As Twitchy reported, Buzzfeed’s Andrew Kaczynski not-so-subtly used Bob Beckel’s cretinous date rape comments to smear Fox News and conservatives. Called out on his slimy shenanigans, Kaczynski responded like so:

Which, of course, makes it totally OK to omit the fact that Beckel is a liberal Democrat. Except, according to Kaczynski, that omission was never made:

Literally!!11! Or is it? See, here’s what Kaczynski’s post originally looked like:

Buzzfeed Beckel story — original

And here’s how it appears now:

Buzzfeed Beckel post — changed

Notice a little something extra in the subheadline? We do. What a difference a word makes, huh?

Once upon a time, Kaczynski understood that it’s good journalistic practice to note that a headline (or subheadline, as it were) has been changed after initial publication:

Buzzfeed headline updated

Evidently, that time has passed. Now, he’s reduced to futilely clawing his way out of an ever-embiggening hole of his own creation.

Keep digging, Andrew.



Kaczynski now acknowledges that the “liberal” was added later. He claims he added it “literally seconds” after the post was published, before he tweeted out the link:

The thing is, we reached the post via this tweet:

We grabbed that screenshot after clicking on the link that he tweeted. Kaczynski’s story doesn’t pass the smell test. Naturally, he’s digging that hole of his even deeper — by blaming Twitchy for his problems.

We’re OK with that. Forward, the Twitchy Brigade!

  • Noah Lee

    typical lib journo: “nah-ah, did not” “nah-uh” (surreptitously makes correction) “look, it was there the whole time!”

    • SJ’s Dad

      Trolls right here on Twitchy engage in the same practice!
      (Thanks to Cat & Tex for the screen captures!)

      • TexSizzle

        You’re welcome. If someone can explain how, I can post the screen captures.

    • grais

      Typical child; although I think he’s about 25 (or so) years old. He should have outgrown that sort of behavior by now.
      Why does anyone even listen to this kid?

  • Kevin Gallagher

    And people still think that Liberalism isnt a mental disorder?

  • Tangchung

    He was busted big time. Should of just said thanks for pointing out the omission, corrected, moved on. But nooooo can’t man up to something simple.

    • Horatio Cornwallis

      First off, Beckel IS a Fox News commentator. If Fox is “Fair
      and Balanced” as its supporters argue, why is it so important that there is the
      “liberal” distinction? I mean, when Joe Scarborough says something you find
      distasteful, I’m sure Twitchy (or many of its fine followers) would be quick to
      point out that he’s a Republican… Oh wait, they do exactly the opposite. For
      example, here’s a Twitchy article that listed Scarborough as an “MSNBC hack”
      but did not mention that he was a GOP congressman for 6 years:

      In fact, going through some other articles, it looks like
      they never mention that Scarborough has any affiliation with Republicans.

      Second, if you sorted through some of Andrew Kaczynski’s
      (very active, very cluttered) timeline, you would see countless instances where
      he calls out politicians on both sides of the aisle for backtracking on issues.
      That includes McCain opposing immigration, Obama opposing increasing the debt
      ceiling, Wayne LaPierre endorsing universal background checks, and, who knows,
      probably Anthony Weiner saying he won’t sext anybody. Kaczynski deals it out to
      all sides. I think it’s a service to the public to showcase that kind of

      Odds are I won’t change anyone’s mind here, but if you
      really think that the failure to include a single word for a few minutes is
      evidence of some conspiracy that Buzzfeed is either part of the mainstream
      media (laughable) or something more nefarious, you may want to re-evaluate how
      you are spending your Wednesday.

      • dominigan

        Because his low information viewers will use this to smear conservatives via guilt by association (with Fox News). It’s been used so many times it’s old hat and so Twitchy followers attempt to correct the misinformation before it gets used as a hammer. It’s no conspiracy theory… it happens all the time.

