Conservative author and MSNBC cohost S.E. Cupp is taking some heat over comments she made to The New York Times Magazine. Here’s what she said in the article, entitled “Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?”:

“And we can’t be afraid to call out Rush Limbaugh,” said [Cupp]. “If we can get three Republicans on three different networks saying, ‘What Rush Limbaugh said is crazy and stupid and dangerous,’ maybe that’ll give other Republicans cover” to denounce the talk-show host as well.

Cupp is insisting that her comments were “innocuous”:

And believes that she’s doing conservatism a service:

Grow a pair? Since when has anyone ever been afraid to call out Rush Limbaugh? Limbaugh has never been immune to questioning or condemnation — not from liberals, not from conservatives, not from anyone.

If you take issue with Limbaugh, go ahead and say so. Conservatives embrace the free marketplace of ideas and encourage more speech in response to speech we don’t like. It’s liberals who seek to silence dissent.

It’s also liberals who would encourage the sort of creepy messaging coordination that Cupp is proposing. Get Republicans to denounce Limbaugh on different networks? What would that accomplish, other than making George Soros proud? It’s a ridiculous notion, as is the notion that Limbaugh regularly says something “crazy and stupid and dangerous.”

There’s an important distinction that needs to be made here: controversial does not equal dangerous. You know what is dangerous? Democratic politicians vowing that “there will be blood” or likening the GOP to hostage-takers who would shoot children. Union leaders threatening to “take these sons of bitches out.” Professors mooning over cop-killers or retweeting death threats and calling for NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre’s head on a stick. Rush is not the problem.

And if Cupp truly feels like conservatives needed a boost, why on earth would she choose The New York Times as her bullhorn?

It certainly gives Media Matters something to celebrate, but that’s about it.

Her remarks have left a bad taste in the mouths of many conservatives, who feel that in issuing a sweeping indictment of Limbaugh as “dangerous,” Cupp is only hurting the conservative cause:


By setting her sights on Limbaugh and urging a coordinated attack against him, Cupp misses the point and is focusing on the wrong target.

Our goal here is not to slam Cupp. Indeed, several Twitter users are defending her:

This is also not a knee-jerk defense of Limbaugh — he’s more than capable of defending himself. But Cupp is offering only vague attacks with no substance by focusing on calling out Rush Limbaugh as a priority. She’s not only undermining conservativism; she’s flat-out wrong.

  • Love of Country

    S.E. is not my cupp of tea … Rush is a tall drink of conservative firepower.

    • martinamerica

      Two If By Tea

  • Bernie Ballesteros

    SE appears to be getting that MSNBC influence.

  • sigh

    She drank the MSNBC koolaid

  • kch50428

    Is SE really TokyoJoe Scarborough in drag?

    • SpinMeNot

      That is one of the most horrific mental images that I’ve ever experienced …


  • Stupid Republic

    Huh. Hanging around Toure actually lowers IQ points.

    • Saddlebum

      I feel dumber just knowing that I am of the same general species as Toure.

  • montanaconserv

    She’s being assimilated… We need to start a Save S.E. Cupp campaign! Hurry to donate now! If we can keep her from drinking the grape koolade, we might be able to save her!

    • peteee363

      how about cutting you cable or dish, and starve msnbc completely? i did, and could not be happier!

      • Netmilsmom

        I did too, but she is on The Blaze.

        • Saddlebum

          Yea, I think I’ll go over to The Blaze and see if there is any mention of this story about their “conservative hero”.

          • DreadPirateStarbucks

            I don’t visit The Blaze anymore after their push for homosexual “marriage”–a Glenn Beck/SE Cupp special. They’ve suspended their motto: “the truth has no agenda” in favor of manipulation of their audience.

      • E. C. Weber

        Unless I was in a waiting room or at a tailgate, I haven’t watched non-sports TV in over 10 years

        • peteee363

          but if your sports come from cable or a dish, you are still supporting these clowns.

    • CommieJuice

      Why do we need to help her? She exposed herself willingly. She gets attention from the libs and a pass from the right, except people like me never forgot when someone flashes their real hand. Charlie Crist did the same thing gradually, look where he is now.

    • Saddlebum

      Ta-heck with Cupp. Let her be what she wants to be. Cupp and Ashley Banfield would make a great liberal anchor team. Two “naughty secretaries” with nothing between their ears.

    • lillymckim

      No thanks. Let her save her own azz.
      Let her drown in her kool aid with the rest of the low-info’s at MSNBC

  • peteee363

    ok, how much of the debt, out of control government is rush responsible for? thought so, he is a guy who works behind a microphone, and does not pass bad laws, or spend any money but his. i don’t see rush as the problem, i see entrenched republicans as the problem!

    • FishFearMe

      I am a 20+ yr Rush listener. I guaran-damn-tee you, he’ll be the first to disagree with S.E., laugh it off and defend like hell her right to say it.

      • peteee363

        i am also a ditto head, and regular ditto cam watcher. i agree, but always wonder why he is blamed for the countrys ills, when he is not the asshat voting in congress to waste money, or pass dumb laws.

      • lillymckim

        Disagree with Rush all you want but to use the word DANGEROUS and to that rag the NYT? While working for MSNBC?
        $he’s a $ell out

  • Sara Nichols

    SE is wrong for attacking Rush.

  • E L Frederick

    She’s been on pMSNBC too long it would seem….

    • Saddlebum

      Or maybe that’s where she has always belonged……

      Maybe she has finally found herself a permanent home.

  • DirkBelig

    What prompted S.E.’s desperate plea for love from the radical hard Left today? If this was a year ago when Rush stepped in it with both feet over Sandra “Buy my Pill!” Fluke, I could sorta get it, but what happened NOW that requires the GOP demonize the leading conservative voice? What has he said that’s “crazy/stupid/dangerous”? That the Establishment Ruling Class GOP is selling out conservatism? That Obama will never be held accountable for his failures? Ermahgerd, that’s so crazy, stupid, and dangerous!

    There’s gotta be something in the water at MSNBC that makes people insane.

    • Dave Silva

      Rush was right in what he said about Sandra Fluke. The only bad thing he did was apologize for honesty.

