center for American Progress shill. Why Fox News hired her as a contributor is beyond me.

      • Steve_J

        Bookend to Kucinich?

      • SpinMeNot

        Because unlike MSNBC, FNC at least makes an attempt to give the left a chance to respond in person.

  • JH

    Sally isn’t just drinking the Obama-Clinton kool aid, she’s been baptized in it.

    • colchak

      Was Rep. Cummings the one doing the baptizing?

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      She’s drowning in it.. by the way, it is ‘she’, no? I’m a bit confused… looks like a cheaper Justin Bieber knock-off.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcy-Cook/1001619613 Marcy Cook

    Sally only the asked the question so people would see her name and think that she is relevant.

  • HannahJK

    At minimum, they’ve admitted to intentionally and directly lying to the American people for a period of time and then switching to “why does it matter?” AFTER the election and AFTER Hillary had left office. Obama didn’t have to address the reality in his campaign and Hillary got to leave without having her job approval tarnished.

  • https://twitter.com/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    Sally also ran away the last time I got in discussion with her. Realize this folks, these people will lie and lie and lie and lie and lie…………did I mention that they lie? This piece of detritus knows exactly what the problems are. She is just acting like the useful idiot she is.

    “honestly, if i thought evidence was there, i would be right next to you
    protesting. but seems like witch hunt, conspiracy mongering”

    This right here is one of the proofs that she is a lying sack of…. she does not CARE if 50 million people were killed, it means nothing to her. Get it through your skulls folks, you cannot ever argue with these people. Bill Ayres can say that killing 25 million people is okay to implement their communist system, do you actually think they are going to let 4 dead people, lies, unlawful imprisonment, attacking whistleblowers, etc get in the way?

    When you folks realize that the debate is over you will come to the same conclusion as me, there is only one option left to deal with them, peaceful non compliance to the federal behemoth. Let them then take the next step, otherwise they will implement their system.

  • Squirrel!

    Who’s this dude named Sally? Is that like a boy named Sue?

  • I M Free

    AHA! Sally can’t stand the heat in the kitchen. “I’m done arguing about #Benghazi. Amidst confusion and danger, mistakes made – not lies. And were corrected! No hint of evidence otherwise.” got schooled

    • colchak

      Kitchen?! What a sexist comment to make…sarcasm fully intended. Just like all progressives/liberals, they’re arguments are not based on logic, just emotions…and lies. No facts needed. And heaven forbid if you use any facts against them. You can’t reason with them because they don’t seem to grasp the concept of reasoning from the facts.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      As if Sally ever saw a ‘kitchen’. She’s too feminazi for that.

  • I M Free

    there’s no other way how to describe liberals than 2 Timothy 4:3

  • bicentennialguy

    Were this Sally thing and Madcow separated at birth?

    • therantinggeek

      You’d think…

    • Guest

      Probably not, but maybe they’ve “hooked up” since.

  • $45875941

    Mr. Cohen (useful idiot) is not only stupid, but blind and deaf also. And, one fugly dude!

  • $30423294

    Read her quips carefully.

    She began the exchange by asking what’s the “worst case” scenario of a Benghazi cover up.


    Not asking what happened, she is asking what potentially happened, hypothetically, such that if it DID happen, it would be a very serious situation.

    After being told by Dana and Katie exactly what the plausible worst case scenario is, this leftist hack pulls off the mask to reveal her hideous visage: I quote her:

    You’ve already jumped to lies without proof.”

    See how cunning these demons are? She asked for hypotheticals. She pretended to be all intellectual, “you know, hey let’s just talk for a while, get to know one another, I just want to know what your concerns are, you know, let us reason together”…

    The next minute she’s a shrill and abrasive defense attorney for the Obama administration demanding proof, proof dammit! in the court of law!

    The bait and switch here is actually pretty breathtaking.

    These people are not intellectuals. They are cold blooded ideologues and they are dangerous because they have grown much too comfortable with the corruption in the democrat party.

  • $45875941

    Sorry, I meant Mr. Kohn.

    • dwok

      Well, she does like to wear attire more suited to men.

  • MJ Pauls

    How can she actually believe that nothing was covered up and our government lying to us about murdered men is no big deal? She said she listened to the testimony of the men who were there. Has she been so conditioned to just say,”Thank you sir. May I have another?” no matter what they do?

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Her entire point could be gleamed from the tweet where she asks for the mention of security cuts backed by the GOP, which actually did happen. She’s looking for some one to say “it’s the GOP s fault this all happened because security cuts”

    • grais

      Then she didn’t listen to Charlene Lamb, either.