        • Horatio Cornwallis

          Hey Kevin – I still point to the fact that he’s on Fox News,he was identified as a Fox News host and Roger Ailes signs his paychecks, so
          there was no lie. Again, Fox News says it’s Fair and Balanced, so assuming that, there is no implication of any political leaning. I’m also having a hard time thinking of who you’re seeing as Kaczynski’s “viewers.” He works for
          Buzzfeed, where most of the traffic is dedicated to gifs and reactions to Downton Abbey (omg Matthew). As an open question, has any conservative here been criticized based on Buzzfeed’s slant? I mean, they just posted the video with very brief text to explain who the man is. That’s the definition of innocuous.

      • John (it true me am)

        Scarborough and Beckel are apples and oranges. Scarby doesn’t represent conservatives in the slightest in his views, at *best* being a McCain or Graham type moderate. Beckel however is in lockstep with the mainstream liberal viewpoints.

        • Horatio Cornwallis

          While I understand that Scarborough may not match up with the
          views many modern conservatives, it’s pretty presumptuous to say “that former
          Republican congressman doesn’t represent us, but this liberal columnist
          represents all of YOU.” Since you make the distinction that there are levels of
          complexity and varying to your party, you should at least entertain the fact
          that Democrats can’t be painted with such broad strokes either.

          • John (it true me am)

            I didn’t say there weren’t different “levels of complexity”. Simply that if you take the official republican platform and the official democratic platforms… Scarborough doesn’t like up, Beckle does.

            Also, Beckle isn’t just a columnist. He was a member of the Carter administration and Mondale’s campaign manager.

      • Smiley

        Actually, dingus, unlike Twitchy which directly named Scarborough (as well as Piers Morgan and Wayne LaPierre) Kaczynski the UnaBenSmither just used the generic “Fox News Host” to describe Beckle. That could implicate anyone at Fox News, including the conservative and libertarian hosts such as Hannity, Stossel, or Gutfeld. A false implication that conveniently fits right in with the “conservatives hate women” phoney narrative, and of which Kaczynski is forced to retract only after getting heat (er excuse me, “seconds after posting”).

        Talk of deaf ears; I know these obvious points won’t matter to a weasel boy like you or Ben Smith’s loathsome little protege.

        • Horatio Cornwallis

          Dingus, nice. I haven’t heard that one since fifth grade, so I’m going to go ahead and call you buttmunch. Alright buttmunch, once I again I
          have to point to the fact that Fox News labels itself as “Fair and Balanced.” Assuming Fox News is fair and balanced, saying that a talking head from this network said a horrible thing implies nothing about the political leanings of
          said talking head. After all – he’s on a balanced network, he could have any viewpoint.

          Also, equating a dude who works for buzzfeed (cat pic central) to The Unabomber shows me that you really take things in stride.

          • Smiley

            First of all…you actually wrote responses to everyone here? Are you a potted plant or something with nothing better to do? Or are you Andrew himself?

            Secondly, you really think it’s acceptable for Kaczynski, in a website you admit is for low-info morons, to make the reader guess who the host is in the headline, and then try to bury his identity in the article? The whole article was specifically designed to impugn the entire network to low-info readers. Do you really think this would be acceptable if it was done to any network?

            BTW, no one but you is equating Ka-jerk-ski to the Unabomber, it’s a joke at the expense of his name. You do realize what a joke is, do you, after all you are one.

      • lainer51

        obviously there is a reason the word liberal was left out, otherwise, the talking head would have put it in BEFORE he was called out. Why not ask him that question?

        • Horatio Cornwallis

          I’d consider it, but I’m pretty sure he was asked that question a few times.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        Because Beckel is there specifically to represent the DEMOCRAT (PARTY’S) point of view and is a former campaign OPERATIVE, not some blabbermouth like some others. But you know that and just felt like wasting 15 minutes typing all that stuff.

        • Horatio Cornwallis

          Who’s more foolish, the fool who takes 15 minutes to write a post or the fool who takes 5 minutes to reply to a fool?

      • thetroll01

        Sounds like Horatio is the resident liberal apologist, screaming “see, see, he did it too”!

