Sick lefties aren’t even trying to contain their glee at the Iron Lady’s death. But their vicious, hateful tweets were only the beginning of their sick grave dancing. Revelers across the UK are now throwing parties to celebrate Margaret Thatcher’s passing:

Brixton, London (see Editor’s note):

Glasgow, Scotland:

All across the United Kingdom:

Oh, and those moral degenerates eager to “crack open the champagne”? They can’t seem to pop the corks fast enough:

Cockroaches. Utterly deplorable.


Twisted grave dancers in Brixton defaced a theater sign, spelling out “Margaret Thatchers dead LOL.” View the photos here.


Editor’s note: Brixton is a district in Lambeth, a borough of South London. The post has been amended for clarification.

  • jkpalmdale

    These people are truly disgusting. Where is a runaway truck when ya need one

    • silas martin

      all these people protesting suck.

      • CherDash

        They weren’t protesting, they were celebrating. Truly sick.

    • V the K

      The left has achieved its goal of a classless society; these people have none.

      • CaptainObvious

        I’m lucky I wasn’t drinking anything when I read that.

      • svobodnik


    • Smiley

      More like where’s the soccer hooligans when you need them.

      • v1cious

        At the party.

      • Garth Haycock

        The soccer hooligans are a part of the group that is celebrating.

  • NotaLemming

    Mindless dupes!!! With Obama, here in the US, those same revelers will rejoice when all Christians are put to death and when George Bush is dead and Laura Bush is sent to the streets to be raped by the everyday democrat man, frankly it is representative of ALL of them.

    No one or nothing on the left values life anymore or recognizes the wisdom of being a self sufficient human. Eventually I think most of them will most likely die of lead poisoning in a self inflicted war that they start.

    • Silenttype78

      ” representative of ALL of them”.
      Pretty much…..yep.

  • cgraham77

    Okay, so obviously these people don’t have…jobs!

    • JoeMyGodNYC

      Britain is five hours ahead. The workday there ended four hours ago.

      • cgraham77

        That may be the case, but I live on the same latitude as England, and it’s already getting dark outside by the time the workday is over.

        ETA: Also, news of her death broke at least 9 hours ago (at least, that’s when I heard about it). To me, it looks like these folks are partying in the middle of the day. That’s just my humble opinion.

      • Garth Haycock

        Well, yeah, for those who work.

  • tops116

    I suggest these guys and gals move to the Middle East to get an idea of how easy they actually had it. Not to mention the fact that a lot of these dopes look too young to even remember when Thatcher was in power. Go figure…

    • catb55

      This is how the MSM tries to portray the right .. remember Alinky tactic .. accuse the other side of what you are doing … the progressives are VILE .. and yet they get a pass .. the right is peaceful and try to work within the system and are villified by the MSM for it. Enough ..we can use the alternative media .. like Twitchy and Twitter to get out the truth.

    • JJ_Chester

      Brixton…you mean move BACK to the Middle East!

  • Saar

    90% of them probably dont even know who she is, just know that they better jump on the band wagon and be ‘cool’ to their peers. Saddening.

    • Axe

      And a little scary. It’s ghoulish. You’d think having a celebration on a grave would at least give a person pause, something inside would say, “this isn’t right.” Where’s the inside voice?

      • grais

        The inside voice is ‘conscience’. Conscience is God. No God, no inside voice.
        They are lost.

        • Saar

          pretty much this.

        • kilthan

          The truth shall set them free, too bad if they hear you speaking it they’ll likely attack for ‘having imaginary friends’. At least, that’s the one I usually get whenever I even get close to mentioning a higher power.

      • Paardestaart

        Well, the goal justifies the means. Back then they’ve heard éveryone they knew say that Thatcher was a capitalist fascist sow..The death of fascism must be like the end of WWll to these poor nitwits, although they have no idea what fascism actually ìs, let alone that they are it’s stormtroopers..

