Sen. Paul does not want John Brennan confirmed as CIA Director. He also has a big problem with the Obama Administration’s drone strike policy. To that end, he’s taken to the Senate floor for what his staff is calling a “filiblizzard”:

He’s still going strong:

And he has won over at least one ally:

Many conservatives are applauding his passionate arguments against drone strikes and his appeal to Constitutional principles:

Not so long ago, Sen. Paul justified his yes vote for Chuck Hagel’s confirmation as Defense Secretary by saying that “the president gets to choose political appointees.” Today, several conservatives are wondering where today’s Paul was during the Hagel vote.

It is very difficult.



Sen. Mike Lee has gotten in on the #filiblizzard:

And Sen. Ted Cruz:



Here comes Sen. Jerry Moran:

Former Sen. Jim DeMint has expressed his gratitude:



Wow! Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden is getting in on the #filiblizzard:



Marco Rubio is on the floor!

With a water joke, natch.



The list of filibustering senators grows.

Heeeere’s Saxby:


Harry Reid tried and failed to shut down the debate.


Hours later, Sen. Paul is still at it:

Though it looks like he may be getting a little tired:

Hopefully his colleagues can help him out.

  • Spatial Awareness

    Lesser of two evils politics.

  • kozzzer219

    Justin amash just now. Let’s keep this up.
    “@repjustinamash: Thx to @SenMikeLee for joining @SenRandPaul’s filibuster of Brennan. We stand w/you against CIA’s illegal use of killer #drones on US soil.

  • Neil Leininger

    Maybe Hagel got the ok, because we all know he’s going to be a colossal failure.

    I do like that Cruz and Lee are helping him out. I think he’s mentally drained right now.

    • Spatial Awareness

      Well, we know Hagel is a moron. Hagel made that abundantly clear during the hearings and Hagel is grossly under-qualified to hold that position, much like the current potus, which makes him a “useful idiot”.
      Brennan is an all together different story. Brennan is calculating and conniving and dangerous.

      • 1CatEye

        Yes, and the useful idiot is now in charge at Defense. What kind of damage will he do before he is forced to resign? I only hope we’re all still alive to revel in it.

        • Spatial Awareness

          I know this sounds contrary to logic, but the SecDef position has minimal direct influence on the military via the military structure. With that being said, it makes the outcome of Benghazi all that more horrific. Either the military willfully F’ed up or a direct order came from the potus to do nothing. I know what I believe.

  • wbmccl


    I think the vote on Hagel was tactical, as Brennan is much more attached to the policy of drone strikes, and based on the presumption that Hagel would be cleared eventually. If you’re planning a talking filibuster on principles, it does help to try and demonstrate your not simply playing politics by voting yes across the board on other nominees and singling out the one most attached to the principle you’re defending.

    • kozzzer219

      And plust, most of the drone strikes are actually conducted by the CIA, and not DoD

  • Stone Bryson

    Sometimes it is better to surrender on a battlefield you cannot win in order to strengthen your forces for the war in its entirety. Dr Paul knew he could not win in the Hagel fight, so perhaps he conceded a short-term loss for the bigger battle ahead.

    “Art Of War” 101, eh?

    • BlueGood

      I love the tweet up above..”it’s so Constitutiony”

      BOOM ~` Tweet of the day goes to……”Kemberlee Kaye”

    • 1CatEye

      Not at all. You make sure the unqualified never get a change to hold the appointment. Shutting the barn door after the horse, and all.

      • Lady 12

        A horse isn’t the barnyard animal I’d compare Hagel to.

    • Blake Waymire

      I’m more and more starting to think that, as well. There’s a reason Art of War is read to this day, and not just for military operations. My suspicion is that he was doing it to have some ammo to send the media’s way when they call him “partisan hack”, or something similar. Pretty sure it won’t work, but this confirmation hearing is just too bloody awesome to care right now.

      • Stone Bryson

        Exactly what I was thinking.

  • Tangchung

    Sen Cruz helping out right now, excellent..
    Sen Paul now making a point now..
    Sen Lee getting in on the action now..
    Sen Moran tags in..
    It’s a filibuster tag team mania at the senate!
    Sen Cruz reads the William Travis letter written
    Feb, 24 1836 at the seige of the Alamo
    Sen Wyden (D) speaking now..

  • $45065723

    Insert water drinking joke here.

    • Tangchung

      Sen Cruz at 3:39 pm EST took sip of water.

      • $45065723

        Career ender.

  • $23629333

    Sorry, not impressed. It wasn’t so very long ago that RINO Rand was saying that “the president gets to choose political appointees.”

    He must have been surprised by the angry response to his confirmation of Chuck Hagel. Suddenly, his dream of being the up-and-coming star of the Republican Party was dissipating. So, he’s doing now what he should have done then.

    The seemingly largely positive response to his filibustering seems to suggest that all is forgiven. There is a desire for open and active opposition to the man now occupying the Oval Office that trumps all other considerations.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      RINO Rand???? Are you on DRUGS??????? Rand leans libertarian, after that you began babbling incoherently. Take your meds, the doctor will see you soon.

    • Vennoye

      If you are waiting for a representative who will agree with you all the time, on everything, you will wind up with NO ONE! I did not like his vote on Hagel and told him how disappointed I was in his vote. NOW I’m telling him how much I appreciate what he/they are doing today!!

  • Michael Johnson

    Mr. Paul needs to read the Constitution before he complains someone is violating it. The 5th Amendment regarding due process makes an exception in “time of War or public danger”. I think that was what Holder was saying.