  • disqus_Rj4GJtu4Gg

    Beckel is an idiot. Maybe now FOX will dump him.

    • Rulz

      I hope not! We need liberals to keep on making stupid comments and reveal their true anti-American agenda.

      GOP 2014

  • $27789750

    Beckel better make amends and take Kascyn…or whoever he is…down with him….TONIGHT.

  • MovingToNevada

    Truth by omission is the latest MO from the leftist media. From the Trayvon Martin case, to the recent AP’s omission of Rand Paul’s comment about immigration, to this. I’m sure I could probably come up with numerous other examples of creative editing, but it won’t matter. The general public will just run with the first thing they hear.

  • Peter Hayden

    Bob B. is not a Fox news host, he is a guest. And I think a lot more people know who he is thean know whoAndrew Kacynski. If they don’t, their not informed.

    • Ken

      He co-host on the 5 at 5 everyday, he represents the liberal point of view. Which is idiotic.

      • Hope Johnson Cochran

        Yep..everyday. he is not just a guest! He is a daily co host!

  • $14280160

    Even libertarian Andrew Kirell(who is definitely not fond of republicans/conservatives) knew to use the phrase “Fox Liberal Host” when he did his post on Beckel’s comment:

  • Jimni27

    Kudos to whoever screencapped that. Wonder what he’ll say about that now, lol. *grabs popcorn* . My guess- he ignores it and goes straight for the cat GIFS.

  • Matthew Koch

    There’s a cadre of liberal commentators on Fox News and liberal idiots automatically think that F.N. = conservative. That’s why we bring it up you twits. You all just don’t know any better.

  • RightThinking1

    Classy guy… using the f-bomb.

    • Jim

      Adding the f-word automatically makes a statement more true. Didn’t you know that?

  • John (it true me am)

    I love this “most of my readers don’t know who Beckel is” bit. Bob Beckel is very well known, he has been around forever. So basically he just admitted his readers are ill informed.

    • SWMichMan

      Low information voters?

      • lainer51

        translation – morons

    • grais

      Beckel drops the f-bomb and flips the bird on tv. Rest assured, the kids who read buzzfeed know who he is.

    • 1SkepticalChick

      And his efforts to keep them that way.

    • Catchance

      I wonder how many people have any %&*$*&^ idea who Andrew Kaczynski is?

    • lainer51

      he is older than dirt; anyone who follows politics knows EXACTLY who Becker is…. just a diversion on Kaczynski’s part.

  • SJ’s Dad

    . . . also, I wonder if “The Kacz Man” realizes that caterpillars have taken up residence atop his eyebrows?

    • Harry A

      also attempting a Ben Shapiro with that too.

  • tallron

    This guy is the working definition of a “Presstitute” aka MSM reporter.

    • JoeBideyourtime

      You have nailed it.

  • Harry A

    looks like he’s attempting to pull a Ben Shapiro to me.

    • wwbdinct

      You’ve already said that. It wasn’t funny the first time.

      • Harry A

        this one was written first doeee.

        • wwbdinct

          That’s not how it came up in the feed but what’s the difference? Why keep posting it when it wasn’t even funny to begin with.

          • Harry A

            but i wasnt making a joke…
            i find it interesting that Andrew has harped on Shapiro all day for making up story on Breitbart (which is what he did) and not apologizing for it. and when Andrew does something he too is full of excuses.

            the second one was because i saw someone wrote about Andrew’s eyebrows, and honestly Shapiro, has the same ones. i dont understand why youre so upset?

          • wwbdinct

            Don’t know who Shapiro or this Andrew guy is so it makes no difference to me.

          • Harry A

            sorry i just really dont like Ben Shapiro.

    • lainer51

      again with the Ben Shapiro?… sounds like someone has a high school crush!!

      • Harry A


  • Jimni27

    So has Buzzfeed even reported on Salazar?

  • Angie (D)

    A punk is a punk is a punk.

