It takes a village to raise a child — and a liberal teacher to mold his mind. Welcome to IndoctriNation.

Earlier, we told you about the Wisconsin public school district that’s using crossword puzzles to teach eighth-graders that conservatism restricts personal freedom, but why should middle schools have all the fun? Tweeter Rhonda Matthews shared this photo of what her high schooler was being taught:

Here’s what Matthews’ son had to say:

So, in a lesson on media bias, the teacher ignored all but one media outlet. Not exactly a balanced approach, is it?

Colleges can rest easy knowing that high schools are doing their part to make incoming students’ minds nice and receptive to leftism.

But hopefully not for long. Fortunately, there are educators who stand firm against leftist indoctrination:

We agree. Teachers taking advantage of their positions to push propaganda need to be exposed.

So are we.


Pew study non-shocker: MSNBC dominated by opinion, not factual news; HuffPo shocked

  • West_Coast

    Anyone who isn’t a ‘conformist’ is the enemy. That’s why Fox News is reviled.

    • nasty

      if the conservative kids’ ideas were superior, they should try to open a honest debate but no..they would be humiliated and cry home to mommy’s homeschool

      • Kim

        If your ideas were superior, you could defend them with facts instead of personal attacks.

      • beebop1952

        How old are you? 20? Did you catch the fact that the TOP THIRTEEN TELEVISION programs in the first Q of 2013 are on FOX? So? Who is being snowed? I’m thinking its you. Oh. And the first non FOX program is Rachel Madcow. Just being fair and balanced — like the left has taught me.

        • nasty

          what does that have to do anything? i hate msnbc

      • TomJB

        Yes, because honest debates always contain lines such as “cry home to mommy’s”

        • Sherri Cruz (D-Ret)

          Not that many conservatives have to live in mommy’s basement at age 30; most go out of their way to be responsible and self-sufficient.

      • Landy Man

        Heck…I am not as quick as many conservatives and I could debate you and win. i use reason and logic…not insults. Anytime you would like to take up the gauntlet let me know.

        • Jeannie Edwards

          Don’t forget honesty and integrity, which the left knows nothing about.

      • Jillane Kent

        Why does the fact that this teacher’s cheap shots and shallow memes are being made public bother you so?

      • RedSoloCup

        Bring it on, Junior. I’m sure you will be the one running off like a little biatch that you are.

      • John P. Dolan

        Ugly, The power of the grade does lots to oppress views in
        the classroom. A good teacher and facilitator would enter the discussion with
        multiple views to create a dialog and promote growth. Preaching the NEA,
        progressive, and liberal poor me agenda does not build strong thinkers. It
        builds more welfare and entitlement candidates.

      • Don R

        If I were kind I‘d call you a fool, but I don’t think you’re really that stupid. I think you’re a deliberate bully. What child can “open a debate” with an adult authority figure? Especially when that same institution has a track record of suspending kids who chew their pop-tarts into improper shapes? By now we’ve all heard the recording of the teacher who shouted down a student for questioning Obama’s policies.

        This is indeed Standard Operating Procedure for the left. They have no facts to stand on; in fact there is much evidence in opposition to their destructive philosophies, but no one ever gets to hear the contrasting arguments. They just yell so much louder.

        • Paul Panek

          Excellent post Don as I was about to write the same thing. Good job.


        they can;t they get abad grade

        • dkhilly

          Yep. Students learn to play the game. Roll their eyes, but spit back what the teacher wants to hear to get the grade.

      • lainer51

        kind of like obummer did when he showed his “star” athleticism on the basketball court…said he was “off his game” — really? my 2 y/o could hit 2/22! and don’t forget his bowling score of 37 – that was “jet lag”…. LMAO!

  • J. Cox

    Expect this to actually ramp up in the coming years.They believe they are half a generation away from total control.Of course,by then we will be 38 trillion in debt and graduating kids that not only can not read and write,but will believe that any answer is always the right answer and deserves a participation A.

  • Brett McMicken

    What kind of dummy uses ”The Condescending Wonka” as a teaching aid?

    a condescending teacher, that’s who

    • Blake Waymire

      Leftists love Condescending Wonka. They seem to think it makes them immune to argument, when it just makes them look stupid.

      • John P. Dolan

        Not a fan of leftists/democrats/socialists but that Wonka sarcasm
        is pretty darned funny.

        • Blake Waymire

          Oh, Condescending Wonka can be hilarious. Leftists just like using it to make points in a very condescending way that is rarely funny.

          • Bizness22

            I agree–I’ve used memes quite a few times in lessons. Kids relate to them and they simplify sometimes hard-to-grasp concepts. I’m also not above using Family Guy references like Buzz Killington (via Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “Sonnet to Science”–science is a regular Buzz Killington).

