Somebody get this man some shame — immediately.

After strongly suggesting earlier this week that the Boston marathon bombings were carried out by right-wing Tea Partyers, Moore had the nerve to tweet this:

Seriously? Seriously? Do you want a pat on the back, Michael? A trophy?

What an ass.

We didn’t have to guess, Michael. We’ve known it all along: you’re a sniveling little maggot.

  • CynicOwl

    2+2= shameless dumbass

  • Orlando Cee

    “We didn’t have to guess, Michael. We’ve known it all along: you’re a sniveling little maggot.”

    He may be a maggot, but he’s certainly not little.

    Tub of lard? More likely.

    • Rulz

      Funny, I thought conservatives were supposed to be the fat ones.

      Why isn’t Moore on an organic diet?

      • Dax A. Morgan

        He is on an organic diet… Apparently if it is not inorganic, he eats is.

      • Justin Ahlquist

        He is on an organic died, a diet of BS

      • Jack Larson

        Michael Moore eats babies.

        • Clayton Grant

          by the handfull, apparently.

      • BajaDreamer

        He should be with all the organic fertilizer he spews!

      • beebop1952


    • Rusty Shackleford

      That would be insulting lard.

      • disqus_ATCJ1PHQv3

        That’s funny!!!

      • Orlando Cee

        You’re so right, but I was afraid of insulting “poo.”

        • BajaDreamer

          Well OK then. But don’t ever slap His Rotundness because he splaters!

    • Elke E. Wilhelm

      Michael Moore is the ultimate troll. Just ignore him and he’ll go away. He’s only relevant because people respond to his outrageous tweets. Just as he likes.

      • beebop1952

        Don’t buy a ticket to his movies.

    • texmextexan

      Family-sized Tub-of-turds, hold the mayo, is what this unamerican cowpie moron actually is.

    • BajaDreamer

      Hey, be nice! That is entirely insulting to lard!

  • Bob Mahlstedt

    Whomever from Twitchy concluded this listing of post with calling Michael “a sniveling little maggot” need to calm down. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s time we all started acting like adults. Yes?

    • b_truit

      Call em as you see em. At some point when does good stand up to evil instead of just saying we won’t stoop to their level? Personally I think a swift kick to the nuts of this joke of a human would be a better route. That is if he had any.

    • rinodino

      Not in twitchy land…. righties can curse and call people names whenever and however ….. Anybody else : DELETE… After all they love “their” freedom

      • Red Fred

        Doesn’t it just suck big time when we adopt your mode of operation? ROFL

      • LMW51

        rinodino…you are still here? I thought you said you’d be deleted?

      • Joe W.

        Wrong-O, Needlenose…Most of my responses to YOUR drivel get deleted by Twitchy. They are an equal opportunity deleter…..

      • tops116

        That’s an interesting statement from someone who’s been pretty quick with the name-calling and cursing. Here’s a thought, try holding yourself to the standard you demand of those you disagree with. Oh right, you won’t because then you’d have nothing to say.

        Again, I ask the question: Where were you when Moore, Axelrod, CNN and so many others were blaming the Tea Party for the bombing? Laughing your butt off and adding fuel to fire. Now, you’ve been proven wrong, and you’re trying to deflect.

      • wwbdinct

        Typical lefty whining crybaby. Go suck a pacifier…

      • Kathleen Elizabeth

        WOW! Did you actually accuse the RIGHT of calling names and cursing people? Seems to me you best take a glance at the left…There are people who say nasty, derogatory things on BOTH sides, but to imply that only the right curse and call people names is COMPLETELY erroneous!!!! I am a conservative woman, and I have been called many nasty things, and cursed at repeatedly because I believe the way I do….it wasn’t the right calling me those names! So, my advice…get your head out of your A@$ and TRY to see things the way they REALLY are! As for loving “their” freedom; it’s your freedoms that the right is trying to protect too!!! Continue pigeon holing yourself into a political party and when all your freedoms and rights have been stripped don’t whine about it and wonder how it happened!!!!

      • IceColdTroll

        Do you ever make any substantive contribution to the dialogue here?

        • rinodino

          If there was anything really substantive on here; trust me I would

          • Hired Mind

            Then why are you here?

    • Walter Sobchak

      Well, he certainly isn’t “little”. He’s 500 pounds of shit in 50-pound sack.

    • Joe W.

      No. He IS a maggot.

    • tops116

      Odd how “two wrongs don’t make a right” and that “its time we all started acting like adults” when liberals wind up with egg on their faces. Where were you when Moore, Axelrod, CNN and so many others were blaming the Tea Party for the bombing?

    • SameJerkDifferentName

      In case you hadn’t noticed, the vast majority of the Right has been playing far too nice for far too long. And unless you are completely clueless, (or a proglodyte) you must see how the vast mojority of the left has been complete pricks, pointining fingers and blaming conservatives for exactly what they’re guilty of doing themselves. So, as far as “acting like adults” you’re in the wrong room. Collectively we’ve put up with enough bullbleep from that giant pig as well as the rest of those lying, accusatory, bigoted bleeping blankers. Personally, I feel that forgiveness is God’s domain. me, i’m not that good. I like the idea of a bit of retribution for those blank blankers every now and then.
      I used bleep and blank so my post wouldn’t get moderated into oblivion. Just replace with your very own favorite expletives and don’t be afraid to experiment, there are so many different possibilities. And to those bleep blankers that think the Right is evil and are so quick to blame any and every act of violence on them/US, Blank off you blanking bleep bleepers.

    • waltzingmtilda

      Are you for real?

  • Cy

    Sorry Mike, you’re way too fat and disgusting to be “cute”, so stop trying.

  • Rudy Ponce

    When twitchy ends an article with “maggot”, it is used with the lowest regard of maggots.

    • Ace Smith

      Yes, equating mr. moore to a maggot is an insult to all maggots.

  • DV S1EOG

    I wish that Disqus did not block the words that need to be used by me to fully express how I feel about this large waste of space. He is nothing more than an oxygen thief. I think he tweets out his garbage in hopes of trying to become relevant. It just amazes me that this fat pig actually stops eating long enough to tweet and talk.

    • grais

      What evidence do you have that he stops eating long enough to tweet and talk?

      • DV S1EOG

        Well, unfortunately you see him on tv from time to time. As far as tweeting, he could have a specialized version of Dragon Naturally Speaking that can actually translate the sounds of him vacuuming food down his throat into tweets…..

        • SideshowJon36

          I assume that, while on TV, he has an IV hooked up

          • Ace Smith

            That”s what I was going to say Jon, you beat me to it.

        • Dave Coberly

          just look at him, he has a pouch right below his lips.

    • Pendog

      his touch-screen is slicker than a slip n’ slide.

    • Incognito

      The man disgusts me..

    • ICOYAR

      Michael Moore is nothing more than pig sh!t covered in a flesh bag.

    • Elaine

      He couldn’t guess his own weight even if he could see the scale. He’s an idiot liberal who gets it all wrong.

  • V the K

    This guy is a disgrace to all the other fat sacks of crap.