    • beebop1952

      I don’t need any of the “what Holder meant” nonsense. Get enough of it when the media covers for 0bama. But thanks just the same.

    • 1CatEye

      Holder is an even bigger dope than his boss. And my cats know the Constitution better than either of them.

  • Jonathan Biviano

    This filibuster is not about blocking Brennan. It’s about ending the drone strikes on Americans without due process, especially on US soil. He’s trying to draw attention to the policies of this administration.
    He should have voted no on Hagel and he should vote no on Brennan, but I just think some are missing the point of what he’s doing now. He’s opposing a drone strike policy, not who the president appoints.

    • Netmilsmom

      Absolutely! The MSM is going to make it about Brennan and ignore the drone hits on American citizens on American soil.

      • Michael LeKites

        Not going to matter! This is going around the world! Trending #1 on twitter world wide!

    • 1CatEye

      But he should have done both. It would have been more logically consistent.

  • Guest

    Senator Paul understands political power, to be used wisely and sparingly.
    Hagel will self-destruct, of his own volition, leaving egg on the Chairman’s face;
    Paul was wise to save his ammunition for Brennan, a worthy cause to fight.

    • Vennoye

      Department of State has been on the wrong side of every issue since before FDR. Not too much Hagel can do to make it any worse. Even though I was disappointed that Rand Paul voted for him…I appreciate what he and the others are doing today!!

  • Ben Bollman

    We all know why Paul said yes to Hagel, him and his Dad are both against having any foreign presence so to him it didn’t matter much who got in there. But him and his Dad both hate the CIA and especially drones, it is sort of a pet issue for them so naturally he is going to hold them to the fire for it. I don’t share a lot of Paul’s views but when he does fight for the same things as us I will support him and when he doesn’t I will criticize it.

  • Stupid Republic

    What a sad day for this Republic when we all stand and cheer a United States Senator for actually doing what we elected and paid for him to do — stand up for the rights of the American Citizens and serve as a bulwark against an encroaching government.

    It’s his job. I wish the other 534 dunces occupying Congressional seats would get it through their thick skulls as well.

  • bonnieblue2A
  • Neil Leininger

    It’s good when politicians can make light of themselves, they are just people after all. Marco Rubio giving Rand Paul advice to keep water near by was good stuff.

  • RagamuffinB

    Past vote, even Hagel, looks like smart maneuvering. Paul is now able to filibuster while saying ‘Clearly I’m not just hitting against any Obama appointee, I’ve voted for a few of them’. That makes impugning Paul’s motives in holding this filibuster a little more difficult and allows the issue to clearly be the question of drone use.

  • DisgustedinTexas04

    God bless these men !Heartwarming to see gumption there today!! Drones have no place in America!!! I support these patriots 1000%. All Americans should.

  • JR48

    I”ve been glued to my screen during this. It’s appalling and fascinating at the same time. I just keep thinking that there might be some people watching this who haven’t never heard any of this before and therein lies hope.

  • SWwife

    Drudge Report posting he’s been talking over 6 hours. Once he stops they take a vote, but he says he’ll talk till he can’t speak anymore.

  • Sakemoto

    Funny! Get it out there!

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Senator Paul is officially a rock star in the eyes of those who are sick and tired of the increasingly belligerent tyrannical behavior of this administration.

  • TJ

    He has a very slow pace of taking. and with the sugar fix with the candy. He is good to go for a while longer.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    Ron Johnson…….Paging Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson……. We would just love you more if you joined in on this one!

  • descolada9

    I’m glad Rand is doing the right thing now, but where the hell was he regarding Chuck Hagel??? And not just Rand, but the entire GOP delegation to the Senate???

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Here’s the difference. Hagel’s stooge-like incompetent failures (of which there will be many) will be public, and can be placed solely at Obama’s feet. However, we do have the “backstop” that is the Joint Chiefs.

    Brennan and the ever shifting “finding” powers that would be granted under his belt? Whole different animal.

    I’d explain it to you “LilMissErinGoBragh”, but I’d rather you just read a book or two (try the non-fiction section on Amazon).

    While his Daddy disgusts me, I’m liking the son.

  • Lady 12

    Way to go, Ron Wyden of Oregon!
    Now, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, are you going to let Oregon get ahead of Washington?

  • 1CatEye

    Senator Paul: May I respectfully suggest that the next time Zero appoints a totally unqualified person to a cabinet position, you don’t just yawn and say it’s his “right”. You fight these appointments because if you don’t, Holder is the result. Then you have to filibuster. You filibuster BEFORE the appointment. I was sadly disappointed in you last week re: Hagel.

    • rivers

      Could it have been strategic maneuvering to surrender in a battle that was already lost? Hagel would have had the nomination no matter what. Just putting it out there, don’t know the answer myself. But I sure like what he’s doing tonight.

  • John

    We need to send RP a few crates of Mountain Dew. If I might offer some encouragement as a software developer, you get your second wind around 2:00 AM. Just keep the pizza and Dew (or Jolt) coming.

  • Michael LeKites

    I will always remember where I was when i heard Rand Paul was going to do a real filibuster!

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Been watching this all night. Nice to see a lot of other R’s showing up after their dinner with King Hussein. Even a few D’s like Durbin showing up. I am hoping this is the beginning of new life in the R’s to stop laying down in front of this ass clown in the White House and to finally begin the task of doing their jobs and checking what has become and almost unbridled exercise of belligerent, tyrannical power on the part of the Dumb-ass-in-Chief.

  • bidentime

    Now that son, was a proper filibuster. Hats off to Senator Paul.

  • BeeKaaay

    He let the Nazi get in as SECDEF. I think he’s trying to do penance now.