            It’s all a matter of how you use them.

          • plumberskid

            …and never honest.

      • RedSoloCup

        This one says it all:

    • jwlynn64

      He has his place. Mostly on facebook! LOL

  • conservativemomma

    We need to flood colleges with patriots sitting in classes offering conservative views and reasoned responses to this liberal spew. Next year my kids will be out of the nest and this momma is going to be signing up for some local college courses. Not worried about a grade.. just an opportunity to make my voice heard with the college crowd

    • nasty

      yes debate the issues and get humiliated

      • Landy Man

        As I said…debate this “old Conservative” and be humiliated.

      • Jillane Kent

        On auto repeat, are we?

      • RedSoloCup

        Funny, aren’t you guys the ones who lie and use made up BS for “facts”?

      • Dee

        Is anyone else experiencing deja vue?

      • usaman

        SO Flamingo. You bring up an issue. We will debate. You will lose.

      • 6cheri6

        That’s it? Just the one statement? Highly intelligent, aren’t you…….NOT

      • JustLurkin

        Seriously dum bass, how old are you?

        • nasty

          whats a dum bass?

      • lainer51

        for the first time I do agree with a loony lib – you ARE ugly with the brain of a flamingo, in those little heads.

        • nasty

          haha you never got it? why am i not surprised?


      Here is another idea. Tie the degree programs to job placement. This is already done with proprietary schools. That way, programs that don’t have enough EMPLOYED graduates in their field making a certain salary get shut down. This will get rid of the worst ones(Gender studies, race studies and gay studies).

  • conservativemomma

    I think retired patriots should think about “going back to college” in their local areas. Go to the belly of the beast. We are losing our kids to this brainwashing and we need to step into the gap and show them that there is another way.

    • okiepastor

      Agreed. Students need to call out the Teachers on this stuff!

      • cfcscott1905

        Learning institutions and journalist are leftist because the people who choose those professions tend to be bleeding heart individuals. They value security over risk (teachers) or feelings over facts (journalist). This country became the greatest country the world has ever known BECAUSE we reward the risk takers who win. It isn’t a fair system. It was never meant to be because life isn’t fair. Human nature is greed and laziness. Each of us is driven by greed until we meet our own level of satisfation and we do no more than is necessary to maintain that level. Liberals choose to ignore this fact and the stupidity of their policies reflect that…doomed to inevitable failure.

    • nasty

      “go back to college” and debate the issues…watch yourself get humiliated

      • americansagainstobama

        How would they be humiliated? You leftists are the ones who lie and use propaganda for your “facts”.

        • Dwayne Jackson

          Liberals won’t debate facts they’ll resort to name calling.

      • Landy Man

        You are so out of touch with what Conservatives can do.

      • Jillane Kent

        Given the ever decreasing caliber of high school/college student, I would say that humiliation would be reserved for those charged with guiding their education.

        • Judy B

          Good point, long term surveillance of college students is an excellent argument against evolution…the devolution is absolutely observable.

      • RightThinking1


        I think ‘bullied’ is the word you meant to use. It is SOP with the left.

        In it’s mildest form, you have used it here yourself, i.e., rather than discussing the issue, you have attempted to intimidate a poster.

        Why? Well, because you cannot rationally defend propaganda in the schools, but it is what you want, and so you fall back on intimidation. That is why the Left are so quick to form mobs of ‘protestors’.

        In my own experience, it is not difficult to counter the perspective of the local university nut-jobs, simply because their perspectives are epistemological voids. They want to teach ideas , not facts.

        If, for instance, one wanted to demonstrate that Fox News consistently mis-reported facts, then one might do so. Though why that might take place in a classroom is itself a question. One supposes that in a higher education setting, say, a University media class, it might be appropriate, so long as the study included all of the media. Examples would be NBC’s Dan Rather airing the phony report regarding George Bush’s military service, or Rachel Maddow announcing, “There’s no such thing as The Preamble to The Constitution”

        See? I am not the humiliated in the least. The truth is, slapping down liberal ‘teachers’ is childishly easy because, aside from bullying, they have no substance.

        • webnetcity

          BRAVO!!! 1000 LIKES!!! STANDING OVATION!!!

        • celsma

          Exactly, bullying is a form of humiliation but it has nothing to do with the validity of the ad hominem premises of the brainwashed lemmings. We can only tell the truth, failing to believe it is the fault of the hearers. I still contend that we should simply form two nations, one socialist and one free. That would be very “progressive”; separate the two opposing ideals into pure implementations of each and let history prove which is right. Both sides should approve of this idea, but, surprise, one side does not. The “taker” side.