    • Slanderous Me

      She works and lives in an enviornment that is, almost completely not just to the left, but to the extreme left. S.E. Cupp is like the RINOs Collins and Snowe (in Congress) and Megan McCain (and the countless other “token” conservatives at newspapers or tv networks) who in order to be liked by their colleagues or invited back on tv shows have to denounce the GOP or conservatives. How many people does she know who cheered on , or were sympathetic to those who did cheer on, the murderer Dorner? Did she write about that? Now THAT’s dangerous, no?

    • Dr_Tesla

      I don’t think she ever was all that conservative. I never get the impression that Obama winning the past two elections bothers her much. She just fakes conservative because Beck was willing to pay her,
      SHe reminds me of this girl I know who really has no .. understanding of politics who was able to get on a local radio show in SC because she was real aggressive and they liked her voice.

  • Joseph Jove

    She works for a Democrat leaning news channel, (big surprise), she is just trying to renew her contract. And now, she will. lol

    • ΘWΞNΛY

      Democrat leaning? LOL

    • SpinMeNot

      Forward, Lean Forward, and Bend over.

  • Michael R Bardsley

    If we’re fighting for our future, I’m not putting it on HER shoulders… but I will on Rush’s.

    • EastValleyConservative

      She just doesn’t seem to grasp what she did. Disagreements with Rush? Fine. We all have them. Pulling a coordinated effort to “denounce” him? Wrong. She should know better. We don’t support political correctness or left wing bombing.

    • Scott Carroll

      With friends like these…

    • Vennoye

      SE is a little slow on the uptake!! Heard Rush say that this was just exactly what the Republicans would try to do to him……about a month to a month and a half ago. Congratulations SE, you have finally arrived at the party!! Think I will stay with Rush!!

    • V the K

      Is it just me, or are Democrats never called upon to denounce or separate themselves from the deranged rants of Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, or Martin Bashir?

      It also strikes me as naive on her part to assume that turning on Rush Limbaugh will make the MFM treat Republicans more fairly. The Party, rightfully, denounced and cut off Todd Akin after his rape comments; it did them absolutely no good in terms of better media coverage.

      • svobodnik

        Exactly – the Democrats always circle the wagons and never admit they are “wrong” or “need a diversity of opinion”.

    • beastdogs8

      So according to Cupp, Rush is the problem, yet Obama turning this country into a flaming train wreck is OK??? One can disagree with Rush all they want, but making a full press to silence him, is something people on the left are well known for trying.

  • Bill Sullivan

    I have always thought @SECUPP was just a size too small. But then it takes all types I suppose.

  • Elizabeth

    S.E.Cupp used to work for Glenn Beck, who says much more stupid things than Rush. One thing I know, Rush knows what he is talking about. S.E.Cupp, not too much!i believe there is a change in her since

    • Sara Nichols

      Glenn does say some stupid things from time to time but at least he apolgizes for it.

      • Pat Loudoun

        It’s one thing to say stupid things from time to time, when your job is unscripted talking. SE was PUBLISHED! BIIIG difference.

      • Elizabeth

        I don’t watch S.E.Cupp, but I have seen her a few times before and I did like her message. I listen to Rush everyday, and MSM is always taking everything he says, and turns it around to something else. MSM never interprets what Rush says correctly. I know, because I do listen to Rush every single day. I hope that S.E. Cupp does not turn into another Joe Scarborough. Don’t need another fake conservative.

    • Netmilsmom

      She is on Real News. The 6pm show on The Blaze. There is no “used to work” about it. She still works for Beck. In fact, she is the Juan Williams of that show sometimes. Buck Sexton is marvelous.

    • thetreyman

      she still works for beck.

    • lillymckim

      Still works for Beck and all is quiet at The Blaze on this.

      • lillymckim

        Still nothing about S.E. Cupp on The Blaze.

        • Dr_Tesla

          I think she probably cleared it with beck before she said it. they probably wanted rush to attack cupp and then beck would denounce him. I could see that.

          • lillymckim

            Glenn Beck will lose the war if he makes it one.

          • Saddlebum

            Beck and The Blaze are so greedy that maybe they just want Rush’s radio market.

      • Saddlebum

        Yep! I went over there just to look for it. They prop her up all the time on The Blaze and when I used to go there alot, I let them know what I thought about it in a negative way. Now this! I was right and The Blaze was wrong about Cupp.

      • Elizabeth

        In other words, she would not say that Beck is crazy, stupid, or dangerous. I like Glenn, but why would I call him out as crazy, stupid, and dangerous. I am glad that Glenn and Rush both speak out about what is going on in America right now.

  • Cynthia Malison

    As my husband and I tell our daughter: You’re known by the company you keep.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    She’s trying to appease the left and make herself look more moderate, or more reasonable. If there isn’t a specific point that you find offensive, or whatever, STHU. Cupp should have known not to drink the colored water at MSNBC. I’ve seen conservatives disagree with Rush and others when something controversial was said, so I really suspect her motives. Democrats blindly, or deafly, follow their ‘leaders’, it’s what they do. And a lot of that rhetoric is ‘crazy’ and ‘dangerous’.

  • DKL

    Rush is the GOP Kingpin, don’t you know?

    Ford, Dole, Bush 41&43, McCain, Romney … they were all part of El Rushbo’s Diabolical Plan for Right-Wing Domination.

    Who could be next? Susan Collins?

    Let’s face it … the man’s a Machiavellian genius.

  • TJ

    FIFY and would change more than right on right. Right on Boss.

    “And we can’t be afraid to call out (Glenn Beck)” (who signs her paychecks to be on his BlazeTV show the Real News) “If we can get three Republicans on three different networks saying, ‘What (Glenn Beck) said is crazy and stupid and dangerous,’ maybe that’ll give other Republicans cover” to denounce the talk-show host as well…

    They don’t need cover as there are already hundreds of people on the left that denounce Beck and Rush having people on the right does nothing to that crowd but weaken the whole message of Freedom and small government. But then she will be free to work full time at MSNBC without having to run from “The Circle” at MSNBC to the BlazeTV show again. The Blaze and the whole country will be done and her former boss would be kicking rocks in the streets of Dallas.

  • Elizabeth

    Let me finish, I believe there is a change in her, since she went on MSNBC. Aren’t liberals and Obama always bashing Rush? So, why do we need the GOP to bash him? Leave Rush alone, he is our best conservative. The ones in congress are not doing their job.