  • Craig Jacobs

    who’s Andrew Kacynski? Is that the Unabomber?

    • Craig Rhew

      he’s Beckel’s partner, but no one knows about it

    • JoeBideyourtime

      You know your stuff. I like that.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Caught with his johnson in his hand and yet he denies, denies, denies.

  • Steven Cummings

    Yeah is literally seconds is about the same as those 29 programs Obama wants to implement “won’t add a single dime”. LOL

  • BorderLine Guy

    BuzzFeed followers DON’T care, really. I just heard from one of them.

  • Mindy Newton

    Kaczynski’s omission is classical liberal newspeak. The facts here won’t do his cause a bit of good, so he just re-writes reality. Nobody is so adept and versatile at misrepresenting things as the liberals. The conservatives are babes-in-arms to them.

  • Hope Johnson Cochran

    I hope Bob sees this is so he can see how stupid liberals really are! Too funny!!!

  • FreedomFighter

    If no one knows who Beckel is, wouldn’t those readers assume hes a conservative just saying hes a Fox News host?
    He was writing to the uninformed to help keep them uninformed.

  • Tucker Latham

    “Seconds.” A swimming pool can be measured in milliliters, a man’s height in millimeters. I am “seconds” old – approximately 1.2 billion of them.

  • Rulz

    “It’s nuts, It’s in the deck of my post. I say Fox host because our readers have no fucking idea who Bob Beckel is.”

    I think it’s more cover fire for the left.

  • regmgr

    Once a liberal fool always a liberal fool. This guy can’t and won’t change his stripes. He’ll uses any excuse to slam conservatives. By the way who is he and why should we care. Just another delusional socialist.

  • Jack Deth

    Just how hard up and disgusting is liberal Moonbat Central, when a Twitter nobody is assigned the task of covering fire for the creepy, Jabba the Hutt repulsive, Nitwit Cousin Iggy that is Bob Beckel?!!!

  • stillinthe60s

    Kaczynski’s argument wins him the Liberal AAA award.
    Arrogant, Assanine, A-hole.
    “The Beckel” for short.

  • $1406863

    In this thread: people who desperately need hobbies.

    ProTip: If Kaczynski’s “gaffe” aggravates you, –regardless of whether it was accidental, purposeful, or accidentally-on-purpose– maybe you should consider that Fox’s brand/history/ethics is what gives it traction, not his failure to be exhaustively descriptive in his lead paragraph.

    Sorry, average folks have neither the time nor the patience to keep track of Fox’s “Token Liberal Du Jour.” When we hear of off-the-wall crap coming out of a Fox pundit, we don’t really need to know whether they self-identify as liberal or conservative. We just know that it’s yet-another off-the-wall comment coming out of the mouth of a Fox talking head.

    Again: perceptions cannot be manufactured by solo journalists in the manner you seem to be suggesting. Fox’s brand problem is its own creation, hence why you’re seeing them trying to tip-toe to the left, to the far-right’s chagrin.

    • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

      Fox’s ‘brand’ problem exists because of the Liberal media. Liberal’s can never back up a ‘falsehood’ they’ve heard, or debate the issue. They keep regurgitating the same old talking points. Oh, just like you.

      • $1406863

        Dear God, man, I don’t even know where to START on that cognitive dissonance!

        I mean, the first thing that springs to mind is that one half of your brain is tacitly admitting that the number of people from the center leftward (a number the far-far-right enlarged, BTW, not Liberals) outnumbers those who are now called “conservatives”. How else could such an effort by your “Liberal Media” bogeyman bear fruit, but that it has been falling on receptive ears?

        But then, the other half of your brain immediately self-refutes.

        I’d love to watch you try to settle on what to have for lunch.

        And as much as I’d love to compile a list a Fox lies/distortions/fear-mongering to stuff in your smug mouth, I also have better things to do. Suffice it to say, if you fail to see them, the problem lies with you, and not myself.