      • RedSoloCup


      • dominigan

        My conservative daughter frequently embarrassed her professor multiple times on the blatant liberal bias, by overwhelming them with facts.

      • Bizness22

        It’s very telling that you a) think humiliation is the greatest means in the world to stifle dissent and b) that you think conservative kids even have the forum to open an honest debate.

        Let’s see…get an A by formulating superior arguments in a Marxist analysis of any given major literary work, or waste your time and sanity (and risk your grade) trying to reason with people so entrenched in their ways and close-minded to others that they’re stuck in an intellectual tar pit? What’s hilarious is it’s very simple to beat these teachers at their own games and that I, having gone through our nation’s lovely university system, can put forth a more superior liberal argument than most of
        the die-hards I sat amongst in a lecture hall. Why? Simple! I was very well versed in Marxism and post modernism and unlike many of the drones from OWS we all saw interviewed at various instances, I can provide you with lucid and intelligent reasoning for these ideologies. The sad thing is, this knowledge is about as useful to me as memorizing the alien races in Star Wars, for all the impact it has on a rational world grounded in reality.

        The reason indoctrination succeeds so readily is that a) kids are extremely gullible, being the impressionable kids that they are (especially when their teachers beckon with that nice shiny A on a stick and possess the role of a role model-esque adult) b) it takes an inherently curious and thinking individual to question and not just blindly accept what they’re told and c) going off of b, your average kid isn’t going to go home and look up the views on the other side of the political/philosophical spectrum, especially if their parents are parroting exactly what their teacher
        is saying. As a result, they are exposed to and versed in one side that only mentions the other in passing or in a sort of what’s established to be inherent mockery, as in, this is bad, but you should know that already.

        The trouble is not that kids choose to be liberals.
        The trouble is that they are forced to be liberals and the alternative
        is humiliation via peer pressure, all logic and rationale left untapped. Diversity in thought and opinion are discouraged, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why the dogma English teachers in particular perpetuate concerning the necessity of supporting your argument with sufficient evidence goes completely unheeded when it comes to agreeing with them.

      • 6cheri6

        3 strikes ugly….you’re out!!

    • pajamakat

      We already lost them.

      • Godzilla Smash14

        Here is an idea, either help or try to fight back or just stop commenting. We don’t need defeatists like you around.

        • pajamakat

          Don’t mean to be a defeatist Alex. I read all these stories about what’s going on in the schools, I see videos of college kids brainwashed by teachers, you name it. It’s going to take several generations to get things back.

          • Digital Fart-Box

            What if i’m not the one brainwashed? What if that was YOUR generation. It seems the same stupid logic could apply. You’re tiny little child brains were molded by a fearful media and bigoted teachers to create your beliefs that you have validated throughout your life. Little Righty Sleeper Agents. Cute.

    • SturJen

      Oddly enough: I have returned to college to get my Bachelor’s after 20+ years away. A good sign is how many students find this kind of bullsh*t REALLY Bullsh*t. They see right through the crap that these teachers spew. Those who are glassy-eyed zombies 4 da prez…well, they are there. I’ve got a hippie chick who sits in front of me in my Lecture class w/dreads…and she’s a ginger. It cracks me up every time I see her.
      I see none of this indoctrination in my lectures, but plenty in my books: Chemistry and Physics. Global warming still is *the* pimped issue and it’s just stupid to pimp it out in a chemistry text. Perhaps if I were taking a social science course it would be more prevalent. I’m sticking to Math and Science.

      • Guest

        “…and she’s a ginger”…?? Not sure what hair color has to do with anything, my daughter happens to be “a ginger”, she happens to be beautiful, smart, conservative and yes, she has a soul!

        • Ronald Green

          The remark was about a white girl in ‘dreads’, not simply red hair, which is almost a sure sign of an up and coming libtard. And before you squawk, I’m a ginger as well.

      • Bizness22

        You’re getting the diet version of the indoctrination, my friend. Math and science have too much to do with reality for the liberal dream world to infiltrate.

        If you would like to see a room full of zombies, sit in on a course like the one I had to take: “Alternate Critical Perspectives on Literature and Culture.” It was a required course for a BA in English at the university I attended, and in this “English” course we were solemnly taught that English “is the language of the oppressor.”

        • sueanneh

          I had to take a similar class, and yes, English is the language of the oppressor. We are being taught that “African American Vernacular English”- aka Ebonics- is an acceptable language and that we should welcome it in our classrooms. It is making me rethink my desire to teach- even in a private school.

          • Terri Van Reese

            I worked in school in an adjudicated facility. I refused to answer questions that were not phrased and pronounced correctly. Eventually the children figured out I would not back down and started speaking English, rather than “streetanese”.