    • Ashton Poocher

      As a fat sack of crap, I agree. He is an insult to us Lard Americans.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Michael Moore…Chris Matthews and the entire MSNBC network, CNN and NBC all owe the Tea Party a huge apology….their hate that they spew towards the peaceful Tea Party and Right Wing is beyond disgusting!! Everyone…don’t let them forget what they did!!!

    • mdtljt

      Unfortunately the only thing we’ll here from those piles of fecal matter is more lies…after the crickets chirp long enough for them to pull new lies out of their considerable arses…

      • Marcus Porcius

        No that’s not the only thing we’ll hear. We’ll hear that we can’t broad brush all Muslims for the actions of a “tiny minority” or a “few extremists” etc.

        In fact, CNN is already doing it.

        • Monie in the Middle

          Fifty bucks says you’ve never lived in a Muslim country, I spent 3 years in the biggest one in the world (Indonesia). Eighty percent of the local friends I made were Muslim. They never judged me for drinking alcohol, eating a bacon sandwich, having tattoos, wearing tank tops, and they certainly never judged me for having different views than they did.

          Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about most of the Christian Americans I know. Coincidentally, they all swing to the right.

          Take that any way you want.

          • trixiewoobeans

            Go full-on Middle East, then get back to us.

          • Monie in the Middle

            OH I see… Indonesian Muslims aren’t “real Muslims”. I get it, They’re just “MINOs” (Muslims in name only). Noted. *rolls eyes*

            I’m guessing you don’t get out of your country much.

          • trixiewoobeans

            I REPEAT, GO TO the Middle East and get back to us, if you dare! I don’t think you’re “well-rounded” enough, you big, bad, badass you!

          • urcat54


          • Marcus Porcius

            I’ve been to about 15 countries, last count, including spending 3.5 years in Berlin when it was still WEST Berlin, which has a huge Turkish Muslim sector.

            It’s not even a Muslim country and we knew better than to go into that area of the city.

          • rt777

            Why do you keep coming back here then? Why don’t you go back to Turkey, Indonesia, or any of the other 13 countries you visited, pick one, and stay. (Sorry Marcus, this was meant for wanderslut)

          • rt777

            I’m guessing you don’t think with your brain much.

          • Steven Howard

            You refuse to acknowledge that if one of your Muslim friends was offended by your behaviour they would have had no problem killing you. But you don’t have that concern with Christian Americans. You sound very foolish.

          • Monie in the Middle

            They wouldn’t kill me. Why? Because not all Muslims are animals like you people make it. If they disagree with something I do they simple voice their opinion. They don’t make bombs out of crock pots and attempt to blow me up.

          • Marcus Porcius

            Pressure cookers and crock pots are not the same thing. Can’t even get that right, huh?

          • thefosterdad

            Who said “all” Muslims are “animals”? I keep hearing people attributing that to the right wing, and when I look I don’t see any source quote or anything. Well, except for some fruitcakes on the internet. But if we can use that as valid attacks/defenses in arguments then I simply refer you to half the commenting population of daily kos and the right automatically wins all left-right arguments until the end of time.

          • Tom Anderson

            There is a big difference between a Muslim and Muslim extremists. Posters are talking about Muslim extremists, you know like the ones who set off bombs in densely populated places and fly jets into buildings..
            But you knew that.

          • IceColdTroll

            The problem is that 1) too many are and 2) too few have the courage to speak up against them.

          • dizymeup

            And all/most Christians don’t murder either..use some common sense.

          • mc

            Wow such a useful idiot for the Islamic extremists and really all Muslims

          • $45875941

            So why, again, did you return here??

          • Ricardo Higuera

            “Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about most of the Christian Americans I know.” Isn’t that a rather broad brush? Or do you only associate with folks from the Westboro Baptist Church?

          • Geary Marks

            How many Christian Americans do you know?

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Matthew 7:3-5 sums you up perfectly.

            And why behold you the mote that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye? Or how will you say to your brother, Let me pull out the mote out of your eye; and, behold, a beam is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to cast out the mote out of your brother’s eye.

          • Elke E. Wilhelm

            Where did you get alcohol and bacon in a Muslim country? I think you must be fibbing.

          • ML

            The only pork-like product I could find in Turkey was some weird, chewy, turkey bacon-like thing molded into a cylinder shape. It was very depressing. You never think you’d miss bacon until it is gone….

          • Marcus Porcius

            I take it as “I don’t care.”

            I care about places like Saudi Arabia, where they build completely separate shopping centers for women and you can get arrested for even possessing alcohol.

            Most of the Muslim world is like THAT, idiot.

            And give us a break. People like you don’t “know” Christians, because you hate them and Christianity so you would never “lower” yourself to be around either.

          • missj

            I have family that lived in UAE for 18 months. The female (ex-family member) involved was going to “change” their ways.(.They went over because a teaching job in UAE paid LOTS of money.) She wound up in a burka, riding in the back of a car, walking behind her husband and being segregated(women and children ONLY) in any public place they went to. Yeah, it’s great in the Middle East. You are absolutely correct about Saudi Arabia. Too bad our government turns a blind eye to it.

          • ML

            Wanderlust- I also lived in a Muslim country for awhile (Turkey) and I do agree with you in one sense – not all Muslims are crazy terrorists; it’s more of a cultural religion than a practicing one for the ones I knew. I found the majority of people I met friendly and curious about me and my religion. However, I’m sure if we had lived in the not-so-friendly places in the Middle East we’d be singing a different tune.

            My point is, we know that not all Muslims are bad people. I just want you to know that not all Christians are judgmental jerks as well. :)

          • thefosterdad

            Christianity is more of a cultural thing for Americans as well. Check out a church on Sunday. Then check out the same church on Christmas or Easter. That’s the difference between “religious” Christians and “cultural” Christians.

          • ML

            My point exactly! :) Although, I’d rather people come at Christmas and Easter vs not going at all. Maybe they will hear something that will speak to them! :)

          • Indynana

            For someone that REALLY spent 3 years with Muslims you sure didn’t learn very much! For some one that has studied the religion of Islam for the last 12 years = I can promise you that EVERY single Muslim would willing kill an infidel – (a non Muslim/ non Islamic ) every one! – they will tell you differently – they are allowed to lie under their religion – but when it comes to the TRUTH of their religion YES they are ALL terrorists ! It is a SURE FIRE guarantee their entrance into Paradise with Allah – and for the men – 72 virgins!

          • Barbara S. Wilde

            That is so totally wrong. You say that you have ‘studied the religion of Islam for 12 years.’ I lived in Saudi Arabia for 6 years – I have to admit that they are very nice to Americans but they are unkind and sometimes cruel to their Asian maids, laborers and gardeners. But, I do not believe that every single muslim would be willing to kill any non-muslim! That is simply not true.

          • Indynana

            It IS true

          • Indynana

            I suggest you start listening to Walid Shoebat. He is very informative on this. If you do not know who he is. LOOK him up! He will tell you the truth. Also Mosab Hassan Yousef the SON of the founder of Hamas has converted to Christianity and will tell you the truth .
            LOOK it up and don’t just ” guess” based on your feelings. That is what they count on!

