This afternoon, conservatives’ favorite politician, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, took to Twitter solicit questions. It’s still not clear who told him that would be a good idea:

Here are some of the things we learned during the Q & A:

He did answer a question about Benghazi:

And he addressed a comment about Rand Paul:

But many Paul supporters weren’t exactly satisfied by that response.

Bruce Carroll, Graham’s possible challenger in 2014, had a few other queries:

And these questions remained unanswered:

Good question. Maybe Sen. Graham will get around to answering it next time.

  • Maxiest

    Oddly enough he didn’t answer the hard questions.

    • Canadian in USA

      No wonder he gets along with the current administration.

    • Native Alantonian

      I’m just really glad she didn’t post mine. [SARman]

      • Ben Bollman


    • DavidKramer

      Surprising huh? Almost like the Obama facebook charade, or exactly the same.

    • beastdogs8

      Oh come on now, don’t you know how hard it is to decide what to have for breakfast LOL. Seriously, Graham is a RINO and hates conservatives as much as the liberal democrats do.

  • V the K

    @GrahamBlog. Unemployment in SC is at almost 9%. Why is Amnesty for illegal workers more important to you than jobs for Americans?

    • Iacobus

      To be fair, it was up a few years ago but then again, I don’t believe anything the gov’t says anymore. (e.g., For comparison’s sake, it’s almost 7% here in Massachusetts but from what I’ve seen, I must be living in La-La Land with people using food stamps and EBT cards.)

    • Canadian in USA

      Or why is it more important than protecting the integrity of the immigration system for legal immigrants?

  • Spatial Awareness


  • Love of Country

    But in all seriousness ….. Graham is doing the Lord’s work on Benghazi and our nation is indebted to him. But Beatles over Rolling Stones? Come on, man! They’re both fabulous bands, lol.

    • TrishJensen

      Give me a break! It’s the Eagles who are the best rock band ever. And Graham is the most hilarious Twitterer ever. As in, if he doesn’t answer the tough ones, he’s not on record. What an idiot. Any respect I ever had for him is gone.

      • Love of Country

        Give you a break …. for what, my friend? Heck, I had no idea we were going on the record for best bands in the world, for Pete’s sake. :)

        I can’t speak to Graham’s tweets as I don’t read them but I’m just very proud of him for demanding answers in Benghazi, especially for the victims’ families but for the American people as well.

        Eagles friggin’ rock …. are you kidding? Of course they’re better than The Stones and Beatles but that’s just more information than was called for at that particular time.

  • Krazy Kent

    WOW he got quiet all of a sudden, when it turned from eggs, bacon, and carrot cake to some hard questions, he suddenly disappeared. Gotta love the RINOs….

    • Richard McClatchey

      I took notice at those things too.

    • Red Fred

      An opportunity to ask important questions was wasted on menus and music.

  • Craig Rhew

    Just like the Flotus the other day – answer the cupcake questions and avoid the real issues

    • Alvin Chipmunk

      The real reason they answer about the cupcake questions is that they’re fruitcakes when it comes to the more demanding common-sense issues that are pressing our society this day. They don’t have any answers because they know where the true blame lies–with themselves.

  • George Maddog Smith

    What BS and soft Ball questions! How many of his staff asked him questions so others could b blocked? I think that a RECALL is in ORDER! These PPL answer to us!!! When did we forget this?

    • Richard McClatchey

      SC is gonna have to get mad enough to do something about Graham. Us on the outside that does not reside in that state are pretty powerless. I’ll be pleased if more South Carolinians said enough is enough with that man and they do something about it.

      • pedrobud

        The trouble the people in SC have is the establishment republicans will destroy any conservatives who run against him. In major elections, the conservatives have a choice between a socialist dem and a liberal progressive republican LG. One of the most dangerous places to be in America is between a camera and Gramnesty (and McCain, Schumer, Pelosi, Reed, etc. All dirtbags

  • Ben Bollman

    Hmm, not one “douchebag”. Kind of surprised.

  • YouDon’tKnowMe

    hahaha. Total silence on the real questions. Lame

  • Bob G

    I doubt that Graham was active on Twitter today – it was probably some underling that was told to only answer the easy one’s and ignore the difficult one’s. :))

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Probably would have gotten more satisfying answers out of Lindsey Lohan.

    • pedrobud

      Oh come on, I think the people should know he likes carrot cake ! My day is complete now !

  • JMigyanka

    And he voted for JFnKerry – traitor extraordinaire!

  • Mickey James

    He didn’t answer the tough questions, cause it’s hard to baffle you with 140 characters or less.

  • Fra Chris Dickson

    I think he and John Boehner were separated at birth…

    • twolaneflash

      You would need a crowbar to separate them today.