  • S Hayes

    She’s not only undermining conservatism; she’s flat-out wrong. —This is a statement of personal opinion. I happen to agree with S.E. and don’t get the backlash that one would expect from liberals. There are times, and not that far between when Rush rants and raves in such a manor that, yes it does make conservatives look bad and somewhat loony…also something I expect from liberals. At the end of the day S.E., as does anyone else, have the right to express their view point and should be free of the attacks. Legitimate questions meant to glean better understand are fine but much of this has become nasty, petty and self-serving…leave those qualities to the liberals.

    • Laurel

      Just as Rush has to take the slings and arrows so does S.E. Cupp. And nowhere in the Bill of Rights does it say you are free from public condemnation. No we won’t toss you in jail confiscate your property or burn down your hose like they used to…but we will condemn. You see freedom of speech cuts both ways.

      • S Hayes

        Ok, and my commenting on how that was a matter of personal opinion and not fact is related to your weak reprisal how?

        • Laurel

          Your whole post is personal opinion. The whole damn thing. You can agree with Cupp all you like but reality is you are a minority.

          And the simple fact that you didn’t get what I posted about in response to your ‘backlash’ comment doesn’t make me weak…it makes you stupid. Rush takes his backlash and thrives…let’s see if Cupp the nobody can.

          Your demonstrated ignorance clarifies your post nicely. Thanks!

  • CommieJuice

    Is SE Cup the daughter of David Brooks? They are starting to look and sound more a like. That is what happens when you put a so-called Conservative in with the freaks as MSLSD = a Brooks type Repubic. SE Cup obviously didn’t learn from Romney about shoring up your base.

    • Dr_Tesla

      she’s more manly looking than he is, so I dono’t think they are related. LOL

  • Trenton Hansen

    It was, at best, a poorly-worded effort to ultimately say that we reserve the right to throw fellow conservatives under the bus when it feels appropriate. She chose a turn of phrase one would expect to hear from the liberals rather than from conservatives. It smacks of appeasement.

    As a “convert” to conservatism, due in part to Rush Limbaugh, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say anything that could be called “crazy,” “stupid,” or “dangerous,” although he has been so criticized by some in the Republican party who are bent on being acceptable to the Left.

    My own opinion is that those on the Left should not be appeased, but ought to be handled as Ann Coulter has suggested we should handle Muslim Jihadists, i.e. burn down their institutions and convert them to Christianity. Those who refuse to convert should be expatriated.

    • SpinMeNot

      It is a good start …

    • Luke Givens

      LOL, well nothing at all crazy, stupid or dangerous in that last paragraph.

  • Brett McMicken

    correct me if i’m wrong, but when did rush become the head of the republican party?

    • Super 88

      And if Rush is the head of the Republican party, then who is the head of the Democratic party? Barack Obama? James Carville?

    • Laurel

      When Obama deemed him that declared open season on free speech I guess…

  • $24698634

    I think what SE is trying to point out is that sometimes RL is counterproductive to the cause. Average, civil people may have less affinity with someone who calls women sluts or nazis, or plays magic negro parody songs, even if done for satirical purposes. You can shout “but this is protected speech”! But it doesn’t indemnify you from rejection.

    • AimToMisbehave

      And of course you don’t even know how that parody song came to be. It’s based on REAL thoughts and statements from people whom the media refused to criticize for race-baiting. You don’t seem to be aware that a leftist LA Times columnist actually referred to Obama as a “magic negro” in a purportedly serious article, and that other so-called multicultural and civil rights types seriously questioned Obama’s authenticity and “blackness” according to their own arbitrary racist standards. People like you reinforce the point of the parody every time you denounce Limbaugh for his satire and ignore the real sentiment that prompted it.

      • RegConserative

        Bingo !

      • lillymckim

        Exactly! Thank you!

      • $24698634

        Broadcasting an offensive song parody to millions over the public airways hardly compares.  Most would be unaware of the sentiments you refer to, and they would have remained in mostly, obscurity.

        • AimToMisbehave

          And why should those sorts of views be allowed to privately fester within the same academia and mass media that wants to call everyone who disagrees with them racist and bigoted? That’s where the people who expressed them reside, and their colleagues who see fit to falsely label others won’t clean up their own house. Why should they not be mocked for their stupidity? The point of the parody still sails over your head. It’s not really mocking Obama even though he’s mentioned, it’s mocking the media and their Sharptonesque hypocrisy.

          • $24698634

            It’s using a derogatory term to refer to an entire group of people.  It’s an anachronism from a time of separate but equal.  It’s demeaning and has no place on the public airways.  The term conjures up images of Bull Connor and the age of bigots.  You can slice and dice it any way you want, but it’s offensive (and not over my head).

          • AimToMisbehave

            I’m getting the idea that you’re one of the types who wanted books like Tom Sawyer taken out of the public libraries too. Aside from not getting the concept of satire, you’re also so warped that you see the person calling out the people with outdated racist views as worse than the people sincerely expressing those views. Go study the history of parody and satire sometime, if you can do it without getting the vapors, and you’ll see much harsher examples.

          • $24698634

            It’s using a derogatory term to refer to an entire group of people.  It’s an anachronism from a time of separate but equal.  It’s demeaning and has no place on the public airways.  The term conjures up images of Bull Connor and the age of bigots.  You can slice and dice it any way you want, but it’s offensive (and not over my head).

          • $24698634

            It’s using a derogatory term to refer to an entire group of people.  It’s an anachronism from a time of separate but equal.  It’s demeaning and has no place on the public airways.  The term conjures up images of Bull Connor and the age of bigots.  You can slice and dice it any way you want, but it’s offensive (and not over my head).

    • sacha

      As for Rush calling Sandra Fluke a slut he said what many women thought (I know it is what I thought & said before Rush did) . He did not come up with the term “the magic negro” that came from the L.A. Times, and the Democrats have no problem and are never called out for calling conservatives nazis. If there is anyone stupid, crazy and dangerous it is the liberals/progressives in Democrat party (which happens to be every damned one of them) and dear leader Barack Obama. So, why doesn’t little Ms. S.E.Cupp call out these destroyers of our freedoms? Oh yeah, she works for them. S.E. is no conservative she’s a traitor to conservatives.

      • Dr_Tesla

        rush n ever said “fluke is a slut” , that’s just how the media reported it. I listened to that show in real time. his main point was she is lying about spending 3000 dollars in 3 years on birth control which does seem to be an impossible amount of money for that, so if he believed she was lying about that she couldn’t be a slut.