          • Lorrie Gonzales

            If you would rather live among the peaceful muslims – go back to indonesia. I don’t see any Christian bombings taking place. It’s not Christian terrorists who did 911. The most recent bombing wasn’t done by Christians it was muslim terrorists. Christians will tell you it’s a sin to overindulge in alcohol because that is what God says in his word. Christians are called by Christ to share his good news and to let sinners know they are going to answer to God for their sins. The good news is Christ died for those sins so that you can be delivered. Christians are concerned for your eternal soul – maybe your muslim friends just didn’t give a darn where you spend eternity?

          • Jim Parrish

            I”ll take it that you love all them cuddly Muslim, extremely love them

          • Russell Kersey

            Go to Iran or Saudi Arabia and live then tell me how great they are,take that and shove it.

          • Christian Pearson

            Move to Libya, Saudia Arabia, or Iran and see if you get the same treatment.

          • Christian Pearson

            Go over to England and see how embolden the Muslims are there. They flat out say that they want Sharia law in that country.

          • IceColdTroll


            A crowd of at least 1000
            people burned down two Protestant churches last night in Sibuhuan
            (district of Padang Lawas, North Sumatra).


            Bekasi, anti-Christian persecution continues. A Protestant church targeted by Mathias Hariyadi
            A crowd of 200 Muslims launches intimidating messages at the faithful and prohibits the use of a local church for Sunday services. The attackers claim to be residents of the area. Protestant pastor denies this: “definitely strangers”. From 2009 to now at least 17 Christian churches targeted.


            Bogor: Islamic extremists stronger than the Supreme Court, Protestant church closed
            by Mathias Hariyadi
            Two judgments of the Administrative Court of Bandung and the Supreme Court had ruled that the place of worship had necessary construction permits.
            The authorities ordered the closure, because of fundamentalist protests. From January 10 Protestant churches and one Catholic have halted celebrations.


            Two churches were burned and another destroyed Tuesday as
            thousands of angry Muslims demanded the death sentence for a Christian man convicted of blasphemy against Islam.


            Two homes used as churches were burned to the ground in Riau on Tuesday night, a report said. (Yes, a separate incident)

            So. Must have been nice working there making lots of friends. Did you get your 30 pieces of silver?

          • dizymeup

            You are just another Bigot only this is against Christians. You can’t judge a whole group of people by their religion, race etc….you are no better than any other prejudging moron.

          • Ronald Green

            I lived in Kuwait for two years and had you shown up in a tank top anywhere if you weren’t assaulted and raped you would be arrested and probably then raped.

          • David Kesinger

            Too bad you didn’t stay there.

          • caverman68

            i don’t know why the muslims were kissing your ass but i too have been to a muslim country and it ain’t all sweetness and light like you describe. you got lucky that the morality police did not catch you or you wouldn’t be here today. they would have stuck your ass in the ground and stoned you to death. how is it that women could be so blind to the way islam treats their kind and let me tell you something, it says alot about you if those are the only kind of christians you know. if you think islam is so great why don’t you move to saudi arabia, iran, egypt, syria, yemen, afganistan, iraq. no. i didn’t think so. shut your judgemental yap and go home.

          • John L. Gibson

            Why didn’t you do us Americans a favor and STAY OVER THERE?

          • rt777

            So why don’t you go back and live there?

          • Perry Giles

            Hey, you found Indonesia once, don’t let the border hit your ass on the way back- And I’m sure Michael Moore has had plenty of “bacon sandwichs”- You just flat made most of that up- Typical libiot with nothing of consequence to say, so spew bullshit to put down something you don’t like or agree with- There are plenty of Muslims that despise Americans, Christian or not, and you know that’s a fact- Why don’t you try your tattooed, tank top, liquor drinking openness in Saudi Arabia- They will quickly send your dumbass back to America, or just make you disappear, unfortunately

          • Stephen Hanna

            Just because almost all Muslim’s are good people, which I can agree with you on, isn’t a valid argument against the point that is being made. The point they are making is that the Liberal Media(CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, HLN, etc.) will be very quick to “broad brush” all conservatives/tea partiers as hateful, racist, violent extremists if any one of them ever committed any crime. That is why they try to blame them every time anything happens such as; the Aurora movie theater shooting, the Sandy Hook shooting, the shooting in Webster New York of the firefighters, the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. They do not ever say that you can’t paint all of the people that disagree with them as exactly the same, they only say that about Muslims because the know that Islamic Extremists identify themselves as Muslim and they all (still referring to Islamic Extremists) hate America, almost as much as they themselves do.

          • Barbara S. Wilde

            I lived in a muslim country for 6 years. They were nice to Americans and really mean and cruel to Asians, especially philippinos. You can really know what a person or a people are like by how they treat their maids and gardeners.

          • Lee Dorsey

            how do you know they didn’t judge you… they are supposed to lie to infidels…

        • Doris Carlson

          That “tiny minority” has killed so many more Americans (think 911) than ANY school or theater idiot has so why ban guns? CNN, MSNBC are all fools. Michael Moore needs to crawl back under his rock err….boulder

          • meggy8868

            And let’s not forget the Beslan School massacre carried out by Chechynan terrorists killing over 300 people, half school children, mowed them down in a school room. But tub of guts wouldn’t know any real facts.

      • trixiewoobeans

        Hopefully the only things we’ll hear “exploding” after this are their pressure-cooker heads trying to cover their butts and find a new “Right-Wing” angle.

    • rsom1

      I am only willing to accept apologies from people I can respect. I would rather these idiots just shut their mouths and run home to their mommies.

    • lainer51

      I wouldn’t ACCEPT an apology from these bigots… they are hateful, despicable, lying racists and I am WAY too good for them…

    • D-dubs

      EVERYONE email or call these “news” organizations and DEMAND an apology….or threaten to contact each one of their Advertisers and let them know that you will never buy their products until they apologize. This is why the left is so effective!!!!!!

    • arrow2010

      Chrissy had lots of tingles fantasizing it was a Tea Party Patriot who did it!

      • aliwilcox

        I think he must feel so…deflated right now.

        • Harold Patterson

          I think flaccid is the correct term.

          • aliwilcox

            Or limp.

    • therantinggeek

      You’d have better odds of winning the Powerball jackpot AND the Mega Millions jackpot before anyone from the Left will apologize… #mytwocentsworth

    • Kelly Layne

      They will never apologize that is how they roll

    • aliwilcox

      And alcoholic Diane Sawyer and her little buddy Georgie S. cautioned us not to jump to the conclusion that this was an islamist attack–it could be far right white supremecists too.

    • John Galt

      I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for those douchebags to get a soul and apologize for anything they’ve ever done.

    • beebop1952

      You’re being funny, right? Apologize? Seriously?

  • Kristy Patullo

    I guessed correctly. Michael Moore continues to be a douche.

    • Guest

      hey = even a douche serves a purpose! M.M doesn’t! he is as worthless as sewage odor ! and almost as smart!

    • JR48

      Thread killer.

  • oneword

    what a complete moron

  • xsnipe

    The man knows no humility… he is freaking moron! I have scraped dog feces from the bottom of my shoe that served a greater purpose than this inane blowhard.

