Dennis Rodman’s on a “basketball diplomacy” mission in North Korea, and that’s got fellow athlete and nutcase José Canseco concerned:

Maybe Mia Farrow can be Dennis’ bodyguard.

  • pairadimes

    He should be fine. He’s too ugly to eat.

  • Adela Wagner

    If any officials die while he’s over there hope he knows how to “turn on the tears”. Over here the Unions will pay you to come out in support of Der Leader, over there they just torture or kill you if you don’t.

  • Harry A

    “let me know if you need anything”

    lol Jose what do you plan to do to help Dennis in North Korea, please tell us about these connections.

  • $23629333

    If Dennis Rodman – while in North Korea – did “need anything,” what would/could Jose Canseco do about it?

    Perhaps, the “Silly One,” like the “Worm,” believes that he – as a respected sports figure* – would carry some weight with the authorities of North Korea, beyond the actual physical weight he is now carrying.

    (* yes, it was very difficult to type that AND stay in my chair while laughing)

  • walterc

    Hey Jose, no one but the dear leader is OK in North Korea. Why should someone that answers to the name “WORM” be any different? He’s just better fed. what is he planning on doing? Starting a basket ball league? These people are short and skin and bone starvign to death. Basket ball is the last thing they are interested in. Well except maybe for how a boiled basket ball tastes.