Yesterday, Univision “real journalist” and super-special snowflake Cristina Costantini was busted for intellectual inconsistency. When writing about Wednesday’s honest, civil Twitter debate between Michelle Malkin and José Vargas, Costantini referred to Malkin as a “right-wing columnist.” By contrast, she called Vargas, an out-and-proud illegal immigrant and amnesty proponent a “journalist.” Evidently, Vargas’ bias wasn’t notable.

Costantini was taken aback when Malkin and Twitchy called her out on her sneakiness, and this morning, she penned an “earnest” column to tell her side of the story:

Here’s one of her “clarifications”:

I thought Michelle Malkin classified herself as a “right-wing columnist,” so I thought it would be an appropriate description. I made that assumption based on her website’s description of her here. I’ve amended her description to “conservative columnist” because she seems to prefer it for herself and seems to have objected to my prior naming. An editor also suggested last night that “right-wing” comes off as pejorative, while another editor said it does not. Does it? I didn’t think so, but let me know in the comments if you think it does. I’m also genuinely curious if Malkin finds “right-wing” to be inaccurate or vastly different from the word “conservative.”

Malkin took issue with being called “right-wing” as opposed to “conservative?” Um, no. The problem we have with Costantini’s form of “real journalism” is not that she acknowledges bias in others; it’s that she does not do so consistently. Why is ideology only pertinent when conservatives are concerned, but not when it comes to left-leaning members of the media? Costantini has failed to address the real problem. Is she being disingenuous? Is she just dense? We eagerly await her “earnest” response to those questions.



Since Costantini seems to have such a difficult time admitting that she did anything wrong, Malkin kindly broke it down for her:

These readers get it:


  • Michael Eisbrener

    All left-wing, progressives are dense. They are pirates with a neutral flag raised while they only fire upon those with any integrity. Sadly they are blind to it. There are many examples of right-wing explaining the left wing argument from the left wing point of view. I have not found one left-wing ideologue who can do the same from the right.

  • NCRelite

    This is all too pervasive in political discourse. The lefties position themselves as having no label or as moderates and centrists and it’s totally dishonest

    • KayGee

      I’ve been wondering… are there any current examples of moderate or “centrist” journalists, or is it all just liberal MSM?

  • ChampionCapua

    The Impotence of Being Earnest.

    • BobDD

      ahh, entertainment rears its head (tho if that is not quite the description of impotence)

  • CitizenEgg

    To be fair, she should have described Vargas as an ‘Undocumented’ journalist.

    • Her name is Rio

      Ha! That’s just funny as hell.

  • Aaron

    I called her “racist” because I thought it was common knowledge that everybody that doesn’t vote Democrat is racist. After talking to my editor I changed it to “bigot” which seems to be a more acceptable term for right-wingers.

  • Smiley

    Oddly enough, she mentioned only half the problem. At this point, either she knows better or she’s really that dense.

    It’s not just that Malkin was stuck with the label, it’s that they also describe Vargas as the “journalist”, when by his own admission he is very clearly a full-fledged activist for open-borders/amnesty (as is Univision, again by her own admission).

    And once more, as a “Latino”, I say Univision is a pack of identity-hustling phonies, and they are playing a very dangerous game with their 5th-column style advocacy of illegal immigration.

  • ceemack

    Where’s Robert Burns when you need him? Self-awareness is not something that afflicts modern American pseudo-journalists like Ms. Constantini.

    In her little mind, she’s mainstream, middle-of-the-road. And since Jose Vargas’ views are so much in line with hers, why, he’s mainstream too! If he’s smack dab in the middle, surely he doesn’t need to be labeled in any way.

    But that Michelle Malkin, advocating for crazy things like securing the border and enforcing the immigration laws…I mean, that’s totally extreme.

  • jonhartz

    They consider themselves the “normal”, not left wing, and any compromise has to come from the right…they are blind as bats to their own biases..we acknowledge ours freely….

  • Jack Deth

    To admit responsibility is to admit defeat.

    • E Quilibrate

      Pretty clear Jack, seems you’ve nailed it again.

    • rinodino

      Sort of like the last two elections…. Oh wait you haven’t yet accepted that just yet

      • Jack Deth

        I’ll admit that a majority of moronic, short attention span, easily led and bought off voters cast their ballots for a world of financial hardship, government control and misery they’ve never before experienced.

        If you want to count that as a win. That’s on you.

        • Brian H (wackobird)

          Looks like a rinodino drive-by. All the bystanders were armed!

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Let us know when Zero accepts any responsibility instead of blaming Bush, tsunamis, ATM machines, etc etc etc…

        • Maggie Cochran-Corbin

          It’s just, “We won! We won!” …they don’t even really understand what they’ve voted for, they’re just so happy not have “lost” something – anything – that they keep saying that over & over –

          • mike_in_kosovo


      • Maggie Cochran-Corbin

        We’ve accepted it. …and we will be better prepared for the aftermath of it than you.

      • journogal

        The election has come and gone, and yet you seem to be the only one obsessed by it. I’ve moved on as well as others. Yet, given what is truly going on in this country, I can understand why you want to hang onto this.

        • rinodino

          Moved on but have yet to accept responsiblity in your actions on both defeats… the far right is the main reason but you don’t want to accept that.. I wondered why my comment had so many replies , because deep down you know it’s true

          • journogal

            What a thick person you are! Aside from myself, what do I have to take responsibility for? I am only responsibility for myself and my family, and my actions. I don’t depend upon others to get me through life. So, what am I responsible for again? Also, tell me, when is Obama going to accept responsibility for anything? He is the President, serving his second term.