  • Bemani Dog


    No, I’m serious. Who is this?

  • truckee22

    Katie and Dana are wasting their time debating that dude. He just doesn’t get it, but then libs don’t get it. They are so blindly in love with their Dear Leader that they refuse to see anything in a impartial manner. The emperor is butt naked and they all agree how much they like his suit.

  • Jack Deth


    It’s like having a discussion with Kelso from ‘That ’70s Show’ or Adam from ‘Rules of Engagement’.

    Just swat her/him across the nose with a rolled up newspaper.

    It both focuses and is quite cathartic!

  • neoface

    What would someone still confused about their gender be creditable about anything? Look at Barney Frank, what a mess!

  • $4356589

    Hilarious “progression” of tweets. Kohn deftly points out the truth and each subsequent response shifts the focus of its outrage. Conservatards are SO desperate to have something, anything, to go ballistic over. Continually screaming about alleged lies doesn’t make the concocted narrative true. Even Darrell Issa admitted the hearings thus far have produced nothing of substance…other than wasting taxpayers’ money…something the GOP LOVES to do. Also, where was the outrage when 54 Americans died in the 13 attacks on diplomatic targets during the Bush Administration? Anyone? Anyone?

    • ceemack

      Your personal definitions of “deftly” and “truth” are…well, let’s say they’re well outside the mainstream.

    • ObamaFail

      You libs always bring up Bush. It’s a pathetic distraction technique to try to sway people away from how bad your President is. if what Bush did was so bad, why didn’t they impeach him? The Dems controlled the Congress for quite a number of years while he was President, and if anything he did was so bad, why didn’t they impeach him? But here is Obama helping terrorists get away with their crimes and you Dems start BLAMING BUSH. is that all you pathetic children know how to do? YOu guys even blame Bush for the crappy job Obama did his first term. grow up and get a new excuse for Obama’s America hatred. Because blaming Bush isn’t going to cut it anymore.

    • J. Cox

      No Americans died during the Bush years because of a prolonged assault on a U.S. embassy.Every attack was a bombing,instigated outside the gates….no backup would of helped…but you knew that,but it fits your lie.

      Issa did NOT say these hearing were a waste…another lie.

      Do you even know what truth or facts are?I am pretty sure you do not.Your entire post is a steaming pile of deflection,covered with false logic and lies.Try again OFA troll.

      • camnpat

        And let’s not forget that nobody tried to blame any attack on a YoutTube (back then maybe an America Online video) video for over a week after an attack. 😉

        • J. Cox

          Exactly.Also congress held three different hearings on those attacks,2 of which were conducted with Dems in control.

          His facts are wrong anyhow…it was a total of 54 attacks on U.S. interest over 6 years with 9 deaths.None of the attacks lasted for more than 2 mins…..but facts smacts,the libs will troll,and we just keep swattin em down.

    • tops116

      You bemoan diplomatic attacks that happened during Bush’s time, but give Obama a pass for a diplomatic attack on his watch? Something tells me you had a lot of outrage for the former, yet you can’t muster any up for the latter? Well, if nothing else, you at least gave us a wonderful demonstration of hypocrisy. Zeke, you’re certainly fulfilling your potential by being a useful idiot.

      The key difference is that Bush didn’t lie. He didn’t try to blame an Internet video. He also didn’t shortchange diplomatic security, certainly not to the point where an ambassador was saying “I need more security now.” I realize it must hurt the far left that after years of saying “Bush lied, people died” that you’re suddenly faced with people dying and Obama lying about it. That must’ve really stung, but hey, you don’t have the option of being a free-thinker. You have to go out there and try to deflect deserved criticism, even if it completely runs counter to what you complain about whenever Bush’s name comes up.

      If what happened at Benghazi wasn’t a big deal, then why did Team Obama blame a YouTube video? Why keep saying it wasn’t terrorism when those investigating said otherwise? Why intimidate the whistle blowers? Why demote the one guy who started asking questions? Why fight these hearings? Just so you’re clear, Zeke, “duh, duh, duh” is not a valid answer. I just thought I’d save you some time.

      By the by, tell me, what did you think of the whole Valerie Plame case? Do you think that was somehow more important than a situation involving four people being left to die, brazenly incompetent security and a very obvious cover-up? Oh wait, you’re a far left liberal who changes his viewpoints depending on whatever Obama does. Never mind.

