Could this be a pithy comment on Obama’s asinine “National Financial Capability Month” proclamation? Inquiring minds want to know!

Heh. Not this time:

  • conservativechick

    I love Kelly. She’s at least trying to do the right thing, unlike radical progressives Shaheen, Porter and Kuster. They always vote with Obama and their party.

    • $27789750

      Don’t know why those 3 bother to show up. They could set the vote button on automatic. ihope some one good challenges them next time.

  • Spatial Awareness

    It’s all about the Benjamins. $_$

  • Scott Carroll

    Kelly just confirmed via Twitter that it was a Purse Tweet, close cousin to the infamous Pocket Text and the insouciant Butt Dial.

    • $24698634

      But it didn’t take long for the inane remark “could this be a pithy comment on Obama’s”…you fill in the blank. Malkin SO wants to be Drudge.

      • bicentennialguy

        And you don’t ever seem to let the grass grow under your feet when it comes to inane comments.