Because today is “Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day” in Northern Virginia.

According to CBS’ D.C. affiliate, the fact that Starbucks has stayed out of the gun control debate has scored the coffee chain points with gun owners. And today, gun rights advocates are proudly ordering sipping their coffees while celebrating their right to bear arms:

Of course, not everyone is so supportive of citizens supporting the Second Amendment:

Gun grabbers notwithstanding, event organizer Ed Levine hopes this will be the first of many annual Support Starbucks Days.

For more information, you can visit the event’s Facebook page.

  • almarquardt

    Now for all the news stories about mass shootings at Starbucks . . .

    Yeah, I’m not holding my breath, either.

  • Richard Jefferies

    Damn, makes me wish I still lived in Virginia. I suppose I could go to Starbucks here in Texas, but even if I opened carried nobody would even notice.

    • CatHerder

      Yeah, ain’t it not a shame.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Shorter CSGV: “Um…I’ll have a no gun latte with a double shot of stupid liberal outrage and a dash of clutched pearls”.

  • Michelle

    The gun grabbing anti-Second Amendment folks are an interesting lot for sure. One thing that kind of confuses me when one of them makes a reference to the penis size of a gun owner (i.e., the tweet from Col. Morris above)…isn’t that kinda sorta sexist? I see lots of Liberals take jabs at the penis size of gun owners, giving the impression they think only men own guns. Aren’t Liberals supposed to be rabid anti-sexist folks?

    • Matthew Koch

      As a sensible (non-leftist) woman, you probably realize that the only reason a man mocks another guy’s masculinity is because he’s trying to cover up his own inadequacies.

      So if a guy immediately jumps to mocking another guy’s penis size, you probably know what that means.

      • 1SkepticalChick

        That he’s a needle dick bug f****r?

        • Matthew Koch


  • Jack Deth

    I’m confused.

    Starbucks is usually the go-to group for every whack-a-doodle idea the left comes up with. For their cleverly inscribed cups and sleeves. With a percentage of their sales going to whatever Soros backed front company the whack-a-doodles are using that week.

    Are they willing to give that up for a silly ass boycott that will net nothing?

    • Maxwell

      I’m just as confused. I’m assuming it just has something to do with the VA Starbucks franchise owner. That, or maybe the Starbucks CEO is learning that keeping your nose out of politics is best for business.

      • 1SkepticalChick

        Or maybe someone at Starbucks grew a set.

    • Laura Thompson

      Please remember…on July 7, 1997 3 Starbucks employees who worked at the Georgetown Starbucks on Wisconsin Ave., NW were shot and killed…and it took the DC Metro Police what seemed like forever to track the criminals down. I worked in Georgetown at the time and would frequent this particular Starbucks…but not after this. It took what seemed like forever to arrest and prosecute the morons responsible, which was unfortunately not unusual for DC Metro Police…they’d just come off of the Raful Edmonds Crack Wars of the late 80s-early 90s. That may be a bit of the why of Starbucks “allowing” this in NOVA…maybe it’s a belated public relations stunt?!? I understand why the rest of the country doesn’t understand it but trust me…it’s not at all lost on those who were in the area at the time…and Godspeed to the souls of the 3 Starbucks employees who lost their lives for no good reason and to their families and friends…I cried for them then, and my heart still hurts for them now…

      • Susancnw

        Laura, that was 16 years ago…yes their families still hurt but to try to tie this event in VA to DC 16 yrs ago boggles the imagination.

  • Edward Tiegs

    For one day, the safest place on Earth to get a cup of coffee.

  • Shawn Smith

    If you’re worried about being caught in a mass shooting (statistically, already very unlikely), I’m guessing that Starbucks in Virginia was about the safest place to be today.

  • Sam

    My sister works at a Starbucks in Northern Virginia, I’ll have to ask her how today went. :) Wish I’d been home to celebrate.

  • Ardell Simon