This could be good.

As Twitchy reported, Jim Carrey has released his pathetic “Cold Dead Hand” video mocking gun owners and the late Charlton Heston, much to the amusement of, well, practically no one other than Jim Carrey. This afternoon, CNN’s Jake Tapper sent forth a tweet asking his followers for alternative titles for Carrey’s masterpiece.

Submissions are already coming in:

All right, Twitchers. Let’s see what you’ve got.



Video from Tapper’s segment on the Carrey blowup:

And it looks like Tapper is looking for suggestions for Carrey’s next anti-gun video:



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  • Tangchung

    Cold Dead Flop

    • Brian H (wackobird)


  • Lord Foggybottom

    ‘Cold Dumb Man’

  • Cathy_B_in_AZ

    Don’t have a name, but here’s a response from Andrew Babinsky from Talk Radio KFYI in Phoenix:

  • CatHerder

    Hoke on the Water

    Grabgun Boogie

    Big Iron Thief

    90 Miles an Hour with a Dead-End Tweet

  • H J

    dumb and dumber liar liar okay with lighting Constitutional on fire.

  • CO2 Producer

    Dull Heavy-Handed Six Minute Skit (After This Word From Our Sponsor)

  • brendawatkins

    “Cold Hearted Hypocrite”

  • CatHerder

    Midlife Confession

  • CO2 Producer

    The Bad, the Worse and the Good Gawd That Was Lame

  • Walt

    Put the Mask back on.

  • Walt

    From Dumberer to Dumbest.

  • Miss Clairee

    “Jim Carrey Has Lady Parts”

    • mdtljt

      Hey, hey now, Miss Clairee – let’s not put this crapweasel in the same category as the Lady Parts…at least the Lady Parts are useful…Jim Carrey, not so much…

      • Miss Clairee

        Oh forgive me! You are sooooo right! Sorry!

  • Right Wired

    Cats chasing lasers get more youtube views than Jim Carrey.

    • pajamakat

      And for good reason.

  • Clayton Grant


  • pajamakat

    How about “Imitation of Life”. It was a good movie for its time but the title is a good fit for this idiot. How far he has fallen. He has to be drugged up.

  • Billie Slash

    “I Left My Glock in San Francisco”

  • Dale Black

    “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
    Why Don’t You Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
    Fire Away!

    Preferrably while he’s wearing the same skin-tight leather outfit Pat Benatar wore back in the 80’s

  • Pendog

    “Unstable Guy”

  • AMartel

    Cold Dead Career.

    • John Mullins

      I just posted the same thing. Didn’t see yours. Sorry. I wasn’t “Bidening” you.

      • bidentime

        How about “Cold Dead Career”. Bidentime.

      • AMartel

        Great minds thinking.


  • John Mullins

    How about “Cold, Dead Career”?

  • JustLikeAnimals

    “I looked up hypocrite in the dictionary and saw my smilin’ face a-lookin’ back at me.”

  • JustLikeAnimals

    “I looked up hypocrite in the dictionary and saw my smilin’ face a-lookin’ back at me.”

  • Brett McMicken

    my suggestion: From My Cold Dead Career

  • $7341717

    Yes, it’s idiotic. Yes, it insults one of the great civil rights advocates Hollywood has ever known, Charlton Heston. Yes, it puts on vivid display all of Jim Carrey’s complete lack of intellect. But, really, why are people so upset. Is Jim Carrey’s opinion about anything any longer important?

    Jim Carrey hasn’t been a relevancy for at least five years. He has slowly turned, in his younger days, from antic comic to, today, the embodiment of Jerry Lewis after he split up with Dean Martin.

    To wit: a one-trick pony. Rubber face. Goofy looks. The first time you saw him, it was amusing. The second time it was, well, OK, sorta kinda funny, but not really. But that was a loooong time ago. Today, Jim Carney’s schtick is just boring. Jim Carrey today is, in reality, as opposed to his movies, a cartoon character. One of those non-thinking people who think gun-control laws are (a) justified despite a Constitutional safeguard, and (b) that banning semi-automatic rifles, for one thing, will lead to fewer gun murders in the U.S. — something we know empiracally is not true.

    Look. I understand Jim Carrey’s career is ebbing and he could use some publicity. But how does making a fool of yourself enhance your career. The very people he’s insulting are people who used to go to his movies.

    Dumb? Yes. Dumber? Of course. But Jim Carrey is way beyond that. Dumb means you just never learned anything. Jim Carrey is stupid, which means he’s probably learned a few things in life, but can’t put them together to make any sense.