        • aztectrumpet

          Even though almost all of my classes were math and science, I still had some that would throw in little quips. But it’s probably good I didn’t have things like philosophy i guess.

        • Rulz

          “Alternate Critical Perspectives on Literature and Culture.”


          “English “is the language of the oppressor.”

          Then why do people go out of their way to learn it?

      • celsma

        You’re nearly 40 and use terms like “pimped” and “ginger”??? I guess it’s possible, but that was interesting in itself.

      • Jillane Kent

        The college board recommends viewing “An Inconvenient Truth” as a practical lesson in failed rhetorical devices for AP Language and Composition. Perhaps the tide is turning a bit.

    • David Hamm

      good idea^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    • D-dubs

      What we need to do is get more conservatives TEACHING again. The person who tweeted near the top of the page stated “this is why I got out of education”. Well how does that help!?!?! We need to take on these sick individuals face-to-face. We need to play their game and start suing! How do you think they always shut us down!

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    My friend Louie recently posted on Facebook that the 2nd biggest Newscorp stock holder (behind Rupert), some Saudi Prince or Sheikh owns 7% of the stock in Fox News. Can I get a clarifiacation from the Peanut Gallery (except Liberals-just opinions from you)? Thanx! Jawamax 8<{D}

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Me? I don’t care as long as Rupe and his Family own the controlling shares (51%). Jawamax 8<{D}

    • pinkelephant22

      It’s Al Waleed bin Talal, a big investor w/stocks not just in News Corp, but also Apple, ABC/Disney, Kodak, Four Seasons hotels, w/the bulk of his investments in CitiCorp which, interestingly, is tied to the stimulus/General Motors. Of course, it’s only ever “News Corp” that’s highlighted.

  • kayakingfatso

    This crap happened in one of my daughter’s HS classes. Fortunately, we’ve raised her to disregard teachers shoving their opinions down throats of students. I did call the school to complain. They listened, but that’s about it. AND I told my daughter to get up and leave any class when teachers go off on a tangent, even if they share our household’s political beliefs. So glad she just graduated and is joining the service.

    • mapache

      I find a personal parent-teacher conference and then a stop by the principal’s office on the way out and then a letter to the school board is more effective. Nothing like the teacher getting to see you face to face when you tell them their behavior will not be tolerated. They are bullies and do not know what to do when challenged.

      • kayakingfatso

        Thank you for your reply. I’ve gone to the school for other reasons and it got me nowhere. I can’t get through to the teacher(s) and the admin., so I teach my children to avoid these situations by leaving the class. I grew tired of hearing “We’ll look into it”. Schools are crap these days.

        • SturJen

          And from the looks of this article, a dose of publicity goes a long way….

      • JINNASH

        And like all bullies they fold when opposed.

    • RedSoloCup

      Since the teacher’s unions have taken over it’s gotten worse.

    • Jeannie Edwards

      I’ll say it. “Job well done!!!”

  • Silenttype78

    My son’s civics teacher called him sexist because he said a woman shouldn’t be a fire fighter if she can’t perform on the same level as a man because it wouldn’t be safe.

    • Paul Panek

      Your son’s civics teacher is a pervert.

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    Ms. Jones is right–good on this kid!

    But keep an eye on it, because the school will probably try to punish him.

    • DJS

      I can say with near certainty that this kid will be punished. Schools have all sorts of rules on what sort of pictures/video recordings you can take in a school without getting express written consent. The unions are smart enough to know that any potential evidence of impropriety (of which there are many) is dangerous to the job security of their constituents. There is a reason union teacher contracts are 150-200 pages long; it’s just like the taxcode: the more pages you add to it, the more you can ensure it works inordinately to your advantage.

      • beebop1952

        A teacher’s strike has been going on in Strongsville, OH for more than one month over — you guessed it — money.
        All of a sudden the teachers’s union is suggesting BINDING ARBITRATION and the first clause says that teachers who bullied students and substitute teachers cannot and will not be held responsible for their actions. The school board said no. Parents are standing firm in Strongsville as to the type of individual they want in the classroom and that does not include the intolerant left.

  • Love of Country

    The teachers, the educators, the academia, the unions, the state run media, the extremists, the race patrol, the class patrol, the fascists … they’re all just bricks in the wall.

  • Jimni27

    Seriously this is just getting scary- too many examples of this in the last few weeks.


    Glad I dropped out when I did.

    • v1cious

      Wow, way to stick it to the man.

    • nasty

      good on you! you probably made your school’s avg test score higher

      • Landy Man

        you are so pathetic.

      • Jillane Kent

        I thought liberals loathed the pedantic focus upon test scores..