    • camnpat

      Bush bashing?….. Really? Will your side ever have the intellectual honesty to accept any screw ups from the guy who has been in power for almost half a decade? Btw- nice job quoting the Media Matters/Daily Kos/ Mother Jones numbers. The “composite” statement from Issa out of Daily Kos piece was a nice touch too.

      “Conservatards are SO desperate to have something, anything, to go
      ballistic over. Continually screaming about alleged lies doesn’t make
      the concocted narrative true”. Funny you say that considering conservatives were not the ones blaming Palin for the Giffords shooting before knowing what happened, assuming it was an “anti tax guy” responsible for Boston within the hour of the explosion, or claiming a “Tea Party guy” was responsible for the theater shooting. For Benghazi there is an ongoing investigation there is an actual investigation going on to find all the info possible.

      “…other than wasting taxpayers’ money…something the GOP LOVES to do….” Again, funny you’d be so concerned about “taxpayer’s money” about a hearing yet, based on some of your comments, I am sure you believe the 1.6% of sequester cuts were “draconian”. And don’t pretend that liberals don’t “waste taxpayer money” because back in 2007 they certainly took their time with hearings about some lawyers fired from DoJ. And nobody had died or gone to prison in that case.

      You evidently don’t grasp the issues involved with the Sep 11th events since you see it only through a partisan glass and won’t. People have died under each administration for different reasons, both civilians and non- civilians. What matters is how the administration on duty acts in response to the events and, so far, everything that has come out shows widespread incompetence to save face. No matter who is in power transparency is critical, something this administration has been everything but.

    • Corey Dennison

      I’m sure you can point out where Bush blamed the attacks on a video…

  • mrpeewee

    Life sure is cheap to the left.

    • thehappyhedgehog

      Life is precious to the right as long as it doesn’t cost you a penny of your precious money.

      • Slapweasel

        How much of my paycheck do you want for your unconstitutional agenda? Both (D) and (R) have done a helluva job with it thus far, haven’t they? No more. THAT’S the bottom line.

        “Conservatives” who won’t cut military spending aren’t conservatives. They are “hawks”; Government Pighawks. The only difference is that military defense is one of the ONLY things the Federal Government does that IS constitutional.

        -My money is mine.

        -What is wrong with that sentence?

        Non-sequitur, ad-hominems do NOTHING but make me want to punch you in your thieving face.

        Government is FORCE. It is not a cute, cuddly motherly figure whose teat sprouts from my paycheck.

        • Slapweasel

          P.S. Stop piggybacking on a serious subject about “The Fourth Estate” not doing its job when the Administration covers up and lies about a terrorist attack.

          …feel better?

        • thehappyhedgehog

          Well, I support the government’s use of force to compel obedience to the law and you can expect to be on the receiving end if, for instance, you cheat on your taxes.

          • Slapweasel

            How does that differ from what I said? Where did I say otherwise? What questions are you answering? Why am I reading your responses?

          • AMSilver

            When the government uses force to take money from one person (who earned it legally) and give it to another (who has no right to it other than a politician’s say-so) that is not using force to compel obedience to the law, that’s using force to enable theft.

          • thehappyhedgehog

            Taxation isn’t theft, the death penalty isn’t murder, and lawful imprisonment isn’t kidnapping. All are legitimate acts of government.

          • RblDiver

            So if the gov’t were to say tomorrow “thehappyhedgehog must give 100% of his income to RblDiver,” you’d support it as legitimate since it came from the gov’t?

            Taxation to a limited degree is indeed acceptable. However, it should only be going towards those powers granted to the gov’t by the Constitution. I am willing to pay taxes to support our military. I do not like paying taxes so that some drug addict can sit at home collecting food stamps, welfare, etc.

          • Corey Dennison

            Good…then I’m sure you are against the numerous tax-cheats in Obama’s cabinet.

            Good to know, idiot.

  • agroulx

    Oh Sally Kohn is dead? “Oh well, that’s just an ant hill..”

  • AlmaAlma

    There are none so blind as those who will not see

  • luke

    It’s so comical to see dems touting the hearings as a witch hunt.

    In asking questions of witnesses, the answers begin to show that Rice, Clinton, and Obama made a story up out of thin air.

    The response?


    To me, it’s starting to look like O-bahh-ma’s sheeple are pretty scared to learn their Messiah lied to them.

  • AlmaAlma

    She quite obviously is so entrenched in ‘her side’ that she refuses to see any problem.

