Sen. Lindsey Graham has written off yesterday’s epic filibuster as “ridiculous,” but why should he have the monopoly on GOP stupidity? His toolish teammate John McCain got in on the action, distorting Paul’s remarks and helping to play defense for Eric Holder and the Obama Administration:

He just. Doesn’t. Get it. Sen. Paul has earned the much respect of so many conservatives not necessarily because of his particular feelings on drone strikes, but because of his passionate defense of limited government and the fact that he brought the Constitution to the forefront of the debate.

Sen. McCain may think those things are “ridiculous,” but conservatives have some choice words for him:

Well yes, but then again, it’d be awful uncouth of McCain to criticize Obama after that lovely dinner they had last night:

Meanwhile, we’ve lost our appetites.

Aren’t we all?

  • Josiah Longknife

    McCain is a LOSER. Go back to Arizona, have a coke and a smile and STFU.

    • V the K

      Thanks for reminding us why no one particularly cared when you lost, McLandslide.Rand Paul has everything you lack; conviction, passion, and the ability to inspire voters.

      Now, why don’t you head back to Arizona. I am sure there are some kids on your lawn that need yelling at.

    • NY Republican

      or he could go to NYC they love “republicans” like him and Graham

    • V the K

      The only thing that’s ridiculous is Landslide’s combover. Give it up. Landslide, you’re bald!

    • $45065723

      If we’re going to stop being the stupid party, we need to remove our stupid members, like McCain and Graham. Forget the 2014 elections, let’s get to the 2014 primaries…

  • Typewriterstreaming

    I am so sick of them. Sick and tired.

  • RagamuffinB

    How, how, how after 13 hours of well-reasoned, clearly articulated, intelligent discourse on a single subject is it that McCain, Graham & Durbin managed to miss the entire point? Willful obtuseness.
    I spent yesterday watching CSpan. Turned it on this morning to find these 3 twerps and had to change it immediately. Smug, condescending and totally out of touch.

    • FromMissourit2

      The answer is they never WATCHED…they were busy sticking their heads up Obamas a$$!

    • lakeside227

      I know! Simple question: President Obama/AG Holder, does the President believe he has the authority to order a drone strike on a US citizen, on US soil, based on SUSPICION, but no overt act? A citizen just going about his daily life. Allow me to simplify it for those who don’t understand. A person standing on the front lawn of the White House aiming a rocket launder at it vs. a person leaning against the White House fence with a large bulky bag slung over his shoulder. The 1st situation DEMANDS immediate action, the 2nd situation warrants questioning of the person. How much simpler can it be stated?

  • TugboatPhil

    Let’s see now….putting water in the nose of an Islamist combatant, captured fighting Americans to get information is torture. Using a drone over the US to shoot an American, without a trial is cool and any objections are a political stunt.

    Is it me, or is John now making Meggy appear to be the intelligent one in the family?

    • Scott Carroll

      Come on Phil, take it easy on him. It has gotta hurt when relevance starts ignoring your phone calls.

  • Spatial Awareness

    Killing the Republican Party ==> .@SenJohnMcCain & .@GrahamBlog <== Killing the Republican Party // cc: @Senate_GOPs #tcot #StandWithRand

  • Tangchung

    McCain looking like a fool, a true Obama puppet
    (Be funny if Cruz did a filibuster today just to tick McCain off)

    • Lady 12

      Funny? I think you mean downright EPIC!

  • Garth Haycock

    Senator McCain, do the country a favor and resign immediately.

  • Rob

    Does anyone else see a resemblance between establishment politicians and Scooby-Doo villains? “I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids”

  • lainer51

    this guy needs to get his head out of his *** and get in the real world… better yet, RETIRE!! Another gross misuse of my tax dollars!

  • $23629333

    Every time John McCain stands between today’s regime and the American people, I’m further convinced that the 2008 election was fixed, and McCain was actively and enthusiastically involved in the farce.

  • Jack Deth

    I admire McCain for enduring the Hanoi Hilton and other VC/NVA prison camps.

    In today’s world of Democrat gutter politics. McCain if far too old, dangerous and can’t pour piss out of his own boot!

    • Lisa Dean

      I completely agree you @disqus_sd8CCAl8aq:disqus regarding his military service, almost dying in the USS Forrestal fire and POW status/treatment. However, McCain’s attempting to run for President and receiving the nomination to run for President in ’08 was a ridiculous political stunt. 😉

  • Jimni27

    Someone slipped McCain the KoolAid at dinner last night…..

  • SophieRo3

    Maverick McCain: “Hey, Kids! GET OFF OF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!”

    KMA, ahole.

  • Scott Carroll

    He’s like an aging ballplayer, hungry for that last shot at glory, angry that the world is passing him by. If he won’t resign gracefully and cede the stage to those who actually make a difference, then he should be forced to face the fight of his political career in the next primary.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      Insert Brett Favre into where you wrote “aging ballplayer” and you HAVE it

  • dennylee60

    McCain: “Must find way to get the camera back on me. I know, I will criticize a fellow conservative! CNN and MSNBC will be running clips of me all day long!”

    • CherDash

      But, he’s not a conservative.

  • Adela Wagner

    McCain’s been hanging out with his dizzy daughter too much. To the PASTURE!

  • Booker

    J Lins, back on the scene again. Thumbs up if you get the reference!