  • Axelgreaser

    PRESIDENT OBAMA’S ‘SALT ON THE TAIL OF A REPUBLICAN DINNER.’ I’m always leery of Lindsey Graham post the Elena Kagan appointment, but I’m delighted Graham bit the hand that fed him last week at President Obama’s fake ‘dinner & love-In’ at the posh Jefferson Hotel where our first 20th Century Fox ‘manufactured’, Special FX President ushered the 18 guests (or so) in a caravan of nearly 30 SUV’s that of course shrieked: ‘Look! It’s me, me, me,….I, Barrack, being nice to Republicans I’ve ignored for four years!” Strange, isn’t it, that it coincides with the bad imagery and general overall mistrust of the bamboozled electorate and subsequent drop in Obama’s ‘Polling Numbers’ which next to driving his ideology permanently into the fabric of our government, is the MOST important consideration in this Presidents governing and/or LACK of it. The following ‘excessive waste of taxpayer dollars’ (because if Obama ‘picked up the tab’, YOU actually did) is an excerpt from BuzzFeedPolitics/3.6.13/By John Stanton:

    “…WASHINGTON — As the White House shuts down tours to save money amid widespread federal budget cuts, President Barack Obama is hoping to break the gridlock by hosting Republican lawmakers at a swanky downtown D.C. restaurant.
    The bipartisan dinner will occur Wednesday night at the Jefferson Hotel, whose tony Plume restaurant offers such exquisite dining experiences as the “1776 Food and Wine Experience” tasting menu, which will set back the average diner a cool $1,776.
    If members are hoping for a glass of wine before dinner, the restaurant boasts a cellar with more than 1,300 labels, incuding the “rare” 1780 Borges Madeira Bual, as well as vintages “Jefferson himself enjoyed in his time as well as newer wines he might select were he alive today.”

    The prix fixe menu runs $85 per person, with selections like Lobster “Thermidor,” Rabbit Charcuterie, and a Golden Beet Soup that includes “Quail Egg, Horseradish Crème Fraîche, Chives.” Want to add an artisanal cheese plate? Just throw in an extra $18 and it can be yours.

    The Plume also offers a decadent desert list for members to choose from, including a 1924 Castarède Armagnac, which is a bargain at $240….” –end quoted material

    Are you full? Well, apparently Lindsey Graham is and today, in a clip from a sit-down interview with FOX’s Brett Baer, Lindsey Graham spit a quails egg square into Obama’s face when he laid the sole blame for Benghazi firmly on OBAMA.

  • OneThinDime

    Interesting, not a single tweet about his amnesty for illegals push.

  • Matthew Hamilton

    Wow, when the serious questions were asked he took a nice break, and retired like a coward.

    • DavidKramer

      He has spent some time with Obama………

  • ★♥ Harriet Baldwin

    There are very nice retirement places in SC Lindsey. You might have to go on a waiting list.Buh-Buy, Goober.

  • ★♥ Harriet Baldwin

    I LOVED Goober and Gomer- But you, Lindsey- will get the wrath of the American People. And for all of you that say “Don’t Put Your Nose in SC Politics” >>> This A-Hole’s Vote Affects ALL of us.

    • CherDash

      Harriet, I am from SC, and I agree with you!

  • ★♥ Harriet Baldwin

    Gotta Run. Isn’t that what Moochelle said? the other day? #AskFLOTUS.

  • DavidKramer

    Do you enjoy your moniker, Grahamnesty?
    What does it feel like to stab conservatives in the back?
    When are you and McCain going to switch to the progressive party?
    So tell me, what other country in the world not protect their borders?
    Do you know what the population of Canada is? We have allowed that amount to invade our country in the last 10 years…………….for your info.

  • Pat

    I wish I had known about this…I would have asked if he took his “food taster” to the dinner with Obama. You never know….

  • JustLikeAnimals

    @GrahamBlog It’s time for you, McCain, Boehner, and rest of mossy stones in the GOP to get out of the way. The lot of you are clearly out of touch with true conservatives, and you’ve proven that many times over in the last couple of months. You all talk a good game so you can quote yourselves back home during your next election, and so you can cite your activity when you defend your leadership role. And that’s the problem. You’re all more concerned with taking care of your political concerns and protecting your own…..power than in protecting the rights of the people you represent and in taking a hard stand in stopping this out-of-control ass-clown in out White House.

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

    You’re clearly not leading.

    You’re definitely don’t know how to follow.

    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

    And have a nice day.

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    “Gotta run, enjoyed it” Wow…would have been more honest to say “Whew, next time I’ll only be available for three minutes, gotta go” or….”Glad to tell you what kind of breakfast I had, what cake I prefer and why I would like to have a house, plane and play golf, but PULEEZE don’t hassle me with questions which might keep me from re-election, bye now!”

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    what the hell did they serve you at the dinner with Obama which could cost TWELVE HUNDRED dollars per person???? At taxpayer expense? Wish I could ask that!!!

  • kim

    Doesn’t seem like he really enjoyed it after the first few questions… wonder why?

  • True Patriots

    He didn’t answer my question! “What does Obama have on you that made you stick your head so far up his ass”

  • jovan1984

    Don’t worry. We’ll let you cons do the dirty work of getting rid of him in the primary next year. Because that Senate seat will be flipped to blue. The demographic change in SC is just beginning.

  • brendawatkins

    He’s probably thinking.. those peasants have a lot of nerve!!

  • Chris Chambers

    Q. What do you prefer…carrot cake or chocolate cake?

    A. Carrot cake!

    Q. Why did you choose to organize a $1,200 dinner w/Pres. Obama then trash your GOP colleague who stood up for US Constitution?
    A. Outta time! It was fun!