    The problem is when you trust your Government so much you don’t recognise that Govt. is not Omnipresent. It is made up of people and sometimes those people live by their own set of standards, not God’s i.e. lust for power and control

  • mdtljt

    Simply astounding…Sally proves once again she’s devoid of cogent thought. MOLEHILL???? Wonder if she’d feel that way if it was her brother/cousin/friend that our esteemed POTUS & SOS let get murdered…OK, so she’d probably be fine as frog’s hair with it if The Great & Powerful O-Liar said it was. What a tool…

  • AlmaAlma

    I read a theory that this whole situation in Benghazi was a set up at first. Meant to be a kidnapping of Chris Stevens and then Obama would swoop in and save the day. All for the benefit of the upcoming elections (Obama really does study Putin’s propgandist techniques). Then something about wanting the Blind Sheik freed, things went wrong and the untrustworthy decided to kill Chris Stevens.

    Hillary, who has form lying to the American public (remember her stating that she was in the thick of fire when she wasn’t), must have decided to intervene. So was the whole video lie your idea Hillary? You shameless woman. So should the American publican trust you with their security, their freedom (video dude in jail). You lying, scheming @#*%.

    The truth will out and you, your husband, Obama, Biden, Pelosi etc. etc. etc. The whole hornet’s nest of devious people, will have your day.

    • camnpat

      Benghazi happened, Obama, Hillary and co lied to cover up a tremendous screw up they themselves caused, and many questions remain unanswered still. But watch out what you read on the net. Too many conspiracy theories and too much junk. Don’t dilute the weight of your message and questions about the issue by relying on conspiracy theories. Things like Benghazi are deplorable enough on their own without the added fiction.

      • AlmaAlma

        I wouldn’t normally. I realise there are some pretty crazy conspiracy theories out there, but this article did make me go hmmmm. http://tavernkeepers.com/benghazi-murder-wasnt-the-plan/ The question remains to be answered, was it just a terrorist attack? Why were more protections not provided earlier when requested? Why all the cover-up?

        • camnpat

          There are many more questions that remain to be answered. However, there was no conspiracy to cover up a “big event event so Obama could look like a hero” or some “backroom deal gone awry”. Plain and simple it was the administration trying to cover up a tremendous screw up of supporting the wrong people in the area, on meddling with people they didn’t understand (or chose not to understand), and trying to downplay it in an election year after they had been talking for so long about how virtuosos they were with foreign policy.

          And don’t get me wrong: I want to get all the answers. I just believe that if we start basing arguments on conspiracy theories it undermines the legitimate points once can be making.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    The big difference here is that conservatives WANT the truth to come out, while the lefty O supporters DON’T! TRUTH!

  • AlmaAlma

    Weren’t the Democrats also trying to use this tragedy to curtail freedom of speech?

    They must think they are so clever. Well, they’ve done enough to wake up the sleeping Lion. Get ready.

  • teamfrazzled

    Is she stupid enough to actually say unless what is being covered up is known right off the bat, no one should care or bother investigating a story where everyones’ actions and lies certainly indicate there was a cover up, one that is still ongoing? Do these people have ANY conscience? Are they just more Hillaries also saying “what does it matter now?” that Americans in service of this country pleaded for help and were repeatedly told by our government “ummm…no…not gonna happen, nice knowing ya.”

  • dwok

    Folks, here is the one thing that should tell you all you need to know about Sally Kohn. She was a “senior strategist” from 2004 – 2010 for the “Center for Community Change” which was funded primarily by George Soros and his “Open Society Institute”.

    As quoted by David Horowitz’s “Discover the Networks” the “Center for Community Change” is……”This group recruits and trains activists to spearhead leftist
    “political issue campaigns.” Promoting increased funding for social
    welfare programs by bringing “attention to major national issues related
    to poverty,” the Center bases its training programs on the techniques
    taught by the famed radical organizer Saul Alinsky”.

  • Lynn R

    The Obama administration screwed up while handling the attack. That’s why they lied. Also, “Bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run.” Hmmmm…..really?

  • AlmaAlma

    Sally doesn’t mind being lied to by her Government. She thinks it’s no big deal.

    Sally, why would they lie? Could it be because they were involved?

    Is that a big deal?

    Why would they be involved? Do enquiring minds want to know?

  • socalcon

    um, the ‘Gay Pride Week’ after an accomplished liar/deciever ‘comes out’ after 32 some years of deceit…now there is a molehill.
    Unanswered: How quickly will DoJ (and the MSM) jump to Collins’ aid when he cant get a roster spot (especially after the new College crop goes pro and the NBA-D league provides a replacement to his ~3 points a game)?

