It feels like only yesterday when lefties were falling all over themselves to determine the motivations of those responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing.

Oh, wait. It was only yesterday. Strange, then, how the tides have turned. Since learning that the suspected bombers are Chechen Muslims and not white Tea Partyers (sorry, Michael Moore), suddenly the Left is no longer interested in focusing on motive:

Oh no? That’s not what you said earlier this week, pal.

Serious, you guys.


The best part, though? Sirota’s not alone:

Shhhhh! We can’t talk about that!

Tell us more, Cenk.

And lefties know all about taking the easy route.

It is sad. Almost as sad as these clowns’ feverish backpedaling:


Oh, my.

Don’t tell that to the Atlantic Wire, which tweeted out this festering fail pile:

Time to get schooled:

Yeah, how about NPR?

Network “real reporters” were also having a rough time facing reality. Can you blame them? Now that it’s clear that the Tea Party wasn’t behind the bombings, their narrative has been shot to hell:

Anyone up for a stroll down Memory Lane?

Does Detective Andrew Sullivan’s forensic expertise extend beyond women’s reproductive organs? Maybe the MSM should summon him for help cracking this confounding case!

It’s quite amazing. If by “amazing,” you mean “exactly what we’d expect from the Left.”



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  • George Washington Mclintock

    In brief: Left-Wing bloggers know about as much of terrorism and criminal psychology as they do American history or performing manual labor. Epistemic closure rears its ugly head. When the FBI had previously interviewed one suspect for suspected extremism, then it is time to have the grace to admit you’re wrong. Really, really, really wrong.

    • angeleyez

      Why did the “PRESSURE COOKER MEN” do it ? . . . (as opposed to gunman)
      Will Obama close the flea market loophole for pressure cookers ?

    • Brian H (wackobird)

      You CANNOT count on a beta male for anything important in life. The wisdom of one conservative woman cannot be equalled by less than ten liberal men.

      • Allan Hamilton

        It takes a confident and conservative alpha to efficiently approach such a conservative woman without having to swat away the cloud of beta male orbiters that inevitably cling to her strength and gravity

  • tcbaz

    I used to live in a country where thousands would grab a ball bat and help instead of a million cowering in fear

    • TugboatPhil

      I was thinking that today. The chiefs of Police in many of those Massachusetts towns make no effort to help citizens get legal, concealed carry permits. They make gun ownership very difficult and require “renewals” of gun permits every so many years.

      Now, when a known killer is running about, the best they can do is say “Hide and don’t open the door!”

      The TV screen reads, “Do not approach suspect.” If I were running the hunt I’d have them put “Reward for suspect, dead or alive.”

      • b_truit

        Hear, hear

  • mickeyco

    I just don’t know how Sirota, etc do it: come out day 2 and pretend we don’t know what they said on day 1. Mind boggling. They must have learned from Jay Carney.

    • grais

      Practice, practice, practice.

    • anonymouse

      Its a symptom of Bush Derangement Syndrome. He owes white conservative men an apology. Think he’ll issue it? Naw, being liberal means never having to say you were wrong.

      • Dave Silva

        Being liberal means you are always wrong.

  • independencemp3

    what’s left.. only what’s right.

  • b_truit

    The left/liberals/progressives, are the sleaziest, most deceptive bunch of people I have ever met or seen. You are what’s wrong with this country, you are the reason this nation is in this shape right now, your dear leader sucks, I wouldn’t hire him cut my lawn. 2014 can’t get here soon enough. You try to take away the 2nd amendment, the very one that protects the 1st amendment you love so much, you sympathize with who ever comes into this county and hates it. You want to redistribute wealth. I could go on. You are the sorriest group I have ever seen. Screw you. /Rant over

  • kateorjane

    If the Left had any class at all they would be embarrassed. But all they have is amnesia as to how they jumped to the hope that the bombers would turn out to be right wing/tea party types. Now they want us to “not jump to conclusions/generalizations” like they had done.

    • bigkahuna9

      When we jump to conclusions we are right. It’s common sense to assume what we assume. It’s a stretch for them to ever be right

  • ZoriahShepard

    I don’t understand their argument about whether or not this is terrorism. It’s an act that caused terror on a massive scale. Why are their motives and intents even a factor? Why isn’t the act definition enough?