  • grais

    If shame were any part of Moore’s character, he would have had his jaw wired shut decades ago.

  • TocksNedlog

    2 Big Macs + 2 quarts of ice cream = a lite snack

  • RblDiver

    Just like he thinks that cold weather is caused by global warming…

    • trixiewoobeans

      Any global warming is caused by his planetoid body throwing off heat desperately trying to burn the fats and calories he ingests! Ever been close to a grease fire?

  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    One look at a tub like MM should be enough for anyone to understand why a guy of his “stature” tweats about the attack on a group of athletes as if it’s a joke.

  • TocksNedlog

    So . . . what ANYONE WITH A WORKING BRAIN initially thought — that this terrorist-style attack was actually carried out by terrorists, and the ONLY thing significant about the date was the fact that this very public event was taking place on it — turned out to be exactly the case.

    Go figure.

  • TocksNedlog


    • mdtljt

      Tocks, you left out “humongous, sweaty, hairy, puckering, contracting” before Asshooooole!!!!

      • waltzingmtilda

        Dude. I’m on lunch break.

    • mickeyco

      Boy, you are mad, aren’t you, Tocks. You’re always so eloquent. (I mean that seriously.) Understand completely.-
      Oops. See one of your more Tocks-like comments below.

  • Samh09

    Chris Loesch should not have just called Moore a LIAR, he should have called Moore an effing LIAR.

  • BlahBlah

    I guessed incorrectly. Lard is not body wash.

  • PatriotRG

    it has been beyond my understanding that one person could amass virtually 98% of all the cholesterol in the know universe. The mans utter stupidity is amazing.

  • Rulz

    The only woman terrorist I know of is Beranadine Dorn, who I think is affiliated with this current administration.

    • mdtljt

      Bingo, Rulz…

    • Eric

      Is that Roger Dorn’s wife? 😉

      • Robert Boyer

        It’s Dohrn and she’s Bill Ayers’ wife.

      • thetreyman

        ha! maybe, but i have a hard time believing Vaughn would want to sleep with her.

        • phred01

          there German Shepard sleeps with her.

          • leannimal88

            Awww, poor baby (the German Shepard).

      • uselogic19


      • Chris

        Nice…. not everyone gets the Major League reference.

    • Ohiobob69

      Well you forgot Weather Underground murderer and now Columbia Un. Teacher Kathy Boudin, she along with David Gilbert, Judy Clark, and Sekou Odinga robbed a Brinks truck, killed a gaurd and 2 police officers

      • hansmast

        That’s just standard-issue thuggery; no terrorism there.

      • Ron N.

        This kid has a great future as a college professor and adviser to King Obie.

        • irishgirl91

          If only America hadn’t been so racist, he could have gone to private schools, interned for CAIR and gone on to work in any number of the administrations positions for CAIR reps. Then anti-american dream.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        There’s also Amy Bishop, the U of Alabama prof that killed 3 of her coworkers after being denied tenure.

      • Amanda

        All LIBERALS btw

      • $8245944

        That was fast! lol

      • 1bilrus

        There is always Janet Reno who did her deed 20 years ago today

        • Barry Zaremba

          The Branch Davidians were the terrorists.

          • $22639970

            No, they weren’t.

          • Douglas Stamper

            you are an uninformed idiot. watch “A Noble Lie” FOOL!

          • glamdeluxe

            wrong. our government burnt those people to death.

          • Ben Voigt

            Criminals, probably. But also American citizens, which means they should have received a fair trial, not been slaughtered by the gov’t.

      • rt777

        And of course the left rewards her with a teaching position at Columbia.

      • pj

        Don’t forget. Obama’s friend Bill Ayers was a TERROR BOMBER TOO WEATHER UNDERGROUND

      • RightThinking1

        Angela Davis deserves mention. Of course she is now a Prof. In California. It’s what they do.

        • phred01

          they teach hate

      • vinkoD

        At Columbia University murder is a resume enhancer.

      • phred01

        that is exactly what o’bammy wants in this administration.

      • nanaof12

        Lord dont forget the new chair Angela Davis! I think she may be married to Mooore. Would figure!

    • BroVinny

      Angela Davis gets a pass?

      • Blarney Rose

        Yep, right through our national intestines! Diarrhea Davis!

      • phred01

        no she gets piss

    • Kabong30

      What about Tupac’s mom?

      • IBXNJ

        Tupac’s aunt was Joann Chessemard..a 60’s black radical who killed a NJ State Trooper at a traffic stop. She escaped from prison and is now living in Cuba

      • Donna W

        Afeni..she is a former Black Panther.

    • ecirpac

      There was Patty Hearst..

    • Scratch4416

      Kim Hyun Hui, female North Korean agent blew up Korean Air flight 858 in 1987.

      Janet Nepolitano declared war on America in 2009.

    • $8245944

      You forgot Bill Ayres and Kathy Boudin the convicted killer.

      • Jay McHue

        Bill Ayres IS a woman! Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

        • $8245944

          And Kathy’s a dude?

          • Yoma Ma

            No but you can pay $60K a year in tuition to have a terrorist educate your kids in College at Columbia by her.

    • scottcrow

      Jane Fonda?

      • disqus_ZrapjOxmbq

        Hanoi Jane

    • IBXNJ

      There was also Joann Chessemard. She escaped from prison in NJ for killing a NJ state trooper. She is now living in Cuba

    • John Galt

      There isn’t a woman affiliated with this administration that I would not consider a terrorist.

    • 56Survivor

      Valerie Jarrett !!

    • kal1and2


    • Alien Attack

      I would add Janet Napolitano to that list

    • Jay McHue

      Don’t forget Kathleen Soliah.

  • mickeyco

    I never think this monstrosity of a man can go any lower. Now, he makes a completely unwarranted statement and then, in the face of a tragedy, he covers his mistake with a joke!! How do we get rid of this person?

    • Elaine Stall Harmon

      We get rid of him by not paying any attention to him… He’s a media grabbing whore, so ignore the idiot.

      • Ashton Poocher

        Now that was insult to whores!

  • BroVinny

    It looked like he was trying some self-effacing humor, and some people didn’t get the joke.

    • Gladys Crump

      The joke is Michael Moore and while we do get it, we don’t want it, he is of less importance than what I scraped off the bottom of my sneaker, and he probably smells worse too. Man is too disgusting to believe.

    • LMW51

      Humor isn’t needed; an apology for his propaganda is.

      • BroVinny

        Why? I thought it was the pansy-ass left that needed an apology for every damn thing.

    • lainer51

      like you…. he would rather kill and eat his mother (if he has one) than self deprecate. Sorry for you that you think like him.

      • BroVinny

        I’m right-wing, so I don’t “think like him”. But I can spot a joke–a trait missing from a great many right-wingers, like those who think Stephen Colbert is actually conservative.

        There’s a mean-spiritedness here that mimics the activities of sharks at feeding time, as bad as the left at their worst. Enjoy.

        • Corey Dennison

          Be caff your high-horse. Might sprain an ankle or something.

    • mickeyco

      If he was, it would be the first time in his life he tried being self-effacing about anything. Only thing bigger than his waistline is his ego.