      • $24698634

        It doesn’t matter who came up with the offensive term, RL ran with the parody on the public airways to millions.  Many not-stupid and not-crazy, regular folks perhaps thought it was unnecessarily incendiary.
        And if SE is a traitor to conservatives, we need more like her.  The modern so-called conservative has become unrecognizable.

    • sacha

      As for Rush calling Sandra Fluke a slut he said what many women thought (I know it is what I thought & said before Rush did) . He did not come up with the term “the magic negro” that came from the L.A. Times, and the Democrats have no problem and are never called out for calling conservatives nazis. If there is anyone stupid, crazy and dangerous it is the liberals/progressives in Democrat party (which happens to be every damned one of them) and dear leader Barack Obama. So, why doesn’t little Ms. S.E.Cupp call out these destroyers of our freedoms? Oh yeah, she works for them. S.E. is no conservative she’s a traitor to conservatives.

    • Laurel

      Perhaps you should stop getting your facts second hand.

      • $24698634

        That’s my first hand opinion.  What’s yours?

        • Laurel

          Your first hand opinion based on information made from second and third sources. You never heard Rush do any of those things personally because he didn’t. You took the lunatic ravings of others as fact. You sound foolish. If you don’t like Rush for whatever reason thats fine, but please don’t make judgments based on bogus lies made by other people to justify it. And seriously what S.E. Cupp is trying to do is carve a niche out for herself for personal gain. A niche that would never ever have existed if it weren’t for Rush to begin with. Commentators on both sides of the aisle owe him big time for reviving a dead medium that barely existed to begin with. Perhaps that is where the true resentment lies to begin with.

          • $24698634

            You need to check some show archives.  Rush called Sandra Fluke a slut, he called women femi-nazis, and he played the magic negro song parody.  I heard it all first hand.

          • Laurel

            I listen every single day and was listening the very minute he said that along with ‘the magic negro’ and ‘I hope he fails’ comments. Yes he has called women feminazi’s for year years…a decade at least as a matter of fact. Do you even know why? As to Fluke:

            The definition of a “slut” is:
            A person, especially a woman, considered sexually promiscuous; an immoral woman

            The problem with our reprobate culture is that being a slut is now considered en vogue. Our culture has become COMFORTABLE with the practice whereas years ago she would have been run out of town on a rail!

            Why is it that people are proud of the PRACTICE but get angry at the TERM?

            You didn’t hear squat first hand and are lying…flat out! Yes I just called you a blatant liar. If you heard it first hand there is no possible way you could interpret it otherwise. Good bye phony liar. Read Dante to see what happens to people like you…well it is fiction but one can hope.

          • Laurel

            Unlike you I was listening live when he said it. You are bald face lying here. I can tell by your posts you weren’t listening. He has been calling feminists Feminazi’s for twenty years. And yep he played that magic negro parody in response to a column written by LA Times liberal columnist.

            I will say it again. You are a liar.

    • Dr_Tesla

      why doesn’t she blast beck? beck is far less disciplined than rush. beck pays her though.
      nobody cares what she says, and she’s not on radio 3 hours a day 5 days a week so it’s not like she gets analyzed like rush does.

  • Angie (D)

    Yes, it is important for cons to denounce those on our side in *all* matters that may ruffle the prog’s feathers while the progs lie with straight faces on national TV & on the floor of the US Senate to protect their own (see: just about everything Debbie Wasserman Shultz; Harry Reid; and Brad Woodhouse said during the 2012 GE).

    It’s the kind of clown show SE Cupp is advocating for on the right in the face of a completely unified left that helped push Obama to 51% of the vote.

  • Steve_J

    Sounds like S. E. Cupp can dish it out but can’t take. #growapair

    • Steve_J

      Okay, sorry for the comment. I should have said she’s a Joe Scarborough in the making.

      • Saddlebum

        Cupp will never get that far. Liberals will use her as a hapless tool and discard her. Buy that time she will have lost what’s left of her credibility with conservatives and have no place to go.

        • lillymckim

          Already gone.

      • 1SkepticalChick

        Wanna be.

        • Steve_J

          wanna be, would have been better.

    • lillymckim

      She just became a member of the New Castrati Party.

  • William

    When Rush pulls the plug on his gig, it’s going to be a dark day for free people everywhere.

  • jb

    Is she in a fight with and therefore trying to outdo Meghan McCain? Or is she combining forces with said whacko?

  • Saddlebum

    She is practically worshiped on The Blaze and GBTV. She is basically a Glenn Beck creation after her stint at FNC. I never thought that highly of her and think she has only gotten as far as she has in media because of that naughty secretary look she has going on there. She doesn’t represent or express very many of my conservative opinions and this rant is just more proof of that.

    • Sara Nichols

      She was a FNC personality, Glenn Beck did not create her. Get ya facts straight, man.

      • Saddlebum

        Read again, “man”.
        “….after her stint at FNC.”
        Whether or not Cupp was a “personality” on FNC is a matter of opinion. Beck gave Cupp her own platform and hyped her as something special and that lead to MSNBC.

  • Tangchung

    SE trying to earn her MSNBC tramp stamp.

  • Joe W.

    Well, that’s what hanging out on a talk show on MSDNC for all these months will do for you. You sleep with dogs, you get fleas. S.E. is no true conservative. She’s an atheist who will pander to whichever side will give her the megaphone. Sorta like Meghan McCain and Kirsten Powers.

  • Conservaguy

    Well…How about that! Another “Conservative” who deemed it necessary to evoke Rush’s name to make her light shine brighter. Ya know, if she thinks that Rush is crazy, then she might be a double agent.

  • bob p

    Rush has done more to forward the cons. than anyone, i like S.E. and what she dose but attacking a fellow cons. is just what libs want attacking each other, S.E. you just helped there movment.

  • Rod Rambler

    Rush is a breath of fresh air in the toilet atmosphere of this country’s political turmoil.He at least seed’s the hope of real Americans with real values. The garbage coming from the lib networks is sickening.

  • Dave Silva

    someone has been hanging out on msnbc far too much. Obviously SE Cupp has no real intellect. Oh well, another fake conservative shows her true colors.

  • KansasGirl

    She has never impressed me.
    My instinct was correct.