    • TocksNedlog

      It was an act of run-place violence.

      • ZoriahShepard


        It does appear the Left will do anything to avoid using the term ‘terrorism’.

    • BlahBlah

      An act of terror isn’t necessarily terrorism. Words don’t mean what you think they mean.

      • ZoriahShepard

        See. That’s what I’m getting at. Why not?
        Some say that until we know what the message is, why they did it, the motive- that it can’t be terrorism.

        • BlahBlah

          Because when all else fails move the linguistic goal posts. How else can you justify the “logic” gymnastics? Remember penalty, no it’s tax, no it’s penalty, no it’s tax well never mind those two words mean the same anyway. Except they don’t unless you’re desperate and/or retarded.

          • ZoriahShepard

            I see what you’re getting at but definitely not the reason some news outlets (from what I’ve read and heard) are using about why they are refraining from using the word terrorism.

          • BlahBlah

            Because I KILLED OSAMA BIN LADIN

            Oblunder was gloating up and down any talk show that would have him that he just about put an end to all terrorism for all eternity. Except oops.

  • abe-froman

    Its ISLAM stooooopid ….gawd damn dumb left wing bloggers

    • Daniel Medicis

      I knew we’d see the Left start this idiot “WHY?” meme. Good Lord, their ignorance of Islam is staggering. Next up, panels, discussion groups, candlelight vigils, singing, and asking if America is the problem.

  • TocksNedlog

    The MSM’s grade for the week: Z minus.

    • TugboatPhil

      Are you grading on a curve?

      • trixiewoobeans

        My thoughts exactly, and it’s Dead Man’s Curve.

  • Daniel Medicis

    Boston Strong? Please. You Bostonians should be ashamed that it’s come to this: 7 million of you are defenseless cowering your homes, hoping your State security finds this Muslim killer who they lost once already before he shows up at your front door. Anyone who ever thinks trading their arms for empty promises of State security should remember this day.

    • Dave Silva

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Stop proving your ignorance and acting like a liberal. There were military grade explosives practically everywhere. Defending yourself is one thing. Running into a guaranteed slaughter is quite another. There were more bomb squads in Watertown today than any other non training situation in US history.

      • Allan Hamilton

        Where did you get the idea that “military” grade explosives were used “practically everywhere”? That’s a ridiculous statement.

        • tops116

          President Obama immediately announces legislation for pressure cooker background checks.

          • Sarah H.

            Anyone who wishes to purchase a pressure cooker must undergo an in-depth background check, along with a 3-day waiting period. One must also take a training course, and register the pressure cooker.

          • agroulx

            Then he would lose the hispanic vote because he’s making it more difficult to cook beans.

    • cscape

      in another era (back about 50 years ago… when i was a kid) ….. a sizable group of angry bostonians would have beaten the crap out of these 2 before they could get back to their rat’s nest in Cambridge on the 15th….. i am ashamed with what has happened to our once great city and state

  • Elaine

    Well it WAS April15th, TAX day and it is called PATRIOTS DAY so come on, as some would say 2+2=? Apparently 5.

    • Brian H (wackobird)

      I am sticking to my answer (as seen by a liberal) 2+2= a bicycle(because a vest has no sleeves). I think to the standard left slanted mind…..this makes sense. If this makes NO sense, you just might be on the correct side!

    • cscape

      you neglected to mention NPR’s mention of the 15th being “Hitler’s birthday”, even though that’s tomorrow (the 20th)

    • bigkahuna9

      For today. When the left needs to cover Obama and the lefts behind another day 2+2 will equal C. They will let you know.

  • Hellpig

    They dont want a motive because the motive is he was radicalized by his professor who explained his radical jihadist Chechnya roots to him …

  • trixiewoobeans

    And while all this was going on, Congress slammed through CISPA, making ALL the public’s “private” records (cell phones, FB, medical, you name it) available to the government!

    • Jack Deth

      True, trixie:

      The Feds has also had a “hands-off” policy towards those professing the Islamic faith in far too many cities in the US for over four years now. I find it off putting that Big Brother seems far more focused on its citizens. Than those who are here on long expired visas. Or are basically underground.