      • Anon E Moose

        I can’t hear my inner voice, the public-announcement loud-speaker is just… well too loud.

    • ozconservative

      And they’re much too young to remember what Thatcher had to fix. Found this documentary on youtube.

      Part 1:

      Part 2:

  • Pulchritudinous

    I certainly won’t celebrate in the streets when Carter and Obama die, and I hope liberals won’t celebrate when George W. Bush dies (though they probably will).

    This just shows the gross disrespect these people have. Seriously, you don’t have to like the person, but respect the office. This is disturbing.

  • Elaine

    Just take a look at that crowd. Why do all these derelicts of society get all the attention? IGNORE these angry haters. We know she will rest in peace.

    • Willi Silver

      She will ‘rest in piss’ is more like it.

  • Clayton Grant

    These idiots should be genuflecting to Margaret Thatcher’s legacy. She dismantled Britain’s state-dominated economy. Unions were taken down a peg, taxes were cut, she empowered people to own their own homes and Britain saw an influx of talent and money drawn by a low-tax, high-enterprise economy.

  • grais

    buncha welfare lifers with nothing to do.
    They’re there for the freebies and the cameras.
    Poor Great Britain.

  • Howzah123

    They look like jihadists celebrating a terrorist attack

    Like the Palestinians passing out candy on 9/11

    • Joseph A White

      You beat me to it!!!!

      • v1cious

        Right, like you won’t do the same thing when Pelosi dies.

        • Garth Haycock

          Why would anyone waste candy on anything to do with Pelosi?

        • sablegsd

          pelosi has been dead for decades. Only her love of satan keeps her moving.

          • waltzingmtilda


          • Anon E Moose

            You do realize that ‘SATAN’ is merely ‘SANTA’ spelled differently ?

            And what American political party believes in the indiscriminate distribution of goodies as well as the global distribution of ‘Punishments’ to all those who are out of favor ?

            I smell a conspiracy here…

        • Jillane Kent

          Has she passed away? Care to show us the pictures of your conservative straw men dancing in frenzied reverie? Or, do you simply have no point, as usual and are struggling to find something pithy to say?

        • 3seven77

          No. I’ll just quietly thank God that I won’t have to see her in Heaven.

        • Guest

          Maybe its because I have class but regardless of how much i dislike Diane Feinstine and Pelosi, im not going to seek out others to publicly celebrate. Thats just pathetic IMO. Get a life people.

        • JINNASH

          Nope. We have these things called JOBS. We don’t live our lives on the dole.

        • ozconservative

          Remember the street parties we had when Ted Kennedy died??? Nah….me neither!!!

          • oneword

            exactly, classless lIberals

          • kilthan

            The worst I did was point out that his life wasn’t worth celebrating, the lives of abusive drunken murderers rarely are. His death wasn’t a thing to celebrate either, because then he had no more chances to seek forgiveness for the wrongs he committed. His legacy is evident.

            The Iron Lady’s legacy is that of a leader who stood against tyranny abroad and at home. Of course the tyrants will malign her, its all they can do.

          • Anon E Moose

            All those complaining, whiney, pusillanimous celebrators….they wasn’t even around to understand what a hole the U.K. was turning into

            Oh yeah, MT & Reagan ? They liberated what used to be the Soviet Eastern Bloc…. How many tens/hundreds of millions of people is that ?.

          • kilthan

            Numbers beyond counting when you factor in the children, and children’s children that were saved by liberating those states. My biggest… disappointment, i guess that would be the word, is that I wasn’t old enough/mature enough at the time to truly understand what was happening when Reagan, Thatcher, and John Paul II were working actively together to unite the west against the tyranny of socialism. I can only look back and be glad, at least, that I was alive during such a time, knowing we may never see its like again.

          • Anon E Moose

            But… but nobody invited me…. why was I left out ?

    • Ntr

      Pretty soon they’ll probably end up subjects of the ‘jihadists’ taking their nation via multiculturalism.