  • kateorjane

    While I probably don’t agree with everything Rush says I also seldom agree with those supposedly conservative pundits who go on MSNBC & CNN to trash those who aren’t part of the GOP inside element. Maybe she’d be better off calling the GOP insiders who routinely fold when challenged names like “crazy & stupid & dangerous”. How many more Frums & Scarbouroughs do we really need?

  • Bill Carey

    I have heard Rush say, hey I screwed up. I wonder if SE Cupp has the same balls.


    I have one request for critics; stop with the lazy “extreme” crap. If you have an allegation, be specific. What did Rush says EXACTLY(not some intrepretation) that is so :extreme”?

    • SpinMeNot

      ooo .. ooo … ooo pick me Mr. Kotter! pick me!

      I’ll take “The Truth” for $1000 please Alex …

      For the record, Rush is on opposite of Andrew Wilkow (sp?) and I don’t listen to Rush that often, but I like the fact that he doesn’t pull any punches.

    • Dr_Tesla

      I think she probably was referring to the Fluke thing but if you actually listened to rush’s Fluke satire in real time and didn’t laugh you are completely humorless and a cold fish. that was one of the funniest things I ever heard. really just playing the audio of fluke’s testimony was comedy gold, rush didn’t have to say much but he did and it was even more awesome.
      I wish anybody defending Fluke should have to do it with Fluke’s testimony playing at the same time.

  • Allan Hamilton

    If it’s a fair conclusion that Conservatives have a “communication” problem, I find them extraordinarily stupid to aim their venom towards Rush Limbaugh. This man has been communicating our side of the argument longer, stronger, with more clarity and sincerity more publicly and professionally than ANY person alive. And of those dead, I would only place William F. Buckley ahead of him but he’s still well on par with Ronald Reagan. Now THOSE are the conservatives I prefer to listen to. Not a bag of whiny, back-biting bitches.

  • $23629333

    Now that she’s with MSNBC, does she still sit with her legs up on her desk, or doesn’t that play as well with their audience?

  • Everybodys All American

    She works at MSNBC for this very reason. Turn the page on another Rhino.

  • susan schneider

    Lmao whos calling the Kettle Black now. Why is it all media CBS,NBC ABC,MSNBC, New York Post. ECT. can say any thing they want about Tea Party,Rebs. or whoever they want, but when someone goes against them the name calling starts. Not everyone agress with Obama or his policys but that is what makes this nation Great. I for one did not and would not vote for him not because hes ” Black” as I’ve been told, but because I don’t agree with him or his Policys.

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    I get what SE wants to say here, but that was not the time, or the place. Or even the correct message. Demonize? Why? Because she thinks it’s the only way to get to the youth vote? I understand her not liking the “Three Pillars” philosophy (which basically says if you’re not a so-con/evangelical, then you have no place on the Right), but telling Leftist media sources that there needs to be a movement on the Right to demonize Rush is only going to embolden the Left.

  • narciso

    Why doesn’t she denounce her cohosts on the Cycle, or whatever that traveling Air America TV sideshow is called, Crystal Ball was one of those who tried to coordinate
    a boycott of Rush, why not denounce Al Sharpton who has been inciting violence for 25 years.

    • lillymckim

      You hit on something big! The name is “Crystal Ball” she detests Rush and her GOAL IN LIFE is to censor Rush and one look at Crystal Balls twitter account proves it.
      That is if she hasn’t deleted all her tweets.
      Before she joined the ship of fools MS-NBC thats what she did “every day” you are right she would call on Rush’s sponsors coordinate callers and threaten them with blackmail if they continued to advertise with him!
      Crystal Ball is a big time censorship advocate and it looks like “she” took a liking to Ball & her points of view.
      I don’t watch MSNBC so I had no idea Crystal Ball was on
      but it sure explains a lot

  • conservativemomma

    I have been listening to Rush for almost 24 yrs and look forward to many more years of hearing his voice from 12-3. God Bless Rush and he is in my prayers every day along with my family and friends.

  • Guest

    I have disagreed with Rush many times, the world has yet to end. Rush is anything but crazy, stupid or dangerous. Watching MSNBC on the other hand is crazy, stupid and dangerous

  • wallwatchman

    I’ve liked s.e., but I don’t get this. What did rush do that she thinks he deseves this?! To say he has been stupid, crazy, and dangerous?! Really? I’ve listened to him a long time, and he’s never been any of those! So this is what we do now?! When things are going rough for our side, we find the one who has fought the longest for us, who usually takes most of the arrows, and toss him overboard?! Well, count me out. Rush had done a lot to educate and inform, motivate, and not to mention what he does for the troops. He doesn’t deserve this!

    • SpinMeNot

      I recommend you get a copy of the “Green Berets”, George Takei’s character, Dae Uy Nim, comments at one point that he had individuals on his strike team that he knew to be Viet Cong.

      Any conservative that takes a job at MSNBC is not a true conservative. A true conservative would not trade their dignity for a salary.

      • lillymckim

        Well said!

        • SpinMeNot

          I appreciate the kind words, thank you.

    • thetreyman

      maybe she is mad that he wont play any audio from MSNBC which means she wont be heard by anyone.

    • Dr_Tesla

      she hated Clint Eastwood’s thing at the republican convention too, which in my mind was the only interesting thing about it as the other speeches were way too safe and weak.

  • baltzelle

    Never been impressed with S E Cupp and still am not. Rush is a great American. I don’t always agree with him, but I always respect him and his right to say what he thinks because not like Cupp, he believes what he says!

  • sleazyrider

    The GOP can kiss my conservative ass…they nothing but a bunch of life long politicians..

  • Maxx

    You know you’ve spent too much time with your dissenters when you start talking like them.

    “Denounce?” “Stupid and dangerous?”

    S.E., let me put it to you this way. When it comes to the Mt. Rushmore of conservatives, Limbaugh is on that mountain and you my dear, are looking up.


    Come on, S.E…Ya gotta be kidding, right? You really need to get out of that pig pin they call MSNBC. It’s affecting your mind and no one watches THE ICE CYCLE.

  • lillymckim

    She’s on MSNBC… enough said.
    I hope she goes down like the rat she is on the MS-NBC ship of fools.

