With Democratic Sen. Carl Levin set to retire at the end of his term in 2014, state GOP leader and former RNC Chair candidate Saul Anuzis sees a big opportunity for a Republican Senate seat pickup:

Names like Rep. Justin Amash have been bandied about as potential replacements, but today, Anuzis put forth a new one: Dr. Ben Carson. Ever since his brilliant National Prayer Breakfast speech last month, Dr. Carson’s conservative star has been on the rise. But does he have a shot at the U.S. Senate?

He hasn’t ruled out a future presidential bid … maybe a seat in Congress would help him make up his mind.



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  • stellatruman

    the entire country needs a voice like Ben Carson representing us, not just one state

    • http://twitter.com/conservag Aaron

      True, but having some governing experience at the National level will only help his candidacy if he ever decides to make that run for the White House.

      I’d vote for him for president today, of course – but many voters are weary of those without that experience whether it’s justified or not.

      • $45065723

        Agreed, I think it’s pretty hard to go from brain surgeon to President. I’d like to see a Senate or House seat in the middle to serve as a proving ground.

        • disqus_LASIg6epmj

          Agree. He needs to get his feet wet in congress or as a governor.

        • digitalintrigue

          Think that’s hard? Try going from president to pediatric neurosurgeon. :)

          • http://twitter.com/conservag Aaron

            You think that’s hard, try going from U.S. Senator from Illinois to God!

      • catb55

        You mean “experience” like Obama ??? Pass …. Ben Carson has more common sense and life experiences than most people have in Congress or out … He is qualified more than a politician.

        • http://twitter.com/conservag Aaron

          We’re not really disagreeing on Carson’s ability to be a successful president. I said I’d vote for him today.

          But if he did run in 2016, his opponent will just drill into the fact that he has no experience whatsoever, every chance they get, and that fact alone will scare off a good number of potential voters.

          • V the K

            No, Democrats will attack him as a n Oreo and an Uncle Tom just like when Michael Steele ran in Maryland. They will prob ably elect som e white party hack…. just like when Michael Steele ran in Maryland.

          • http://twitter.com/conservag Aaron

            Hell, they’re already doing that.

        • shimauma

          Well stated, I would take Ben Carson’s “lack of experience” over barry hussien obama any day

      • Calcat36

        Ben said it himself, politics is not brain surgery! Look at all of the brain dead politicians we have infesting our Country now! “We need to pass the bill to find out what is in it!”? THAT is super intelligence? And that nut has been there for how many years?

    • conservativechick

      What if he runs as an Independent? We’re screwed.

  • catb55

    To heck with the Senate .. if he comes out in support of the second amendment (he was a little wishy washy when I heard him on that issue) then he needs to be in the WHITE HOUSE.

  • http://www.vatican.va/ Rulz

    If he vows to dump ObamaCare, I’ll support him.

  • Joe

    I do find Ben Carson to be a very interesting candidate, but if I understand correctly, he lives in Maryland, not Michigan. If he ran in Michigan it smacks of opportunism, and removes our ability to criticize Ashley Judd for the same carpetbagging.

    I think that if he wants to run for office, he should run in Maryland’s 6th District, which the Ds took last election.

    I think he would be better as an administrator, meaning HHS Secretary in a future administration, than as a legislator.

  • BlueStateRepub

    Yeah, Ben Carson thinks my 2nd Amendment rights may or may not count depending on what area of the country I live in.

    American rights are for ALL Americans, Doctor. There are no regional asterisks in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, I assure you. Unlike you, I have read and memorized them.

    Exactly the kind of freedom-killing RINO we DO NOT need in the Senate.

    • MojaveDesertDave

      I like your thinking Blue! Either you believe in the Constitution or you are wrong!

  • Mister A

    Has there ever been an MD to hold the highest office? I know Woodrow Wilson had a doctorate, but I don’t think there’s ever been an MD. It would be nice to see doctors represented a little better in government.

  • jburke_nc

    When Greta asked Karl Rove about Dr.Carson running for President he looked like he was ready to Al Roker in his pants.The jist of his comments was that Dr.Carson has no political experience.So Mr.Rove thinks that is a bad thing.Well I am no Brain Surgeon,unlike Dr.Carson,but I think that is one of the bright spots on his resume.Having a person who can answer a question in one sentence that makes perfect sense I think is a good thing.Not being infected by the Washington Virus is a good thing. Annoying the hell out of Karl Rove is a good thing.Dr.Benjamin Carson running for President I think is a Damn Good Thing!!!!!!!!!!!!