      • lillymckim

        They opened the door to it and let them in.
        They own it!
        Suffer the fools.

    • Paardestaart

      Exactly. That was the association I was looking for..

  • Pat Loudoun

    Anyone else notice there is no difference between this across the pond-scum and your average OWS scum?

    These pukes actually think they are being “cool” with this crap.

  • J. Mier

    A$$hats & idiots.

  • Kevin Underwood

    Most of these assclowns weren’t even around when Maggie Thatcher was in Office, nor do they understand the economic and political danger from which she steered them away. Liberals always preach for civility when they can use it as a club to beat conservatives freeze discussion on a certain topic. They are, however the first enmass to mock the dead and revel in the passing of a good person.

  • guest

    There is more of that tolerance we have learned to despise. Fools. Despicable. Shameful.

  • Silenttype78

    Occupy death celebrations?

    I think it must be easy to be a lib-prog.
    Repeat what you are told…..hate who “da man” tells you to hate…….hangout in public places all day…..spending their parents money on “Official Occupy Hipster Gear” so they can look like all of the other individual “non conformists”. Use drugs->bitch about inequality->play a musical instrument (poorly)->bitch about the lack of free stuff->break private property to make a statement about how pissed you are->steal someones wallet->crap on a cop car->crawl back to parents basement around 4 am->wake up around 1pm and call mom at work to remind her to stop by Whole Foods on her way home from work to grab those “100% organic” chocolate cookies she keeps forgetting.->Repeat previous days activity.

    • Willi Silver

      That’s an incredible amount of detail. Are you describing your own life perchance?

      • Silenttype78


        I am familiar with lifestyles other than my own.

        Not really sure that is something you could relate to though (giggle).

    • Anon E Moose

      Kinda like the difference between American ‘Punk Rock’ and the British version.

      Our consumeristic Malls are better than their No-Malls

  • Im_Rick_James

    Entitlement mentality on display…

  • Jack Deth

    Just an example of how deeply ingrained the Left is in society and culture.

    Let’s pull up states at Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Upper Heyford and Holy Loch. The UK has quickly become a lost cause.

  • BigTBoom

    Life must really be dismal on the other side of the Atlantic if the death of a former PM fuels this level of celebratory reaction. She’d been out off office over 20 years for crying out loud.

    • grais

      And they’ll all wake up somewhere tomorrow with the same shit-lives they’ve created for themselves, blaming their misery on someone else.
      So sad.

      • sablegsd

        Not sad at all. Poetic justice. Like I said, I hope they all freeze to death, in the name of hotcoldwetdry, amen.

      • 4shoes

        Exactly grais!!!! They must really love their enslavement by the state, idiots.

    • Paardestaart

      Reliving their punk years..

    • Anon E Moose

      Also this Morrisey bizness.

      If MT hasn’t pulled the plug on all those Coal Mines, he’s have to sing/write songs about the miseries of working in a coal mining town..

      You just can’t win w/ Leftists… All the whining/complaining/growsing all the Live-Long-Day.

  • Thomas Collins

    Since they believe that ALL humans. including themselves, are polluting the earth and using its resources, every human death is a cause for celebration. The self image of a parasite is now being taught to youngsters in public schools under the guise of environmentalism, and the nihilism and masochism that is essential to an impotent population under the guise of tolerance for homosexuals. The only thing to ponder really is why do they pretend to mourn when one of their own dies?

  • RememberSekhmet

    Not like any of them are missing work….

  • Phryj

    Left-wingers are disgusting filth. Every last one of them. They are a cancer on civilized society. Worthless, useless wastes of blood and organs. The only way their lives would have any value is if we could grind them up and use them as animal feedstock. Or perhaps fertilizer would be more appropriate.

    • Willi Silver

      LOL. U mad bro? Don’t worry, old Thatcher the Milk Snatcher is in the great beyond with her beau Ronnie Raygun, Augusto Pinochet and Jimmy Saville.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Disgusting doesn’t even come close to describing the subhuman filth celebrating the death of a woman who spent her life advancing the cause of freedom.