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    Minimizing the accusations of lying? Really Sally, where have you been? For two weeks they blamed the attacks on a video that had less than 600 views until they blamed it for the riots, and the attack. What part of it was a terrorist attack not the damned video do you have issues with? Why can’t liberal comprehend anything unless it is an attack on conservatives? Then no matter what lie is put out there they are all over it like stink on dog manure.

    Questions that need answering: Who issued the stand down order?
    Why were they in a dangerous country without protection?
    Why are we being told there was no time when the battle went on for 9 hours?
    Why did they say it was due to a video no one had seen?
    Who changed the talking points so that Rice made a fool of herself 5 times?
    Why was President O still blaming the video long after we all knew this was a lie at the UN?

    • thehappyhedgehog

      An attack in response to a video would also be terrorism. In fact it’d be a particularly wicked and insane motive, like the many murders over the Danish Prophet cartoons. But God knows, you conservative maniacs like to pretend that liberals excuse Muslims who murder people over blasphemy.

      • Slapweasel

        The administration is doing that for you. You don’t seem to care.

        Your non-sequiturs are growing tiresome. Make a point, already.

        • SpinMeNot

          He’s made a point, he keeps pointing out the point on the top of his head. However in fairness, we should not mock or stare — all those years of wearing that dunce hat as a young rodent was surely going to result in a conical shaped skull.

          Just sayin ….

      • Corey Dennison

        Except it had NOTHING to do with a stupid video, you drooling moonbat.

  • FaithColeridge33

    I’m always done arguing when I’ve been proven wrong too. Is this woman for real? What genius hired her?

  • socalcon

    Kohn’s mind is too full of cotton candy rainbows and pink and blue spotted unicorns to consider facts.

  • notenoughtime

    Sad that Kohn cannot see the forest for the trees. At some point, the blind allegiance to Obama and Clinton has to come to an end. How much collaterol damage are they both responsible for because of their lack of leadership? Every one of their decisions is based solely on politicial points to be gained and not the moral compass that should come first! Neither one should be in a position to make life and death decisions ever again!

  • ratizbad

    Hey Dana.Bust more Liberals,Thanks for somebody calling the truth.Your positive Attitude is all I need to hear . Excellent!

  • MaryIndiana

    Have never heard of this person…but WOW is she punching above her weight. She got served by two intellectually superior women who also have the truth on their side.I don’t think she could have watched the testimony..at least not with an open mind. It was powerful stuff and patently true.

  • russemerson

    Shill… I mean *Sally* Kohn fails to realize or admit that the lies were meant to cover up the administration’s incompetence — or worse, indifference — during an election season. Nothing more or less.

    Because getting O reelected was much more important than the truth… more, even, than the lives of 4 Americans.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    “trying to ascertain worst-possible conclusion you think could be eventually drawn/proven?” — Sally Kohn

    How about we look at the BEST-possible conclusions, in a light most favorable to the administration. The conclusions would be that Obama and Clinton’s underlings neglected their duty, left Americans to die, lied about the situation to their superiors as well as the public and remain unaccountable nearly a year later.

    And that is if you believe the administration rather than the witnesses who have come forward.

  • PatriotRG

    at least she’s more of a man than sirota and just as laughable – classic leftist

  • http://discus.com yourmamatoo

    Where is Obama again on the justice for Benghazi, that he promised?

  • Jimni27

    She has to have some pretty big testicles to call that a molehill.

  • grais

    Well, Sally, what was wrong with what Nixon did?

  • tops116

    Did Kohn even have the slightest idea what went on in Benghazi before she blundered her way into a conversation about it? I really doubt she did.

  • Republicanvet

    When it comes to leftist scandals, nitwits like Kohn display their ignorance as if it’s a virtue.

  • rippersnort

    t will take one of the leftards daughter or son to be killed before anything is done. That’s all they understand. Only if it happens to them will it be solved.

  • AlmaAlma

    Hillary has form using Propaganda to lie to public. Remember Bosnia gunfire lie? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BfNqhV5hg

  • thehappyhedgehog

    Katie’s hot. I’d love to do something fast and furious with her.

    • BlueGood


    • SpinMeNot

      Wait … I’d call him a sexist pig, but he’s a progressive and only conservatives engage in such activity …

      What, oh, sorry … I have that backwards … nvm.