          • ratizbad

            Liars never tell the whole story in one line…They can’t,for the sake of them..

          • J. Cox

            Once let the truth of the matter beat the crap out of you..then you claim victory.Can you guess why the econ and society is falling apart….I won right?

      • Dwayne Jackson

        Rino please elaborate on what you won? That should be quite interesting.

      • Catchance

        For heaven’s sake, r-d… you’re a one-trick pony. If the thread is on liberal journalists, you remind us of Obama’s 2 wins. If it’s on gun control, you remind us of Obama’s 2 wins. If it’s on tax increases, yup, Obama’s wins. It apparently doesn’t matter to you what the subject is, you’re going to post about Obama, so to save us all the aggravation just post “Same thing as always”. We’ll know, and can hit the down-button.

  • Achilles

    I’d suspect political bias but I’ve known people attending journalism school. And they were morons. A big bunch of empty-headed narcissists hoping to make a difference instead of report the news. So Costantini is probably dumb… and biased.

  • Marcy Cook

    This “earnest” little girl is just that…a little girl. Wet behind the ears and nothing between the ears.

  • June53

    After reading Constantini’s response it seems, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Flowery overkill without focus. She really must believe in her own self-imposed superiority if she thinks her response will be accepted as genuine. Maybe she doesn’t read what she writes.

  • Anderson

    Progressives are not dense, they are intentionally obtuse when it suits them. Conservatives know that “right wing” comes off as pejorative because they get bludgeoned with it all the live long day, Progressives know it is pejorative because they are the ones doing the bludgeoning. This special snowflakes feigned ignorance is not selling for me. People are just not as stupid as progressives would like them to be.

    • cgraham77

      I dunno… I honestly wouldn’t give them too much credit. Some of them really ARE dense!! Incredibly so. They just lack the self-awareness to realize just how stupid they are.

    • E Quilibrate

      Dense is good, obtuse more professional, but stupid really
      tells the masses what you mean.

    • sablegsd

      REgressives. There is nothing progressive about these commies.

  • TomJB

    Not to mention the not-so-subtle and snide “(as she has done with so many before me)”

  • Steve_J

    Today she’s earnest. Tomorrow is she frank?

  • Jim

    From the liberals’ point of view, the left is the center and the far-left is the left. Hence why in her mind, Vargas was a centrist, objective journalist, and everyone to his right is a right-wing extremist. This is the same mentality that allows them to deny media bias: they think anything to the left of Fox News and to the right of the Socialist Worker is objective journalism.

  • Richard Jefferies

    “I didn’t go into journalism to have Twitter fights” (sniff sniff). No you went into journalism because either you were naive or to be a proud apparatchik for “change.”

    • Jay Stevens

      Or it is an easy major, almost as easy as education. Not like that hard math or engineering stuff.

  • Karl Winrich

    Well little miss Cristina Costantini kind of makes the point that she isn’t a good journalist anyways in her explanation to MM with this little quote “…Journalists are people, and just like most people — we have
    opinions and feelings. And when those feelings are strong, I think we
    are doing our readership a service by letting them know instead of feigning objectivity.” Lets look at the 5 rules of journalism:
    1. Remember the Basics
    2. Be Accurate
    3. Be focused on the story
    4. Use short and simple language
    5. Be Objective

    Hmmm….I think she violated rule #5 by being opinionated and not objective.

  • Eddie Dane

    Earnestness is stupidity sent to college.

    P. J. O’Rourke

  • grais

    I lost count of the times I read “dense” in these Twitchy comments. That was my first take, too. The girl is DENSE.

  • Michelle

    I think the poor dear has some serious problems with reading comprehension skills.

  • cscape

    please michelle….. take it and run – first time in a long time they called you something that didn’t include several 4 letter words interspersed with pronouns….. besides, who cares what they think about you – you’re an existential threat to all of them – we LOVE YOU!

  • Silenttype78

    Are these people really this dumb? I mean it-are they?
    I really just don’t know anymore.
    Sometimes I think they do this on purpose and others I just think they really are super stupid.

    • Patrick Dennehy

      I used to think they were cunning and manipulative; now, not so sure. I think most of them are just ‘educated idiots’. All it takes to get through college is just regurgitating information. Now that the majority of professors are left wing loons; here we are…

  • vino veritas

    The silly little uppity noob thought she could pull a Soledad O’Brien on Michelle Malkin and get away with it! Happy to see her get the noob tubing she so richly deserved.

    Gamers get the references.

  • Philip Ronestone

    Help me out here. How is this twitter spat news …?

  • D.A. Howard

    She got caught and now she wants to be civil, while being biased in her language. I guess bias is OK to her and blindness is necessary.

  • Anton Dantes

    She’s trying it on again

  • disqus_BktOMwqkBg

    We can probably ignore this Cristina, who is only a member of the Spanish-language media, as opposed to an actual media member. Or does pigeonholing only flow in one direction?

  • KayGee

    Is there any solid example of an actual “unbiased” or “neutral” journalist in the media today?? At least as far as the definition of “Unbiased” goes according to the Twitchy crowd… It’s as if anyone whose not already on the far-right spectrum is only able to be called a “leftist-marxist-socialist-communist-hippie” as some sort of automatic contrast to what a “true patriot” is supposed to be. It’s as if middle-of-the-road isn’t allowed to exist in this corner of the Internet. That being said, I suppose Miss. Costantini could have satisfied all these expectations if she went back and changed the labels on herself and Vargas to read “clueless liberal snowflake” and “known criminal and anti-american Illegal”…. If she just made those two little changes when originally asked, she could have saved herself sooo much twitter-fight trouble.