    • Paardestaart

      Well,they don’t understand that. This is the generation that knows only marxist agitprop..

  • $29561723

    I was disgusted unti l realized many of them were in Scotland. Folks, it’s like getting mad at a dog when he eats his own sh|t. Scots are…well, Scots. They’re wards of the state. It’s the UK’s version of TNB. The rest of them are your garden-variety English layabouts.

    The UK is nothing more than New York, but with stupider accents.

    • MaryUKtheScot

      RACIST much!!!!!

      • grais

        Scot is not a race.

      • LochGates44

        Any Scot worth a damn died or immigrated over to America.

  • MaryUKtheScot

    Deeply embarrassing, a perfect example of the “hand out Chav-nation” the UK has become, can only hope a few end up under a bus on their way home from spending their benefits on booze!!!

  • KahNayNay

    The longest serving peacetime leader in England, who literally pulled Britton out of an economic disaster and labour cronyism, SAVED the country only to see it pilfered as it is today….most of these folks weren’t even born when the good Baroness was PM….I put the most abhorrent curse on EVERYONE who celebrates her death, in that for all those illiterate ingrates who celebrate the demise of one so righteous, they meet tenfold, just the opposite when the Euro falls by the wayside from its impending doom…the same Euro Thatcher despised…..may all those folks get back tenfold the disgrace they are putting forth into the universe.

    • Franz-Dominik Imhof

      Please people. You may choose to life in cuckoo-land (together with Mandela) when it comes to politics. But please, learn what literally means.

    • Willi Silver

      “I put the most abhorrent curse on EVERYONE who celebrates her death.”
      Yeah, that should do it. I bet they’ll be sorry now!

  • Hoosierdaddy

    Has Obama issued any kind of statement or silent as usual when a prominent person dies? Or maybe a picture of himself will be tweeted later?

  • Rob White

    What is disgusting is ruining peoples lives to make rich people richer. She harmed, she hurt, she caused suffering and destitution. The ponderous chain she will carry for all eternity will make Jacob Marley’s look like a watch fob.

    Right now, her shackled spirit, after having the scales removed from her eyes, is wailing, “Business! Mankind was my business!”

    • grais

      Specifics, please.

      • Phryj

        Notice the crickets. Either that, or his brain had a BSOD.

      • Otto Sump

        Destroyed the power of the British unions, destroyed Britain’s coal-mining, steel works, ship building, car manufacturing industries, had the striking workers brutally beaten by police. Replaced our manufacturing industries with casino banking (eventually massively contributing to the global economic crisis) Privatized our railways, making them more expensive mile-for-mile than flying. Privatized the gas and electric industries, supported apartheid and called Mandela a terrorist, supported Mugabe, supported Pinochet. Brutalised the police force and used them as a private army: Attacking Irish nationalists in Belfast with baton rounds. Ordered the assassination of Irish nationalists on Gibraltar First PM ever to use CS gas on British citizens, Cowardly sank the Belgrano outside the exclusion zone during the Falklands war, took school milk away from primary school kids, refused to fund schools so that there were 3 kids to one book, allowed a “stop and search without needing a reason” Police state. Broke up many classic rock festivals, beating the festival goers with batons and using tear gas, also check out the “battle of the beanfield” attack on a bunch of hippies. Introduced the Poll Tax causing national riots. Sanctioned Police racism and brutality leading to riots in Toxteth (Liverpool) and Brixton (London). Sold off Britains social housing cheap to occupants to gerrymander votes. Allowed American nukes on British soil (see Greenham common), attracting the cold war attention of the USSR and making the UK a major target. That is just a piss in the ocean, hope it helps you understand.

        • Phryj

          And I assume you have impartial, objective, independently verifiable sources to back all that up? Or just BS from leftist websites?

          • Willi Silver

            Like this BS rightist website, psycho?