    • Corey Dennison

      Well, he failed miserably then.

      When one starts of like he did with a hateful accusation, he doesn’t simply get to be let off the hook with a stupid attempt at self-deprecating humor.

  • james atkins

    Michael Moore – the epitome of a wasted lump of human flesh

  • Dave

    I guessed correctly your 98% body fat. Liberal dope. Go smoke a doobie stupid.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      So he can get the munchies and eat even “moore”?

  • brenda daley-freeman

    You have no shame Michael Moore!We know what an idiot you are!Why do you waste our time with your lies!

  • disqus_RJBkP6R9CO

    What’s the difference between Michael Moore and the Sun?
    One’s a flaming ball of burning gas, and the other is …the Sun.


    Micheal Moore please have your obligatory fat fuck heart attack and die.

  • Red Fred

    That’s as close as he can get to a retraction. Douche nozzle.

    • Dax A. Morgan

      Douche nozzle? hahaha. OMG I love it.

  • JJ

    And the two brothers just happened to be Liberal Democrats – blame lies with the Libs

  • Joshua Perez

    Micheal Moore is 12 pounds of shit in an 8 pound bag.

  • alvinjh

    Pound for pound the stupidest ass in America.

    • SideshowJon36

      And thems a lot of pounds

  • luminOsity

    Michael Moore = fail whale

  • stan

    Michael has no brain, so what could we really expect of him!

    • $45875941

      All liberals share one common brain; so, that’s not many neurons per person. Proof: rinodino

  • John W. Dickens

    Truely one of the Biggest Tools in history

  • Benjamin Lee Adcock

    LOL Funny how he has to run his own damage control

  • John Jordan

    One would have to first have a conscience in order to apologize.

  • Preston McKinney

    I would be willing to bet that Michael Moore is working on a way to capitalize on this.

    • Elisabeth H.

      Which is funny because doesn’t he hate capitalism? Hehe.

  • tops116

    I guessed correctly–liberals were wrong about the bombing, liberals are trying to weasel out of their “the right-wingers are to blame” rhetoric and Michael Moore is a fat idiot.

  • kunner

    Why didn’t he say they were Democrats just like the Sandy Hook killer and CO movie shooter who campaigned for Obama and AZ shooter

  • habalady

    who really gives a crap what you think Michael Moore

  • Eric

    He is the most intolerant, racist bigot of this generation. He hates America. If he ever contracted some disease, he would blame it on the “conspiring right’. Moron.

    • 56Survivor


  • Scott Hamlin

    “I guessed correctly! That was a gummi bear on my ass, not a pimple!”

    • Bud-Kathy Jones

      Probably has a chicken leg hung up under his rolls of fat.

  • [email protected]

    what a useless piece of fatty tissue!

  • Susan in AR

    If he’s trying to be funny, he’s got an awful sense of timing. What a glassbowl. So disrespectful to all the devastated families of the innocent victims. I always knew he was a POS, but this is over the top.

  • Cliff Wilson

    Just admit it Mike you’re an Idiot… acceptance is the first step in the healing process buddy.

  • Pete Sikes

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev is a boxing champion and a pianist? How the heck does that work?

  • Sallie Witte

    I guessed correctly too. It wasn’t revolutionist dressed up like indians….

  • Rick Matson

    We need this absurdity said by these morons as a shining example of secluded ignorance.

  • kdmac

    I wish these tweets had a “like” button. Corndogs? Hilarious!

  • Kenneth Michael

    I don’t have to guess anything !!! MM is an IDIOT and a fat one at that !!!

  • Julia Manginelli

    I’m crying over the corndog tweet. Oh man.

  • Donna Benson

    Why don’t we all lighten up folks! I don’t care for the man’s thinking OR his comments , but it’s not necessary to blast derogatory remarks about his physique! I think he was trying to be funny about his obvious error! Comments like that make you sound just like HIM!!

  • Vegan802

    Moore should be deported to Saudi Arabia.

  • Marcus Porcius

    You know how it is with liberals. There’s no history like REVISIONIST history!

  • Ray Inman

    Quick – someone tell Michelle to call Moore @ his diet! We must save this relic for future generations. Much too much humor to stop now.

  • Johnny Blade

    I knew it wasn’t Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Mitt Romney, GW Bush… et al. What kind of prize do I get M.Moore?

  • Seola

    Considering all major mass killings in the US are men… geesh, does he want a cookie for guessing what was true 100% of the time before Monday? *smh*

  • Kevin Kordelski

    Yea, that is almost as true as the fat fuck was hungry when it happened! Retards!

  • Selma Birch

    If two wrongs don’t make a right than why do we have abortion? Mother whores(Wrong) mother and Doctor kill baby (Wrong) according to Moore and other NAZI Liberals this = (Right).

  • Johnny Glenn

    Maybe it will involve women in the future. You could conceal a pressure cooking bomb in a diaper bag.


    Go easy on this sloth . His Twinkie stash ran out .

  • disqus_snI1XGF3Qq

    Michael Moore is taking up valuable space

  • Nikolas Koleczek

    Well, I guessed it was people from the planet earth that did it so I was more right than Moore. :)

  • Selma Birch

    Lets get real here, They spew this hate at us the American people, remember We are the Tea Party, We are the NRA, We are the Right Wing!!! I am really getting tired of being falsely accused!!!

  • Michael Stohler

    Well… I guessed correctly about Michael Moore, he’s an overweight douche bag America hating sleazebag son of wh*re loud mouth piece of sh*t!

  • Nanette

    The left needs s to be sent to Muslim countries and see what a real live one looks like..! Yup Michael let them know how much money you have and your are for gay rights…your fat head will be rolling down a hill!

  • waltzingmtilda

    Does this clown think he’s being cute by referring to the other characteristics of the terrorist (he’s a boxer, he’s a pianist)? These sick little wastes of space did what they did because they are Muslims who hate America.

  • coacht11

    who really cares what this FAT Pig says OR Thinks. I don’t really believe MANY at all, the fatass is a moron, lefty/libtard that TALKS out of Both sides of his fat mouth. Funny how he CONDEMS Rich people but HE is rich,,Hahahahahahahahahaha and YOU assholes out their continue to BUY his movies and Listen to this piece of trash. Hahahahahahahahah,, So tell me WHO are the dumbass’s,, The Lefty/LibTARDS. Morons

  • Stu

    No, *I* guessed correctly.

    The murderers were muslim.

    –Who incidentally, remain protected, mollycoddled liberal media darlings, immune to any criticism, no matter how barbarous or inhuman the crimes.

  • agentvilla

    Bigotry, hate and fear mongering together form an industry of notable size. Mr. Moore is one of their most prominent spokesmen.

  • Kenneth Frizzell

    The bad thing is, all the mainstream media outlets continue to compare these two to ‘right wing’ terrorists. None of the killers they mention are right wing, they are all either far left liberals or muslims. They even bring up the Waco tragedy, that was the government attacking a religious compound and burning women and children to death! These two men are admitted muslims! Look at the picture of their father.

  • James Neal

    Memo to Moore — nobody gives a crap what you think. What you “guess” is beyond irrelevant….