  • BabyBoo

    I have no problem disagreeing with Rush, although I don’t listen to him as much as I previously. I did make a concerted effort to stop listening to him during the GOP primaries because of his snarky comments about Mitt Romney. I have been listening to Rush since the early 90’s, in fact I have his autograph but last year, he was pushing for Santorum or Newt. I understood why he saw them as more conservative than Mitt but felt they had little chance to even come close to Obama on Election day. Other than that, Rush has been agreeing with me for over 20 years (he agrees with me, NOT I with him)
    I fondly remember the very first day a co-worker ran into my office and exlaimed “You have to listen to this guy on the radio – a REAL CONSERVATIVE….on the radio!” I have been politically in love with Limbaugh ever since!

    • thetreyman

      how did that mitt thing work out for us?

  • notenoughtime

    Question the sanity of appearing on MSNBC. No problem with disagreeing with Rush but calling him dangerous when our real danger is in our President seems self serving.

  • Eric Schmitt

    “If you take issue with Limbaugh, go ahead and say so. Conservatives embrace the free marketplace of ideas and encourage more speech in response to speech we don’t like.”

    you know how i know that largely isn’t true? go to any conservative blog/website and criticize Sarah Palin and see what happens to you.

    • Renny

      Go to any liberal blog/website and criticize Obama and see what happens to you.

      • Eric Schmitt

        your comment doesn’t disprove the point i was making. conservatives can be just as bad about criticism as liberals can be.

    • thetreyman

      no one cares if you criticize her ideas. that is not what happens though. it is always a personal attack or lies. and just like you see here with rush, most will defend against those tactics.

      • Eric Schmitt

        many attacks on Palin have been personal, there’s no doubt about that. but not every criticism against her is personal attack or a lie. that’s just not true. some conservatives have also felt the need to attack people who raise more legitimate criticisms/concerns against her. i’ve seen it happen myself.

        • SpinMeNot

          I’ve yet to see one criticism of Ms. Palin by an L.P.P. that was not a personal attack. Can you provide an example?

          • Eric Schmitt

            well just one example would be saying that she’s unqualified to be president. i don’t see how that is a personal attack.

            another one would be saying that you think it was a mistake for her to resign as Governor of Alaska. again, i don’t see how that is at all a personal attack.

          • SpinMeNot

            Ok, fair enough — I’ve not seen either of those made by anyone on the left on a web forum that was primarily conservative in orientation.

            And I find them easy to reject when made by an liberal as both are valid criticisms of BHO; yet they don’t apply to him. Also, the first one is easy to reject, Ms. Palin has significant political experience — she has been in an elected office since 1989 if my memory serves.

          • Guest

            i’ll definitely agree that many attacks of Palin made by liberals have been personal and not constructive, but i wasn’t really talking about criticisms of Sarah Palin being made my liberals; i was talking more about criticisms of her made by conservatives and how other conservatives react harshly to those critiques of Palin made by other conservatives.

          • Laurel

            If you are saying that then it is of little wonder why you get attacked. She meets the Constitutional qualifications and has far more experience than the current occupant of the WH up to and including foreign policy. Alaska borders two countries and she secured some very big trade deals with those countries. Also a lot of mutual cooperation takes place with those countries due to geography.

            As to her resignation, she did the decent thing by not letting frivolous lawsuits bankrupt her state, stop all governance from happening, as well as bankrupt her personally. She is married and does have five children and now two grand children to consider as well.

            As I said, it is of little wonder why you get attacked but you go ahead and keep sticking to posting the SP meme without any critical thought what so ever.

        • sacha

          And when exactly do Liberals/Progressives/Democrats ever criticize Pres. Obama he is not perfect or a messiah. And, if you really want to see what happens to someone who criticizes the President’s or the Democrats’ policies look at how the liberal media demonizes Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio or for that matter Dr. Ben Carson for speaking out against their policies.

        • sacha

          And when exactly do Liberals/Progressives/Democrats ever criticize Pres. Obama he is not perfect or a messiah. And, if you really want to see what happens to someone who criticizes the President’s or the Democrats’ policies look at how the liberal media demonizes Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Marco Rubio or for that matter Dr. Ben Carson for speaking out against their policies.

  • Renny

    Cupp does not realize that Rush introduced her to many conservatives? I’d never heard of her until he mentioned liking her.

  • K-Dubya

    I wish Republicans would denounce conservatives so we could be done with them and start a Conservative party. I’m tired of having to either vote Democrat or RINO.

  • philomena

    Sorry, SE, the day you signed on with MSNBC, you lost credibility and you gained obsolescence.

  • Jack Deth

    S.E. Cupp is human, an awesome guest Ombudswoman on ‘Red Eye’. And can be wrong from time to time.

    If the truth is “dangerous”. Then Rush has been playing with Nitroglycerine and sweaty Dynamite for decades to no ill personal effect. And I’m sure will forgive Ms. Cupp. Over time.

  • michael s

    Cant stand Sarah Elizabeth,so this is great Doesn’t she know she cant speak against the leader of the Republican Party. Next thing you know she’ll be called a godless atheist. Oops i forgot she already is one.

  • Sketti

    @secupp actions r extreme & dangerous to r cause! Oh yeah, I only disagree with her but I’ll use exaggerated words because I want attention!

  • disqus_FlD2VMR2RJ

    S.E. Cupp has apparently been drinking for the Kool-aid dispenser at MSNBC.

  • Robert Kluver, Sr

    Wait a minute. S.E. works for MSNBC??

    Well that explains everything!

  • Wigglesworth

    SE Cupp is Joe Scarborough in a skirt.

  • Gary Rudick

    SE Cupp? Is that a ‘porn’ name? Anyway, Rush calls it PMSNBC, and I’m pretty sure it’s that time of the month…

  • kim

    SE, anyone can disagree with Rush, just as we do with you. However, you’ve been at MSNBC too long. Calling someone stupid, dangerous or crazy, because YOU disagree with them is a very liberal tactic and should have been beneath you. Apparently not.
    BTW, Rush is definitely NOT the party establishment

  • Dorakin Warhammer

    SE is what she is – a GOP establishment first gal with libertarian leanings – Me thinks establishment is starting to put some pressure on her to lead in the influence wars. You won’t be the next Rush, especially trying to denounce him

  • BristolGOP Backup

    In the interest of fairness, i suggest we make SE do her segments in a bikini, and we dont give her a mocrophone.

  • Steve_J

    You’d think she would be going after the Democrats with the same zeal she displayed going after Rush Limbaugh.

  • blueniner

    S.E. S.E. ever since you left Red Eye and went to MSLSD I hardly recognize you, you got the Morning Schmo disease, you are not funny anymore, your “Our Miss Brooks” look is even getting old. You are blending in to the woodwork at the troll network, what a shame, “you could have been a contender”.