    • WWMD

      Now trix, lets back up some, it passed the tea party controlled house of some people’s representatives. It has not gone to the senate yet. I doubt this will get through. Plus they had most of these powers with the good ole patriot act

  • BlahBlah

    Look, if their religion is Islam it doesn’t necessarily mean they are Muslims. I thought this was perfectly clear. lolleftlogic

  • trixiewoobeans

    Sirota “schooling” us on Bigotry, when he made the most bigoted remarks imaginable this week? It is to laugh! He’s the Mile-High Douche!

  • Jack Deth

    Patiently waiting for the Boston Marathon Bombings to be classified “Work Place Violence”. Or anything other than Islamic Terrorism. Which casts just a little bit too much light on Obama’s chumminess with Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • bigkahuna9

      They will tell us he was bullied, was forced into Islam by right wing radicals where he himself was radicalized because we are a violent, no moral value country. Of course what better way to fight against the oppression and freedom to sin than to blow people up, shoot and terrorize them. Especially the ones who never met you, know you or care about you. The evil runners of marathons.

  • Bklynnygirl

    Look at the headlines from NYT, Far From War-Torn Homeland, trying to fit in.
    After criticisms changes it to, Brothers seen as good students and avid athletes.

    According to the left, how can these nice boys come to America, go to college and become radicalized?

  • $30423294

    Mr. Obama is turning this country into the third world nation of his childhood.

    Who exactly is this president who parties constantly with Hollywood porn stars while our cities burn?

    And why does the leftist media seem comfortable with this strange state of affairs?

    Something isn’t right.

    I know it’s not cool to say, but I question the left wing media’s patriotism. I think the leftist media is working actively against America’s interests.

    • Secede

      You “Think” ??????

  • Jeffrey Lamela

    The fact is that it is Never white tea partiers. Even recent mass shooters were all registered democrats. The left only cares about dead Americans when they can use the deaths to score politically against conservatives. Now they are hell bent on establishing conservatives as domestic enemies when we all know the reverse is true.

  • TDS

    Love how Muslim is somehow a “race” now…

  • dbb555

    Apparently only white conservatives need their motives examined..

  • Bklynnygirl

    CBS tweeted that the FBI questioned Tsarnaev the older brother 2 years ago for extremist ties. The FBI has confirmed this.
    Can some one explain why they were allowed to become citizens on 9/11/2012?

    • bigkahuna9

      Because we have a president who doesn’t want to know. He doesn’t want to discriminate, he wants to make it easier for his religion to invade America like a parasite. Same with illegals

  • Jean Gray

    David Sirota is an IDIOT!

  • TDS

    Let’s see…

    They were Muslim… Means nothing.

    They were Left-leaning… Means nothing.

    But… Maybe the MSM can string enough illogical BS together to make it out that these two nut cases were ONLY upset about gun control not passing, so they decided to do something about it (on a moment’s notice, no less). Therefore, if we want to prevent future occurrences of this type of tragedy, we MUST take another vote on even stricter gun control laws.

    I mean, only once we do that can we start saving these innocent children, and since over 93% of the population want to save children from being blown into tiny bits, they better hurry and pass it without reading it.

    Or something…

  • Cruz2016!!!

    David Sirota Is a Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer…the rest of us are on the side of that sweet little American boy Martin….

  • Rulz

    “My point has always been that you shouldn’t make assumptions based on race.This proves it. What are you going to do – target all Caucasians?”


    Okay, so you refer to them as Caucasians now that they said they did it?

    Got it, Cenk.

    But hey, at least you didn’t call Islam a race.

  • R.C.

    Fed up with the political correct b.s.
    A spade is a spade is a spade.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder used to be a funny “jab”.

    Comparing tweets made by these libs shows a stark contrast between rational and irrational thought process’.


    The hypocrisy makes me want to jump into the Pacific Ocean, and keep swimming out as far as I can.

    • Brian H (wackobird)

      I would do it with you if I was assured of being eaten by sharks in the first mile of swimming. I just want this nightmare to END!

  • J.N. Ashby

    Like with Zimmerman, Sirota. Like when he was totally declared guilty of being A: a colossal racist, and B: murdering an innocent little boy who wasn’t beating the crap out of him.

  • bigkahuna9

    We need radical muslim control. Can Pelosi and Reid get on that tomorrow ?