        • nasty

          pedantic? you might want to define that. conservatives dont know basic english

      • sb36695

        If they are low, you just cheat! That’s the liberal way!

      • RedSoloCup

        Too bad she didn’t want to be a sheeple like you!

  • W Randall

    Florida’s election laws, Section 104.31, of Title IX in chapter 104, states that “no officer or
    employee of the state… shall… use his or her official authority or
    influence for the purpose of interfering with an election or nomination
    of officer or influencing another person’s vote or affecting the result
    thereof.” – Seems to fit the situation.

  • Ben Bollman

    Years ago when I was in college, our professor showed us Michael Moore’s Roger & Me. This was a BUSINESS class. I wasn’t as enlightened as I am now but even back then it didn’t seem right.


      I had to watch that piece of crap in a political science class.

      • Ben Bollman

        If it would have been today I would have walked out, there is no reason in the world for any business professor to show that movie..

  • Frank Smiles

    This is why union teachers are dangerous and incompetent to expose your children to. They are not teaching anymore. They want to brainwash kids and perpetuate the communist agenda

  • annaeliz

    Freshman English comp we had to watch Sicko. Another conservative woman in the class and I deconstructed the entire movie and its arguments for the class during discussion. Second semester the professor was teaching MLA citation and using the PowerPoint provided on the MLA website. That had references to books about Marxism. It’s everywhere. You just have to pay attention.

    • Bizness22

      Marxism is a means of literary analysis–as in, they can and do apply it to everything you read.

      Actually it’s one of the easier means of composing an essay. You just have to throw in the right buzzwords and be sure to portray the proper characters in a negative light.

  • Frank Drebin

    We can’t have authorities teaching our kids HOW to think. Why, that would just lead to them questioning ideas later on. No, while they’re young and impressionable they need to be taught to readily accept WHAT to think. So much easier to control for the ‘greater good’ that way.

    …he said, sarcastically

  • NCRelite
  • Roy Martinez Jr.

    the teacher should have given te link too it reveals all the lies fox news tells

    • wwbdinct

      If the teacher was “fair”, she should have told them the story of how one of the most respected newscasters ever after Walter Conkrite, had to resign in disgrace after concocting a complete lie about GW Bush. If I had more time, I’d add to the list.

    • americansagainstobama

      What links should she have given about the other 95% of the media?

    • RedSoloCup

      Another new troll, another incoherent post. I see the public school system is working just fine…

    • Jillane Kent

      Right. Because there’s no media bias and preconceptions on that website, right?

    • SturJen

      The interesting part about your handy dandy link is that it shows no opportunity to contact those who host the site, nor does it give me any information on just who is hosting said site. I DO see links to Politico and Politifact, which are Liberal News Sites w/ ties to Soros. Perhaps if you can direct me to the creators of your link, I can get to the bottom. Or is it………..your site you are pimping?
      Don’t come to this site thinking that everyone is as ill-informed as your fox news lies site. We are savvy: We want to know WHO is running the site and WHO is bankrolling it.
      Stop being sheep, start thinking with your own brain. Fox might not be THE site for everything, but your site isn’t either. Savvy people gather their news from multiple sites.

    • NRPax

      So let’s see…if I want a more liberal slant to the news I have the following: ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, CNN and Al-Jazeera. One network is different and they are telling lies.

      You’re so adorable, I bet you were the guy in the Barney suit in season 3.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    I can’t count the number of teachers my kids had that were liberal preachers. It’s FAR worse in California.

  • Brian

    You mean the same Fox News who called Obama’s WIFE a “Baby Mama” once before, in addition to suggesting that racial profiling is okay in airports?

    • wwbdinct

      Who said that? Megan Kelly? Shepard Smith, Brett Baier? Martha McCallum? O’Reilly? Hannity?

    • americansagainstobama

      Really? You want me to start posting quotes of what the leftist media says about conservatives?

    • $1014973

      Profiling should be okay in airports you nitwit.

    • RedSoloCup


    • Jillane Kent

      The incidence you’ve referenced is from the teletype ticker of a Baltimore affiliate-not the main Fox national programming center. Michelle Obama has referenced herself as the “baby mama” as well. Were you similarly as outraged?

    • dominigan

      Links please.

    • Jillane Kent

      Why do you consider profiling to be anything other than a valuable tool in law enforcement? You do that the FBI, the CIA, and Homeland Security all use profiling, right?

