To campaign or not to campaign?

Earlier this month, Carroll, the Twitterer formerly known as @GayPatriot, resigned his position at GOProud to focus on a potential run against Sen. Lindsey Graham. It looks like he’s finally made a decision, once and for all.

Will he pursue a run against the GOP establishment squish? Tune in tonight to find out!

  • Axelgreaser

    SOMEONE PLEASE RUN AGAINST GRAHAM! The opposition candidate could register simply as ‘hot air’ and be his equal except nobody will ever equal his abiltiy to change ‘faces’ (or the content of the SCOTUS) as ‘I’m not giving up on Benghazi’ Graham. He must feel the hounds yapping at his heels, he’s making the FOX circuit a lot lately with chest fully puffed.

    • Kimihiro Watanuki

      Yeah, he does this about a year before he’s up; he’ll tack hard right on military issues. And he’ll stop fussing over immigration. I think his days are number this go around.

  • BlueStateRepub

    GoProud, GoBruce! Please beat Grahamnesty!

  • Kimihiro Watanuki

    I can’t wait to get rid of Lindsey.

  • Patrick Dennehy

    Steven Colbert’s sister is seeking the Dem nomination…*shudders*

  • Scott Anderson

    Lindsey needs to go this cycle. That said, I will be disappointed if he decides to run. As a first-time candidate, a Senate run is almost always sheer folly. No infrastructure, no track record of winning elections, no Party backing, facing an incumbent.

    Like Katie Pavlich, who would also undoubtedly be better than McCain.

    I wish these celebrities and pundits would show us some guts by winning a couple of races and learning something about campaigning and about legislating, before taking a diva turn with a senate run.

  • Kristen Peterson

    Run Bruce Run….

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    I do hope Carroll decides to run as that will mean less time for GOProud to invent more stories about fake hate crimes.

  • nc

    Graham is great on foreign policy but stinks in everything else.

  • sqeptiq

    What a unique campaign that would be! Two gay patriots facing off in the Republican primary. The closet case will win easily, though. South Carolina isn’t ready for an openly gay senator.

  • Barb Ann

    too bad. I would have loved to see LG get his ass kicked.

  • Bill Bledsoe

    Senator Lee Bright will beat Graham in 2014.

    Graham has defeated himself by coming out of the closet as a NAZI-RINO.

    Hitler used the exact same Plan on every country that Nazi-Graham is following:

    1) take the Guns – from one group at a time
    (medical reasons gun bill)

    2) take the Civil Rights – from one group at a time
    (ObamaCare removes Freedom from Search with mandatory home inspections, Right to Life with euthanasia, mercy killing and abortion, and gun ownership through mental health exams)

    3) destabilize the economy by foreign enemy counterfeiting
    (Nazi Graham tells us that we’ve borrowed over $16.7 Trillion Dollars from foreign enemies when in fact there are ONLY $9.2 Trillion US Dollars printed and circulating in the entire world.)

  • kim

    If he decides to run, everyone of you best be ready to seriously ‘nudge’ the GOP to support him

  • kim

    I know they won’t in the primary, but if he beats Graham, they need to fork up like they would have for Graham