The VAWA passed 286-138 in the House today, and Virginia Rep. Jim Moran is just ecstatic!

We’re not sure why he’s so excited. This is really gonna put a crimp in his style.

  • Steven Reed

    He will just have to go back to pickin’ fights with kids. He’s a drunk irish-catholic what do you expect

    • J. Cox

      So all Irish are drunks?So all Catholics are drunks and beat on people?Thanks for the dbl dose of bigotry.

      • Joe W.

        Good Lord, man…”drunk Irish Catholics” have been used in comedy for generations. Lighten up a bit. And yes, I am an alcoholic, (recovering 23 years), Irish, but not Catholic, just Protestant. But jeepers, y’all sound like a liberal there….

  • Kevin Krom

    Moran’s son was not available for comment, as he was too busy beating up his girlfriend in front of some cops.

  • westside_resident

    Jim Moron.

  • randy008

    Moran is just one of the biggest hypocrats in Washington. This law will be appealed(hopefully) It was found to be unconstitutional in 1994. and now again it pops its ugly head to be resurrected in the Liberal Senate and voted in by the house…….The Republicans are disintergrating, running scared. they should be thrown out, is there any hope this country will survive.