  • Maxx

    It’s times like these that truly reveal how ignorant and naive liberal educators can be. Anyone who thinks MSNBC doesn’t have a strong liberal bias is intellectually lazy or worse, imbecilic. I don’t have a problem acknowledging Fox leans right. However, I watch as much MSNBC as I do Fox and it’s almost comical how far left that network has become over the years.
    The suits at NBC surely figured in order to survive in the cable news business, they weren’t going to be able to out-CNN CNN, they certainly couldn’t rival Fox with their base so the only logical course of action was to position the network as the anti-Fox. The only problem is they have tacked so far to the left that the network has essentially become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the administration.
    At least with Fox’s nightly roundup of pundits, you’ll get actual discourse which often runs contrary to atypical conservative viewpoints. O’Reilly often saddles up as an independent, as does Greta. Sean probably runs the most consistent conservative bend but we have Shep who more often than note, will run against the grain as often as Hannity supports it.

    Watch MSNBC on any given night. It’s nothing but an endless display of adoration and affection which avoids Presidential critique to the point that it’s almost comical. One is left to ponder if their invites to the White House Correspondents Dinner are at stake with each broadcast.

    I mean, for the love of God, how many times do we need to see David Corn and Howard Fineman on Hardball behaving like two small children, sitting on the old retired Petty Officer’s knee as he tells stories about the south Pacific in ’43…. looking up with starry-eyed admiration “Really? You took out that airstrip all by yourself? Gee, Grand Pa Matthews, then what happened?”

  • mapache

    Don’t homeschool. Fight. The schools work for us. The conservatives need to find and support candidates for local school boards. Local elections are usually poorly attended so a little organization and effort can go a long way.

    • Jillane Kent

      I have taught at the elementary and secondary level. Personally, from the standpoint of varied social experiences and mastery of material, I find homeschooling to be far superior.

  • radjahshelduck

    Liberal: Give me three good reasons why people should homeschool their children!
    Homeschooling parent: Well, since I live in Atlanta I can do better than giving you three good reasons. I can give you 35 good indictments.

  • OldmanRick

    Liberal Marxist styled indoctrination invaded the educational scene in force during the late sixties and has only gotten worse over the years. Marxists, statists, fascists, communists, and progressives realized years ago that to modify a society’s thinking, reeducation must begin with the child and continue through the formative years to the university level to produce good worker ants for the collective. Remember it’s all for the children.

  • notenoughtime

    The public school system hierachy and unions shake and quiver whenever the terms charter school, homeschool and school choice/vouchers are mentioned. But the mindset that allows a teacher to use their podium to spew their political views, makes it is easy to pick and send children to a school that puts education first.

    • Walter Hefty

      It makes me quite glad I finished High School at a Charter School. I had fallen behind in classwork after having to stay home due to illness, surgery and helping take care of my youngest sister (Mother had work, father stationed overseas (US Navy)). I managed nearly two years of coursework in five months.

  • sb36695

    How is this educational? This nation will not survive it’s ignorance. You can educate yourself. You don’t have to be stupid!

  • David

    It never ends with the lunatic, leftist extremists led by their adored leader – Barack Hussein Obama.

  • sb36695

    And we just keep getting dumber…

  • rayman

    When our sons were in high school they were both exposed to teachers negative comments about conservatives. They emailed the principal. One teacher had to apologize and the other was a substitute teacher who got suspended from working there for two months. Sometimes it works better to have you children confront the problem themselves. The principal told one of my sons that he was “brave” for speaking up.

    • RedSoloCup

      Excellent! Too bad now with the teacher’s unions running the show that will be next to impossible.

    • aztectrumpet

      I think I had teachers that tried to stay out of all of it. Though some of the students definitely tried to get it out of them (especially my Calculus teacher who was probably conservative) The only clear indoctrination any of my classes had was against the British royal family (my AP Euro teacher was British had hated them).

      • aztectrumpet

        In college it was definitely a different story though and teachers in classes like programming, and different sciences definitely made statements mocking republicans and/or Christianity.

  • marcellucci

    Sadly, the only lesson learned by the teacher will be to confiscate all cell phones prior to class…..

  • RedSoloCup

    Our public school system at work!

  • BigMikeLewis

    Fox News is biased because I made a funny Condescending Wonka meme! If that’s all this teacher has, then she lost the argument.

  • james atkins

    Teachers are (in recent history) liberal. What gives? It’s almost as if membership is required if they want to be in the profession. I don’t get it. One would think that the folks empowered with the instruction our children (in public schools) would be required to be the most non-biased group on the planet.

  • CJB124

    Liberal ideas have failed, from Carter to Obama, so they pull stunts like this out of fear and anger. They have never formed a logical thought in their head, liberal adults are still stuck as ignorant-give me more high schoolers.