  • SophieRo3


  • independentjones

    A legitimate question, Senator: Which would you rather be?

    1) A decorated war veteran, or
    2) A dead American civilian.

    That’s what I thought.

  • SophieRo3

    “I’d rather be a hobbit than a troll.”

    – Sen. Rand Paul to Sen. John McShamesty

  • Richard Wayne

    The old guard between Boehner, McCain, Graham, and McConnell are keeping republicans on the defensive as we lose ground on essential principles. Paul was the first one to be a leader in a counter offensive, and since it involved a basic right, even the left responded positively. Lets hope other pubs in office take notice for these essential issues.

  • cpactl66

    Didn’t read all the comments, so don’t know if someone already mentioned this, but it seems McCain basically paraphrased “Rand Paul’s Drone Rant” from yesterday’s WSJ. I think the disconnect here is not the “imminent” argument, it’s whether or not Holder acknowledges that an attack on a US citizen on US soil is only constitutional if the intended target is an “enemy combatant.” McCain assumes that Holder acknowledges that threshold, but it seems Paul either (a) disagrees and still believes that an enemy

    combatant is entitled to due process, or (b) wants that specific acknowledgement to be made by Holder.

  • $23629333

    Thanks to Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster – and the participation of others like Sen. Ted Cruz – I forgot all about the dinner meeting Pres. Obama was holding with the leading RINOs. That – ladies and gentlemen – is precisely why RINO McCain and RINO McConnell were not pleased. Sen. Paul – a rookie – stole their thunder. All the news and chatter concerns Sen. Paul’s filibuster, not the RINO dinner with the Prevaricator-in-Chief.

    John McCain is as petty as he is duplicitous.

  • edward cropper

    ck my blog for my take on McCain & Graham’s suck up

  • kch50428

    McNutly’s female offspring is just like dear ol’ dad…

  • $41378716

    McCain and Graham are not the future of the party, and they are, quite simply, on the wrong side of this. They need to be remedied by removal from their offices.

  • Silenttype78

    Rand Paul is so obviously on the
    right side of this issue!
    Dear Rinos,
    You disgust me. I’d rather suffer a violent stomach virus than hear another word out of any of you!
    You all can go to hell!
    Grab Karl Rove and his fluffing whiteboard on your way down.

  • franknmiller

    McLame needs to go.

  • FreedomFighter

    The old establishment guard is scared of the younger conservatives taking over and ending the rino majority.

  • mwill

    john mccain…once again the turd in the punch bowl.

  • rivers

    So Rand Paul’s principled stand only fired up Libertarian college kids?
    How insulting. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a college. A long time since I’ve seen a politician be so inspiring and principled. You old farts need to go, there’s work to be done and you and your cronies have proved yourself to be useless weakings.

  • Marcy Cook

    No, John, you are ridiculous.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    Methinks a good case could be made for McCain and Grahams entire careers being “ridiculous political stunts”. But that is just me.

  • Joseph A White

    So, in Sen. McCain’s view, I’m a 64 year old “Libertarian college kid”?? I’d rather be that than a senile old fart who can’t see what in the hell is happening right under his RINO nostrils.

  • NCRelite

    Why does Arizona keep re-electing this poser? He’s so liberal he makes Michael Moore look like William F Buckley

    • Richard Jefferies

      He ran back to Arizona during the kerfuffle over the immigration Law and he steadfastly supported Jan Brewer and got his conservative on. Then, once he was re-elected, he once again traded his elephant for a donkey at the Arizona border and rode back to DC to completely turn on Jan and Arizona.

  • Gallatin

    We can’t do anything about mcain in 2014 but we can send graham packing. Called mccain”s office to let him know this much older than “college student libertarian” is disgusted with him.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Meghan is advising him again.
    She convinced him that she is not ,like, an old dinosaur Republican and she is, like. totally smart!

    • 1azuce

      Seriously you guys. She’s smart and stuff and knows about emoticons.

  • Markward

    McCain, you are a has-been in the GOP, you are what is wrong with the party. Many on the right had no interest in your ticket until Palin came around. Then you threw her under the bus after you snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Do us a favor McCain, and ride off into the sunset and take your shamnesty with you!

  • Steve_J

    So, McCain is all for using drones to abitrarily kill U S citizens on U S soil?

  • Nana Taylor

    McCain is living in a past decade. He needs to retire….soon.

  • leybaterry

    “Ridiculous “What is ridiculous is how continually graham,mccain think their voices have merit these two bubble heads have never stood on constitutional principles and need to STHU!
    South Carolina you know what you need to do .McCain your like a chihuahua you eat your own poop

  • Patrick Dennehy


  • salvagesalvage

    As awful as Rand is on everything else on this he is right.

    McCain, as always is wrong.

  • sleazyrider

    Most of the GOP are more concerned about their political status than some innocuous piece of paper…like the constitution ..

  • RealEstateFreak

    Time for out with old and in with the new, Drudge is right bout McCain. yeah STFU! I second that!

  • Franklin Brett Lackey

    Don’t be tricked into following Judas goats Mc Cain or Graham……Judas goats don’t take you to good places.

  • Bob Higginbotham

    Both McCain and Graham have shown they are “geezers” that no longer have a place in the GOP. Before they continue to make fools of themselves they should quietly bow out and let the new, energized Tea Party republicans reestablish the party. These establishment party fixtures have done enough damage.