President Obama took his perpetual campaign on the road this afternoon to scare the workers at Newport News Shipbuilding about the looming sequestration cuts.

Well, no wonder they’re glum! You see, according to Obama, if the minor spending cuts go into effect, we’re in for a heap of trouble:

Meat cleaver? Violent rhetoric alert!

Why yes, yes he did.

Well, if you’re gonna get technical

Shipbuilders and Americans everywhere will ultimately wind up starving, homeless, or worse:

But let him be clear: the last thing we need is more manufactured crises:

Or blame-gaming:

No sirree!

Just kidding!

But just so y’all know, he’s still as humble as ever:

So we can be grateful for that. We’re not nearly as grateful, however, that we’ve still got nearly four more years of this garbage:



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  • Steve_J

    It’s sad to see a 12 year old intellect in a 51 year old body.

    • Garth Haycock


      • almarquardt

        I think the number is a bit high myself. My five-year-old is smarter — and doesn’t blame everything but himself when he does something wrong.

        Then again, I am teaching my son to take responsibility for his actions, and too many — including the president — have never been taught that, or have realized after all the liberal thinking in our “education” institutions that they need not have to.

  • Maxx

    “Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.”
    ― John F. Kennedy

    My, how the Democratic Party has fallen. Morphed into a collection of finger-pointing malcontents who cloak all presidential critique with cries of racism as they shield him from responsibility at every turn.

    Failure is never their fault. It’s never their leader’s fault. Impotent governance masquerading as “leadership.” Give me a freakin’ break.

    Dogs who have crapped on the carpet take more responsibility than this clown.

  • Matthew Koch

    I want to laugh at something like this because of how ridiculous it sounds.

    But when I think about how many people actually believe this after having heard Obama previously take credit for the sequester, I feel like hanging my head and crying.

    If you previously heard Obama take credit for the sequester an cheered him on at the time, only to turn around and believe everything that’s coming out of his mouth when he goes of and blames it on the Republicans, you are genuinely delusional and mentally ill.

    • louisiana_mom

      Exactly! It is mind-boggling how these people even function in life.

  • Matt

    He is such an execretable shithead. He can talk about how terrible scare tactics are while using said scare tactics. Plus, its freaking demeaning that the president of the United States is using Twitter of all things as a bully pulpit. He demeans the office of the President every single day he wakes up.

    • SpinMeNot

      His 5th point-of-contact is executing a deep-penetration search-and-destroy in his 6th point of contact.

      (His head is so far up his ass …)

  • Michelle

    “I’m not interested in spin, I’m not interested in playing a blame game. At this point, all I’m interested in is solving problems”

    I think the fact that he said this after flying to VA just to make this speech proves otherwise. If he wasn’t interested in spin or game playing, why is he making a speech in VA to folks who have no impact on the Friday deadline? If he’s interested in solving the problem, why is he not in DC hammering it out with Congress?

    And most curious – isn’t he the man who signed The Budget Control Act of 2011? It’s his signature on that bill, correct? In that bill, that he signed into law, it clearing spells out that this would happen if Congress failed to produce $1.2 trillion in spending cuts. It specified if they didn’t work on identifying cuts, then these automatic cuts would happen. And in exchange, Barry would get the ceiling debt raised. Barry signed the bill. He signed it two years ago. And now it’s time to pay the piper and he’s placing the blame on Republicans and yet, his own folks failed (for two years) to make the spending cuts. He’s the most amazing Spin Doctor.

  • Jack Deth

    Memo to Socialist Lefties:

    *In my best John Cleese, Monty Python voice*

    “March 4th was a splendidly sun shining, perfectly normal day

    (Apologies to ‘Matching Tie And Handkerchief’)

  • sleazyrider

    Will this be the end for Bammy phones?

    • JustLikeAnimals

      No. The ass-clown-in-chief will mothball an aircraft carrier in order to keep feeding his lazy-ass, do-nothing electorate. It’s all about feeding the pigs that show up at the trough…er….voting booth.

  • $35072932

    Doesn’t the Dear Liar run the executive branch of the government?