  • Michael Nappi

    Why does this site even propagate anything about Michael Moore? Let his tweets die of loneliness on his page with him. He is a parasite and a hate monger and in the end he will get his in hell.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Bombing on Tax Day. Dedicated to Newtown survivors. Patriots Day. April. He was said it was as simple as 2+2. In the real world, 2+2=Muslim immigrants from Chechnya. Must be that new math I’ve heard the Lefties tried to implement back in the day.

  • Batman

    Apparently that slob’s brain is fat too.

  • william C

    Michael Moore is a self-hating capitalist. He also has serious mental issues. He hasn’t even made a “serious” documentary in years because he knows nobody is buying his BS any more.

  • arrow2010

    The sooner this fat ass is ignored by the media the better.

  • Martin Jerome Lawler

    i guessed correctly also…the attacks wernt carried out by fat, filthy,loudmouthed ,commie, propagandist loser filmakers that no one would care if he choked on his own bacon grease!!!… was carried out by the people that ,people with any sense at all recognize as the same damn people that do it every time it is done…..RADICAL MUSLIMS OR LIBERALS!!

    • Martin Jerome Lawler

      In this case….both….

  • David

    Gosh, if we had known you were so smart, we would have given you front row standing room with th e 8 y/o so you could see real good. then that big fat arse of yours would be hamburger you sorry POS, moron, whale sh*t. dufus turd.

  • David

    Moore said whites have guns because they are afraid of black people.

    The reason I have guns is because I am afraid of stupid, fat people . . .

    • mike_in_kosovo

      “Can’t sleep, Moore will eat me!”
      “Can’t sleep, Moore will eat me!”
      “Can’t sleep, Moore will eat me!”

  • Diane Stephan

    Twitter has been quiet today, all these celebs must be so disappointed it was not a white/male/conservative that committed the Boston bombing.

  • americanlatina11

    they will try to get us to turn our attention to something else very soon…kermit’s trial? no…guns? maybe…

  • Joe Ferro

    Michael … Don’t you Have a Sandwich to choke on ?

  • rjwiseguy

    It’s just so sad that someone who is supposed to be educated can be so damn stupid!!!!

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Libs keep equating education with intelligence. Conservatives know “it ain’t necessarily so”

  • disqus_FlD2VMR2RJ

    I guessed correctly: Mike Moore is STILL a douchebag.

    • therantinggeek

      You beat me to it. :)

  • Ron N.

    Moore has had one too many pureed cheeseburger enemas.

  • zachlen

    Let moore die the fat pig he is.

  • notyetbutsoon

    “LIttle” maggot? You must be looking at the funhouse version of Mike “Fat Bastard” Moore …

  • Countryboywillsurvive

    I guessed correctly. The bombings were not carried out by SpongeBob!

  • meggy8868

    Yep, nothing significant here, never mind Chechyna’s terrorist funded by Wahabi Saudi terrorists and what a great name, Tamerlane, hmmm Turkish Islamic conqueror known as the Sword of Islam! Watch the wagons circle to protect Islam and connections.


    Just shows you how intelligent libturds are.

  • capisce

    When I see or hear about Moore, I’m assured my gag reflex is working correctly.

  • Ben Bollman

    There should be a hashtag called #MichaelMoorePredictions

  • LinTaylor

    I guessed correctly, kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch because of the cinnamon swirls on every bite!

  • Melody Canterberry

    Someone should start a hashtag if they haven’t already, #Iguessedcorrectly – Michael Moore is a shamless, lying, racist jackass.

  • BluesDude

    Michael Moore is a steaming pile of crap. A festering pus boil. A maggot. I bet he, Chris Matthews and Piers Morgan are circle-jerk buddies.

  • arrow2010

    How many burgers will Moore eat today?

    • Right Wired

      let’s just say there’s a reason he’s not allowed into India

  • Mark Beaudoin

    He had a 50% chance of being correct… wow!!!!!! Only way he could have covered his bases better is if he said it was a human…idiot… I says these things to remain in the public eye. He would have been forgotten otherwise.

  • James Brandon Justice

    You’re all wrong with calling names and bashing on him personally. We, as conservatives, need to find substance in our fight against the left… We need to grow up as a party to show the public why we are the better choice.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Oh we do that too. But MM just invites so much of this because he IS really that lame.

    • Corey Dennison

      Lighten up, Francis.

  • Nana26

    Radical islam comes in many different hues, Michael. You need to have an open mind. White male doesn’t = tea party.

  • Right Wired

    Correct. Because Muslim women are not allowed to drive. Or Vote. Or own land. Or guns. Or show their face. Or learn to read.

  • right_wing2

    Hey Michael- you guessed correctly- the terrorists were MAMMALS!

  • marcellucci

    Here’s my prediction of your demise…..
    Imagine the scene of Princess Leia strangling Jabba the Hut

    • Right Wired

      And Leia is being played by….

      • marcellucci

        Michelle Malkin?

  • Lee Greene

    Wait a minute… isn’t Sarah Palin the only white Tea Party person this POS obsesses over… and she is a woman… so he is still wrong on all counts

  • Carl Kolchack

    I can’t believe I wasted my time reading anything this idiot posts. My blood sugar must be low…

  • wbmccl

    Moral relativism:

    Profiling tea-party conservatives, who have not been responsible for any acts of terrorism or serious violence in its short history: prudent and just

    Profiling members of Islam, who have an extensive and dispersed history of extremism and institutionalized violence: racist and inhuman

    I’m happy to say that not all muslims are extremists despite its history – is Michael Moore willing to say the history of the tea party proves they’re not all extremists?

    • unknown

      Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw the other day that said “The Tea Party: America’s Taliban”. What was ironic (I guess) were other stickers on the same vehicle that were most likely about being respectful and tolerance (another one said “God bless everyone…no exceptions”)

  • Canadian87

    I guessed it right, these people were humans, and think I’m the story and not the victims… //sarcasm. This guy is a turd.

  • $472942

    Riddle me this, fat boy.

    Regardless of white/black/gender, what death cult…er…”religion” is behind the bombing?

  • Russell Kersey

    I guessed right you do look like a squmas wart,and a manwho loves money.

  • Deb Wagner

    He is so self-involved, he has not a clue that he is so not important anywhere by anyone.

  • carlberlin

    too bad one of those guys did not put a bomb under Michael Moores pillow

  • David

    Micheal Moore has to take a picture of his feet just to see them; I think you know what I mean.

    • Tom Anderson

      And his winkie

    • ian parry

      He should take one of his Dick i bet he hasn’t seen that for years either

  • Bill Board

    Michael [email protected] For past 4 days hundreds of “terror experts,” “terror analysts” and pundits never said anything about Russia or Chechnya. They know nothing.

    But YOU do Moore? Yeah, you’re a freakin’ genius.

  • Bouncerquinn

    So, does this like mean that it’s not the Weather Underground, who did this?

  • Tom Anderson

    MM; I guessed correctly, I am the biggest Ahole on the planet.

  • Renny

    ‘Little’ maggot? Big, fat, liberal maggot you mean, Twitchy.