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    If anyone lives in Ohio, try ECOT (electronic classroom of tomorrow). My oldest daughter did it and it was superb. I’ve got the rest of my kids signed up for next year. No bullying, no digging through the school supply aisle at the store, no liberal bullshit. They work with your kids over a computer they provide, over the internet which they will pay for and you can see and hear what your child is being taught. They focus on the education, not indoctrination. The teachers are top notch as well.

  • ccjohn146

    Now let’s see if the teacher fails this student……

  • SuperLogic

    Oops, the teacher made a spelling mistake, he misspelled “MSNBC” as “FOX”.

  • phileaux

    Has there been a time when a conservative has bashed NBC, CBS, CNN or any media in the classroom? Oh, that’s right, there are no conservative teachers.

  • Lance Turner

    Personally? I don’t care to much for any news channels. From what I have observed about this is – Fox is the only news that refuses to bow down to the Democrats, as the other news agencies do. All of the alphabet and CNN news are one sided and willl not hold Obama to task. The minions of the Democrats/ Liberals attack Fox with repetition statements that they hear from the left. When I get up, I look at CNN and Fox, the rest of the news channels aren’t worth putting on my browser. I have not heard one person truly explain why Fox is so bad. I see stories on Fox that I don’t see on the other ones, or the stories, in less favor to the Democrats, is buried deep within the news report (more or less hiden in the last pages of the newspaper.)

  • Judy Weatherford Powell

    Remember when we learned from BOOKS with curriculum already laid out?! Teachers now just do what they want.

  • canuck

    Home school is not the answer…if the money follows the child this ends immediately rather than funding a bureaucracy leading a bunch of union thugs and liberal teachers.

    • Jillane Kent

      The federal money dries up and the children, statistically, are better for it.

  • Barbara Cowgill

    this is to be expected anymore, nothing new here. and i am all for Homeschooling, as i see many others are, for this very reason.

  • Clara Nicole Roberts

    They taught about Fox New’s bias in my sister’s college level journalism class, also. Studies have shown that Fox News shows more bias than most other large news shows. There are some other very biased ones, but Fox News is the worst.

    • Godzilla Smash14

      Yeah because MSNBC is just a bastion of fair reporting. Dumbass.

    • Chip
    • dominigan

      The fact you claim Fox News is the worst instead of MSNBC shows your liberal spin. If you have the studies, please cite them.

    • Jillane Kent

      A) These “studies” that I have seen have horrible sampling and methodology
      B) Show me the media bias. I am not as faithful a viewer as you apparently are, so I am genuinely interested. Please extrapolate evening punditry from daytime news programming.
      C) Fox News is the worst? Clearly, a subjective assessment that is not quantifiable.
      D) Convince your sister, if you can, to change her major. In this day and age, a more marketable, useful degree is imperative

      • Dee

        LOL @ D) — it was a zinger! :)

      • Sons Thunder

        ???Please extrapolate evening punditry from daytime news programming.???

    • Jillane Kent

      Pew research, on the other hand, had a larger sampling size and more clear methodology. Are you surprised by these results?

    • dominigan

      And I consider Fox far less biased since they have actual liberals (Bob Beckel, Alan Colmes, etc) on their shows alongside conservatives debating stories. Please point out the conservatives on the other major news outlets.


      an President Obama is one wonderful man right…….FOUR>>>>>>>>>>>>>>+

    • SturJen

      Really? PROVE IT! I want a link to the study, WHO created the study and WHO paid for the study. If it is from a non-biased source, then it is credible.
      Hell, I could post a study saying that I am hands-down the smartest student in college, but would that make it true? NO.

      • Bizness22

        lol don’t waste your time on that noob…they don’t even know where to put an apostrophe.

    • Koker

      Let me guess, NBC was least bias right?

    • Ben Bollman

      I am shocked, shocked I say, that studies done by liberals presented by liberal professors show that Fox News is more biased than say MSNBC.

    • RedSoloCup

      Proof? Or was that a bit of info you got from Huffington Compost?

  • Constitution Warrior

    Received Reply to Email to Newsome High PTSA President

    Thank you for sharing this with me. I will contact the Principal and discuss this matter with her right away.


    My daughter was an A student in HS, he was gettin C’s in her SS class…told me she did all the work..I explained to her how teachers were , and some you have to make believe they are right.. so she did a project made signs with a freind and marche daround the room say women rights over and over …she got an A+ ,, no paper work nothing…she loves her Daddy……this was 2008…this is what student have to do to pass

  • dominigan

    “Oh, you get your classroom material from Facebook posts?
    Do you get your teacher certification from Cracker Jack?”

  • $23988033

    US Public Schools are the 2nd most expensive in the world and are plummeting down the charts with results in all areas.

