At a joint press conference this afternoon with South Korean President Park Geun-hye, President Obama showed us once again why he is the hippest POTUS evah:

Yes, it’s as cringetastic as you imagine.

Let’s go to the videotape!

Hoo boy.

“Corpseman,” anyone?

Sorry. No recovery from this.

Park must have been super-impressed:

Well done as usual, Mr. President.

  • CatHerder

    The anti-US stuff? That’s ancient history! After all this time, what does it matter?

    • Bob Galasso

      Nice Hillary imitation!

  • Pulchritudinous

    Obama, that K-Pop song hasn’t been popular for months. Get with the times, dude!

  • mickeyco

    At some time, we must have had a dumber, clumsier president than this one. Anyone know who?

    • GW

      Well, there was Leslie Nielson in the Hot Shots: Part Deux movie…

    • prlgrl

      William Henry Harrison, President from 1841-03-26 to 1841-04-07 (a grand total of twelve days…) comes to mind due to his death by inauguration speech…

      • mickeyco

        We should have been so lucky.

  • Brian Johnson

    thank goodness we don’t have that embarrassment Bush anymore /sarc

  • nc

    Think how embarrassed Malia and Sasha are.

    • Jeremy

      I wonder what they would think if they knew their dad’s views on abortion.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        They already know they he doesn’t want them ‘punished with a baby’.

  • Seriously?

    Sorta like assuming all blacks like jazz, all hispanics like salsa, all whites like classical – now all Koreans like “Gangnam Style”, huh? He is ridiculously racist, but won’t be called out by the press, because, you know, that’s racist and all.

    Sigh. When does he leave again? January 2017, right?

    • Blake Waymire

      Obama’s getting to be like those morons who make commercials that reference internet memes. He remembers to do it long after they’re completely irrelevant. The Koreans have long moved on from it.

      Hopefully he doesn’t know, and never hears about, last night’s Korean outreach pitch from Tiffany Hwang at the Dodgers-Diamondbacks game. I can sense more racist undertones if he does.

  • LN_Smithee

    I hear Gangham Style is popular at the home of the Chicago White Sox, Comminsky Park.

  • Jd1367

    You know she’s probably wishing she was standing across from Kim Jong-un

  • Tony0920

    He will say anything. To anybody. To establish rapport. What an uncouth kissass.

  • Jeremy

    Psy is just another anti-american POS so,Obama obviously feels at home with him

  • KansasGirl


  • AZWarrior

    Acting like a clown in front of the Korean President, who had her father and mother murdered and was wounded by a knife attack herself. Maybe she doesn’t think governing is a place for lame jokes.