          • Silenttype78

            Ah…and yet,here you are :) .

          • Phryj

            You mourn the deaths of Marxist thugs and celebrate the deaths of advocates for liberty and individual rights. Left-wingers are f*cked in the head.

        • kilthan

          Your examples are much like those who try to blame W. for the damage caused by Carter and Clinton, Frank and Dodd, with the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act).

          In reality, she is hated because she was a strong conservative leader that did her job well, advanced the cause of freedom, and stalled the march of tyranny via socialism.

        • ozconservative

          You don’t think the presence of Polaris nuclear missile submarines and Avro Vulcan nuclear bombers might have already attracted the attention of the Soviet Union????

      • Roto

        Moonbats sound the same in any country….

    • Garth Haycock

      You sure you’re not talking about Obama?

  • descolada9

    Reminiscent of the same scumwads who were attacking monuments to English soldiers just a year or so ago.

  • Roto

    So Britain has lazy liberals who want Govt handouts, too? Whodathunk….

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    The only reason they can take to the streets is because liberal policies have destroyed what Thatcher built. i.e. They’re unemployable.

  • Ntr

    Let the idiots rejoice in the passing of a great leader of theirs. Let them get it all out. They won’t be celebrating when the extremes of Islamic ‘leaders’ finish taking their nation and government and making it an Islamic state. They’re being sold the myth of multiculturalism by these same people. It’s always worked well for Islam in conquering the minds of the weak, with a false olive branch, and then onto subjugation under Islam.

    That’s what i’ll be laughing at.

    Anyways, don’t get me wrong, Margaret Thatcher had some bad policies during her time in office (like having support for the Khmer Rouge) but celebrating her death is going too far. These idiots are acting like she was a Hitler.

    • michael s

      i thought only leftists supported evil dictatorships. that’s what you love to say. I’m glad you were honest enough to admit one of your icons supported a tyrannical regime. even though right wingers supported plenty of tyrannical regimes,at least you’re honest about Thatcher and Pol Pot.

      • Ntr

        I don’t really see her as an icon…when she was still “in office” in the UK i was only a child. I’m just saying that the way people are celebrating her death, like she was some sort of overbearing dictator, is disgusting. Many of these same people are probably the types that would’ve weeped, or did weep, over Hugo Chavez’s passing.

      • Silenttype78

        There is a difference in supporting stability and not getting involved when it is not completely necessary and celebrating leaders (wearing shirts with their faces on them) who oppressed and killed their own people….
        You get that though, right?

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Nobody had parties when Winston Churchill died… And he also helped save England, during World War II…They must also have short sight of how Dame Thatcher saved England from financial peril…. Godspeed, Mrs. Thatcher! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • George Washington Mclintock

    The ultimate testament on the shiftless filth gathered in these images and vids: all they can do, and could ever do, is taunt The Iron Lady with lies from afar, behind her back, and when she is gone. In a decade, they’ll be begging for her like to save them.

  • Dr Natural

    Were these people alive when there was a threat of CCCP Nuclear Warheads falling from the skies. The Soviets would have given these people jobs training venomous snakes.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Given jobs training venomous snakes? They *ARE* venomous snakes!

  • HARP2

    Everyone of them on the dole.

  • Tanker74

    The drunken bums seen celebrating Thatcher’s death represent all that is good about the Labour Party in the UK.

  • Danny Wheeler

    “Cockroaches. Utterly deplorable.” You’re not kidding.

  • jetch

    seriously, how sad is your life that when you hear an old, retired politician dies, that you spend a work day at some rally to celebrate?

    I mean, okay fine, you hate her, but can you really hate someone that much that you’d spend at least part of your work day to celebrate at a rally?

    these people can’t dislike thatcher more than I do Obama, but I would have better things to do than celebrate his death. I would actually have some compassion for him and his family, but that’s just me…
    these people are just sick. and the really disturbing thing is how easily they can rationalize why it’s okay for them to celebrate someone’s death

    • John Peterson

      When our current moron in chief descends into hell I will try not to act like them. Try.