  • disqus_G8xi77DYlj

    Bet the communist news media HATES the fact these guys are RADICAL ISLAMIC MUSLIM TERRORISTS and NOT the dreaded right wing ant government patriot, HAHA.. Also, bet Obama doesn’t like seeing his buddies getting caught. They will do EVERYTHING they can to spin this away from radical Islamic Muslims.

  • stillinthe60s

    They did it because everyone knows boxers and wrestlers hate marathoners because they get prettier outfits.

  • cscape

    Sometimes i wonder what PLANET i’m living on????

  • Lyle E Long

    there motive is called Islamic jihad.

  • Hand of Doom
  • rivers

    Something is really wrong with Sirota, he’s an incorrigable hate-peddler. He is as tolerant as the Westboro Baptist people and can’t see his own incongruity. Does he drink a lot or something? His tweets look like the kind of tweets one might wake up to in the morning, smelling of Jack Daniels, saying “oh f***, did I say that?”

  • Mark81150

    OK… I’ll say it…

    If Sirota doesn’t have his explode from the raging fever swamp of his own hypocrisy about “motives”.. there is no justice.. Most American’s immediately thought muslim terror, but not these sewer dwellers.. nope, it HAD to be their very own political opponents, how else can they justify calling us evil all the time?

    • steve

      Sirota will not explode. He will simply recede into the liberal weeds and the next few weeks will be an onslaught of lib media’s attempt to divert from the facts.

    • Paratisi

      In True Lib Fashion…What do you want to bet this self loathing RACIST(Sirota) gets a Nobel for that Racist Article?

      God Bless America!

  • Guy Fromage

    I love the “these guys are the original Caucasians” argument! So much #win for the conservative…nay…realist side! It was never about race for us, you left-wing nut jobs! It’s about ideology!

  • Allan Hamilton

    It seems the ol’ lefters are having a pretty bad week. They’ve got a homicidal, serial killer abortionist that didn’t read the playbook and now these backyard, tree house radicals blow up the rest of the msm’s plan for world domination. It must really suck to be such losers and not even know it.

    • tops116

      What’s sad is, they consider not being able to blame this on the Tea Party the real tragedy of the week… not the bombing itself.

  • Bklynnygirl

    The left wants to put aside that they are Muslims.
    OK, let’s put that aside. Why would these brothers growing up in USA do this?
    Could it be the they are taught to HATE the USA right here in American schools by radical leftist (terrorists) professors.

  • tops116

    This has to be one of the most embarrassing things to happen to the media in years. Those tweets above are just a sample of the backpedaling going on right now. They screwed up big time, and they know it. Everything they do now is a pathetic attempt to save face… and it’s not working. And the usual hyper-partisan left-wing crowd that parrots whatever they say? Yeah, I can’t say I expect any of them to bash FOX News anytime soon without a barrage of replies about the spectacle from CNN, MSNBC, NPR and the rest.

    To be blunt, pass the popcorn.

    • Derelictus

      Duke LaCrosse…Trayvon…Arab Spring…lot of contenders for liberal media obfuscation/treachery/stupidity.

  • robert anthony

    The leftist media was a little late getting the news,,,they were busy spying on Palin’s vacation home to see if she was making bombs.

  • golftilidrop

    Most muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are muslim.

  • Chris Chambers

    The picture link on this is ol’ Governor Lester Maddox of Georgia riding his bike backwards. He was in almost every parade in Atlanta and most in Georgia for a long time. This was one of his trademarks. And he was an old school racist that had his restaurant closed down (the Pickrick Restaurant in Underground Atlanta) after he refused to serve some black students from Georgia Tech in 1964. (If I recall correctly, he was sued, and he lost. The judge ordered him to choose: have his restaurant serve blacks, or close it down. He closed it.)

    His other trademark was the pick ax while he was running for governor of Georgia in 1965-1966 and was enthusiastically supported by the Ku Klux Klan. He sold ax handles for $2 each to help raise money for his campaign, and he won!

    Lester Maddox was a Democrat.

  • Rulz

    I wouldn’t want to speculate were I left either, since radical Islam and liberalism have a vast record on both terrorism and tyranny.

    In order for such an agenda to spread, it must do so without considerable attention.