        I’m sure you’ll take that as your having “won the point”. That and $0.50 won’t even buy you a cup of coffee, but hey, man, whatever floats your boat and keeps you feeling good about yourself. So…like…..strong work. Or something.

        Oh, hell, I will indulge myself by needling you with one set of Fox falsehoods that you really shouldn’t have been able to sweep into your personal memory hole. Two words: President Romney.

        Have you seen him lately? Me neither. But Fox assured their viewers some months back that he’d be making an appearance directly. Have you really forgotten that? So soon?

        And if so, at whose feet does the blame for that rest? “The Liberal Media”? ROFL.

        • wwbdinct

          You said “And as much as I’d love to compile a list a Fox lies/distortions/fear-mongering to stuff in your smug mouth, I also have better things to do” but then you continued to bloviate. Obviously you have nothing better to do.

          • Catchance

            …and no list, either, because he has nothing to compile.

        • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

          Thank you for proving my point.

        • Catchance

          Perhaps you misunderstand the word “falsehoods”. Believing something (or hoping desperately for it) and telling others of your belief is not a falsehood. A falsehood is knowing the truth but deliberately lying in order to deceive people, such as telling people that the economy is in good shape, and unemployment is dropping, or there’s no story in Benghazi or Fast & Furious. It’s also deliberately editing tape to make it seem the opposite of what it is; omitting crucial facts is just as deceitful as adding lies. The media is supposed to be our watchdogs, to verify, and if necessary call out the Administration, to keep them, well, transparent. Sadly, our MSM have become lapdogs.

    • lainer51

      love your avatar – suits you well – a body with no head, thus, no brain.

      • TexSizzle

        I like to think of it as an empty suit. I know:mine is the same, because it’s the default for those of us who haven’t chosen something different, but in the case of the typical leftist, empty suit is especially apropos.

    • Catchance

      So let me get this straight: our aggravation with something we feel is important, ie, the liberal bias of the MSM, is stupid because, Fox News. But the awkward water grab of Marco Rubio is of utmost importance. The real danger here is that you simply won’t believe anything Fox says, which means that the rest of the media controls you. Have you actually watched Fox News? Or do you just repeat what HuffPo and the Daily Beast tell you?

  • Guest

    I agree with the writers of this post and the bulk of *conservative* Twitchy commentators (wouldn’t want to not qualify that!). It’s totally OK that this idiot is on the Fox News payroll. His opinion is valuable to the network, and Kaczynski’s fake outrage isn’t going to change that!

  • Peyton

    I like that. The Twitchy Brigade. Has a nice ring to it. Let’s make up some shirts and get to work.

  • KansasGirl

    Hey Andrew, old pal…at least twitchy sees the “light”.

  • el_polacko

    well beckel is a fox news panelist…’host’ is a bit of a stretch…and there can be little doubt that the impression kaczynski was trying to give is that beckel’s comments were typical fox/rightwing lunacy while hiding beckel’s liberalism BUT the guy does make a good point about twitchy’s torches-and-pitchforks state of constant ‘outrage’.

  • Dr_Tesla

    this dude is a douchebag and somebody needs to slap him around.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Actually he should have called him a Liberal Democrat OPERATIVE given his political history as a formal party leader/member and campaign manager. He’s not different than Begala just less successful.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    “I’m feeling sad that I got caught lying so, let me take solace in some irrelevant idiocy from the chief T.V critic of Time magazine.” Liberals would crack me up if some many people didn’t buy into their stupidity. It’s not saying much much, but Kaczynski is somewhat more fair-minded that the rest of buzzfeed, or even the Lib media. So, I’m hoping this episode serves to keep him honest. Middle ground? Up yours. I’m still waiting for the CNN to stop insinuating the Tea Party is the precursor to the Fourth Reich, and the media to stop giving the Democratic party credit for the accomplishments of Republican. “The party principles have flipped since Lincoln;s day! Hooray for historical context, dude, Hooray!”

  • Ralph_Gizzip

    Who is this Andrew Kaczynski? Is he the Unabomber’s autistic son?