President Obama may think he can control the ocean’s rise, but when push comes to shove, he’s no match for Mother Nature.

While delivering a speech on improving American infrastructure, POTUS got severely undercut by a mischievous gust of wind:


The crane was built by a Chinese firm? Whoops!

Move along, folks. Nothing to see here!




President to rediscover laser-like focus on jobs, infrastructure tomorrow

  • HuandaRulz

    I will like to see the veil covering Americas eyes falling, just one look and all this corrupt lying politicians will be gone.

  • Guitarstar

    America is doomed, Between the Liberal Cesspool turning us into 3rd worldism & the Closet Muslim in our White house selling US manufactured Jet Fighters to Muslim countries that burn US Flags.

    • Guest

      You are so Right he is a Radical Muslim infiltrating OUR WHITE HOUE HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET RID OF THIS LYING THIEF?

      • shimauma

        Message from GOD: “Hello!! US citizens. This is GOD reminding you that you voted for this tyrant. The only way you are getting out of it is to remember how I helped you make a country the first time. Freedom without morality is anarchy. That is all.”

    • Guest

      HOW CAN WE GET SHED OF HIM HIS CRONNIES AND WIFE ALL IN ONE legal swoop? as you are right the enemy with in our white house is trying to turn American Against American and then kill us of after he try to get our guns he is a LIAR Big time and very very SNEAKY!!!

      • KSEMBB1

        How can we get rid of ALL of them in one fell swope? AND, reverse most, if not all, of what he has done to our country? It’s simple: Support Orly Taitz. She has a ton of legally certified evidence that’s been testified to under oath in court that Obama has committed ID theft to construct a false identification of his own. Go to her website.

    • Cajun69

      WE NEED TO TAKE AMERICA BACK FROM OUR RADICAL OVER TAKER OVERLORD TYRANT LYING SON OF A YOU KNOW WHAT that has Infiltrated our white house and is the enemy within!!!

  • Right Wired

    The dems must have went to the North Korea School Of Journalism.

  • waltermitty2012

    More laser like focus on the economy from the Obama administration. Watch the media, pun intended, cover this.

    • SpinMeNot

      My guess it his focus comes from a Chinese made laser-pointer, and you know how cheap those things are …

      just sayin …

  • BigTBoom

    Look, another cover up by the most transparent administration in history!

    • beebop1952

      The fact of the matter is that if he indeed CARED about America becoming competitive in the world and thriving he would have USED the Chinese crane as a talking point instead of trying to disguise its origin.
      Here’s a thought for his handlers:
      Instead of putting him on AF1 which costs the taxpayers over $400,000 per HOUR to operate and instead of putting him in his CANADIAN buses and driving him to suburban DC where the fawning government class resides, SIT HIM BEHIND HIS DESK and have him finish the damn budget that was due in FEBRUARY.
      What else would you expect from an administration whose ADVANCE TEAM spent more time on HOOKERS than the EVENT TEAM spends on lousey optics?
      And while we’re at it? Can someone explain to the Perons that it looks bad to send your kids on more expensive vacas than you subjects can afford?

      • Stephen Lee

        like most of your post, however I will neve call my self his subject. He is NOT our king.

  • Bernie Ballesteros

    What an @sshole.

    • Larry Froese

      Tell us true Americans something we don’t know

  • CO2 Producer

    MISSION ACCOMP…uh, mission? What mission?

    • beebop1952

      To sell America to the Chinese.

  • Guest

    Another “moment” in the malodorous career of King Solyndra

  • Diane Thompson

    Love it — Odummer does it again!

  • Bolt Upright

    Obama be doing da best he could. When’d he needs hep, he asks Biden fo tips on the sly.

    • VerminMcCann

      So we should expect him to negligently handle a shotgun sometime soon?

      • Brian H (wackobird)

        OOOOOOO, Please!

  • Clayton B

    I’d be willing to bet, the flag itself was made in China too.

    • janerator

      Betsy Ross is rolling over in her grave.

    • thespottedstone

      Had it been a picture of Arafat there would have been no flag placed over it!

  • maplebob23

    It doesn’t matter to the Dr0neBamaBots. All they care about is that their tampons are safe. Not that they can afford them anymore what with the new health insurance premiums they have to pay.

    • Bill Board

      They can get free sterilization at Planned Parenthood, compliments of the taxpayers.