      • Willi Silver

        “…moron in chief…”
        Too late. You already are acting like them and the “moron” isn’t dead yet.

        • Ratzthepriest

          well clearly he is bad at math, moron maybe not. . .


    Fantastic, a gathering of dole bludgers. If they keep a tight group it won’t take much ammo.

  • Raye09

    And this is why you are still poor and broke
    You took a day off from work to celebrate the death of another person
    Scratch that, most of these people probably don’t even have jobs
    RIP Margaret Thatcher

  • $1230510

    I’d like to see an honest poll taken of these pathetic losers to see how many actually know who Margaret Thatcher was. Like most lefty loser demonstrations, my bet would be they know little to ńothing, they’re just societies misfits and malcontents.

    • Chip

      And how many are on govt assistance?

  • Undine

    Dear God. Every time I think societal rot has finally hit rock bottom, people manage to prove me wrong.

  • camnpat

    In those pics and videos i see two groups of people: those who were already old enough in the early 70’s and aligned themselves with the unions and socialist ideologies of the time, or people who weren’t born until well after the 90’s which are jumping in the bandwagon without much understanding of it.

    • Daemonocracy

      In other words the professors and their students are grave dancing together

      • camnpat

        Well said.

  • Anderson

    Socialists are pretty ugly people, inside and out aren’t they?

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    It looked like most of the people there were born during the latter part of Thatcher’s term as PM, or born after she quit. And, I thought they were “Civilised” over there… Shameful! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • ozconservative

    What a bunch of pathetic losers

  • John Peterson

    I’s ironic that the leader who said “I can’t bear Britain in decline, I just can’t” lived long enough to see it come to pass.

  • Booker

    Sigh. Some things will never change.


    These morose losers are the living dead. What hulls of lifeless humanity.

  • June Clinkenbeard

    An entire day of repulsive behavior regarding an icon and staunch advocate for free markets and freedom has rendered me close to speechless. I can only say I am appalled. God bless you Margaret Thatcher. RIP.

  • Ellieinto

    Anyone want to bet these are the very same people who wept when Hugo Chavez died?

  • Dencal26

    Most of the loons look too young to even remember her as PM

    • Roto

      They’re just having a go at a party, Bloke!! :-)

  • $29520529

    I thought the Britts were polite? Oh that’s right, those that don’t work for a living and just take, have not the brains to be polite! To the majority of England who is sorry she is gone we grieve with you.


    Usual collection of losers.

  • English Casbarro

    I’m so glad they’re the more intellectual and caring party–I don’t think I could stand it if they were conservative—-sarcasm intended.

  • Patrick Mad Mick McCartney

    Just curious, could someone please enumerate the crimes Margaret Thatcher did that call for a celebration of her death? I’m not taking sides at this point, just searching for a reason for this celebration. I mean, she must have been a terrorist for this kind of rejoicing to take place. Right?

    • Franz-Dominik Imhof

      i) She called Nelson Mandela a Terrorist
      ii) She needlessly escalated the Falkland wars (which saved her reelection)
      iii) She needlessly gave the order to sink a ship in that war. over 300 people died
      iv) She introduced (homophobic) clause 28
      v) She came up with the poll tax (her political undoing)
      vi) She tried to utterly destroy organized labor
      vii) She doubled the amount of poor people in the UK
      viii) She made her friends from the city rich while deindustrializing britain
      ix) She was best buddies with Dicators like Pinochet, Saddam and Suharto
      x) She didn’t give a fuck about people.

      • Silenttype78

        Was it homophobic when Clinton signed DOMA?

        Just curious and all…..

        • Franz-Dominik Imhof

          Of course it was. While it was in not at all as harmful as Claus 28 it was still an arrogant antiliberal, majority-overbearing piece of opression. Clinton, the old prick, recognized that himself recently.

          • Silenttype78

            Yes, it seems he has finally “evolved”.