  • blueniner

    S.E. S.E. ever since you left Red Eye and went to MSLSD I hardly recognize you, you got the Morning Schmo disease, you are not funny anymore, your “Our Miss Brooks” look is even getting old. You are blending in to the woodwork at the troll network, what a shame, “you could have been a contender”.

  • NCRelite

    Talking trash on Rush to the New York Slimes, that is straight up treasonous

  • domremy03

    Actually, if we can get three Republicans on three different networks saying “What Ms. Cupp has written is unfair, Machiavellian and unproductive,” we might actually be seen as a party of strength and unity.

  • LochGates44

    Poor SE. She left Fox News and is stuck in Conservative Hell on a knockoff of a Fox New show that she may have had a shot of being on.

    • Dr_Tesla

      the people on The Five know more and are more interesting.

      she’s really just the one of the chicks on Toure’s show on MSNBC. that’s not a real panel show, they just react to stuff Toure says on there.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    I don’t know that I disagree with Limbaugh, as much as I dislike his style. But then, I’m a Yankee “classic” conservative, raised on William F. Buckley. God, I miss Buckley some days.

    • Dr_Tesla

      I think buckley is overrated, and rush is a lot funnier.

    • Frank Lee

      Just as Buckley ran the John Birch Society out of the GOP in the early 1960s, so establishment conservatives must exorcise the spell of Tea Party members over the GOP.

      “The modern-day Birchers are the Tea Party. By loudly espousing extreme rhetoric, yet holding untenable beliefs, they have run virtually unchallenged by the Republican leadership, aided by irresponsible radio talk-show hosts and right-wing pundits. While the Tea Party grew, respected moderate voices in the party were further pushed toward extinction. Republicans need a Buckley to bring us back.” (David Welch, a former researcher for the Republican National Committee)

  • Howzah123

    Cowards toss Rush under the bus because they want to fit in with the perceived cool crowd on the Left

    This is a betrayal by Cupp. Period. The NYT used her as a pawn. If she isn’t savvy enough to realize that then she doesn’t deserve a place in the movement’s leadership.

  • Marty Robinson

    This is the first time I have ever heard of S.E. Cupp. My impression of her? R.H.I.N.O. trying to organize an attack on the biggest, most consistent conservative voice in
    America. Who is she to be calling him “crazy, stupid and dangerous”?

  • Rob Stevely

    Cup has been hanging out with Toure for toulong.

  • Dr_Tesla

    She never tells us what Rush said that she disagrees with and then informs us that she doesn’t need permission to disagree with somebody as though anybody has made that charge. Unimpressive pundits like her attack Rush every day so to assert people are scared to “stand up” to Rush is absurd.

  • Dr_Tesla

    Also, how can you work for Beck and lash out at Rush and call for people to denounce him?
    I don’t think Beck is dangerous but it’s much easier to label him crazy than most conservative talkers out there.
    She’s getting paid by Beck so I guess he’s not a problem.
    SHe’s also been on Bill Maher’s show and I doubt she’s ever suggest Maher is a problem for Democrats.

  • Dr_Tesla

    You would think it was El Rushbo who photoshopped a penis in a S.E. Cupp’s mouth and laughed about it.
    but that was the left.

  • QBallBrasil

    I love the furniture in this room, not to point out the coffee table in shape of an elephant or anything, but I noticed that people are calling S.E. Cupp a “conservative”. Makes me nervous just like when my proctologist tells me to “lean forward”.

  • Dr_Tesla

    the reality is this bimbo gets called a bimbo all the time by liberals, and they no doubt accuse her of being a Rush Limbaugh “parrot” and she’s insecure about it and thus wants to bash Limbaugh because she thinks that will make her seem like a free thinker but all she is doing to dancing for her liberal critics.
    I would admire her “bravery” if she would say the same thing about Beck since he essentially made her and paid her and still does.
    Nobody in tuning into the Cycle on MSNBC b/c of her, the liberals who watch that watch it for the Toure fool. The ratings would probably peak up if they dropped her b/c she’s just not interesting and intelligent enough for conservatives to want to watch her and she is no doubt annoying to liberals despite her weak presentation.

  • michael s

    I thought Sarah as a republican woman is the smartest woman on the planet. I guess Sarah forgot her place,denouncing Massa Limbaugh Sarah Elizabeth is getting her flogging for violating the rules of the conservative plantation.

  • Dr_Tesla

    Most Americans have no idea who S. E. Cupp is despite the fact she was on Beck’s fox show and now on a show on MSNBC.
    I think she attacked Rush partly so Rush would talk about her and The Cycle on his show.
    MSNBC ought to dump Cupp and the other two and make it Toure’s show b/c that’s how people see it anyway.

  • Dr_Tesla

    Cupp is literally trying to suck up to a movement that put a penis in her mouth. That’s the funniest thing about this besides the fact that she is paid by Glenn Beck who has always seemed like bit of a gadfly to me and she doesn’t have the “courage” to say we must denounce Beck. Crazy is an adjective that you can attach to Beck with much more ease.

  • $23629333

    I’m a big enough person to admit that S.E. Cupp – another RINO playing for the other side, a la Meghan McCain – is a good looking woman, with a great set of legs. But that’s as far as I can go. Sorry. Nothing she says interests me a bit.

    • Dr_Tesla

      I’ve noticed that even when conservatives talk fondly of Cupp, it is mostly about her looks despite her rather manly face. I can’t see conservatives buying a book written by her though.

      • $23629333

        Apparently, she has her name on two books – neither of which I have ever heard mentioned in polite company.* Together, they cannot have sold as much as a single printing of “Freddie Goes To Florida.”

        On the other hand, an exercise video – or something similar – would probably sell much better. Wait for it.

        (* or any other, for that matter)

    • Conservative First

      I think there are quite a few fake conservatives playing conservative to make us look bad. There are impostors in the ranks.

  • Conservative First

    I wonder when S.E. Cupp will call out her friend Glenn Beck (who does great investigative work) for saying things that are “crazy” and “dangerous” by leftie standards?

    • Laurel

      Good question.

  • Dale Birmingham

    Here’s two aspirin honey. Now swallow them or put them between your legs.