  • ChipsterNGA

    Is there anything at all in this country more phony than Barry Obama?

    • ratizbad


    • jebova2301

      The only thing close is pam anderson’s tits

    • RedSoloCup

      Al and Jesse.

    • Gary Adkison

      Yeah, his birth certificate.

  • Sons of Reagan

    Twitchy is going to start talking about China? I thought that was left up to Donald Trump only. And because there is a Trump/Twitchy feud, Twitchy did not pursue topics of interest to Trump? Well, time will tell!

  • Charlie Foxtrot
  • bidentime

    And it just happened to be the crane section closest to the teleprompter, I mean podium! An honest staffer? Divine intervention? A combination of the two?

    • Joseph A White

      I wonder who manufactured the teleprompter??

      • AmericanLass


    • AmericanLass

      Just more of the “in your face” I don’t care attitude “the lame stream media will cover for me with the dirt of propaganda”.

  • Bill Board

    That just goes to show you how f’ing dumb this prez is.

  • Guest

    Funny. Especially considering the whole thing is probably a cover for more golf with Tiger. SMH

  • sue

    Does anyone question why it was deemed “important” to cover up the logo of the Chinese company?

    • thespottedstone

      Or better yet, why it was not important to cover the banners – with Arafat’s picture – that he stood under last week?

  • VerminMcCann

    Did he bow to it?

  • nc

    BHO lying and (literally) covering up, yet again. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Rose PiazzaMarek

    God can spin obama off the planet into that pit of hell .. We Must blv he will…. Pray for America….. Thy will be done!

  • Rose PiazzaMarek

    Not one positive comment in favor of obama…. WHO? Please tell me WHO! voted for the moron?

    • RedSoloCup

      I’m sure JoeMyGod and MichaelS will be by later.

  • mikekelley10

    The surprise here is not that they are using a Chinese crane. The amazing thing is that they were able to surmount the government red tape, environmentalists’ lawsuits, and lefty protests to build something large in modern-day America. Bravo.

  • tacticomp

    If this Bogus POTUS was Pinocchio, his nose would have orbited the moon and back!
    What a disgrace to every human being on the planet!

  • RedSoloCup

    Hey Barry, karma’s a bitch!

  • Randy W

    This alleged Christian also likes to hide Christian symbols

  • MrsNicholson925

    Is anybody surprised that the only reason Obama would think of displaying the American flag is to cover his own ass?
    Really, if you EVER see an American flag in anything Obama is doing, we can be pretty dang sure it was to cover up something he didnt want ppl to see.
    “Ah, throw a flag on it”

  • Mike Urich

    Those type of “cranes” are actually called a “Gantry”

  • Independent “Terrorist”

    Nothing says Obama Administration like a Chinese Logo

  • EPLogos

    This whole event could have been right out of 1984.

  • LoneRangler

    See? There IS a God!

  • thespottedstone

    Why couldn’t he do another location like the SF – Oakland Bay Bridge?
    Oh, I forgot, ZPMC manufactured all of the structural steel fabrications.
    There’s no way of getting around it. The manufacturing base is gone. Don’t blame China. They are losing it to SE Asian countries. More than half of the voting class (take away a few million questionable votes) put this imposter in office. He will never do anything real to help American business that is not owned by the wealthy elite.
    For the rest of us, the only road to succeeding is to take your business out of the US. I did it in 2009 out of frustration and a premonition of what was to come. Today 2/3 of my customers are foreign. I made it. Unfortunately, most will not.

  • thespottedstone

    One question that really bugs me – If they were so conscious of someone recognizing ZPMC’s logo on the cranes – and covering them with American flags – why wasn’t POTUS equally concerned about standing under banners with Arafat’s picture on them last week?

  • lcky9

    that “move along folks nothing to see here” is the battle cry from CHICAGO made popular when DALEY was in office.. NOW it’s gone NATIONAL thanks to another CORRUPT politician Obama..seems CHICAGO doesn’t have much in the line of anything POSITIVE to share with the other 49 states..

  • Paul LaValley

    I haven’t yet seen this story on ABC, or any of the other “water-toting” mainstream media…you know, the ones who got him elected, and re-elected!!

  • Eyesontheprize

    Always hiding his nefarious and dark deeds behind american speek and symbols.