            For some reason when conservatives do the same it is met with scorn …reckon why?

            I think that the much of the developed world has “evolved” on this issue. In the 1970’s , 80’s,and 90’s public opinion was not so favorable. Since national public policy is made by those elected by the public it would stand to reason that it is shaped by opinion.

            I think that public policy critique with out historical context disingenuous at best.
            It seems to be a reoccurring trend in your criticism of Margaret Thatcher.

        • JR48

          No. It was merely lacking nads.

          Clinton signing DOMA was literally the first act of his presidency within a month of him being sworn in. I remember being gobsmacked that he created and signed that thing, considering the promises that he made to the gay community during his campaign.

          Then he does DOMA? Total wimp move.

      • thephranc

        Mandela is a terrorist.

      • ozconservative

        The General Belgrano was an enemy ship that had been ordered to participate in a “massive attack” against British forces. She was a legitimate target and a real threat and the decision to sink her was the right one because after that the Argentine Navy withdrew and took no further part in the conflict.

        • Franz-Dominik Imhof

          Yeah yeah. Yada yada. Real threat. Atomic powers do of course have to shoot up much less capable nations.
          The whole “war” was a farce to promote the Baroness. Everyone knew that the U.K could shoot the Argentines to pieces, but most just didn’t belive they would be so callous. Maggie showed them otherwise. That makes her a successfull… bully. Congrats.
          And just to be precise: war was never declared, that makes that ship excactly not an enemy ship. It was outside the declared zone. That means it got sunk without warning.

          • ozconservative

            An invasion of British sovereign territory is an act of war, you know.

  • Stan

    Thatcher saved them from their own stupidity, but now she’s gone and there is no one to protect them.

  • svobodnik

    Mark Steyn has written some fabulous books on the slow takeover of Europe by Islam. The most popular birth name for a boy in England is “Mohammad”. This means within our lifetime these Brits will be living under Sharia law.

  • RWandB

    A person who accomplished everything, saved Britain, and changed the world is mocked by lumps of sh!t that other than their smell will never be noticed.

  • Albert N. Milliron

    Anyone notice the party goes look like they were not even born while Thatcher was PM. These folks are the type who party only on days containing a ‘Y’

    Thatcher reminded me if my late grandmother who told the truth and never minced words. One always knew where they stood and where they were wrong. I am reminded of how much I appreciated her straight talk.

  • Guest

    Englandistan is NOT the country Thatcher tried so hard to protect from Socialist decline.
    That country deserves its descent into self-inflicted shabby mediocrity,
    to become just another unremarkable territory in the European Union;
    destined for internal strife from various immigrant factions.

  • JabbaTheCat

    The Daily Mash summed up these idiots well…

    “THOUSANDS of people under 35 are rejoicing at the demise of a woman they once read about.”

  • John Smith

    I would love to celebrate the extermination of each and every one of those lefty pieces of sewer filth.

  • ozconservative

    According to The Guardian these gatherings of noxious parasites was organized by such groups as The Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation (WTF!!!!!????), the Communist Party (as expected), the Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party and the International Socialist Group.
    That says it all right there……what a bunch of f*ckin’ losers!!!!

  • oneword

    Damn, people in England are Ugly. & stupid

  • oneword

    The reason why my husband left England…NO JOBS, just idiots living on the dole

  • Baggio Camera Head

    Listen, the tory government ruthlessly used 6 wee kids that had been burned in a fire. they used these wee kids as propaganda to use fir the welfare reforms. so dont sit there and judge other. magiie thatcher had a full and active life. she had her chance,and whetheer folk want to admit,shw caused a lot of pain and suffering. her own party could not stand her any more. so dont write your crap. i cried when i saw the torys using these wee kids. it was vile,evil,sickening and and degrading the tory party. so think on and get a grip of yourself/

    • ozconservative

      Do you cry when you see Chicago Jesus and the rest of the democraps shamelessly dancing on the graves of 27 kids in order to enact their agenda????
      Also if she was so awful, how come she won three elections in a landslide???