  • svobodnik

    She has fallen into the current Republican trap of wondering “what we did wrong”. We didn’t do anything wrong. Republicans are always right in all of their positions – just as Democrats have been wrong in “ALL” of their positions, at least since around 1972. If the voters choose Democrats – then we don’t change our position. We maintain our position until the country goes up in flames – from all the stupidity the Democrats have created.

  • SWwife

    All MSNBC does is teach hate

  • Laurel

    What is in the water at MSNBC that they ruin people? And if they can’t ruin them they fire them. I’m going to say quite a bit here. There would be no continuance of the conservative movement after Reagan if it weren’t for Rush Limbaugh. S.E. Cupp wouldn’t even have a job commentating if it weren’t for Rush because the market was created in response to Rush. There would of been no Glenn Beck either for her to commentate on as well. I have limited time in this world and it is precious so S.E. Cupp like so many before you, and more that will come after you, consider yourself dumped. There is far too much information out there, people to read and or listen to, for me to waste my valuable time on you. Quite frankly your brand of conservatism is far more dangerous than Rush ever thought about being.

  • Richard Wayne

    “Conservative” is a title that has to be continuously earned. She, like Scarborough, might have been at one point, but it seems like she is venturing into lefty territory often enough to lose the title. (now a ‘right of center for hire’ title work better?) Now they just claim that they are conservatives to get paid to stab others in the back. It is ok to disagree with Limbaugh or any conservative, but the manner of how they go about it and on how important the topic is can lead one to call their conservatism into question. Rationally and calmly debate, don’t stab in the back.

    • Dr_Tesla

      I think she is more passionate about gay marriage than any conservative ideal. I’ve always thought she generally fakes conservative b/c beck paid her too. I think beck tapped into the conservative market a bit too despite being more of a libertarian in reality.

  • Dr_Tesla

    the most annoying thing about this broad is how much she plays up her NASCAR and gun love. she oversells this cool conservative babe thing.

  • Dr_Tesla

    say what you want about Rush but he’s never been in Hustler with a penis in his mouth like S.E. Cupp has. Zing! :)

  • Dr_Tesla

    what do Bill Maher and S.E. Cupp have in common? They both were in hustler with penis in their mouth.

    Also, they both hate Rush.

  • Dr_Tesla

    I will always remember where I was and what I was doing on the day I heard Rush satirize Fluke’s testimony to Congress on birth control.

  • Dr_Tesla

    if saying stupid, crazy, and “dangerous” things was off putting to American voters, democrats would never win. afterall democrats include bill maher, Michael moore, al Sharpton, jeramiah wright, bill ayers, and Obama.

  • Ralph_Gizzip

    Tell you what, Ms. Cupp, We’ll disagree with Rush and “call him out” when you can rationally explain when he’s made an error.

  • carlberlin

    She is a godless woman! End of story

  • Glitter

    S.E. just went down several notches in my estimation. Sads.

  • Donna W

    Well, SE just proved herself to be a Conservative backstabber. Nice.

  • dunst43

    The GOP isn’t conservative. Only conservatives are conservative. It’s time to start thinking 3rd party. Let Hilary win in 2016 and then conservatives can lead us out of the Obama/Clinton mess and utterly destroy left wing policy forever.

  • Brian McQuaig

    What the hell is wrong with you people? Libs are the ones that silence dissent, not us. I’ll be watching/listening to S.E. & Rush because their words mean stuff. Rush would be the first to agree. B$

    • mllyjul

      Yes, we must not shut down debate, I totally agree with you that the PC police have destroyed healthy debate BUT what is she debating with her disparaging comments? What idea is she referring to? Sounds like she is just calling Rush names. She would have gotten a better reaction if she had said, for example. We need to debate ideas not name call,. Big difference.

  • arrow2010

    SE is young, attractive, hip and wants to be liked by the liberals. Hence throw Rush under the bus.

  • CavalierX

    Did Cupp have anything REMOTELY SPECIFIC about which she disagreed with Limbaugh, or is she calling him “crazy, stupid, dangerous” just in general, like Liberals do? They must put something in the water at MSNBC which rots the brain.

    • mllyjul

      Exactly, that’s what I thought when I read that….what, for example, in reference to Rush is she talking about. No examples just disparaging comments! I bet she is talking about the Fluke thing, but MANY, MANY people agreed with Rush on that.

  • lillymckim

    I hope Rush will disregard her fluffy “little article” and the station she works for as “obvious” solicitation for publicity.

    Not worth repeating her name or her stations name.

  • Luke Givens

    SE Cupp is an example of a fine conservative woman, beautiful on the inside and outside, a sharp contrast to those liberal feminazis. Wait a minute she called our patron holy saint “dangerous” in a New York Slimes article….. rot in hell you ugly despicable harpy slag!

  • 912er

    I cancelled my subscription to Blaze TV…..Hopefully enough others will do the same to force Glenn to do the right thing……The thoughts of my subscription money going to p her salary made me sick to my stomach

  • Gerald Jensen

    Someone needs to remind her that the goal is NOT putting more Republican butts in Senate and House seats, or assuring that the GOP will survive by abandoning its core Conservative principles–it’s putting people in office who will do what’s good for America,,,and that’s definitely NOT the Rove/RINO crowd…

  • mllyjul

    This was predictable given the cesspool she chooses to swim in everyday at MSNBC. I know she thought she could spend alot of time with these people and hold her ground but they are toxic and its just not possible. Walk with the wise and become wise, associate with fools and get into trouble.

  • bo1921

    The athiest cupp is nowhere big enough to take on Rush Limbaugh. She might want to cut her teeth on much smaller fry – like every lefty known to man, for instance.

  • bo1921

    The athiest cupp is nowhere big enough to take on Rush Limbaugh. She might want to cut her teeth on much smaller fry – like every lefty known to man, for instance.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    SE’s slipping left reminds me of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” or “Stepford Wives”…SE must have fallen asleep at work (MSNBC).

  • Dr_Tesla

    Rush never photoshopped this babe with a penis in her mouth. the left did that and laughed about it.

  • B. W. Wright

    Cupp assumes that Rush runs the GOP! The only thing Rush runs is his radio program. At least when Rush thinks he has been wrong, he corrects it. Has MSNBC gotten to Cupp?

  • B. W. Wright

    Cupp assumes that Rush runs the GOP! The only thing Rush runs is his radio program. At least when Rush thinks he has been wrong, he corrects it. Has MSNBC gotten to Cupp?