  • Carabella1

    Yikes… Twibitchy fans really need to lighten up… Or get laid… Probably both… With a lot of alcohol involved.

    • $8245944

      Thanks for the disgusting visual with Michael Moore.

      • Carabella1

        Interesting that you equated getting laid with Michael Moore. Hmmmm.

      • Carabella1

        Ah… You seem to be very ashamed of your posts. Interesting. Could your self-loathing be involved?

        • $8245944

          I see you’re a fan of Michael Moore. Different strokes for different folks I guess. lol

          • Carabella1

            I’m sure you know all about that, don’t you, Cupcake…

          • $8245944


  • IceColdTroll

    You know what I guessed correctly? That CAIR, Al-Jazeera USA, and the Fiqh Council (all of which have uttered flaccid statements about terrorism in the past) have made not a word of condemnation about this as “unislamic” or condemning the terrorists for defiling the name of Islam, or much of anything at all.

    The closest I found on al-Jizz is this opinion piece from a third source:

    “Collective self-reflection in the wake of a national tragedy”

    “The American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world.”

    The lead opinion piece is “How can the US build a better immigration system?”

    CAIR features a statement from a Boston mosque:

    “We practice and promote a comprehensive and balanced view of Islam. We
    strive to embody the ‘middle path’ to which the Qur’an calls – a path of
    moderation that is free of extremism. We believe that the core
    teachings of Islam are universal and timeless, providing guidance and
    instruction for all times and all peoples.”

    Great Jumping Jeeps! What a stinging refudiation of terrorism!

  • marcellucci

    Michael….let me guess…..450?….475?…no, no, wait….525!!?
    YEAH!! All right….I guessed it…..
    You can get off the scale now……

  • $8245944

    The Religion Of Peace in action once again.

  • Guest

    Moore exists to prove only one thing…
    fecal matter can be animated

  • Jack Larson

    Wait, I thought that 2+2 = white, christian, gun owning capitalist…. I’m confused. :{


    Obviously obesity causes mental illness.

  • 66lima

    What I don’t get is why anyone would follow this commie jack ass.

  • bo1921

    The story is not over yet. We don’t know if anyone else is involved.

    • $8245944

      Bill Ayres?

  • dizymeup

    Michael Moore= Liar & Loser…..go away with Piers! PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Jerry Buckley

    Go on a DIET, Oh Obese one! While your at it, take a shower… Do the world a favor!

  • BajaDreamer

    Why does anyone care at all what this self inflated POS has to say anyway?


    I guess correctly if I read this page It wouldn’t be funny

  • Gregg Van Oss

    Michael Moore is accustomed to utilizing creative editing to
    prove false “facts”; he’s trying to do that in real-time now.

  • facey60

    MM Is this your lame attempt at humor over this situation? You’re not a celebrity–you’re a caricature–and embarrassing. People have died, please just shut up..

    • cgraham77

      I had the same thought…how crude that he is trying to make a “humorous” remark about this, as if to say “whoopsie daisy, no biggie.”

  • Michael Giovannangelo

    Why does Michael Moore keep mentioning that Muslim terrorists positive attributes….Boxing champion….accomplished piano player. Is there more? Should we nominate him for the Nobel peace price, Mr. Moore?

  • P.O.ed

    What a pathetic excuse for a human being.

  • ulyssesmsu

    Hey, Michael–I guessed correctly about YOU, too. Except I didn’t have to guess.

  • Richard Landers

    What this douche did NOT guess (which everyone with a brain DID) was that Muslim radicals were responsible.

  • Guest

    “Anyone who would immediately blame the Boston bombing on white,
    tea-party, right-wing or conservative people have very little left in
    their body or soul worth protecting,” – Washed-up Comedian (with a few words

  • Ron Harper

    moore! you need to STFU. Nobody gives a rats ass about what you have to say.

  • regmgr

    This dumb A** pinko Commie really thinks he has some influence in this world. Time for this waste of a human to take up residence in Cuba with all his pals.

  • victor soma

    Why are you people so happy? Your hero, Michelle implicated a completely innocent Indian American man for no reason. don’t see an apology anywhere, just a bunch of vile, hateful, ignorant, criminal comments about this guy. Twitchy site still has there names up there, like they were suspects when they NEVER were.

    • WilliamAmos

      The Boston Police mentioned his name on their scanners that is what we posted. We also posted an update when he was cleared. The story never originated from Twitchy.

    • Corey Dennison

      And when you say “Michelle implicated…” I’m sure you meant to say “The Boston Police implicated…”, right?

  • Michael Frye

    They all have to be furious that this wasn’t a Right Wing Home Grown Terrorist!! You KNOW it’s tearing them up inside! But since it wasn’t – then I’m sure these guys will get some kind of pass from the likes of the Liberal Left, because it will be seen as someone lashing out at the Conservative Right.

  • Shockwave

    12 sandwich a day eatin MF

  • Loridroh

    Definitely not one of his finer moments. But as far as thinking it was Right Wingers: Extreme Right Wing, actually Extremists of ANY kind – all have way too much in common. :( There is good and bad in every population and in both genders – Extremists are just a step away from Fanatics and Fanatics are dangerous.

  • [email protected]

    MIke moore is an as**ole and should keep his pie hole shut that fat jackass.

  • DorothyGrissom

    What amazes me about Michael Moore is that ANYONE follows him. #NoTimeForMorons

  • lillapoyka

    god, how I hope this fat scubag has a heart attack when I’m around. I’ll let his sorry butt die. What a freaking scumbag

    • $45875941

      I wouldn’t piss on MM if he was on fire!

  • nc

    Four innocent people are dead, so many are injured, some permanently, families are forever heartbroken, a city is in lockdown, the whole country is in mourning. And this moron crows about “being right?” (even if he had been)

    I apologize to morons for the comparison.

  • Jeff Smith

    Why do we even care what this fat, moron has to say? He’s an angry, OLD, FAT, never-was.

  • laxykid

    I said it was a muslim.. Gee i was right what a surprise..Duah Michael Moore on

  • Glenn Strick

    With a double digit IQ, that’s all he can come up with.

  • beebop1952

    two things ….
    First: Who took the picture of Moore’s feet because there is no way he can see them over that huge belly of his.
    Second: Does he think that HE would be spared by these people?

  • Melissa Franklin

    just seems to me he is ruefully poking fun at himself, honestly. and i am NO fan of MM or what he represents.

  • Marie

    For the love of everyone in the USA…Dems, Reps, Indep, Green, Legals, Illegals, etc… PLEASE get this incompetent, hypocritical white trash…aka Michael Moore, a one-way ticket to ANYWHERE but here without the ability to return. PLEASE!

  • John L. Gibson

    If the Tea Partyers are truly Right-Wing Nut Jobs, Why hasn’t one of them taken Michael Moore out?

    • Corey Dennison

      What…and get rid of a source of entertainment like Mikey “The Manatee” Moore?

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        @Corey Dennison @John Gibson ZING!!! POW!!! WHAM!!! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • dbb555

    Thank you Michael, for finally removing all semblance of any credulity. Self proclaimed assholes are truly rare. WELL DONE!