      • Silenttype78

        When the left does it then it is compassionate….or something.

    • ozconservative

      So it was all milk and honey under the Callaghan Labour government was it???

      You say Thatcher caused a lot of pain and suffering. Seems to me like the Labour party and the unions caused the pain by creating the problems she had to fix.

      • kilthan

        Exactly, its the same problem we face now, the left blames the right for the economic woes, when, in reality, it falls at the feet every leftist from Jimmy Carter forward.

        • William Bacon

          it falls at the feet every leftist from Woodrow Wilson forward. (FIFY)

          • kilthan

            Sorry, perils of youth, despite a lifetime of studying history, i still tend to only look at the post WWII era. You are absolutely correct. It started with Wilson, and has steadily grown worse.

  • lillymckim

    PM Thatcher saved the UK only to look at the decay in the minds of these disgusting loons. Mental health isn’t covered on their socialistic medical?
    God help them.

  • 4shoes

    I just pray that after Europe goes over the cliff Americans will put the brakes full on and put it in reverse to avoid going over after them.

  • aliwilcox

    Having re-watched The Ten Commandments last week, how much does this remind you of the Israelites dancing around the golden calf just before Moses came back?

  • Big_Gator

    holy crap how did all the Occupy wall-street losers get over to england?

  • andyvanm

    Lady Margaret Thatcher has been out of power for many years and what has the Left done to fix what she is accused of destroying ? They conned other countries into the E.U to foot their socialist welfare polices and programs ,and the country is now flooded with aliens, the country is beyond broken.Fix it or shut up .Its no wonder why Britain has a alcohol problem.

  • BeauDCrab

    Cut the faux outrage.

    Every one of you folk would be having house parties, should Obama, Pelosi, or Reid die.

    Don’t attempt to deny it. I’ve read enough partisan vitriol on these threads to know what drives your opinions.


    • JR48

      No actually I wouldn’t. I would never throw a house party because ANYONE died. I may disagree with someone’s politics, but I sure as hell have respect for the dead and their families.

      Hell, some of my best friends have opposing politics compared to me. Love, care and respect for human beings transcends politics.

    • Ratzthepriest

      who is outraged? I think disgusted and disappointed would better describe it. thigh-gap

    • William Bacon

      You’re projecting. Just because you and your ilk react that way does not mean that everyone does. Bless your heart.

  • JR48

    What’s ironic about this is that most of these yahoos weren’t even alive when Thatcher was PM. As far as the mining union, one needed to look at the British economy at the time which was going on. But no matter, all hail the union…for COAL mining, which is an anti-environment issue. LOL

    And anyone that dances on anyone’s grave has a screw loose. Says more about the dancer than the person.

  • iopiopiop

    You would hope that Britain would know it is in trouble from seeing this or the riots awhile back. This is what happens when the Welfare State sets in and creates people who feel emboldened enough to do this.

  • slayur

    Considering the fact that she was elected by Brits, she didn’t take over by coup or force, she was enacting policies that she campaigned on. These leftist British idiots don’t seem to remember that it was liberal labour politics that had driven the UK into a most desperate situation and that’s exactly why Thatcher got elected. Kind of a British version of Reagan getting elected after the fiasco of Carter and the NSP. And on top of that, Thatcher hasn’t been in power for how long? These people are typical of the whole leftist attitude, be it British or American that has permeated our societies. I hope she rests in peace and these loony leftist’s rot in hell.

  • yep

    Wow. Libs look ugly and stupid in the UK too.

  • IvanRider

    Fortunately for these filth, the angels in Heaven no better than to rejoice when Britain is flushed down the toilet straight to Hell. Otherwise, there’d be a dancing on their graves the likes of which would make their dancing on Thatcher’s look like the shy kid in the corner during the senior prom who doesn’t head out on the floor for fear of having two left feet.