TMZ reports that Winters passed away last night. He was 87.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones. Rest in peace.

  • Ben Bollman

    RIP, I remember him from Johnny Carson. He was one of my grandpa’s favorite comedians.

  • therantinggeek

    *dims the stage lights*

  • independentjones

    It’s a Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad World, today.

    Thank you for making us laugh while you were here. RIP Jonathan.

    • BlueGood

      Aye, time will take us all, however we can be blessed to know we witnessed true comedic genius…clean, fun, incredibly fast minded & witty… & honest!

      RIP Mr. Winters…..thank you so much for your giving the Giggles….to so many for so long!

      :’o(………. :’o)…………..

  • CrustyB

    Best improv comedian in the world, hands down.

    • Garth Haycock

      Agreed. Nobody comes close.

      • Joe Dokes

        Robin Williams is a distant, distant second and that’s only because of the kilos of coke he’d consumed, not anything like Jonathan’s raw (if slightly mentally unbalanced) genius.

  • Andy Rigo

    Robin Williams and Jim Carrey owe their careers to Mr. Winters. A true trailblazer and way ahead of his time.

    • LochGates44

      I know Robin Williams admired Jonathan Winters. Jim Carrey likely did at some point but he’s gone off his rocker.

  • CatHerder

    RIP to one of the last greats, from an age where comedians had to work for a laugh instead of relying on shock language.

  • $30423294

    He proved you can be funny without being foul.

    God bless him.

  • Love of Country

    I guess most folks under 40 don’t even know who this guy was. He was comic genius and one of the sweetest men on the face of the earth.

    RIP, Jonathon, and thank you for being such a wonderful human being.

  • Sheri Cowan

    Loved that man! Loved him as Maudie Frickett. RIP Mr. Winters.

  • deejayaz

    Not just a funny man, but a highly intelligent man. Rest in peace

  • Jack Deth

    RIP Chester Hunnyhugger.

    An absolute master of improvisation. And quite possibly the quickest comedic wit of the 20th century.

    Also a pretty good hustler in Twilight Zone’s ‘A Game of Pool’.

    Rest well, Jonathan.

  • HARP2

    Thanks for the smiles Jonathan. You have a command performance now.


  • Arnold Townsend

    This is truly sad. He was one of my top comics. God must need some laughs.

  • Rulz

    There’s a lot of talk about “comedians” on here, but this sounds like one I’d actually listen to and like.

    RIP big fella.

  • TugboatPhil
  • sablegsd

    Oh no! I loved him. I guess it’s official, my entire childhood is now gone. RIP Mr. Winters

  • nc

    Another one of the greats is gone. Irreplaceable.

    Thank you for the many years of laughter that the whole family could enjoy together.

    RIP gentle giant.

  • john mason

    By the time I started really paying attention on who was who in Hollywood, Jerry Lewis was doing his MS annual each Labor Day, Bill Cosby, showed both great talent and great pomposity with his lofty preachments, and John Winters always came across as a fragile,tragic figure who (like Rod Steiger) looked to be on the verge of his next nervous breakdown. That too may have been an act. Still, he seems to have been a comedians’ comedian, who inspired many of today’s more mature stars.

  • exceller

    I’ve watched everything I could find on youtube during the last 24 hours having to do with Jonathon Winters. When you listen you hear echoes of many many comedians who followed, Johnny Carson,Robin Williams, to Ron White and Larry The Cable guy, and everyone in between. The man was gifted, very bright, and introspective too. A true one-of-a-kind-talent and decent human being too. R.I.P. Mr Winters and thank you for the memories.

  • LightSabre

    Annette, Jonathan Winters; all our “family” from when we were growing up are passing. And with what passes for talent now and the evil cretins that are in the White House, please help us, Lord.