  • arttie

    The reason for 4 coffins.
    Who is responsible for the calous disregard for the 4 murdered Americans.
    Why the inept administration is sweeping this all under the rug.
    How Las Vegas is more important than national security.

    • SpinMeNot

      4 murdered Americans are a terrible thing — please remember that 2 of these murdered Americans refused to allow others to die, in direct defiance to orders of their superiors in theater, without at least attempting to do something about it. They went above and beyond. Had they been active duty, they would have been nominated for posthumous decorations.

      Cummings, Clinton, BHO and the rest of the progressive crap-weasels continue to do a bad MC Hammer imitation.

  • $23639361

    …the only thing that’s “barely a molehill” is sally kohn’s IQ.

  • DV S1EOG

    Another issue that is not being looked at is that when Hillary, Obama and Rice were blaming the YouTube video, they were stoking more protests against US Embassies in the middle east and Africa. Instead of just saying that they were not sure of exactly what happened and that there was an investigation underway, they decided to provide sound bites to muslim extremists that pretty much amounted to admitting fault in a stupid, obscure, and poorly produced online video. Their words put the lives of many more Americans instantly in danger. They should be held completely responsible for their words and actions.

    • NCRelite

      Also consider that they ran commercials in Pakistan disavowing the “anti-muslim” video –all on the taxpayer’s dime

  • Canadian in USA

    Methinks Sally would sing a different tune if this happened in the age of GWB.

    • BlueGood

      So clearly, Ms. Un-Khon (UnKnown), believes as does O’Blamo, that MOLES are responsible for them “Bumps in the Road”…

      What Clueless Skank Biotch……

  • ChelieinTX

    What’s with Sally’s avi and her pointing man-hands? Didn’t she learn anything from David Sirota?

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

    Sally Kohn @sallykohn

    @DLoesch honestly, if i thought evidence was there, i would be right next to you protesting. but SEEMS like witch hunt, conspiracy mongering.”

    Sure you would/

  • NickGranite

    This lady isn’t that stupid…at least i hope she isn’t. Attacks at the Sep 11th anniversary was kind of a “duh” moment for most of us on whether it was a terrorist attack or not and the reason it was covered up is because they didn’t want to admit they told them to stand down for political reasons instead of doing what leaders are supposed to do, take care of their people.

  • stillinthe60s

    Bumps in the road….just some more road kill to get rolled over by the Obama-bus and it’s MSM passengers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Justin-Mars/1021563074 Justin Mars

    I love Dana and Katie. They tore her a new one. Liberals are just plain nuts. They would eat their own babies to protect Obama Bin Lying.

  • bo1921

    I don’t know, but I’ll bet sally thought the yellow cake uranium “scandal” was a mountain and not a mole hill.

  • radicallyalyssa

    Why anyone would proudly brag about being a “progressive” is beyond me. They bitch that we’re the short-sighted, narrow-minded ones, yet this is how they react when Americans die because of terrorist activity and attacks. DISGUSTING.

  • Bozo Sapien

    Funny how liberals use the “if it could save one life” argument for gun control but obviously don’t give two craps about the lives lost in Benghazi because it “was a long time ago.” Aurora and Sandy Hook were a long time ago too by that logic.

  • DurkaDurka

    So a few things I got from that. One, I can’t believe Sally is a woman- at all. Two, she sounds like she medicated on a Paxil/Zoloft cocktail, with an emphasis on c0ck. And Three, who the F is this person, and why do we care?

  • Jeremy

    Sally Kohn is just another Obama Zombie she will go to any level no matter how low to defend him.

  • SpinMeNot

    Ok I finally placed why she looked familiar. Is she Prince Harry’s fraternal twin, separated at birth?

  • EastValleyConservative

    Sally Kohn is an Occupy Tool–one of the original organizers and a waste of air waves. No one should give her the time of day, she is useless and not an activist, but rather an antagonist and liar.

  • anjullyn

    Pathetic woman. She asks a ?, then when answers are given that she doesn’t like, runs away.

  • Kaya Hund

    Give the Fox News make-up artists credit for the improvements in Sally’s on-screen appearance.

  • BenY

    Is this idiot still around? But then stupidity is the liberal smart.

  • agroulx

    What’s the big deal? Obama and Hilary only aborted 4 people… It’s pro-choice. They chose death.

  • praymorenow1


  • SWwife

    Tell Sally the Sec. of State stated previously money was not a factor, never mind the fact that she should know that already.