    Detroit school teachers can earn up to 100K per year, have 4 months off, fantastic pension and exemption from Zerocare and 50% of DEEETROIT is functionally illiterate…that is because Dems like Stabneow are intentionally keeping the minorities down. Dems hate schools of choice because they want a dumbed down America. How else can they get elected?

  • Guest

    Public schools are a joke

  • Gregory Braccio

    Sure, I guess this is what people like Melissa Harris-Perry want. Otherwise, how else can the Maoist-Socialist-Nutball-libs indoctrinate the next generation?

  • Thursdaythe12th

    Unbelievable? Yes, I am so shocked at this unique and completely unpredictable event.

  • Jim

    If you’re a teacher, just leave your politics at home. What’s so hard to understand about that?

    • oconnellc

      Exactly, politics and religion have absolutely no place in schools.

  • Eric Johnson

    Great job exposing, great job also on Hannity last night, stay strong my weakness.

  • Renny

    Which ‘Condescending Wonka’ is that one? Ah, teachers. Using twitter to…indoctrinate?

  • cscape

    THIS is precisely why the PROGRESSIVES (like Mellissa Harris) want the Government to “own” your kids…… and why Obama wants the Federal Government to sponsor (at taxpayer expense) “universal kindergarten”…. so that they can begin the blatant indoctrination early….. as for the rest of us – we’ll just have to wait for them to toss us into a Chairman Mao Re-education Center

  • QueenB

    Oh, you use pictures from Facebook to teach your class? I hope you got a toy along with the diploma you received in your Happy Meal.

  • shimauma

    Our Tax dollars at work folks!! Homeschool or hire a private tutor who shares your political beliefs. This crap going on at this school is completely libturded!

  • LMW51

    Can’t get the links to work…we must be crashing the site! : )

  • neoface

    I think Obama emboldened many extreme liberals, bashing conservatives are now politically correct thing to do. There is a definite self hate with most white liberals. I have a great solution for that, just take yourselves out of the gene pool.

    • edleary1227

      Ding ding ding … We have a winner. It will get worse until The One is removed from office because he gives them air cover with his pontifications.


    “Conduct unbecoming a professional educator”

  • Karl Winrich

    “…the teacher ignored all but one media outlet. Not exactly a balanced approach, is it?”

    Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public
    communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive,
    or inconvenient as determined by a government, media outlet, or other
    controlling body.

    Sounds exactly what this teacher is doing. And last time I checked it isn’t a teachers purview to determine what is an acceptable media outlet and what isn’t.

  • frankieboy1

    my daughter’s Catholic school in very conservative south Orange County, CA just put a teacher on “indefinite leave” -apparently he presented to his 6th grade “social justice’ class a video supporting gay marriage and taking slams at the Catholic Church (which pays his salary) as well as other religious organizations…the rumor is that a kid in the class told the teacher “my parents won’t let me watch videos like this without their approval”-and the principal’s switchboard lit up like a Christmas tree!

    The interesting thing on this one is that the teacher will probably get paid not to teach through the end of the year, and this episode will probably be a big plus when he intereviews for his next public school teaching job!

  • CalBear84

    I know Gene Wilder personally. He would never say something like what is posted on the screen – even though he’s a Liberal, he’s not a jerk.

    • RedSoloCup

      I love all his work. Silver Streak, Stir Crazy, Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles… you name it

      • CalBear84

        Me too. His favorite is “The Woman in Red”

  • Craig Schwarzbek

    I’ve been on several blog where liberals have claimed to be the ‘educated’ class. My response to them is that they are using their education as a mask to cover up a lack of intelligence.

  • AZWarrior

    Fire the ignorant “teacher” for lieing to his/her class.

    • SupportMcCarthyism

      She’s probably one of the teachers that will call 911 when a 6 year old’s Pop Tart happens to be in the shape of a hand gun.

  • Noelle C Campbell

    Thank God for teenagers with smartphones. I don’t want to hear that badmouthed again!

  • Charles Hager

    You know what they say “Those that can do, those that can’t, Teach”

  • Fire30

    Because there are no conservative teachers that force their views on you. Oh, I forgot, I had one of those today for my first class.

  • SupportMcCarthyism

    To the liberals who proclaim they are only interested in unbias news on American politics, try reading foreign newspapers online. Try reading the Canadian Free Press and the London Telegraph for starters. If you are feeling a little bold with the idea, google “president pantywaist”

  • Jeremy

    This doesn’t surprise me so many public schools are full of these lefty nutburgers

  • Terri Van Reese

    I think it is time to inundate the school who employs this teacher with calls and emails.

  • maus99

    You need to tell us the name of the school and where it’s located so we can bombard them with emails and tell them what we think :)

  • michael s

    What did Kirsten powers have to say about this attack on fox news?