    Why is he imposing such draconian cuts that will hurt so many people, doesn’t he care about them?

    Are we to believe they can’t find any places to cut in the Trillions they waste in the government?

  • Tangchung

    “It’s hard to be humble, when you’re as great as I am”

    • Secede

      His only fault is his humility…..

  • independentjones

    “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” — BHO

  • Spatial Awareness

    The entire administration and democrap party are nothing but a swollen, putrid, unmitigated FRAUD.

  • NachoCheese (D)

    “You don’t want to choose between – do I close funding for disabled kid or the poor kid”

    Yet funding for PBS & NPR will be unaffected.

    How many services for “disabled kids” and “poor kids” could be funded if we stopped funding PBS & NPR?

    How many other wasteful government “projects” could be cut/shutdown BEFORE we cut funding for “disabled kids” and “poor kids”?

    Obamao is a disgusting demagogue.

  • TugboatPhil

    The weekly crises from Obama are the only thing he’s done to help manufacturing in the US.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    The MSM, libs and Obamaphone users are responsible for this abomination sitting in the Oval Office with his feet up on the Resolute Desk.

  • Garth Haycock

    Dear Leader is a natural liar. Nobody could learn to lie as easily as he.

  • $24414377

    I would be glum too given Barky Kardashians track record of companies shutting down bankrupt after he uses them as props.

  • $24414377

    Note to democrats….read bills before you sign them.

  • Randi Starr

    you know, if he was a teenager, a good momma would smack that lying mouth.

  • peteee363

    i love the sequester! obama came up with it, and obama has to decide what to cut, but cut he must!

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Absolutely…….The ass-clown-in-chief owns it! Ha!

  • Ariadnea

    Bwa-ha-ha! I’m sorry to be politically incorrect but it has to be said, the US President is either mentally sick and needs to be rounded up in the kook house or suffering from multiple personality disorder, which should result to the same thing.

    He lambast, talk/rally, and keep campaigning against the person who authored and signed said Sequestration – which by the by is himself. How sick could this person get? All those lying and competing/conflicting loyalties – sans country, must have finally loosen up the screws of his disintegrating brain! Obama’s additional four years will herald the collapse of the Democratic/Progressive/Socialist Party. The democrats will highly pay for their complicity and silence on the Democratic Senate’s inaction, Obama’s abuse, arrogance, corruptocracy, cronyism, irresponsibility, and negligence. Just like everything Obama happens to touch, the Democrats will be just as cursed. They might not see it yet, but the full implementation of ObamaNoCare and the unraveling of Obama’s lies and policies will end up being their judge and cudgel.

  • RightThinking1

    “We won’t grow the middle class simply by shifting the cost of health
    care or college onto families that are already struggling.”

    Well, that’s rich…., that is EXACTLY what Ocare will do. Any day now, he will start blaming Republicans for it.

  • kim

    Obama: “We won’t grow the middle class simply by shifting the cost of health care or college onto families that are already struggling.”..No, we will also add more taxes, more people’s healthcare to your bill, provide amnesty to 15 million illegals and let them bring in their relatives, to deprive you of what jobs I don’t cut out from under you….
    Don’t we wish he’d been 1/2 as concerned about all the small auto part factories and car dealerships he put out of business?

  • C_W_W

    Obama is sounding more and more like the original terrorist, Yasser Arafat.

    The PLO Terrorist leader would cry and scream and yell about innocent women and children being killed by bombs whenever he was speaking English in front of the cameras. During the same timeframe, he’d speak privately to his people using his own language to order the killing of women and children targeting the innocent daily using human bombs.

    This Whitehouse is doing the same thing speaking publicly of horrors to come then in private in their own leftist language they’re planning how that same horror will come about to make the people suffer.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    I am so looking forward to the day that this blithering ass clown is no longer soiling the carpets at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. What a moron.

  • Oscar Malpartida

    If Obama took a dump in the middle of the Oval Office, the WH would issue a press release as to how the carpet now better matches the drapes and the sycophants in in the lame stream media would hail his bold bowel movement initiative.