  • nilochsaloob

    Let me correct you there… A lot of women are known murderers…of the defenseless babies. A lot of them also support this murderous rampage…they are called pro-choice advocates.

  • Guest
    • $8245944

      Yeah, damn us to hell for offering safety to refugees.

  • Jedd McHead

    Michael Moore is a bully and, hence, a coward. Like most liberals he lacks the intellectual honesty to admit he was wrong.

  • Sfc Mac
  • adriaperez

    I guessed correctly that if you were running in that marathon the guy in front of you must have been holding a sandwich in his hand. I saw the video amazing your fat ass can’t barely walk but you sure has hell was booking it when that guy had that sandwich. You sorry ass excuse of a human being if you can even be called that .

  • dmart81

    Moore’s profile pic is the only way he can see his feet

  • Byron Shutt

    Well, I guessed it wasn’t a 350lb. fat slob from Flint…..because he is to busy eating his way up the Democratic food chain.

  • Yode

    Moore is a retard

  • El Chorizo

    Unfortunate that the bomber was shot by police, he could have had a prominent position in the Obama administration as an “education czar”, or maybe as a policy adviser.

    • John Fryman

      I think there’s still a faculty position open at Columbia, next to their new cop-killer!

  • Chris Bogh

    Yeah… nobody said Chechnya…. but I did hear muslim a few times.

  • Jefferson

    Michael Moore is butt hurt that the terrorists are not a bunch of right wing rednecks from Mississippi or Oklahoma.

  • Dusten Michael Carlson

    I think it’s interesting that he “implied” right-wing extremism/terrorism, when the reality (as of now) seems a bit closer to the right-wing scapegoat, Muslim Extremism.

    • $8245944

      Except Muslim extremism is real.

  • David Cordes

    Go eat a sandwich Mike Moore maybe that will keepyour mouth shut for a minute

  • alibifire

    Michael Moore – How much JD did you have to drink to figure out it wasn’t a woman? Genius!

  • Blarney Rose

    Oh, shit! It wasn’t George W. Bush! Damn! So, Fat boy Moore, guess you’ll have to off your own bad self!

  • J.N. Ashby

    Oh, Cripes. That whole “women can do no evil” diatribe from him is exhausting. I saw him on Politically Incorrect spouting this dreck once and I wanted to punch him (ironic I’m sure). I’d wish cancer on him, but I’m betting a woman nags him, while he smiles and agrees while silently resenting her, until it builds up and his foie gras-ed heart explodes.

  • Dave D

    Why are people following Michael Moore anyway?

    • Corey Dennison

      Probably out of a sense of morbid curiosity…

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Or, the Lame MSM like when Mikey farts out his beliefs…. Jawamax 8<{D}

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III


  • $22639970

    For Michael Moore to feel shame would require him to be capable of comprehending the concept of common decency.

  • Voting Female

    Porker Moore knows he is full of crap. He has nothing more to lose now.
    A deflated hot air balloon that took his last trip long ago.

    A roseanne barr pig of a man with an empty house and no real friends.

  • Mark81150

    Isn’t there a big rock missing it’s HUGE simpering tub of lard somewhere?.. or is Michael (loves me some Cuban communist rule) Moore looking to upgrade to a creaky old bridge to live under?

    There are some very very damaged people on the hard left.

  • Bill Crescenzo

    They weren’t carried out by the Tea Party either. It was carried out by Social Misfits like yourself Michael

  • Paul Citro

    Michael Moore BLOWS like the wind and changes like the wind. A huge wind-bag.

  • cuthean

    we have a very, very, very REAL “jewish” problem ladies and gentlemen.

    They are out in the open now.

    They want The Constitution GONE.

    They want the genocide of White Europeans in the very countries they built.

    There is no way out but “through the jew”

  • jojofido

    I guessed correctly micheal moore is fat and STUPID! now michael PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE BUCKET OF CHICKEN……and use a wet-nap for petes sakes.

  • Jim Evans

    Get together with your twin, Bill Maher, and make some truly ignorant, senseless statements.

  • Jack

    I guessed it…there are 3 kinds of chocolate in this big tub of ice cream…what a fat disgusting pig

  • abudoggie

    Oh lookit. Moore got himself a bunch of attention. Strong work, Michael.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III


    • Guest

      White Male, somehow I read as WHALE. Thought it was commentary on fatty.

  • y_sufferfools

    Perhaps Mr. Moore should lift up one of his 5 chins, remove the fork that has been stuck there since the last time he ‘bellied up’ to an all-you-can-eat buffet, then jam it into his ear. After ensuring contact with the gelatinous mass that serves to keep his fat head from collapsing upon its self, twist 5 or 6 times. Maybe, if we are all lucky, the next time he opens his bl0w h0le something other than unadulterated garbage might dribble out. Probably not, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take.


    Funny, we all guessed it was someone that probably liked his movies among other things….

  • Raejean

    Bloviating buffoon.

  • Steve Gaines

    What does he win? A pizza with extra cheese?

  • Wolf Moon

    I love this MM quote: ‘For past 4 days hundreds of “terror experts,” “terror analysts” and pundits never said anything about Russia or Chechnya. They know nothing.’

    Actually, they know something. But they’re not allowed to say “Muslim”, “islamist”, or “jihadist” on the regime media. So what’s the point, Michael? The experts are only allowed to speculate about the Tea Party or anti-abortion church ladies. Which is kinda like you, only involuntary.

  • johngs54

    Oh why doesn’t Moore just choke on a corn dog and be gone. What a pig in pig clothing. I truly think he hates himself too.

  • arttie

    I get it now, the finger “L” stands for looney liberal looser. The ell you say.

  • Yoma Ma

    Next time use this blob of fat as a bomb blanket rather then wasting a robot or a dog-

  • Ben

    Hey mikey you worthless piece of shit… I was the one who guessed correctly… it was NOT the loch ness monster! But seriously! How does this guy have ANY credibility what so ever? He’s a damn moron!

  • G.

    He makes Obama seem intelligent…

  • billy jack

    MM is a major butt wipe. He pretends he’s not in the 1%. Amazed that anyone with an IQ above a potato gives him any credibility.

  • leannimal88

    Moore is responsible for the closing of Old Country Buffet and Golden Corral here in Michigan; they had to close their doors after one visit.

  • nanaof12

    What a loser! does anyone even watch his movies anymore? Oh God, I forgot, he does! Talk about a waste of breath, I guess about a few million people kept hoping it was an old white right winger! Wow what a surprise to them, a pianst, junior boxer, boys from where? Oh right Chechnya, where the muslims live, and now want the U.S and Russia, Israel, England and any other western free people to die. What other religion wants everyone dead if they aren’t a muslim? ……..that’s right not one I can think of….quick draw a cartoon of the whatever he is called,a prophet?…….. wonder if he could have seen this one comming?

  • Yeah Right

    Is this lard a55 really this bat sh!t crazy? This guy is insane, he
    lies through his teeth, hopes that terrorists are white men “right
    wingers” and then contradicts himself constantly.
    Who the F gave this obvious lunatic publicity? This walking slab of bacon is a grade A nut job.